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英语日常口语 79:Stop moping不要愁眉苦脸本单元是关于不要愁眉苦脸的对话Helen: Hey guys. Alice: Hey Helen! Tim: Hey Helen, good day?. Helen: Not really...Tim: Look Helen, I'm going to call a spade a spade. Michal isn't coming back and you've got to stop moping around. You can't spend all day sitting by yourself watching telly. It's a new year, and it's time to pull yourself together and start living your life again . Alice: He's right, Helen - you need to turn over a new leaf and start enjoying yourself again. Helen: I suppose you might be right. I have got into a bit of a rut lately.Alice: A bit! You haven't been out for weeks! Come on Helen, it'll do you good to let your hair down. It'll do me good too. Let's go out and have some fun.Tim: Yeah, let's do that. Helen: What, now?Alice: Yes, now! Come on Helen, get your act together and let's go!Vocabulary 字汇moping / moping around 愁眉苦脸staying at home being miserable and inactive because you are unhappytelly 电视television (informal) 本单元语言点是关于 Life and living 习语,情况下面的解释和例句Idioms: Life and living Idioms - background 习惯用语 Idioms use language metaphorically rather than literally. If you 'let your hair down', it means you relax and enjoy yourself, not that you untie your hair and let it fall. Idioms are also fixed groups of words so you can't change the wording of an idiom. For example, you can say 'He calls a spade a spade' to mean that he's very clear and direct, but you can't say 'He calls a hammer a hammer.'How life is going 日子过得如何? To be stuck in a rut: to live or work in a situation that never changes, so you feel bored. A rut is a deep narrow track left in soft ground by a wheel, so you are stuck in something which only goes in one direction and which you cannot escape. "Working for this supermarket is not good for me. I'm just stuck in a rut, stacking the same shelves with the same products every day. I wish I could do something different."To turn over a new leaf: to make a fresh start; to change your life in a positive way, perhaps to stop a bad habit or to make a positive change to your character. 'New leaf' refers to a blank page in a book, so you turn over a new leaf to start again. "Since his arrest for vandalism, little Johnny has turned over a new leaf. I even saw him picking up litter the other day."To be on an even keel: for things to be steady and stable, without any sudden changes. The 'keel' refers to the bottom of a ship. So, if it is even, the ship is stable. "After all my problems last year with the divorce and losing my job, I'm on a much more even keel now. I've got a new job and I've found a nice place to rent."How you are living life: 你如何过日子? To let your hair down: to relax and enjoy yourself, when normally you don't relax much. A woman may tie her hair up on her head: if she lets it down she releases it and it hangs free. In the same way, if you relax, you release yourself and behave more freely. "I haven't been out to a party for ages - I've been too busy with my new job. So, tonight I'm going to let my hair down and enjoy myself!"To burn the candle at both ends: to exhaust yourself by overworking or doing too much of an activity. If you burn a candle at both ends, it is soon finished. "You can't keep burning the candle at both ends . You can't do that job and also work on the computer every night. You need to relax properly."To burn the midnight oil: to stay awake late at night, especially to study or work. Before electricity, lamps were fuelled by oil, so if you stayed up late you were burning oil at midnight. "There's only one week until the exams, and I haven't done any revision yet. I'm going to have to burn the midnight oil if I want to pass the exams."To paint the town red: to have a lively, enjoyable night out, often to celebrate something. "I'm going to paint the town red tonight. I passed all my exams with A grades! So, I think we'll go to my favourite restaurant, then a couple of bars and then let's go clubbing!How you talk about life : 描述生活 To call a spade a spade: to describe something as it exactly is; to avoid euphemisms, even if doing this might upset or offend people. "If I don't like a meal I always tell the cook. I don't say that the flavour could have been a little stronger. I tell them it was tasteless. I call a spade a spade and I don't care what people think."To beat around the bush: to avoid or delay talking about something embarrassing or unpleasant. "I know it's difficult but don't beat around the bush. Tell them directly and firmly that they are being sacked because their work is not good enough. It'll be worse if you take a long time to tell them, and if the message isn't clear."To cut to the chase: to immediately start dealing with the important part of something. This idiom comes from the movies. If you cut to the chase, you go to the exciting part of the film, when the good guys are chasing the bad guys. You ignore the boring conversational scenes. "Ok, I'm going to cut to the chase. This restaurant is losing money for one reason only. And that reason is the cooking - it's awful."To not pull any punches: to show your disapproval or criticism clearly, without trying to hide anything or weaken the strength of the criticism. If a boxer pulls a punch, he/she doesn't hit with his/her full possible force. "Well, the new restaurant manager didn't pull any punches. He just told us the food was disgusting and we have to improve." /200708/16888点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!广播学口语又准时和大家见面了。欢迎与Andy准时相约。今天的句子,Andy为你准备了两个很简单的:Itlsquo;s just a small talk和Irsquo;m framed。到底是什么意思呢?(音乐)先来看这第一个句子吧:Itrsquo;s just a small talk。很简单吧?small talk不就是小谈 ,简短的谈话吗?有什么好讲的!哈哈!不要;以貌取意;呀!small talk在这里可是可长可短!因为它可以指见面说的寒暄,这很短吧?和可以指平时的闲聊,特别是女孩的闲聊,就很长了吧?一天和女友在一起时,Andy起身去外面接了个电话。回来时本想遮掩一下,就随口说了句 ;Just a small talk ;(闲聊了两句。)不想女友却的心了,;Is that so?I donrsquo;t believe in you。Youlsquo;ve lid to me numerous times! ;(是吗?我不信!你都和我撒谎了多少次了?)冤枉啊!可是轮到她的时候不也这样吗?那次不知是和她的哪个煲了足有两个小时的电话粥。 问她什么事,她竟一笑而过,;Nothing serious!Just a small talk。We are just killing time!;(没什么,随便闲聊了两句。打发时间呗!)(音乐)接下来进入第二个句子:Ilsquo;m framed。frame这个词指用框架框起来。难不成Andy也和动 物一样被圈在了笼子里?哈哈!那可是侵犯人权的。这里它的意思是被人陷害栽赃了。 经女友的几次电话粥,话费暴涨。月底交完话费她却说是我干的。;Ilsquo;m framed!;Andy shouted,;Irsquo;ve never made a long distance call。Moreover,I have my own cell phone!(;我冤枉!;Andy大叫,;我从没打过很长的电话,再说我有自己的手机,干吗要用你的?;)不过享受这种待遇的还不止我一个人。朋友打电话向我诉苦:;What can I do?She even said I had another one besides her。Ilsquo;m framed!;(怎么办啊?她非说我除了她外面还有一个。我被诬陷了。我冤枉啊!)(音乐)今天的节目就到这里吧!再说下去Andy要被全世界的女性所痛斥了。Byebye! /200605/7227

23. Here come... 看,······来了。 用法透视 看见某人、某物正朝自己这边来时用该句。此句语序是倒装,"come"应与其后面的名词保持主谓一致,有时名词也可以放在"come"前面。另外也可以说"there come..."。 持范例 1. Look! Here comes the bus. 瞧!公车来了。 2. Here comes Miss Lee, with her charming smile. 李走来了,脸上带着迷人的微笑。 3. There they come. 他们来了。 会话记忆 A: Hi, Mary! You're here aly. Where's Harry? 嗨,玛丽!你已经先到了。哈利呢? B: He isn't a punctual person. We may have to wait for a little while. 他不是个准时的人。我们可能得等一会儿。 A: That should give us time for a cup of coffee. I'll go and get some. 那我们有时间喝杯咖啡了。我去买。 B: Make it three cups. Here comes Harry. 买三杯吧,哈利来了 /200705/13108

104. So that... 结果······ 用法透视 该句可以表达做了什么事情后的结果如何,含义相当于"so(因此,所以)"。 持范例 1. I left early this morning, so that I caught the first bus. 今早我出发得很早,所以赶上了头班车。 2. The hall was crowded with people, so that they couldn't get in. 大厅里挤满了人,结果他们没能进去。 3. Harry always tells a lie, so that no one believes him. 哈利老说谎,因此没人相信他。 会话记忆 A: What sort of things do you grow in your garden? 你在自家花园里都种些什么? B: I grow a variety of things, so that something is in bloom all year round. 我种好多种东西,所以一年到头都有花开。 A: When is your garden at its best? 你的花园什么时候最漂亮? B: It looks best in spring, when the plum and cherry blossoms are out. 春天看起来最美。那时梨花、樱花都开了 /200706/14674

【中文这样说】他化学成绩得了87分。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style He got 87 points in chemistry.American Style He got an 87 in chemistry. /200604/6370

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