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Avoid a trip to the hospital by using these tricks to safely dislodge a stuck ring.尝试下面的小窍门,安全地取下卡在手指上的戒指,避免兴师动众去医院。You Will Need你需要Lubricant润滑油such as hand lotion润手乳液petroleum jelly凡士林cooking oil食用油or soap或肥皂Cool water冷水Dental floss牙线Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t force it1.不要强行往下取Avoid pulling and tugging too hard, which could cause your finger to swell and make it more difficult to remove the ring.不要用力拖拉,否则会让手指肿胀,更难把戒指取下来。STEP 2 Lubricate your finger2.润滑手指Lubricate your finger and the ring liberally with hand lotion, petroleum jelly, cooking oil, or soap.用润手乳液,凡士林,食用油或肥皂润滑手指和戒指。STEP 3 Work the ring off3.试着把戒指取下来Turn the ring around your finger to get the lubricant underneath. Gently work the ring off the finger, turning it as you go.轻轻转动戒指,让润滑剂更深入。轻轻地把戒指取下手指。Cover the drain if you are working over a sink so that the ring doesn#39;t disappear down the pipe.如果你是在水槽上方取戒指,把排水口堵住,防止戒指坠入下水道。STEP 4 Bring down swelling4.消肿Dip your hand in cool water for a few minutes to help reduce swelling if the lubricants don#39;t work. Elevating your arm can also help reduce swelling.如果润滑剂无效,把手放入冷水浸泡几分钟,可以消除手指肿胀。举起手臂也可以帮助消肿。STEP 5 Try dental floss5.尝试牙线Wrap dental floss tightly around your finger starting just above the ring. Lubricate the floss and then slip the ring off over the compressed knuckle.从戒指上方开始用牙线紧紧地缠绕手指。在牙线上涂抹润滑剂,然后轻轻拉动戒指穿过被压缩的手指。In 1477, the Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy the first diamond engagement ring recorded in history.1477年,奥地利大公爵马克西米连把历史上有记录的首枚订婚钻戒交给勃艮地公爵独女玛丽公主。 Article/201502/358896。

是怎样的动力使大卫·森格创造出更舒适的假肢呢?他成长于塞拉利昂,他所爱的人们中,有很多都因残忍的内战而致残。他发现,很多人不愿使用假肢,于是开始探尋箇中原因,并和他在麻省理工学院媒体实验室的团队联手,共同致力解决这个问题。 Article/201411/340091。

The snowflake might be the world#39;s favourite symbol of winter,The surprisingly complex and beautiful shapes are made of ice,Nuature#39;s simplest hydrogen bond crystal,But how are these delicate structures formed?雪花或许是世界上最招人爱的冬天的象征,由冰晶构成的令人惊奇的美丽形状,大自然最简单的氢键晶体,但这样精美的结构是如何构成的呢?No two snowflakes form in the exact same way.But here#39;s a possible set of steps.A snowflake starts as dust grain floating in the cloud,Water vapor in the air sticks to the dust grain,And resulting droplet turns into ice,Crystal faces appear on the frozen droplet,Then a prison froms with six faces and a top and a bottom.没有两片雪花的形成过程是完全一样的,这里说的是一种可能的过程,一片雪花的形成首先从云层中尘埃颗粒开始,空气中的水蒸气粘附在尘埃颗粒上,由此产生的液滴变成了冰,结晶面出现在冰冻的液滴上,之后形成一个六个侧面,一个上面和一个下面的棱体。A cavity forms in each prison face,Because ice grows fastest near the edges,Faster grows on the corners causes six branch sprout,The lines in each branch are due to ridges and grooves on the surface,The six branches form the corners of the hexagon which forms into the shape.Because the water molecules chemically bond into a hexagonal network.由于边缘冰生长速度比较快,所以每面都会出现一个凹槽,边角的快速生长导致六条线开始萌芽,每条分上的线是因为表面的凸脊和凹槽,六条分形成六边形的角形成各种形状,因为水分子通过化学键结合成六边形的网状结构。When the temperture cools to nine degrees fahrenheit,New growth branch tips norrow.As six degrees side branches begains sprout.Suddenly the crystal encounters quick blast of warmer air followed by cooler air.And even more side branches sprout.The crystal gradually warms making the tips long and narrow.The crystal falls into even warmer air.Which slows the growth and widen the tips.当气温降到9华氏度时(-12.8摄氏度)新生的分尖端开始变窄,6华氏度时(-14.5摄氏度)侧向分开始出现,这时晶体突然遭受了一阵快速爆发的暖流接着又是冷气,更多的侧分开始形成,晶体渐渐受热使得尖端又长又细,晶体降落到暖和的空气中,就不再生长,尖端却越来越宽阔。Finally this unique and delicate strucure falls to the earth.Along with countless other snowflakes,The old saying that no two snowflakes are like.Maybe ture for larger snowflakes,But not for smaller simplier crystals that fall out of the sky at earlier stages,Before the had a chance to fully develop,Still the ever changing environment and many ways that H2O combind in the crystal surface.Means that snowflakes can never mind-boggling array of shapes,But they have one thing in common,They are all easy on the eyes.最终这种独特而精美的结构飘落红尘中,伴随着不计其数的雪花同伴,古语云没有两片雪花是一样的,这或许对大片的雪花成立,但对初期处于刚开始形成阶段的小晶体来说却不一定,因为它们都还没有机会充分生长,由于不断变化的环境,和在晶体表面的水分子结合方式的不同。意味着雪花绝不会形成同样的形状组合,但它们有一个共同之处,它们都十分养眼。 Article/201504/365641。

The Viking chief takes his final journey维京人的首领走上了他最后的旅程On his prized possession:His longship.陪伴他的是他最珍惜的财产 他的长船We tend to think of these guys as barbarians,我们倾向于把他们看做野蛮人but Vikings were extraordinary explorers.但是北欧的海盗是杰出的冒险家The Vikings were on the cutting edge of human exploration在中世纪初期at the beginning of the mediaeval world.他们就走在人类开拓史的最前沿The key to Viking exploration: their longships.维京人冒险的秘诀 就是他们的长船Built with overlapping oak planks,栎树木板交叠搭建Riveted along the keel,They are strong but quick.用铆钉深嵌龙骨 这些船结实而且速度快Powered by sail and oars, some can reach 20 knots,由帆和桨提供动力 一些速度可以达到20节A good speed for a modern racing yacht.这速度对于现代赛艇都是相当可观的The Viking longship was an incredible piece of military technology.维京人的长船在某种程度上 可以说是一种了不起的军事技术It could cross vast open ocean,它不仅可以穿越广袤的海洋but then navigate a tiny inlet or river.也可以在狭窄的河道航行And when the Vikings came to attack, the longship was fast,而当维京人们要发起攻击 长船可以快速it was stealthy, they could sneak up unseen, unheard,隐蔽的 无声无息的靠近and make their attack with incredibly devastating force.使他们的近攻产生无法想象的致命伤害The Vikings launch raids along the coasts维京人集结重兵发动突袭Of Britain, Ireland, France and Spain.足迹遍布英国 爱尔兰 法国和西班牙沿岸 Article/201511/409852。

The educated materials presented here这里所用的教学材料were developed by students and faculty由爱荷华州立大学of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition食品科学与人类营养学系at Iowa State University.师生共同制作完成Funding for this project was provided by grants本项目的赞助资金来源于from the American Cancer Society Midwest美国中西部癌症学会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.以及兰斯·阿姆斯特朗基金The materials are intended for educational use此材料仅供教育教学使用and are not meant to provide medical advice.不能作为医学指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们欢迎您有关本材料的反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请登陆主页点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.告诉我们您的意见和建议Sodium: to salt or not to salt? Why talk about sodium?钠:要用盐还是不要用盐?为什么要讨论钠?Sodium is something that affects everyone, everyday.钠与每个人的日常生活都息息相关Everybody eats it and most people are unaware人们每天都会摄入钠,大多数人却没有意识到that they ingest far too much and are also unaware of他们已经摄入了过量的钠,也没有意识到the health implications of a high sodium diet.高钠食品对健康意味着什么Currently the government is trying to目前政府正试图要求食品公司push corporations to lower sodium in foods在出售给消费者的食品中available to consumers.降低钠的含量Sodium is an essential mineral钠是一种非常重要的矿物质which means it is vital for the human body.这也意味着它对于人类身体健康意义重大Chemically sodium is an electrolyte.从化学意义上讲钠是一种电解质Table salt is made up of both sodium and chloride.餐桌上的盐则是氯化钠Chloride is also an important nutrient.氯化物也是一种重要的营养物质But there#39;s no major health concerns但是在有关氯化物的摄入方面related to consumption of chloride.人们却没有特别的有关健康的忧虑As stated earlier sodium is an electrolyte.前面已经提到,钠是一种电解质A normal balance of electrolytes is essential to正常的电解质的平衡状态the normal function of cells and organs.对于细胞和器官的正常运转非常重要Electrolytes help maintain voltages across电解质有助于cell membranes especially维持细胞跨膜电压in heart muscle and nerve cells.尤其是心肌细胞和神经细胞They also carry electrical impulses它们还可以进行电脉冲to create nerve impulses and muscle contractions.来产生神经冲动和肌肉收缩Kidneys work to肾脏可以keep the electrolyte concentrations in blood constant.保持血液中的电解质浓度恒定In simpler terms sodium helps用简单的话来讲,钠有助于maintain balance of fluids,保持液体的平衡helps transmit nerve impulses有助于神经冲动的传递and influences contraction and relaxation of muscles.以及影响肌肉的收缩和放松Many foods naturally contain sodium.许多食品天然地含有钠元素The main source of sodium in processed foods加工食品中钠的来源plays an integral role in在食品加工和食品安全方面food processing and food safety.起着不可或缺的作用It enhances the flavor of foods by masking bitterness它通过掩盖苦和酸的味道and acidity and has the ability to来改善食品的口味make sweets taste sweeter.同时也可以使甜的味道更加浓烈Salt regulates the fermentation of yeast盐可以在烘培食品和酒精饮料中in baked goods and alcoholic beverages.调节酵母的发酵过程It is useful in the manipulation of aroma,它也有助于调节食品的香味color and texture of food.颜色和质地The most important function of salt is盐最重要的作用是to preserve food and slow microbial growth它有助于储存食品,减缓微生物生长速度which extends the shelf-life of perishable items.使易腐败食品延长保质期The 2005 dietary guidelines for healthy adults is2005年的健康成人膳食指南中推荐2300 mg per day,每天钠的摄入量为2300毫克while the populations that are high risk而高危人群的摄入量则仅为should only consume 1500 mg.1500毫克The average American consumes 3500 mg daily,普通美国人每天摄入量为3500毫克more than 1000 mg above the recommended amount.这一数值比推荐值高了1000毫克 Article/201505/373972。

Former Iraqi leader#39;s Tikrit mausoleum in ruins伊拉克前领导人萨达姆豪华陵墓遗址被炸毁The tomb of late former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been destroyed, during intense fighting in the city of Tikrit.在提克里特市的激战中,伊拉克已故前总统萨达姆·侯赛因的陵墓遭到破坏。Iraqi government troops have been battling Islamic State militants for control of the city for the past week.伊拉克政府军队在过去一周一直在与伊斯兰国激进分子争夺这座城市的控制权。The mausoleum was virtually levelled on Sunday, when fighting intensified after government troops vowed to reach the city centre within 48 hours.政府军誓要在48小时内抵达市中心造成战事加剧,而周日这座陵墓几乎被夷为平地。The once lavish mausoleum in the village of Ouja is now in ruins, with only the roof supports left standing.奥加村这座奢华的陵墓现在已成为废墟,只有屋顶还勉强撑。Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006.侯赛因于2006年被执行死刑。His body had been kept at the tomb since 2007, but was removed last year and taken to an unknown location.自2007年以来他一直被安置在这座陵墓,但去年被移走转移至一个不知名的地点。 Article/201503/364841。

随着其事业的发展,David Byrne从CBGB(纽约传奇摇滚音乐俱乐部)走进了卡内基音乐厅。他提出问题:地点能否塑造音乐?从户外鼓,到瓦格纳音乐剧,再到舞台摇滚,他探索了环境背景如何推进音乐创新。 Article/201502/359653。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/369482。

Hillary Clinton defends using personal email account for #39;convenience#39;希拉里·克林顿说明使用私人邮箱处理公务一事Hillary Rodham Clinton, a 2016 U.S. presidential contender, on Tuesday defended her use of personal email account for official communications, saying it was ;for convenience; and ;allowed;.周二,2016年美国总统竞选者之一的希拉里·克林顿公开说明在任职国务卿期间使用私人电子邮箱账号处理公务引发的热议。她声称已经经过允许而且此举更为方便。However, she also told a hastily arranged press conference here after addressing a UN meeting on gender equality that ;it would#39;ve been better; and ;smarter; to use two separate devices for her personal and work email accounts.但在联合国一场就男女平等的会议上发表演讲后,她对这里仓促安排的新闻发布会表示当时如果使用两部独立手机和两个电子邮箱账号就更为明智。The former U.S. secretary of state also said there were no security breaches of her personal email server, which will remain private.前美国国务卿还表示她的个人电子邮件并没有造成安全隐患泄漏并仍将处于保密状态。This is her first encounter with a large group of press in five months, following a political event in the U.S. state of Iowa last September.继去年9月美国爱荷华州的一场政治活动后,这是她在5个月内首次面对如此大批的记者。 Article/201503/363807。