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西安省人民医院消化病网上预约咨询唐都医院胃病胃肠正规吗?怎么样陕西省妇保院肠胃科专家预约 Plus, have you seen the way she dresses?而且你注意到她的着装了吗?Im not happy and I think youve got to take some action.我不满意,我觉得你应该采取行动。Anna, youre on fire!安娜,你的火气太大了!But stick to the facts, dont get personal about Rachel.但要就事论事,不要针对瑞秋个人。Well Im sure Mr Socrates would disagree with you.我肯定苏格拉底先生不同意你的看法。Look, if she is as bad as you say then Ill give you my permission to discipline her – give her a warning.如果她像你说的那么差劲,我同意由你来管束她,给她警告。What! Me?什么!我?You know whats she done wrong so tell her not to do it again…你知道她做错了什么,所以告诉她别再犯了,and besides, Ive got an important meeting to go to… and they usually have those delicious shortb biscuits.另外我有一个重要的会议,他们通常会有美味的酥饼。So …Ill leave it with you then?所以你来解决吧。What a useless boss!多么没用的老板!Anna are you happy about what to do next?安娜,你对接下来要怎么做感到满意了吗?Not really.不满意。What am I going to say?我该说些什么呢?Its not easy but keep calm and professional这可不简单,但保持镇定,拿出专业态度and say to Rachel, ;youve made some serious mistakes; and ;you need to consult me before you contact any of our clients.;来告诫瑞秋:“你犯了严重的错误”,“在你联系任何客户之前,你应该询问我。”Give her a verbal warning saying ;These mistakes cannot happen again, otherwise I will have to refer the matter to someone higher.;给她口头警告“这些错误不能再犯了,否则我会把此事递交给上级。” /201705/508484jink ------ 急转弯(不及物动词)英文释义(intransitive verb) To change direction suddenly when avoiding someone or something.例句The hunter watched as the rabbit jinked quickly right and left as his dog chased it across the field.猎人放在田野中追逐兔子,兔子忽左忽右地急转。 /201611/471218陕西中医院胃病胃肠网上咨询

陕西西安胃泰医院script:Well this does seem like it was too long ago that the Dow Industrials crossed the 13,000 mark for the first time. Well today, the Dow flirted with 14,000. Stephanie Elam joins us from New York to tell us just how close we came. Hey there, Stephanie.Virginia, it was just 11 points. That's how close we came to cross the 14,000 mark before the bluechips retreated a bit. But still, hey, we ended on a record high. One reason, optimism at earning season which kicked into gear on Tuesday. Let's take a look at the final numbers. The Dow industrial is up 43 points to 13950. And then taking a look at the NASDAQ, it's up 9, I'm sorry, down 9 points, off about a third of a percent at 2697. The Samp;P500 off about 3 points today at 1549. So not really huge losses there on the other markets, but definitely the Dow was the winner of the day, Virginia.So Stephanie you mentioned earning season, corporate earnings is that what's really driving the market?Well, it's definitely one of the main factors, but today's stocks also got a lift from deal making activity, a so-called Merger Monday as we know them around here. One deal is in the restaurant sector and includes two companies you probably know. IHOP, of course, the International House of Pancakes. Well, they are acquiring Applebee's for more than 2 billion dollars, shares of IHOP jumped nearly 9 percent, Applebee's climbed 2 percent. And Verizon, one of the companies in the Dow industrials, well, it rose more than 2% on a report that it could be the target of a potentially huge bid from Britain's Vodafone. Vodafone responded by saying it has no plans to make an offer, but just that little bit of speculation can help give a stock a lift. Virginia.Well, I wanna turn to the job market now. I understand sort of some good news for folks who are looking for a job. This is good to hear.It is always come, good to come with good news about this part, because people are always worrying about jobs. Well it looks like it's taking less time to land a new position. Job seekers found jobs 17% faster in the last 3 months than in the previous quarter. According to a recent survey, it took just 3 months to find a job last quarter down from a more than 3 and a half months wait in the previous quarter. In the 3rd quarter of 2006, it took more than 4 months to find a job. That suggest the job market is pretty strong. The biggest movement, or improvement up there came from those over 50 who are looking for work. The survey also showed that people looking for a job were more likely to say they've found a job as good or even better than their previous job. So I guess for some people, Leslie, it might be time to start working on their resume, right?Yeah, it's always good to keep it fresh. (Yeah!) OK let's say you can't find work, maybe you can get your big break in show business?Yeah! Or something like that and now you can do it over a website, you know make it even easier. (Yeah!) Sony’s crago.com is the latest to compete with sites like Youtube. And to get you interested, it has a unique offer---stardom. Your could get plug from the masses for a chance to perform a stand-up routine at the Enprob. Crago is also offering a 15,000-dollar-development deal with Columbia Pictures. Other sites are offering a shot of stardom. So forget working on the resume, I guess, work on your uploads.Yeah, exactly. And your singing voice and your acting ability, as well. And also you are able to hold, your ability to hold the camera straight.Exactly, at your face and not at your stomach. Alright. Stephanie , thanks so much. Talk to you next time.Sounds good.Notes:Stand-up: Stand-up comedy is a style of comedy where the performer speaks directly to the audience, with the absence of the theatrical fourth wall. A person who performs stand-up comedy is known as a stand-up comic, stand-up comedian or more informally stand up.200807/44407榆林市北方医院肠道专科医院 Bowing to Protests, S. Korea Imposes New Conditions on US Beef Imports韩国对进口美国牛肉施行新限制   South Korea is seeking to ease some domestic irritation, with a move that could complicate American-Korean trade relations. Seoul is amending its promise to resume U.S. beef imports by imposing new trade conditions aimed at placating political critics of the South Korean president. 韩国试图缓解一些韩国民众的愤怒情绪,新举措可能导致美韩贸易关系复杂化。首尔政府正在修正先前做出的恢复进口美国牛肉的承诺,为美国牛肉进口制定了新的贸易条件,希望以此化解韩国总统在政治上受到的批评。In what he described as a "humble acceptance of the people's will," South Korean Agriculture Minister Chung Woon-chun announced a new set of limitations on plans to import U.S. beef. 韩国农业部长郑云天宣布了对进口美国牛肉计划实行的新限制,他把这一宣布形容为是“谦恭地接受民众的意愿”。He says South Korea has requested the American government stop exporting cattle aged 30 months or older, about which South Korean consumers have expressed the most anxiety. He says his ministry will postpone scheduled quarantine inspections of American beef until the ed States responds to the request.  他说,韩国要求美国政府停止出口年龄超过30个月的牛的牛肉,韩国消费者对这种牛肉表达了最多的担心。他说,韩国农业部经推迟已定的对美国牛肉实行检疫的日程,直到美国方面对韩国的要求做出回应。The move is a reaction to street protests which began weeks ago, opposing American beef imports. The demonstrations have evolved into much broader, grassroots criticism of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's leadership style. 韩国当局的行动是对几个星期来街头示威者抗议美国牛肉进口的回应。更加广泛的来自民间的批评加入了抗议声浪,抨击李明总统的领导层。Two months after his February inauguration, Mr. Lee arranged a deal to fully resume imports of virtually all cuts of U.S. beef. The imports were banned in 2003, after an American animal was found to have the fatal brain condition known as "mad cow disease." It is theoretically possible for humans to contract a version of the disease by eating tainted meat. 李明二月份宣誓就职。两个月后,他达成了全面恢复进口美国牛肉的协议,批准几乎所有部位的美国牛肉都可以进口韩国。在美国2003年发现一头牛患上致命的疯牛病后,韩国曾经禁止进口美国牛肉。从理论上讲,人类食用感染上疯牛病的牛肉有可能感染类似的脑部致命疾病。Mr. Lee's import resumption deal, clinched during an April summit with President Bush, fulfilled a promise made more than a year earlier by Mr. Lee's predecessor. It also followed a ruling by a ed Nations organization, backing Washington's assertion that U.S. beef is safe. 李明恢复美国牛肉进口的协议是在他四月份跟布什总统举行高峰会晤期间达成的,从而兑现了他的前任在那一年多前做出的有关承诺。在李明签署牛肉进口的协议之前,联合国的一个组织做出裁决,持华盛顿称美国牛肉是安全的断言。Nonetheless, many South Koreans saw President Lee's decision to resume the imports as too sudden, too wide-ranging - and too dismissive of public sentiment.  很多韩国人把李明总统恢复美国牛肉进口的决定看成是过于仓促、范围过于宽泛、过于忽视民众的情绪。Protests that began as quiet candlelight vigils, last month, have gradually grown louder and more violent. Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered almost nightly in downtown Seoul, blocking major traffic arteries and leading to hundreds of arrests. 韩国民众的抗议上个月以平静的烛光守夜的形式开始,随后逐步演变成声浪日益高涨和暴力示威。成千上万的示威者几乎每一个夜晚都聚集在首尔市中心,堵塞主要交通要道,并导致数百人被捕。Although protesters are unable to cite a single confirmed case of a human contracting brain disease from consuming U.S. beef, their gatherings have served as a magnet for groups with a host of grievances against the South Korean president. 虽然抗议者无法提出一个被实的,由于食用美国牛肉而感染疯牛病的病例,但是一些对韩国总统怀有许多不满的组织利用抗议集会汇集在一起。American officials have repeatedly refused to re-negotiate U.S. beef imports and are unlikely to agree to Seoul's new beef import conditions. Analysts warn the escalating beef dispute could endanger ratification of the major trade deal the two countries, signed last year. 美国官员反复拒绝就美国牛肉进口重开谈判,并且不大可能同意韩国为牛肉进口新制定的卫生条件。分析人士警告说,不断升级的牛肉争端有可能危及美韩两国去年签署的一项主要贸易协议获得批准。 200806/41045西京医院谁看慢性萎缩性胃炎看的好

西安市中心医院能治疗胃病吗 Are you a hyper-parent? Do you do a little bit too much for your kids, make their lives just a little too easy? If this sounds like you, believe me, you're not alone. We called up with a couple of parents in New York who also admit that they are guilty as charged. I am guilty of doing a little too much for my daughter.I take her pretty much where she wants to go. If she needs to be driven to a party or a friend outside, change my plans and take her where she wants to go. I think it's very hard, I feel that my parents didn't do enough for me, so I am overcompensating.It's inevitable that you compare what you do for your own kids to what other people are doing, and you wonder who's right and who's got the right balance.Linda Fears is the editor-in-chief of the Family Circle magazine. Hi Linda. Hi,Ann, how are you?That sounds pretty familiar on a lot of working parents I know, try to overcompensate, so when is, it's too much, what are we doing too much for our kids?If you try to fix or eliminate any problem your child might face then you're doing too much, and the truth is , it's really easy again and the pattern nobody wants their kids to be hurt or sad, but the truth is if your child is always safe from the situation, he is going to start to feel like that there is something wrong with him, like he is not smart enough, or not strong enough to handle situation on his own. So it's not good for kids. And I can't imagine it's good for parents, either. No, it's really not good for anybody, um, and like I've said, you know, it's very easy to fall into that pattern and the reason why a lot of parents end up doing this, is because they ,from birth, a lot of parents feel like they have to orchestrate their child's life.Right, it's amazing, kids in grades got people all to think about what college are going to. They have met a million activities, and you see it's really wrong to expect your child to excel in everything they do and try to achieve that.Well, that's not, that's right, that's not the point in having your child do a lot of activities, so he will be great at everything, there're very few kids that are great at everything. But it's important to expose them to a lot of different activities, so they can find out what their passion about, what they love, because those are the activities that they are going to try their heart decide, and ultimately excel at.Right, let them try, let them fail, let them do all that, use some great tips for parents, and you say, one of the things you do , when you wanna jump in and solve the problem, as you really got to ask yourself whose problem is this anyway. Well, that's right. And a lot of parents you know, think back when they were kids, when they were in uncomfortable or hard situations, and then projected that onto their own child. So, for instance, if you weren't invited to the cool kid's party, and you see that's potentially happening to your daughter, you know, you need to say to yourself you know,who is my worry about, me or my kid?En, and that's does a tough thing, and there is a lot of people experiencing up with parties. What about staying behind the scenes, it's a little bit, pulling back and stay in the background?Right, again, very hard, and it might kill you to see your kids sitting on the bench during the basketball game week after week, but instead of running to the coach and dealing with yourself, talk to your child, you may be surprised to find out your child's gonna say, you know what, I am just happy to be on the team, I don't really mind not playing so much in every game. But if he is bothered by it, then it's your job as a parent to encourage him to go talk to the coach. And you say it really help your kids hone decisions-making skills? Can you give us some examples of that ?That's right, that's right. You know, life-long skills to be able to, to feel confident about making your own decisions, so for example, if you have a teenage daughter who wants to get some new clothes, decide on the budget, take her to the store, let her pick out her clothes, within certain parameters, You know,so she's making decisions on her own, er, same goals for it there's social problem at school, and instead of rushing to help your child deal with it, wait a couple of days, see if she can handle them on her own.Also for friendship problems kind of try that,just, just...Try to hold back just a little bitYou see though when your child is disappointed, you really can't help ease them through that, so we can we can show empathy obviously for a child's feeling?Of course and your kids' feelings are gonna be hurt, when you go to the school, and you see that his child, his science project does not compare to his friend's whose chemical engineer father did it for him. But what you need to say to him is, you know what? I'm so proud of you, you did a great job, you did these all by yourself, and believe me , your teacher knows the difference between a child's work and an adult's work. And you say it really rewrite the script about this setbacks. Help your child turn it around, right?That's right, so if your child concerned and said, I failed my maths test, I'm so stupid. Say you know what, remember two weeks ago, when you did well on your test, you can do that again. So you're not gonna immediately say oh, Gee, you know,we'd better call the tutor, this is gotta be a problem here, you wanna make your child feel like, you know what, next time you are gonna do better, and here's how you gonna do it. Help them keep all in perspective, and we need to keep parenting in first perspective, That's right, we need to just calm down, and see, cause the truth is the kids need to learn ,you know, it's ok to make mistakes. (That's life!),you know ,it's life, and if you failed your math test, if you don't make the soccer team, it's not the end of world. Linda Fears, thank you so much, you're always so sensible. 200809/47574西安市第九医院胃肠科在哪里陕西省生殖保健中心胃肠科在哪




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