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“叠手机游戏”用英语怎么说? -- :7:9 来源: “叠手机游戏”用英语怎么说?Don't you hate it when a nice meal with friends is constantly interrupted by beeping iPhones and Androids? Well, a buzzy new game called "The Phone Stack" offers an amusing solution.想跟朋友好好吃顿饭却频繁被手机声打断的时候是不是很烦?现在,有个叫“叠手机”的新游戏能解决这个问题The game tries to curb cell phone interruptions when dining out with pals. After everyone orders, they place their phones in the center of the table, face down. They may even stack the gadgets, as the name suggests. Even as the phones buzz and ring throughout the meal, no one is allowed to grab his device. If someone is unable to resist his smartphone's siren's song, he's responsible picking up the check. (Source: news.yahoo.com)这个游戏的目的是为了防止在跟朋友外出就餐期间被手机干扰每个人点完菜之后,他们就把各自的手机屏幕朝下放在桌子中间,并且跟游戏的名字说的那样,要把手机都一个一个叠在一起就餐过程中,手机不论怎么响都不许碰如果有人忍不住拿了手机,他就要为整顿饭买单

10 Death and discovery第10章 死亡与发现Traddles and I had both received rather strange letters from Mr Micawber, in which he asked us to come to Canterbury, with my aunt. At this meeting, he said, he would show to all of us the proof of Uriah Heep#39;s wickedness. Dora was too ill to come with us, so Traddles, my aunt, Mr Dick and I travelled to Canterbury by coach, spent the night in a hotel there, and arrived punctually at the Wickfields#39;house the next morning. Mr Micawber met us at the door and showed us into Uriah Heep#39;s office. Uriah himself seemed rather surprised to see us, but pretended to welcome us as old friends. Mr Micawber brought Agnes into the room too, and then stood firmly by the door.特拉德和我都接到米考伯先生写来的奇怪的信,他要我俩和我姨婆去一趟坎特伯雷城。这次会面,他说,他要让我们看看尤赖亚·希普的恶劣行径的罪。朵拉身体太弱不能和我们一起去,所以,特拉德、姨婆、迪克先生和我搭上长途马车,来到了坎特伯雷,在当地的旅馆住了一宿,第二天早上很准时地来到威克菲尔住所。米考伯先生在门口迎接我们并把我们带到了尤赖亚·希普的办公室。尤赖亚本人见到我们似乎很吃惊,但装着迎接老朋友似地欢迎了我们。米考伯先生把阿格尼斯也带到了办公室,自己则坚定地站在门口。;Don#39;t wait, Micawber, ; said Uriah to his assistant.“出去,米考伯,”尤赖亚对他的助手说道。But Mr Micawber did not move. He stared coldly at his employer.可米考伯先生没走,他冷冷地盯着他的雇主。;Did you hear what I said, Micawber?; said Uriah angrily, his little eyes becoming redder while his long face went very pale.“你听见我的话了吗,米考伯?”尤赖亚生气地说道,他的小眼睛越来越红,他的长脸开始苍白。;Yes!; replied Micawber. ;But I don#39;t choose to leave. Listen to me, Heep! I don#39;t care if I lose my job!I don#39;t wish to work any longer for the wickedest man in England!;“听见了,”米考伯回答,“可我不准备离开。听着,希普!我不在乎丢掉饭碗!我不想再为英国最恶毒的人卖命?” /201212/212476

Harry got up and crossed to the window next to the message on the wall. 哈利爬起身,走向墙上那些文字旁边的窗户。Hermione was pointing at the topmost pane, where around twenty spiders were scuttling, apparently fighting to get through a small crack. 赫敏指着最上面的那块玻璃,那里大约有二十只蜘蛛正在慌慌张张地爬行,似乎急于从玻璃上的一道小缝中钻出去。A long, silvery th was dangling like a rope, as though they had all climbed it in their hurry to get outside.一根长长的银丝像绳索一样挂下来,看样子它们就是通过这根丝匆匆爬上来,逃向窗外的。“Have you ever seen spiders act like that?” said Hermione wonderingly.“你看见过蜘蛛这种样子吗?”赫敏纳闷地问。“No,” said Harry, “have you, Ron? Ron?”“没有,”哈利说,“你呢,罗恩?罗恩?”He looked over his shoulder. Ron was standing well back and seemed to be fighting the impulse to run.他扭过头来。罗恩远远地站在后面,似乎正强忍住想逃走的冲动。“What#39;s up?” said Harry.“怎么啦?”哈利问。“I—don#39;t—like—spiders,” said Ron tensely.“我—不喜—不喜欢—蜘蛛。”罗恩紧张地说。“I never knew that,” said Hermione, looking at Ron in surprise. “这我倒没听说过,”赫敏说,惊讶地看着罗恩,“You#39;ve used spiders in Potions loads of times. . . .”“你在魔药课上那么多次使用蜘蛛……”“I don#39;t mind them dead,” said Ron, who was carefully looking anywhere but at the window. “死蜘蛛我不在乎,”罗恩说,小心地将目光避开那扇窗户,“I just don#39;t like the way they move. . . .”“我只是不喜欢它们爬动的样子—”Hermione giggled.赫敏咯咯地笑了。“It#39;s not funny,” said Ron, fiercely. “有什么好笑的,”罗恩恼怒地说, /201301/220998

环境保护词汇集锦 -- ::5 来源: 联合国环境规划署将每年的6月5日确定为“世界环境日”,希望通过“世界环境日”主题让人类认识到可持续发展和公平发展的重要性,最终使全人类拥有一个安全而繁荣的未来年世界环境日庆典在阿尔及利亚首都阿尔及尔举行这是世界环境日庆典首次在北非国家举行年世界环境日的主题为“沙漠和荒漠化--莫使旱地变荒漠”本期特色词汇将关注环境,关注地球与环境保护有关的词汇World Environment Day Themes历年世界环境日主题 Deserts and Desertification-Don't Desert Drylands!世界环境日主题:“沙漠和荒漠化--莫使旱地变荒漠”197 Only one Earth只有一个地球1975 Human Settlements人类居住1976 Water: Vital Resource Life水:生命的重要源泉1977 Ozone Layer Environmental Concern; Lands Loss and Soil Degradation; Firewood关注臭氧层破坏,水土流失1978 Development Without Destruction没有破坏的发展1979 Only One Future Our Children - Development Without Destruction为了儿童和未来--没有破坏的发展1980 A New Challenge the New Decade: Development Without Destruction新的十年,新的挑战--没有破坏的发展1981 Ground Water; Toxic Chemicals in Human Food Chains and Environmental Economics保护地下水和人类的食物链,防治有毒化学品污染198 Ten Years After Stockholm (Renewal of Environmental Concerns)斯德哥尔人类环境会议十周年--提高环境意识1983 Managing and Disposing Hazardous Waste: Acid Rain and Energy管理和处置有害废弃物,防治酸雨破坏和提高能源利用率198 Desertification沙漠化1985 Youth: Population and the Environment青年、人口、环境1986 A Tree Peace环境与和平1987 Environment and Shelter: More Than A Roof环境与居住1988 When People Put the Environment First, Development Will Last保护环境、持续发展、公众参与1989 Global Warming; Global Warning警惕全球变暖1990 Children and the Environment儿童与环境1991 Climate Change. Need Global Partnership气候变化--需要全球合作199 Only One Earth, Care and Share只有一个地球--一齐关心,共同分享1993 Poverty and the Environment - Breaking the Vicious Circle贫穷与环境--摆脱恶性循环199 One Earth One Family一个地球,一个家庭1995 We the Peoples: ed the Global Environment各国人民联合起来,创造更加美好的未来1996 Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home我们的地球、居住地、家园1997 Life on Earth为了地球上的生命1998 Life on Earth - Save Our Seas为了地球上的生命--拯救我们的海洋1999 Our Earth - Our Future - Just Save It!拯救地球就是拯救未来00 The Environment Millennium - Time to Act环境千年 - 行动起来吧!01 Connect with the World Wide Web of life世间万物 生命之网 Give Earth a Chance让地球充满生机 Water - Two Billion People are Dying It!水--二十亿人生命之所系 Wanted! Seas and Oceans - Dead or Alive?海洋存亡 匹夫有责 Green Cities - Plan the Planet!营造绿色城市,呵护地球家园中国主题:人人参与 创建绿色家园金融 英语

;Wait for me, Mr Copperfield! ;he cried.“等等我,科波菲尔先生!”他叫道。;Actually, ; I said, ;I came out to be alone.;“其实,”我说,“我出来是想单独呆会儿。”; Ah! ; he said, with his oily smile, ;you don#39;t like my mother being there all the time, do you? ;“啊!”他僵硬地一笑,说,“你不喜欢我母亲总在那里,是吧?”;No, I don#39;t, ;I replied, not caring if I sounded rude.“是的,不喜欢,”我回答,没在乎自己的说话是否粗鲁。;But you see, ;he continued, ;in my humble position, I have to be very careful. I#39;m not married to my Agnes yet, and you#39;re a dangerous rival, Mr Copperfield. ;“可你知道,”他继续说道,“处在我这样卑微的位置,我不得不十分谨慎。我还没有把阿格尼斯娶过门,而你是一位危险的对手,科波菲尔先生。”;What! ;I cried in disgust. ;You allow Miss Wickfield no peace in her own home because of me? Don#39;t you realize I think of her as my very dear sister, nothing more? Let me tell you I am engaged to another lady! There! Is that enough for you? ;“什么!”我厌恶地叫道,“你不让威克菲尔在自己家里有片刻的宁静是因为我?你没发现我只是把她当成我十分亲密的,仅此而已?我告诉你吧,我已经和另一位女士订了婚!瞧!放心了吧?”;Oh Mr Copperfield! ; cried Uriah, gratefully shaking my hand with his cold fishy one. ;I#39;ll tell Mother to stop watching you at once! Why didn#39;t you tell me that before? I know you#39;ve never liked and trusted me, as I#39;ve liked you! ;“噢,科波菲尔先生!”尤赖亚叫道,用他那冰凉的手,颇为感激地握了握我的手,“我马上告诉母亲停止对你的监视!你干吗不早跟我说呢?我知道你从来都没有喜欢过我,相信过我,而我却喜欢你!”We returned to the house together in silence. That evening after dinner, when Agnes and Mrs Heep had left us, Uriah said to Mr Wickfield, ;Let#39;s have some wine, partner, and drink to young Mr Copperfield#39;s health. It isn#39;t often we have the pleasure of his company, is it, partner? ;我们俩一起走回屋里,谁也没说话。那天吃完晚饭后,阿格尼斯和希普太太出去了,尤赖亚对威克菲尔先生说:“我们来点酒吧,我的伙伴,祝年轻的科波菲尔先生健康。我们不是能常常有幸请着他的,是吧,朋友?” /201211/208904

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