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Subject:Kill two birds with one stone. 迷你对话A: My colleague suggested me to travel abroad. What you think about the suggestion.我的同事建议我去海外旅行,你觉得这个建议如何呀?B: That’s great. Kill two birds with one stone.那太好了,一箭双雕呀。 地道表达 kill two birds with one stone 1. 解词释义Kill two birds with one stone的字面意思是“一个石头打中两只鸟”,引申为“一举两得”“一箭双雕”的意思,比喻做一件事情可以达到两个目的。 2. 拓展例句e.g. If you walk to work, you will get some exercise as well as saving money, so youll be killing two birds with one stone.如果你步行上班, 既省钱又能锻炼身体, 这样你将一举两得。 e.g.You could kill two birds with one stone by following our example. 仿效我们的做法,你就可以一举两得。 e.g. I will go to the bank to deal with some business and on the way to the bank Ill drop my suit off at the cleaners. So, Ill kill two birds with one stone.我要去半点事情,在去的路上我可以把一套衣送到干洗店去,这样将是一举两得。 Ps : 征询对方的意见,我们可以用到下面这个句型:What do you think about something? 例如: John, what do you think about what Professor Brown is doing to our papers?约翰,布朗教授对我们报告的要求,你认为怎么样?What do you think about the match Europe vs Korea? Did you expect Europe to win?你怎么看欧洲联队与韩国的比赛?你想到欧洲会赢吗? Ps :think about在这里的意思是“想,思考,考虑(尤指考虑计划、意见的可行性)”。例如:think deeply about (深思 )to think seriously about (好好想想)。例如: She thought a lot about how to spend this winter vacation.她想了很多,该怎么过这个寒假。We will think about your suggestion.我们会考虑你的建议。 /201410/333419

Subject:Can you run the last by me again? 迷你对话A: Terry, have you got what I said in the conference?Terry,我在会议上说的东西你都听清楚了吗?B: Mm... Could you run the last by me again?嗯,你能把最后一部分再重复一遍吗? 地道表达 run something by sb. 1. 解词释义此语的意思是“把某事给某人说说看(以观其反应)”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Can you run the car accident by me?你能跟我说说车祸的事情吗?e.g. Can you run the last of the notice by me?您可以跟我说说通知的最后部分说什么吗? /201407/309716

ugly duckling 丑小鸭;小时曾被家人视为笨丑而长大后才貌出众的人或先遭鄙视后被重视的事物Elizabeth was an ugly duckling when she was a child, but now she is a beauty and becomes a famous film star. 伊丽莎白小时候是个丑小鸭,但是现在她是一个大美人,还是一个著名的影星。  egg-head 知识分子;书呆子;自以为有学问的人 Robert is an egg-head. He thinks that he knows everything. 罗勃特是一个自以为有学问的人,他以为他什么都知道。 /201107/146552



  特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: Some people are easily flimflammed.A: 有些人非常容易上当。B: Maybe they are still wet behind ears.B: 可能他们还是太嫩了吧。A: They are blind with bucks. Blind people are more easily conned, fo course.A: 他们被钱蒙住了眼睛,被钱蒙住了眼睛的人当然好骗了。B: Sure. Many people, including men and women, and be easily ripped off.B: 的确如此,不管男的还是女的,好多人容易轻易上钩。第二、 对话精讲1.核心地道表达【核心短语】be flimflammed【解词释义】flimy的意思是“不足信的”,flam的意思是“诡计,骗局,花言巧语”。合成词flimflammed是名词,意为“鬼话,诡计”。该词只是在非正规的口语中才被用作动词,意为“欺诈,骗钱”。【典型例句】Be careful, you might be flimflammed by New York persons as New York is full of slick flimflam men.小心,你有可能被欺骗,因为纽约市到处充满狡猾诡诈之人。2. 词海拾贝be wet behind the ears:少不更事的,初出茅庐的,乳臭未干的That greenhorn is still wet behind the ears.那个生手毫无经验。He was too wet behind the ears to bear such responsibilities.他太年轻了,不能担此重任。Many of these youngsters know the job in theory but theyre still wet behind the ears when it comes to putting it into practice.这些年轻人中很多人理论上知道怎么干, 但要付诸实践时, 仍然是幼稚无知的。【典型例句4】Some of the young actors are still wet behind the ears.一些年轻的演员仍涉世不深。rip off:欺诈,剥削All they got from Paulie was protection from the guys trying to rip them off.保利也只不过保护他们而不被别人欺侮诈骗。 The vendor tried to rip me off because he knew I liked the bag.摊贩试图敲我竹槓,因为他知道我喜欢这个包包。Im still learning anyway. And now Im sure no one could rip me off.我还在学呢。不过现在我肯定没人能宰我了。be blind with:被......弄混,被......弄得眼花缭乱,沉迷于......He is blind with anger .他因发怒而失去理智。He is blind with love.他被爱情冲昏了头。His mind was blind with weeping.他哭糊涂了。【典型例句4】If he had been sick with terror before, he was blind with terror now.要是他原先已吓破了胆的话,那他现在便是魂不附体了。 /201309/256248

  大家好,欢迎来到。今天为大家分享一则请假申请:This letter is to inform you that I will require 10 days late-marriage leave in January 2016 for my wedding. I shall be off to Italy for my honeymoon from 4th January to 14th January. I would, therefore, be highly grateful if you could kindly grant my leave for the above stated period.这一段话刚好分为三句,那么我们依次来:1. This letter is to inform you that I will require 10 days late-marriage leave in January 2016 for my wedding.第一句话开门见山,说要请假。英语里请假的最普遍说法是“Leave”。Leave本身是离开的意思,工作中离开就是“请假”。你可以说ask for leave/take leave。比如:I want to ask for leave.我想请假。Can I take annual leave next week?我下星期能休年假吗?年假是annual leave。这则申请里请的是late-marriage leave-晚婚假。我国现行计划生育政策鼓励晚婚,男年满二十五周岁、女年满二十三周岁的初婚为晚婚。符合晚婚年龄的夫妇,可以在法定三天婚假的基础上增加婚假天数。但是2015年12月,全国人大常委会审议《人口与计划生育法修正案(草案)》,草案中删除了对晚婚晚育夫妻、独生子女父母进行奖励的规定。来回顾一下这个句子:This letter is to inform you that I will require 10 days late-marriage leave in January 2016 for my wedding.这封信呢是通知您我要求2016年1月休10天晚婚假。2. I shall be off to Italy for my honeymoon from 4th January to 14th January.那这句话呢说明了请假期间将去干嘛。要做的事情就是to Italy for my honeymoon-去意大利度蜜月。蜜月就是honeymoon。这句话中还出现了关于请假的另外一个表达,be off,在这句话中表示“离开”,请假还可以说成take+时间+off。I’d like to have three days off.我想请三天假。Can I take one day off?我能请一天假吗? I shall be off to Italy for my honeymoon from 4th January to 14th January. 我将去意大利度蜜月,时间是从1月4日到1月14日。3. I would, therefore, be highly grateful if you could kindly grant my leave for the above stated period.如果您能准假的话我将会非常感谢您。I would ... If...是一个固定句型——如果...就会...,最简单的例句就是I would if I could.我要是能办,我就会办的。Grateful就是“感激的”,感激某人是be grateful to sb.,为...而感谢是be grateful for sth.。例如:Im very grateful to you for your help. 我非常感谢你的帮助。Ok,grant leave是准假。the above stated period就是说上面所说到的时间段。那么这句话的意思是:如果您能准假的话我将会非常感谢您: I would, therefore, be highly grateful if you could kindly grant my leave for the above stated period.在今天的节目中,我们学习了如何申请请假,先说明请假的意图,然后表明缘由,最后呢记得要感谢上级。再来回顾一下这则请假条:This letter is to inform you that I will require 10 days late-marriage leave in January 2016 for my wedding. I shall be off to Italy for my honeymoon from 4th January to 14th January. I would, therefore, be highly grateful if you could kindly grant my leave for the above stated period.好了,今天的节目就到这里,感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:Iyaz - There You Are本节目属 /201601/422060今天我们来看一看各个国家的名字用英语怎么说:中国 China美国 ed States of America英国与爱尔兰 ed Kingdom and Ireland法国 France澳大利亚 Australia南美 South America意大利 Italy日本 Japan /201408/317120

  听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):It’s nice to be back. I’ve been gone for the last few weeks on my first real vacation in a few years. Last Sunday, I was doing something I’ve wanted to do all my life – visiting the excavated ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, buried by a volcano in 79 AD.I was with a group that included many different nationalities when suddenly the guide asked, “Is anyone here from Michigan?”Well, of course, I said yes. I thought he was going to say something transportation-related; you can still see the ruts in the stone streets caused by horse-drawn Roman vehicles.During an earlier phase of my career, which has included reporting everywhere from Paraguay to the Philippines, the one thing everyone knew is that we had put the world on wheels.But no. Instead, the guide, who had a graduate degree from the University of Edinburgh, showed me an ancient water pipe. “See, the Romans knew how to drink out of lead pipes without being poisoned, not like in your Flint,” he said. He didn’t quite have his facts right.He thought the reason we had lead poisoning in Flint was because we had added something that caused the pipes to corrode, when in fact the problem seems to have been caused by a failure to add a chemical that would have prevented the corrosion.Nor is it clear that Romans didn’t suffer ill effects from drinking out of lead pipes or storing wine in lead containers.But it is sort of embarrassing to have our home state known as the lead poisoning capital of the world. Europe isn’t perfect by any means, and though the Italians I talked with were no great fans of Donald Trump, they knew their nation had elected the highly embarrassing Silvio Berlusconi as prime minister more than once.However, a new breeze seems to be blowing in a number of western nations. While we remain mired in ideological gridlock, both in our state and nationally, France elected a new prime minister who came out of nowhere to promise common sense reforms and cooperation with other nations. Emmanuel Macron’s movement didn’t have a single seat in France’s National Assembly a month ago.Now, it looks like it will end up with two-thirds of them after this Sunday’s runoff elections are over. “What doesn’t work anymore is the party system,” Macron has told western journalists.We aren’t France, but it is pretty clear it doesn’t work here either. Earlier this month, pollsters in Great Britain were sure that the Labour Party, which had moved sharply to the left, was headed for a historic defeat. Instead, it made major gains and almost toppled Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May from power.Suddenly British conservatives have dropped all their plans to cut aid to education, and are instead talking about finding more money for social programs. There seems to be a renewed idea across much of the continent that we are all in this together.You don’t hear any of that in Lansing, where legislators and the governor spent this month on a deal to weaken teacher pensions.Nobody is talking unity in Washington either, but national and state elections will be coming next year.I can’t wait to see what surprises they may bring.201706/514956网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:抱怨,怨言你喜欢吃肉吗?你最喜欢的肉是什么?我喜欢牛肉,你呢?牛肉beef虽然是好吃,但是它还有另外一个贬义的意思。表示抱怨,怨言,牢骚。所以喜欢吃牛肉没关系,但是抱怨多了那可就怎么好了。不断抱怨;大发牢骚If someone beefs about something, they keep complaining about it.【更多例句】Tell me whats your beef? 你抱怨什么?Instead of beefing about what Mrs Martin has not done, her critics might take a look at what she is trying to do. 批评者不要老是抱怨马丁太太没有做什么事情,不妨看看她正要做什么事情。Dont beef, just do something.别抱怨了,干点实事吧。[本节目属] /201304/233258

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 合得来Did you guys hit it off?你们合得来吗?【讲解】hit it off: 合得来,志趣相投。表示人与人之间相处融洽的意思。【情景一】我始终觉得人和人之间的相处是很微妙的,投机的话,自然相处得很好,不投机的话,半句话也嫌多。He hit it off with them from the start.从一开始他就和他们相处得很好。【情景二】不管是在生活中还是在工作上,我们都必须要跟身边的朋友和同事相处融洽。Fortunately John and his new employer hit it off from the very beginning.幸好约翰和他的新老板从一开始就相处得很好。 /201203/175684

  Subject:It is not over until the fat lady sings. 迷你对话 A: The pros must lose the debate. 这场辩论赛的正方一定会输。 B: That is not sure. It is not over until the fat lady sings. 那可说不清楚。在比赛尚未结束之前不能确定胜负。 地道表达 It is not over until the fat lady sings. 解词释义 此语是俗语,其起源与歌剧有关,特别是在瓦格纳风格的大型歌剧中,通常会有带着尖脚帽盔的大块头女人参加表演。这句话是失传已久的笑话,这个笑话讲的是不懂行的人在看歌剧时误把中间间隔当做全剧结束,在起身离去的时候,那人就会告诉他:“It is not over until the fat lady sings.” /201404/285770。

  正确发音小技巧/#61510;/是一个轻辅音,发这个音时,嘴唇微张,舌尖卷起或抬起,处于上齿龈后部和硬鄂之间,不要接触下牙齿或上下颚,气流由喉咙处泄出。 /#61526;/是由轻辅音/#61510;/生成的。其发音时的口形与/#61510;/一样,不同的是,这是一个浊辅音,声音是喉咙处泄出,当发这个音时,你会感觉到喉咙处及整个嘴巴有振颤。发这两个音的关键是:嘴巴张开向前撅,舌头不要接触嘴巴内的任何东西。 /#61510;/通过气流发声,/#61526;/通过嗓音发声。如图: /#61510;/ fish shake condition fashion she /#61526;/ television usually occasionally leisure pleasure唇舌训练: My hands are usually shaking when I'm fishing. /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ She watches television occasionally at her leisure./#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/ It's my pleasure to feed your fish on conditions. /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ She's got good vision on fashion trends, we usually trust her vision./#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/I usually wear fashion shoes on special occasions./#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ /#61526;/单词中字母的发音规律一般发/#61510;/的字母 c ocean, social, musician ch chef, Michel t condition, tradition, patient x anxious sc conscious sh sharp, sheep, show一般发/#61526;/的字母 s vision, television, occasion su leisure, pleasure, measure zu seizure发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Perseverance 毅力Perseverance does not usually mean sticking to the same thing forever.毅力并不总是意味着永远坚持做同一件事。It means giving full concentration and effort to whatever you are doing. 它意味着无论你做任何事情,你都要立刻全心投入,竭尽全力;It means doing the tough things first 它意味着先做艰苦的工作,and looking downstream for gratification and rewards. 再去期待随之而来的满足和回报。It means being happy in your work with pleasure, 它意味着开心地工作,but hungry for more knowledge and progress. 渴望更多的知识和进步。It means making more calls, going more miles, pulling more weeds, 它意味着多打几个电话,多走几里路,多除草,getting up earlier in the day 早起床,and always being on the lookout for a better way of doing what you’re doing.意味着总是寻求更好的方式去做你在做的事情。Persistence is success through trial and error.毅力就是经历考验和过失的成功。 /201110/156698

  你好,是新来的吗?这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。天天学是一个周一至周五每日更新的英语口语教学节目,现在先来上课好吗?今天,来专门学学这个太简单不过的英语单词:find,它是个动词,1. 首先,find有;找到,发现;的意思:I have found the lost book. 我已经找到丢失的书了。Please find Mary her bag. 请替玛丽找到她的提包。2. find: v. 发觉,感到,认为,在find后面可以放两个宾语:Did you find him what he wanted? 你觉得他想要什么?Mary tried several lines of work, but at last found herself as a teacher. 玛丽尝试了好几种工作, 最后她认为自己适合当教师。 I found my headache coming on. 我觉得头开始疼起来了。3. Find + something/somebody + 形容词(或形容词的比较级,或最高级)/过去分词/现在分词,感觉(觉得)某物/某人。I find you a little bit interesting. 我觉得你有点意思。 I find it quite difficulty to save money. 我觉得存钱很难。We find your price higher compared with the ones of other suppliers. 我们觉得你们的价格和其他供应商相比有些高。They find this necklace the most expensive. 他们觉得这个项链最贵。Mary finds her current husband boring. 玛丽觉得她的现任丈夫有点闷。I find my students quite diligent; they attend the class every day. /165243

  Hello, Good morning. 大家好,欢迎来到这个快乐的英语大家庭,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。每天早起做运动,学英语,多么充实的生活啊。我们曾在第124课学过agree的活用,今天先来看看和它有关的词:Agreeable: adj. 令人愉快的,惬意的,愉悦的,讨人喜欢的,宜人的,欣然同意的Its very agreeable to have you here. 有你在这里很令人愉快。I find her a very agreeable woman. 我发现她是个和蔼可亲的女人。What an agreeable weather! 多么宜人的天气!He was smooth and agreeable. 他待人处事,八面玲珑。Be agreeable to something/doing something: 欣然同意某事/做某事He was quite agreeable to accepting the plan. 他很乐意接受这项计划。;你迟早会有大麻烦的;这是我的一个朋友对我说过的一句话:youll be in big trouble sooner or later.Sooner or later: 迟早Youd better tell her, because shell find out the truth sooner or later. 你最好还是告诉她吧,因为她迟早会发觉的。Sooner or later, well make you change your mind. 迟早我们会使你改变主意。Youll find this whole thing very boring sooner or later. 迟早你会觉得整个事情相当无聊。If you drive like that, sooner or later youll have an accident. 你如果那样开车, 迟早会出事的。John will come back to you sooner or later. 约翰迟早会回到你身边。Well, youll find me an agreeable English teacher sooner or later. /201202/170824

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