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Google Partners in China Issue Plea to Web GiantA group of Google Inc.'s partners in China have sent an impassioned plea to the Internet giant, saying their businesses are in jeopardy if Google closes its Chinese search engine and demanding to know how they will be compensated.The letter, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, states Google hasn't given its advertising resellers in China guidance since its announcement in January that it may close its Chinese search site, Google.cn. The letter says the companies have watched their business decline and worry they will be forced out of business if Google withdraws.The message, which listed 27 Google advertising resellers in China, was sent Monday by email to John Liu, who leads Google's sales team and oversees the company's business operations in greater China, according to one of the resellers on the list, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.The letter demands an explanation of how the resellers will be treated if Google has to leave China or shut down Google.cn.The companies have sales staff that focus on selling advertising that runs on Google.'We understand that Google has its own values, but we cannot understand why, until this day, Google has not communicated with us how the matter will be solved,' the letter states.A Google spokeswoman said the company had received the letter and was reviewing it. The letter was also posted on the Web site of China's state-run television broadcaster.The Google reseller said the companies are 'facing operating pressure' due to the uncertainty of Google's status in China, but not all of the resellers had a part in drawing up the letter.'We really hope Google would face up to the problems and try to find ways to solve them,' the reseller said.Google, which has yet to follow through on an announcement in January to stop filtering results on Google.cn, has been in negotiations with Chinese authorities over the extent to which it can continue operating.The saga is being closely watched by Google users in China, which has the most Internet users of any nation and would be dominated almost entirely by easily controlled Chinese companies if Google exits the market. Analysts estimate that Google has tens of millions of users here.Convinced the company would take action on Monday, hundreds of Google users stayed awake the entire night to monitor search results on the Web site for any indication that filters had been lifted.Users swapped analyses of results for keyword queries like '1989 student protest,' a reference to the Tiananmen Square crackdown, because such content is considered politically sensitive in China and is often filtered.Some users published screenshots of Google results that seemed to be uncensored, but it wasn't possible to determine what the causes of those inconsistencies were. As of Tuesday, Google's results were still censored in China.'Many users are wondering why Google is so indecisive and some of them have lost their patience,' said Issac Mao, an independent Chinese-Internet researcher and blogger.Google's standoff with the Chinese government has highlighted the sometimes perilous regulatory web that entangles foreign companies in the country.China operates a licensing system, policed by regulators, that requires all foreign investors to seek approval to conduct business activities within a defined scope.Companies that breach the terms of their license risk being closed down, which is the position in which Google now finds itself having declared it is no longer willing to censor its search results.No area of business in China is more politically sensitive than the Internet, or more heavily regulated. China bars foreign companies from owning an 'Internet content provider' license to provide services in the country. For that, Google needed to partner with a Chinese company, which holds the ICP license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in order to provide services in China.A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the status of Google's ICP license, but said licenses are 'generally' due to be renewed this month.Still, it is unclear to what extent the license renewal is influencing Google's decision making, if at all, according to a person familiar with Google's China plans.Google's commercial operations also have to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce. On Tuesday, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said Google has two companies registered, but so far the ministry hasn't received any reports regarding an exit of either company.'If the two companies want to exit from China they will have to go through a procedure including reporting to the commerce ministry,' Mr. Yao said, citing China's foreign investment law. He didn't elaborate.Google grapples with a slew of agencies that have a say over the Internet. These include the Ministry of Public Security, which deals with criminal activities on the Web, including political dissent; the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, responsible for broadcasting; and the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, which ensures that the media adheres to political orthodoxy.For 'anything that has to do with the Internet, you could be facing as many as a half dozen ministries,' said David Wolf, chief executive of Wolf Group Asia, a Beijing-based marketing strategy firm. /201003/99036Key Sentences(重点句子)89. Yes,you get off at Connecticut Avenue.是的,您在康涅狄格大道下车893. How long is the ride?要坐多久?89. Well,you will get there in about a quarter of an hour if the traffic isnt too heavy.如果交通不太拥挤的话,大约一刻钟您就能到了895. Drop fifty cents in the box,please.请在盒子里放50美分896. O. K. Would you please let me know when we get to the stop?好的到了站请叫我一声好吗?897. Welcome to our“Special Line ” Bus.欢迎您乘坐我们特路汽车898. Wed like to go and visit the Asian Games Village.我们是去亚运村看看899. Please drop your money into the box and take seats in-side.请将钱投入这个箱子,到车上坐好900. When we reach the Asian Games Village Ill let youknow.到亚运村时我会告诉你们901. Would you have a look at the overpass in front of us.你看前面的立交桥9. It called a three-way intersection.这叫三立交桥9. It is a country full of energy and vitality.这是一个充满了活力和生机的国家9.Theyre so skilled in riding bikes.他们骑车技术很老练9. Well be at the Asian Games Village in a minute.亚运村快到了9. Please get y to get off the bus.请您做好下车准备 3918

国际电话收费标准您能告诉我打到美国电话的收费标准吗?A:Could you tell me what the rate is U.S. calls?您能吿诉我打到美国电话的收费标准吗?B:Yes, of course. The standard rate U.S. calls is 18.90 Yuan per minute.当然可以打往美国电话的标准收费是每分钟18.9元同类问句:Are there special night rates from here? 从这儿打有夜间特别收费吗?Yes, the night rates are from eleven in the evening until seven in the morning.是的,夜间特别收费时间是晩上点到第二天早上7点国际直拨你可以教我打直拨国际电话吗?A:Operator? Can you tell me how to use IDD? 接线生吗?你可以教我打直拨国际电话吗?B:Sure, madam. Please dial 7001 first, then the country code, area code and the number 可以,请先拨7001,然后是国家代号、地区号码及电话号码同类问句:Do I have to dial 9 first, as outside calls? 我要先拨9,像拨外线一样吗?No, madam. Just 7001 will be fine.不用的,,拨7001便可以了Can you tell me the country code of U. K. ?你可以告诉我英国的国家代号吗?Which city, madam? 你要打电话往哪个城市呢,?London. 伦敦It is 1.是1 175

When will be Available询问取衣时间I would like to order a waistcoat.我想定做件背心Have you chosen the material?您选好面料了吗?Yes, I want it made of tweed.是的,我想用斜纹软呢做Fine. And the charge is 索要账单务生,请把账单给我好吗?A:Waster, can I have the bill please?务生,请把账单给我好吗?B:Yes, Miss.好的,同类问句:Bring me the bill, please.请把账单拿来Can you give us our check, please? 请把账单拿来,好吗?Can I have the bill, please?请把账单给我,好吗?Yes, we are. Could we have the check, please?吃完了请拿账单来送来账单给您,女士A:Waiter! Bill, please.务员,结账B:Yes, one moment, please. (Bring the bill) Here you are, madam.好的,请稍等(拿来账单)给您,女士同类问句:Yes, one moment, please…Here is your bill, sir.好的,请稍等Sure, here you are, sir.当然,给您,先生There you go. I can take care of it when youre y. 在这儿,给您如果你们要付账,我可以帮你们拿去结账Yes, sir. Here you are. 是的,先生给您 05.好的,价钱是0美元When will it be available?什么时候能做好呢?Next Wednesday.下周三 58Net Nanny Software Climbdown by China摘要:中国已同意推迟实施新规定,即从今天起,个人电脑制造商在该国所有的新电脑上都要预装有争议的网络过滤软件,此前这项要求在中国国内外引发了一波抗议声浪。China has agreed to delay today's deadline for personal computer makers to put controversial internet filtering software on all new computers in the country following a storm of protests at home and abroad.“Depending on the concrete situation, [they] can pre-install [the program] later,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said last night in a statement issued through Xinhua, the official news agency.The last-minute climbdown, which averts the threat of fines for computer makers, follows Beijing's order to PC makers last month to start pre-installing Green Dam/Youth Escort domestically developed net nanny software. The move led to security concerns among PC makers and outrage among Chinese internet users.The domestic uproar was the largest factor in forcing the delay, followed by private sector complaints and pressure from governments abroad, said one person involved in co-ordinating the response.Complete reversals by the Chinese authorities are rare, and the computer industry was optimistic that the requirement would instead be allowed to fade away. Executives were especially encouraged that the government skipped an anticipated fallback position requiring the companies to at least include the software on a separate disk.As of yesterday, staff at Chinese electronics retailers said they had received no PCs fitted with Green Dam, and that there was no chance that PC makers would comply with today's deadline.The MIIT said in a round of consultations on Green Dam in March that it had received “broad supportfrom PC makers. According to the ministry, the software has since been downloaded more than 7m times, including installations on internet café and school computers.A series of independent tests has since found that the software has broader censorship functions and could make PCs vulnerable to spying attacks and destabilise their systems.Rebecca MacKinnon, a Hong Kong journalism professor and expert on Chinese censorship, said the move offered an important lesson for the online world. “There's been this impression in the internet industry that when the Chinese government makes a demand, they have to roll over and play dead. The lesson here is that's not necessarily the case,she said.So far Acer, the world's third-largest PC maker, has been the only company to openly say that it expects to have to comply with the order to pre-install Green Dam.Dell, the number two computer-maker, said: “We respect the Chinese government's stated goal of protecting children,said spokesman David Frink.Hewlett-Packard had no immediate comment. /07/76181


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