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New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In新形式音乐节——在空地上吸毒MOUNT STERLING, KY-Declaring the event a rousing success so far, organizers confirmed more than 45,000 people turned out Wednesday for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival, a four-day gathering that consists solely of a big empty field to do drugs in.来自肯塔基州的报道。此次音乐节目前已取得激动人心的成功。主办方确认4.5万人之多于周三参加了首届年度Cavalcade Folk and Roots音乐节,四天聚会,主要内容就是参加的人在一块大空地上吸毒。Held on a farm in the foothills of eastern Kentucky, the festival, which continues through Friday and features no live performances of any kind, reportedly offers ;something for every type of music lover,; specifically a fenced-off, 300-acre pasture in which to consume a broad array of mind-altering substances.该音乐节举办于肯塔基东部一丘陵脚下的农场上,周五还在进行中,其特点是没有任何的现场表演。据报道主办方会给各种喜爱音乐的人士提供一些东西,具体地说就是在这个无围栏,300英亩的草坪上消耗掉大量的能够迷乱心智的药物。;We thought it#39;d be awesome to host a festival that would attract people from all over the country who just want to kick back and ingest narcotics for 96 hours straight,; festival organizer Randy Felder said of the event that takes place on a barren expanse of land with no stages, sound equipment, lighting, art, or vendors. ;Cavalcade is all about creating a venue where live music fans can come together, hang out, and do what they love most.我们觉得举办这种形式的音乐节去吸引全国各地的人是很棒的一件事。他们能通过吸食麻醉毒品来好好的休息96个小时。音乐节主办方Randy Felder这样描述这次聚会,一次举办在一片空旷土地上的音乐节,没有舞台音响设备,更别说灯光,美术,甚至连商贩都没有。Cavalcade纯粹就是为那些音乐迷的聚会提供一个场地,他们可以在那里闲逛,喜欢做什么都可以。;And you couldn#39;t ask for a better spot,; Felder added. ;I mean, it rained pretty hard yesterday, but people didn#39;t let it bring them down. A lot of them didn#39;t even seem to notice.;;但你不能去要求一个更好的场地;,Felder补充道。我的意思是昨天这里下了一场大雨,但他们的心情似乎丝毫没受什么影响,貌似很多人甚至都没注意到下雨了。Officials reported that while the festival grounds contain no tents or any other form of shelter against the elements, ticket holders nonetheless came out in droves to the vast, otherwise deserted meadow to enjoy a number of big-name drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, as well as a wide variety of less well-known substances and up-and-coming hallucinogens such as salvia, ayahuasca, ketamine, and several dozen improvised inhalants.官方报道此次音乐节场地没有任何应对恶劣天气的措施,没有帐篷,没有其他任何的遮蔽工具,尽管如此音乐迷们还是陆陆续续的走进这片荒芜的空地上去享受那些;大名鼎鼎;的毒品。包括大麻,可卡因,海洛因等。还包括其他大量不知名的毒品,以及那些即将变得受欢迎的迷幻剂如鼠尾草,死藤水,克他命和一些批量包装的临时准备的吸入剂。译文属 /201506/378695

Philip Wood was on a new adventure, preparing for an exciting move to Kuala Lumpur with his partner.菲利普#8226;伍德(Philip Wood)原本将开启一段新的人生旅程,他准备与自己的伴侣一起搬到吉隆坡去居住,对此他感到很兴奋。Mr. Wood recently landed a transfer within International Business Machines Corp. IBM -1.25% to Malaysia#39;s vibrant capital city, and he and partner Sarah Bajc have aly rented an apartment.伍德是国际商业机器公司(International Business Machines Corp., 简称IBM)的雇员,最近他的工作地点转到了一个充满活力的城市――马来西亚首都吉隆坡。伍德和他的女友萨拉#8226;巴伊茨(Sarah Bajc)已经在吉隆坡租了一栋公寓。Both divorced from 20-year-plus marriages, they share many things in common. They are both Americans-he grew up in Oklahoma and she in Michigan-and they are both travelers at heart. They ended up in Beijing, where their paths crossed in 2011 at a live music venue called Nashville. Certified scuba divers, the couple#39;s dating would take them from Beijing#39;s polluted air to the coral reefs and manta rays of Thailand and the Philippines. And they celebrated Mr. Wood#39;s recent birthday near the Great Wall.伍德和巴伊茨之前都有过一段长达20几年的婚姻,两人有许多共同之处。他们都是美国人,伍德在俄克拉荷马州长大,巴伊茨在密歇根州长大。在内心深处,两人都喜欢周游世界。2011年他们在北京一场名为“纳什维尔”(Nashville)的音乐现场演奏会上相遇。两人都拥有潜水,是潜水好手。他们会远离北京的雾霾,去泰国和菲律宾海滩度假,饱览那里的珊瑚礁和热带鱼。最近伍德过生日,两人在长城附近进行了庆祝。Mr. Wood, 51 years old, grew up in a deeply religious family, and spent his early childhood in tornado-prone Edmond, Okla., where playmate Susan Monan recalls, #39;I remember hunkering down in storm shelters together, going to church together.#39;现年51岁的伍德来自一个信奉宗教的家庭,他的童年早期在俄克拉荷马州埃德蒙度过。伍德小时候的玩伴苏珊#8226;莫南(Susan Monan)回忆说,“那里很容易遭受龙卷风肆虐,我记得我们一起躲避风暴,一起去教堂。”Mr. Wood went on to study computer science and math at Oklahoma Christian University. His father had taught the first computer course there, and his parents-Aubrey and Sondra Wood-co-founded a nondenominational church near the campus, Memorial Road Church of Christ.伍德后来在俄克拉荷马基督教会大学(Oklahoma Christian University)学习计算机和数学专业。他的父亲在那里讲授计算机课程。他的父母奥布里#8226;伍德(Aubrey)和桑德拉#8226;伍德(Sondra Wood)共同在校园附近创建了一座跨教派教堂――Memorial Road Church of Christ。#39;Some guys like that are nerds,#39; Ms. Monan says of computer science students. #39;But he was full of life, loved adventure.#39;莫南说,“念计算机专业的人,有的就是书呆子,但伍德不一样,他充满生气,热爱冒险。”He has an artistic side, though, loving to paint and draw, recalls Ted Norton, a classmate at Oklahoma Christian University. Mr. Wood designed a logo for the 1982-83 sweatshirt of Delta Gamma Sigma, a social service club on campus the two friends were in. Mr. Wood took his inspiration for the logo from a popular rock album at the time, #39;Ghost in the Machine,#39; by the Police.伍德在俄克拉荷马基督教会大学的同班同学特德#8226;诺顿(Ted Norton)回忆道,伍德也有艺术的一面,喜欢涂涂画画。他和伍德一起参加了校园社会务俱乐部Delta Gamma Sigma,伍德为该俱乐部1982-83年的T恤衫设计了一款标识。他的设计灵感来自警察乐队(The Police)的专辑《机器里的幽灵》(Ghost in the Machine)。当年这张专辑很流行。Mr. Norton found the sweatshirt in a closet upon learning his friend was on Flight 370, posting a photo of it on a tribute page at the university#39;s website.在听闻他的朋友伍德在马航370航班上后,诺顿在衣橱里找到了这件T恤衫,并将T恤衫的照片贴在俄克拉荷马基督教会大学网站的哀悼页面上。#39;We will miss Phil Wood,#39; he wrote. #39;May God comfort the Wood family.#39;他写道,我们会怀念菲尔#8226;伍德,愿上帝安慰伍德家人。In 1984, the year before graduation, Mr. Wood was on a summer internship at IBM#39;s Poughkeepsie facility―where his father worked―when he met his future wife Elaine, an IBM computer programmer, Elaine Wood told the Poughkeepsie Journal. The couple would move to Texas, where Mr. Wood took a job with IBM and they raised two sons, Chris and Nick.伍德的前妻伊莱恩#8226;伍德(Elaine Wood)向《波基普西日报》(Poughkeepsie Journal)表示,1984年,即大学毕业前一年,伍德到IBM的波基普西工厂进行暑期实习,那里是他父亲曾经工作过的地方,也是他和未来的妻子伊莱恩(IBM的电脑程序员)相遇的地方。这对夫妇后来搬到了德克萨斯州,伍德接受了IBM的工作,他们有两个儿子克里斯(Chris)和尼克(Nick)。Though they divorced last year, his former wife called him #39;a wonderful man#39; on Facebook after his jet went missing, adding, #39;Although we were no longer married, he is still family.#39;虽然他们去年离婚了,但在伍德所乘客机失联后,伊莱恩还在Facebook上写道伍德是一个“好男人”。她还写道:虽然我们离婚了,但伍德依然是我的家人。Earlier this month, Mr. Wood, who works as a #39;technical storage executive#39; for IBM in Kuala Lumpur, returned from Beijing to his family#39;s home in Keller, Texas, to catch up and attend a 76th birthday celebration for his father.伍德是IBM驻吉隆坡技术存储部门的高管。本月初,伍德从北京回到德克萨斯州凯勒的父母家中与家人团聚,同时为父亲76岁生日庆生。James Wood expresses gratitude for that opportunity to see his older brother before Flight 370.詹姆斯#8226;伍德(James Wood)对能在370航班失联之前有机会见到他哥哥心怀感激。#39;I looked up to him because he was so smart and so creative,#39; James Wood said, adding his brother would protect him when needed as they grew up but counsel him to apologize after disagreements with their mother. #39;He was always there for me when things got rough.#39;“他那么聪明、那么有想法,我一直很崇拜他,”詹姆斯#8226;伍德说。他还说,他们一起长大,哥哥总是在需要的时候出来保护他。但是,碰到和母亲发生争执的情况,哥哥就会劝他道歉。“有困难的时候,他总是在我身边。”Son Chris recalled in an interview with Dallas television station WFAA that his last moments on that visit with his father included a bear hug.伍德的儿子克里斯在接受达拉斯电视台WFAA采访的时候回忆起父亲这次回家探亲的片段,包括给他的一个熊抱。#39;I told him I love him,#39; his son said. #39;If he was here right now, he would comfort me and he would say, #39;Don#39;t be sad.#39;#39;我对他说我爱他,克里斯说,如果他此时此刻在这里的话,他一定会安慰我说,别难过。 /201403/280285

While Ren谷 Redzepi#39;s Noma restaurant reclaimed its title as the top spot at the unveiling of the annual S. Pellegrino World#39;s 50 Best Restaurants, the culinary world#39;s version of the Oscars, how did Asia#39;s top chefs fare?堪称餐饮界奥斯卡(Oscars)的2014年度圣培露(S. Pellegrino)全球50家最佳餐厅(World#39;s 50 Best Restaurants)榜单近日出炉,Rene Redzepi经营的Noma餐厅重登榜首。那么,亚洲的顶级厨师表现如何呢?In all, eight restaurants from Asia and Australia made the top 50, down from nine in the previous year. Most of those who made the list moved up on the ranking, while the list shut out two major culinary centers: China and India.全球排名前50中,来自亚洲和澳大利亚的餐厅共8家,而去年是9家。这8家餐厅的排名大部分都有所提升,但中国和印度这两个烹饪大国却无缘上榜。Nahm, the region#39;s top restaurant which serves traditional Thai cuisine in Bangkok by Australian chef David Thompson, moved to No. 13, up 19 places from last year#39;s list. Meanwhile, Les Creations de Narisawa, a Tokyo mainstay on the list in recent years with it sophisticated Japanese-French hybrid cuisine, came in at No. 14, up from last year#39;s No. 20. Narisawa, led by Yoshihiro Narisawa, was the top-ranked Asian restaurant on the list in 2012 and 2013.Luke Duggleby for The Wall Street Journal Nahm餐厅的一道美食。Nahm是一家位于曼谷的高级餐厅,主要供应传统泰式美食,由澳大利亚厨师戴维·汤普森(David Thompson)掌勺,今年它的排名上升19个名次,至第13位。同时,近年来东京餐馆界的明星──以复杂的日法混合菜式闻名的Les Creations de Narisawa排名上升至第14位,去年排名第20位。日本名厨成泽由浩(Yoshihiro Narisawa)掌舵的Narisawa餐厅分别于2012和2013年连续蝉联亚洲最佳餐厅。Gaggan, a Bangkok restaurant by Gaggan Anand that marries molecular gastronomy techniques with Indian food, made its debut on the list at No. 17. The restaurant was given #39;highest new entry award#39; for its showing.Gaggan餐厅的主厨加甘·阿纳德(GagganAnand)将分子烹饪融入印度菜打造出了“解构”菜式,该餐厅首次上榜名列第17位,并被授予“最佳新晋餐厅奖”。Amber, Hong Kong#39;s top French spot led by Richard Ekkebus, came in at No. 24, up 12 spots from 2013. And Attica, the lone representative from Australia, ranked 32nd, down from its No. 21 debut in 2013.由Richard Ekkebus执掌的香港顶级法式餐厅Amber位居排行榜第24位,较2013年上升了12个名次。唯一一家澳大利亚餐厅──Attica排名第32位,2013年为第21位。Singapore boasted two on the list: Restaurant Andre at No. 37 (up from No. 38 last year) and Waku Ghin re-entered the list at No. 50.新加坡的两家餐厅Restaurant Andre和Waku Ghin榜上有名,分别排在第37位(去年为第38位)和第50位。The order of appearance of Asia#39;s top restaurants wasn#39;t a surprise -- aly, the spinoff Asia#39;s 50 Best Restaurant list was revealed in February and placed Nahm on the top of its region. But the global list wasn#39;t revealed until Monday evening in London at a red-carpet event that brought the 50 chefs together for a big party and unveiling.亚洲顶级餐厅排名并不让人意外,因为亚洲50家最佳餐厅(Asia#39;s 50 Best Restaurant)已在2月份公布,Nahm名列榜首。但是,直到周一晚间在伦敦举办的红毯之夜,全球排名的神秘面纱才得以摘下。当时有50位名厨参与了这场揭幕盛宴。For the culinary world, the annual unveiling of the list is the biggest event on the foodie calendar and a mention on the list will boost business and prestige. Organized by U.K-based #39;Restaurant#39; magazine since 2004, the list is created annually from the votes of over 936 chefs, food writers and other culinary insiders separated into 26 separate regions. Each region has 36 members, who each cast seven votes. At least three votes must be outside of the member#39;s own region.在餐饮界,年度排名是美食家的最大盛事,对于上榜餐厅来说更是名利双收。这项排名由英国著名美食杂志《餐厅》(Restaurant)于2004年发起,每年由分布在26个地区的超过936名主厨、美食家和其他烹饪业内人士进行投票。每个地区有36位投票人,每人手里有七张选票,其中至少有三票要投给本人所在地区之外的餐厅。Long criticized for its bias towards Europe and the U.S., the list remains dominated by restaurants in the West. Noma unseated last year#39;s top-ranked El Celler de Can Roca from Spain, which fell to second place. Osteria Francescana in Italy ranked third, followed by U.S. restaurants Eleven Madison Park and Coi. The highest-ranking restaurant outside of Europe or the U.S. was seventh-ranked D.O.M., in S#227;o Paulo, Brazil.虽然榜单中对于欧洲和美国的青睐长期以来遭受非议,但今年排名的仍是西方国家。Noma战胜了去年排名首位的西班牙餐厅El Celler de Can Roca再次夺冠,El Celler de Can Roca屈居第二。位于意大利的酒馆餐厅(Osteria Francescana)排名第三,随后为美国餐厅Eleven Madison Park和Coi。除去欧洲和美国地区之外,位于巴西 保罗的顶级餐厅D.O.M.排名第七。Asia#39;s restaurants are gaining representation, but China and India were shut out of this year#39;s ranking. Mr. amp; Mrs. Bund, a French restaurant headed by Paul Pairet in Shanghai, was No. 43 in 2013, but didn#39;t make the 2014 list. No Indian restaurant has appeared on the list since 2006. And never has a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine cracked the top 50.亚洲餐厅正竭力表现的更加完美,但今年中国和印度的餐厅却未能跻身前50。法国名厨Paul Pairet在上海开设的创意法国菜餐厅Mr. amp; Mrs. Bund 2013年排在第43位,2014年却未能上榜。印度餐厅则从2006年以来在榜单上就无踪迹可循。同时,全球排名前50的餐厅中从未出现过中餐餐厅的名字。 /201405/294054Regional disparity in attracting foreign talent to China is highlighted by survey results released on Wednesday showing that inland areas have a long way to go in attracting professionals from overseas.2013年11月6日发布的一项调查结果表明,在吸引外籍人才来华方面,区域差异较为显著,内陆地区在吸引海外专业人才上还有很长一段路要走。All 10 of the cities considered the most attractive by expatriates are in eastern China, the survey shows.调查显示,最吸引外籍雇员的十大城市都位于中国东部。The top 10 comprises Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Qingdao, according to the survey.根据这项调查,前十位包括上海、北京、天津、广州、深圳、厦门、南京、苏州、杭州和青岛。It was conducted by the Beijing magazine International Talent Monthly and the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel.这项调查是由北京杂志《国际人才交流》月刊和中国国际人才交流协会共同进行的。In the previous two surveys in 2011 and 2012, cities in eastern China also topped the list.在之前的2011年和2012年的调查中,位居榜单前列也是中国的东部城市。About 72, 000 expatriates and English-speakers took part in this year#39;s survey through questionnaires or by voting on the China Daily website.约有72000名外籍雇员和讲英语的人士参加了今年中国日报的网上问卷投票。Of the eight cities recognized by respondents as having high potential to become the most attractive for foreigners in China, only three are in central or western areas - Changsha, Chongqing and Chengdu.在调查对象看来,有很大潜力成为中国最吸引外国人的八个城市中,只有三个位于中西部地区——长沙、重庆和成都。William Brown, who started teaching at Xiamen University in the late 1980s and received a Chinese ;green card; in 1992, said: ;Some (Chinese) cities are simply too remote for many foreigners.威廉#8226;布朗从20世纪80年代开始就在厦门大学教学并于1992年获得中国绿卡,他说,“一些中国城市对很多外国人来说只是太偏远了。”;However, the western development programs are rapidly giving inland provinces easy access to the rest of China and the world.;“但是,西部大开发项目的实施正迅速使内陆省份能够更容易地与中国其他地方和世界交流。”Robin Wales, mayor of Newham, a borough in east London, said he believes it is important for Chinese cities to conduct research to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to try to lure global talent through their unique identities.伦敦东部纽汉区的区长罗宾#8226;威尔斯说,他认为中国城市应该研究各自的优势和劣势,通过自己的特性来吸引全球人才。;If you want to attract talent, you need to offer something unique, ; he said.他说,“你必须提供一些独特优势来吸引人才。”Shanghai beat 29 rival cities in the survey with the highest recognition in terms of working and living environment, an expatriate-friendly policy, and administrative capacity.这次调查中,上海击败了29个竞争城市,在工作生活环境、外籍雇员政策优惠和行政能力方面被公认为是最好的。Stuart Dunn, a Briton who has lived in Shanghai for four years, said it is an attractive place, with a very low crime rate and reasonable cost of living compared with major cities in the West.斯图尔特#8226;邓恩是一个在上海生活了四年的英国人,他认为上海是一个极具吸引力的城市,与西方的大城市相比,犯罪率很低,生活成本也较为合理。;Shanghai has great arrangements for sports events, and the entertainment and social life here are exciting. It#39;s not only a center for business, but also for culture and fun, ; said Dunn, who manages a bar chain.邓恩经营着一个连锁酒吧,他说,“上海安排了很多体育赛事,和社会生活都很精,这里不仅是一个商业中心,也是一个文化中心。”He said he lived in the Middle East before coming to Shanghai and believes China offers more cultural diversity.他说在来上海之前他在中东生活,他认为中国的文化更多样。Although Shanghai and Beijing scored the highest points overall, they scored the lowest on environment.尽管上海和北京的总分最高,但是在环境方面这两个城市得分最低。Beijing was shrouded in severe smog for weeks early this year, with pollutants from vehicle emissions, coal- burning in neighboring regions and construction dust.由于汽车尾气排放,周围地区煤炭的燃烧以及建筑灰尘所造成的污染物,今年早些时候北京一度几周都笼罩在严重的雾霾当中。The serious pollution raised public awareness and prompted the government to take emergency measures.严重的污染引起了公众的关注,并推动政府采取了紧急措施。Jon Michael Davis, president and chief executive officer of the National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy, said he chose Beijing as his favorite Chinese city for its robust business and culture.北京清洁低碳能源研究所的所长兼首席执行官约翰#8226;迈克#8226;戴维斯表示,他之所以选择北京作为他最喜欢的中国城市,是因为北京强健的商业和文化。About 550, 000 foreigners were working in China last year, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs says.国家外国专家局称,去年约有55万名外国人在中国工作。A survey released in October by HS that polled 7, 000 expatriates in 37 countries and regions found that China is the favorite destination for expatriates this year.汇丰十月发布的一份由37个国家和地区的7000名外派雇员参与投票的调查发现,今年中国是外派雇员最想前往工作的国家。Despite the economic slowdown, this survey shows China has strong appeal for career-minded expatriates, with nearly 70 percent of respondents saying they moved to the country for better job opportunities.尽管经济发展有所放缓,调查显示中国对于事业心强的外派雇员来说还是具有很强的吸引力,接近70%的调查对象说他们来到中国是为了更好的工作机遇。In the survey results released on Wednesday, respondents who answered questionnaires to choose the most attractive Chinese cities to work in, said problems such as children#39;s education, medical care and visa policies make it difficult for them to work in China for the long term.这份调查结果显示,参与最想在哪个中国城市工作问卷调查的人说,一些如子女教育、医疗护理和签政策这样的问题,使他们很难在中国长期工作。Some also said they want to see more expatriate-friendly policies to help them better integrate into Chinese society, such as pension programs and housing benefits for foreigners.一些人也表示,他们希望有更多针对外派雇员的友好政策来帮助他们更好的融入中国社会,比如说针对外国人的退休金项目和住房补贴。Philipp Khaytovich, who took part in the survey, said: ;There is no retirement plan or obligatory medical care for foreigners paid for by their employers. There are no housing benefits, such as low-interest housing loans, available to foreigners.;参与调查的Philipp Khaytovich说,“外籍雇员的雇主们并没有为他们提供任何退休保障,也没有付强制医疗。”Khaytovich, who works for the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, suggested that China should allow foreigners who have worked in the country for more than three years to enjoy the same social and economic benefits as local residents.Khaytovich在上海生命科学研究院任职,他建议中国应当允许在中国工作三年以上的外国人享受和当地居民一样的社会经济福利。;The easiest way would be to make the hukou (housing registration) system open to long-term foreign residents, based on their education and work value, ; he said.他说,“最简便的方式是根据教育和工作价值,向长期居住在中国的外国人开放户口系统。” /201401/272895Still chained to the tiny bicycle he is being forced to ride, a monkey cowers by a wall, shuddering as his trainer approaches wielding a whip.一只被用铁链和一辆小自行车拴在一起的猴子,畏缩在墙边,惊恐地看着训猴人拿着皮鞭向它靠近。Another on stilts, is yanked about into a macabre dance, held up only by the chain wrapped around his neck, while another of the terrified creatures is tied to the horns of a goat as he flails about, desperate to be free.另一只猴子踩在高跷上,脖子上拴着铁链,被人拉着在跳着看起来很可怕的舞蹈;还有一只猴子被拴在一只山羊的羊角上,四肢拼命挥舞着,渴望自由。 These heartbreaking images were taken in Suzhou, revealing the cruel core of China#39;s circus industry.这些让人心碎的照片拍摄于苏州,从中可以看出中国马戏团对动物的残忍。Zoos and circuses that feature stunts involving animals are widely popular across China.在中国,有动物马戏表演的动物园和马戏团颇受欢迎。But campaigners have warned thousands of animals are routinely beaten and abused to make shows happen.但有很多动物保护者已发出警告,称上千只动物每天都是在鞭打和虐待之中完成表演的。Charity workers claim bears are whipped and beaten with sticks, elephants are prodded with metal hooks, while tigers and lions are made to endure chronic pain by being defanged and declawed.慈善工作者称,熊被用棍棒抽打,大象被用金属钩刺戳,老虎狮子的牙齿和爪子的指甲被拔除不得不忍受着长期的疼痛。Zoos in China have no real animal welfare regulation, and the monkeys are often forced to ride bikes, wear make-up and race against other animals.中国动物园并没有实质性的针对动物福利的管理规章,猴子常被强迫表演骑自行车、穿上衣和其他动物赛跑等活动。Last year a emerged showing a monkey being mauled by a bear after they were forced to ride bicycles around a track in front of a large crowd.去年的一段视频中记录了一只猴子和一只熊被逼着在观众面前表演骑自行车之后,猴子被熊残忍伤害的画面。The was believed to have been shot at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in China, which has hit the headlines in the past for its #39;Wild Animal Olympics#39;.这段视频拍摄于中国上海野生动物园,该动物园曾因举办“野生动物奥运会”而登上新闻头条。In the , the audience can be heard cheering and laughing as the animals are sent riding around the small arena.视频中可以听到动物们被命令绕着场地表演骑自行车时观众们的笑声和欢呼声。Circus workers holding sticks push the small bikes off but after a few seconds one monkey and the bear crash.先是马戏团的工作人员用木棍推着小自行车前行,但没过几秒钟,其中一只猴子就和熊撞在了一起。Staff can be seen desperately trying to force the bear off as it grabs the small monkey in its mouth.视频中可以看到熊抓着猴子用嘴咬的时候工作人员在极力阻止。Mimi Bekhechi, associate director of animal welfare charity Peta, told the Mirror: #39;Monkeys are extremely social and highly intelligent animals who suffer from debilitating loneliness and depression when they’re separated from their families.善待动物组织PETA的英国发言人米米·贝克奇说:“猴子是非常聪明的群居性动物,如果他们与家人分开就会变得异常孤独和抑郁。”#39;Chinese circuses are among the worst in the world for outright neglect and cruel training methods involving fear, deprivation and beatings.#39;“中国的马戏团无视动物权利,以恐吓、殴打等残忍的方法虐待动物,其行为比世界上其他任何国家都严重。”In 2012, zoos across China were banned by the government from putting on exotic animal performances.2012年,中国政府曾禁止所有动物园进行珍奇动物表演。But within months it was business as usual with many claiming they were never told about the ban and had no intention of stopping.但是仅仅几个月之后,许多动物园便又我行我素了,他们声称自己从未被告知有此禁令,因此不打算停止动物表演。 /201501/356290

A nongovernmental organization that had run a rural library project with as many as 22 libraries across China has announced that it is closing down, citing “tremendous pressure” from the local authorities.一间曾运营一个乡村图书馆项目的非政府机构宣布关停,表示不堪来自地方当局的“巨大的压力”。该项目曾在全中国拥有多达22个图书馆。Since 2007, Liren — which means helping someone find his way — had devoted itself to providing children in underprivileged areas with free access to books and fostering independent thinking. Its founder, Li Yingqiang, who studied economics at Peking University, had started by building a library in his own former school in Hubei Province. From there, the group formed partnerships with other primary and secondary schools, donating books and sending volunteers to help run libraries and organize ing sessions for students. Some Liren libraries that did not have partnerships with local schools were run by volunteers from private premises.自2007年,立人一直致力于为相对贫困地区的孩子们提供可供免费阅读的书籍及培养独立思考能力。曾在北京大学读经济学的机构创始人李英强从在湖北省的母校成立一所图书馆为起点,启动了这个项目。自此,这个组织与其他小学及中学建立合作关系、捐赠书籍,并派志愿者协助图书馆运营并为学生组织读书会。一些没有和当地学校合作的立人图书馆则由志愿者在私人住宅运营。In an open letter posted last week on its social media accounts, the group said it had ceased operations at nine libraries in early September, in most cases after rural schools terminated their partnerships. In one case, a library run by a volunteer from his home in Huaibin County, Henan Province was shut down by the local civil affairs department, which the group said did not give a reason for its actions.在一封上周发布在社交媒体账户的公开信中,该组织表示,自9月初,九家图书馆的运营已经终止——其中多数情况是乡村学校终止了与立人的合作关系。在一例关停事件中,一个由河南省淮滨县一名志愿者用自家房屋运营的图书馆,被当地民政局取缔。该组织表示,民政局没有给出取缔理由。An official who gave only his surname, Jian, at the Huaibin civil affairs department said such matters were handled by the cultural affairs department, but the person who answered the telephone there said he knew nothing about it. Calls to the county’s education department went unanswered.淮滨县民政局一位只透露了自己姓简的官员表示,这种事件由文化局处理。但是文化局一名接听电话的职员表示他不知道这个事件。淮滨县教育局的电话无人接听。The nine libraries whose relationship with Liren has just ended bring to 19 the number that have left the group’s network since 2011. In August, several schools told Liren they were ending the partnership, and by September, all Liren libraries had undergone inspections by officials from the local cultural affairs and education departments or public security bureaus. However, volunteers said the officials did not find any illegal publications or activity.已从该机构乡村图书馆网络中消失的图书馆增至了19个。8月,几所学校向立人表示它们要终止合作。至9月,所有立人图书馆都经历了来自当地文化局、教育局官员或公安局的检查。然而,志愿者说,官员们没有发现任何违法出版物或不法活动。In their online letter, which was posted Thursday night, the group said: “We condemn the authorities for putting tremendous pressure on Liren, shutting down our branches, illegally seizing books, and threatening or even sending away our staffers and volunteers,” the letter . The organization had 28 staff members and volunteers before it shut down.在周四晚间发布的公开信中,该组织说道:我们向“逼迫立人图书馆,关停分馆,非法扣留图书,威胁甚至遣返员工志愿者的有关当局发出我们的抗议和谴责”。该机构在停止运营前有28名员工及志愿者。The letter, which was on Sina Weibo and the messaging app WeChat, had been deleted by Friday morning. The group said it did not delete the posts.Liren’s board members said they are confused by the inspections and the schools’ decisions to end partnerships, saying neither the schools nor the authorities had provided a satisfying explanation. “Honestly, I have no idea why so many of our branches were shut down,” Mr. Li said in a telephone interview.这封发布于微和微信上的公开信于周五早上被删除,该组织说其并未删除发文。立人理事会成员表示,他们对检查和学校终止合作的决定很是困惑,无论是学校还是官方都未给出一个令人满意的解释。“实话说,我不知道为什么我们那么多分馆都被关了,”李英强在电话采访中说。“We have been very careful. We never solicited foreign donations,” he said, although the group had received small donations from abroad, mostly from overseas Chinese. Chinese nongovernmental organizations with funding from overseas are often subject to close government scrutiny.“我们一向非常谨慎。我们从来没有主动寻求过境外捐赠,”他说,尽管该机构曾接受小笔境外捐赠,但捐赠都来自海外华人。接受海外资助的中国非政府组织通常会受到政府的严密监控。Mr. Li said the fact that he is a Christian might have caused some sensitivity, but he said he never used the organization to preach to students. The Chinese authorities have shown diminishing tolerance for Christianity in recent years.李英强说,他基督徒的身份或许制造了一些敏感性,但他说他从未利用该机构向学生传教。中国当局对基督教的忍耐度在近几年一直在走下坡路。Mr. Li said it was possible that the group’s stated goal — “helping rural teenagers grow into healthy, normal modern citizens” — might have raised some concern. “The word ‘citizen’ might have worried some people,” he said. “Citizen” is a sensitive word in China because of its association with citizens’ rights, including freedom of speech.李英强说,该组织公开设立的目标——“帮助乡村青少年成长为健康、正常的现代公民”——可能引发了一定担忧。“‘公民’这个词可能比较让人担心,”他说。“公民”一词因其与公民权利的联系在中国成为敏感词。公民权利包括言论自由。He estimated that around 40,000 ers, mainly rural primary and secondary school students, were affected by Liren’s shutdown.他估计立人的关停会影响约4万名读者,主要是小学和初中生。Zhai Meng, who ran a Liren library in Zezhou County, Shanxi Province, said officials from the local cultural affairs department conducted two inspections of the library in August, both “appearing to be targeting foreign publications.”山西省泽州县一家立人图书馆的负责人翟猛说,当地文化局官员8月对该图书馆实施了两次检查,都“像是冲着境外读物来的”。The officials singled out a Japanese comic book, an issue of Time magazine given by a donor in Nanjing and several copies of the Hong Kong magazine Phoenix Weekly, Mr. Zhai said. He said the officials also asked Liren to change the name of its publication, Liren Weekly, or Liren Zhoukan, saying the character “kan,” meaning “publication,” should not be used. Private publications are tightly regulated in China.官员们挑出了一本日本漫画、一本由一位南京捐赠者捐赠的《时代周刊》及几期香港杂志《凤凰周刊》,翟猛说。他说官员们还让立人更改其刊物《立人周刊》的名字,说“刊”这个字不应该使用。在中国,私人出版物被严格管制。Mr. Zhai said the officials also wanted to know whether the library had received foreign donations, which it hadn’t.翟猛说,官员们想知道该图书馆是否接受过境外捐赠——他们并未接受过境外捐赠。Calls to Zezhou County’s education and cultural affairs departments were not answered.泽州县教育局及文化局的电话无人接听。Zhang Yang, principal of the Xiabamiao Middle School in Xiabamiao township, Sichuan Province, which recently ended its partnership with Liren, said the termination was simply a staffing adjustment.四川省下巴庙镇下巴庙中学的校长张扬说,终止合作不过是一次职员调整。下巴庙中学近期终止了与立人的合作。“We now have more teachers,” he said in a telephone interview. “Before we didn’t have enough teachers to manage the library, so we asked volunteers from Liren to do it. Now we can have our own teachers do it.” He denied any government pressure.“我们现在老师多了,”他在电话采访中说。“以前我们没有足够的老师来管理图书馆,所以我们让立人的志愿者去管理。现在我们可以让我们自己的老师去管理了。”他否认政府施压。However, Peng Xiong, who ran the school library when it was affiliated with Liren, said he was sure the decision did not originate with the school.然而,与该校合作的立人图书馆的负责人彭雄则说,他确信终止合作的决定并非来源于校方。“I could tell by the way the school talked about this, that it was not they themselves who wanted to end the partnership,” even though, he said, the principal never explicitly mentioned orders from government departments.“从学校谈起这个事请的方式,我就能看出来,不是他们想终止合作的,”他说,尽管校长从未明确谈及来自政府部门的指令。Hong Huating, who ran Liren’s Zhuoying Library in Guangdong Province, said the school told him the library building was slated for renovations. “Basically they meant we wouldn’t be welcome back in when the renovation was done,” he said in a telephone interview.位于广东省的立人卓英图书馆负责人洪华挺说,学校告诉他,图书馆所在大楼将被装修。“基本上他们的意思也就是装修以后也不欢迎我们回来了,”他在电话采访中说。Some Liren libraries will leave their books with the local schools, while others are removing them, volunteers said.一些立人图书馆将把书籍留给当地学校,其他一些将把书籍带走,志愿者们说。The group has started an online protest on Weibo under the hashtag “Liren has been shut down, I have something to say,” in which board members and Weibo users upload photos of themselves holding signs.该组织在微上用话题“立人图书馆被关,我有话说”发起了一个网上抗议活动——理事会成员和微网友纷纷上传了他们手举标语的照片。“Building one more library is better than constructing hundreds of real estate developments,” wrote a Weibo user who participated in the protest.“多建一座图书馆,胜过建百座房地产,”一位参加网上抗议的网友写道。 /201409/331771Shinzo Abe’s poll ratings are at their lowest since taking up his second spell in office in 2012 as the Japanese prime minister’s push for national security reforms threatens his economic programme.日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)大力推行的国家安全改革正威胁到他的经济计划。受此影响,安倍的民意持率创下他2012年第二次担任首相以来的新低。A Nippon Television poll at the weekend found support for Mr Abe at just 41 per cent, down 2.5 points on the previous month, while a Jiji poll showed a 2.2 point drop in support to 46 per cent.上周末,日本电视台(Nippon Television)展开的民意调查显示,安倍的持率只有41%,比上月下降了2.5个百分点。日本时事通信社(Jiji)展开的民意调查则显示,安倍的持率下降了2.2个百分点,至46%。The slide in Mr Abe’s approval ratings shows the risk to his economic reforms — which investors are counting on to revive the economy — if he turns the electorate against him with unpopular constitutional changes.安倍持率下滑表明,如果其不受欢迎的修宪令选民纷纷背弃他,他的经济改革将面临风险。目前,投资者正指望安倍的经济改革重振日本经济。“Since Mr Abe began his second term [in 2012], he’s been doing the things he has to rather than the things he wants to,” said Masatoshi Honda, professor of political science at Kinjo University.金城大学(Kinjo University)政治学教授本田雅俊(Masatoshi Honda)表示:“自(2012年)安倍开始其第二任期以来,他一直在做他不得不做的事,而不是做他想做的事。”That focus on economic revival and ending deflation has strong public support, but Mr Abe’s passion for reforming Japan’s pacifist constitution does not, and Mr Honda said the voters were sending the prime minister a warning.安倍对经济复苏和终结通缩的关注让他赢得了公众的大力持,但他对修改日本和平宪法的热情却没有给他带来这种持。本田表示,选民是在通过民调向安倍发出警告。“Now Mr Abe is doing the things he wants to rather than the things he must and it’s creating a perception gap with the public,” he said.他说:“现在安倍在做他想做的事,而不是他必须做的事。这导致他与公众产生了认知分歧。”While Mr Abe’s political position is still strong, with no viable alternative leader either within his party or without, the proposed security laws brought thousands of demonstrators on to the streets of Tokyo at the weekend.由于不论是在党内还是在党外都找不到合适的备选领导人,安倍目前的政治地位依然稳固。尽管如此,拟议中的安保法还是导致成千上万的示威者在上周末走上东京街头。The national security laws would enact Mr Abe’s reinterpretation of the constitution last year, allowing Japan to fight in defence of its allies. The Nippon Television poll shows 62.5 per cent of the public oppose the change.安保法将体现安倍去年对日本宪法的重新解读,允许日本为保护盟友而动用武力。日本电视台的调查显示,62.5%的日本民众反对这一变革。 /201506/380845

Shh! As the country#39;s property market starts to deflate, China#39;s cities may be relaxing their property curbs. But it doesn#39;t mean they want too many people to know about it.嘘,安静一点。随着房地产市场开始走下坡路,中国的一些城市也许正在放松楼市调控,但这并意味着它们想让太多人知道这一点。The latest example comes from the northeast city of Shenyang, where the glare of media attention after it was reported that the government was easing property curbs prompted some real estate types to dive for cover.最新的一个例子来自中国北方城市沈阳。沈阳市政府放松住房限购的传闻引来媒体的注意力,这使得一些开发商赶紧“卧倒掩蔽”。Larger Chinese cities like Shenyang are relaxing their property policies, but want to do so quietly. Officials are loath to publicize their efforts to ease curbs for fear it would seem a tacit acknowledgement that the local economy has hit the rocks.在中国,一些像沈阳这样的大中城市正在放松楼市调控政策,但当地政府希望低调行事。当地政府不愿公开宣布放松楼市调控,因为他们担心这似乎等于默认本地经济已经陷入困境。This week, Shenyang--an economic hub and the capital of north China#39;s Liaoning province--grabbed the spotlight in local news and online, after property consultants and agents said that the city had revoked restrictions on multiple home purchases.沈阳是一个经济中心,同时也是中国北方省份辽宁省的省会。本周,有房地产顾问和中介称沈阳已取消限购令,允许购买多套房。消息在本地媒体和网络上传开后,沈阳成为了关注焦点。After such news broke, the city scrambled to tamp down such reports. Property agents who had freely talked about the relaxed curbs became more tight-lipped. A spokesman from Shenyang#39;s propaganda office told China Real Time Thursday that reports that Shenyang had completely scrapped home purchase restrictions were untrue. He said he was not authorized to say if the city has made other adjustments to local property measures.消息传开后,沈阳政府急忙打压这类报道。之前曾自由谈论限购松绑的房地产中介变得三缄其口。沈阳对外宣传办公室的一名发言人周四对《中国实时报》(China Real Time)表示,有关沈阳已完全取消住房限购的报道并不属实。他表示,自己无权透露沈阳是否对本地楼市调控措施作出了其他调整。Lawyers and analysts say Shenyang#39;s reluctance to acknowledge moves to ease the curbs isn#39;t likely to stem from fear of offending the central government, which has signaled that it wants local authorities to adjust policies according to the on-the-ground conditions.律师和分析师们表示,沈阳官方不愿承认放松楼市调控不太可能是因为害怕得罪中央,因为中央已经暗示希望地方政府根据本地情况调整政策。Instead, like many local governments, it#39;s trying to take a cautious approach, analysts said.分析师说,与许多地方政府一样,沈阳正试图采取一种谨慎的方式。#39;The local governments are given more flexibility to adjust the curbs, but they prefer to wait and see,#39; says Song Seng Wun, an economist at CIMB Securities. #39;When there is a move from central planning to autonomy, the local governments are not sure how soon they should show their hand.#39;联昌国际券(CIMB Securities)的经济学家宋诚焕表示,地方政府获得了更多灵活性来调整调控措施,但他们更愿意观望。他说,每当进行从中央计划到地方自主的转变,地方政府总不能确定应该多快表露自己的意图。Nationally, local authorities have generally avoided completely revoking property curbs. Instead, they#39;ve been making gradual adjustments--for example, by allowing more homebuyers to buy homes in other districts.中国各地方政府一般都避免全面取消楼市调控措施,而是一直在进行逐步的调整,比如允许更多购房者在其他区域购买住房。Such moves have largely been made both out of a desire to boost the market, as well as preserve social stability.采取这些行动很大程度上既是出于提振楼市的愿望,也是出于维护社会稳定的目的。#39;People are losing trust in how the authorities have handled the property market. Home prices are falling and it#39;s their nest egg at stake,#39; says a Shenyang-based property consultant, who declined to be named. #39;The local authorities want to loosen the curbs quietly.#39;沈阳一位不愿具名的置业顾问说,对于政府管理房地产市场的方式,人们失去了信任,房价正在下跌,人们积蓄的财富面临危险。他说,地方政府希望悄悄放松调控措施。Still, analysts and real estate agents pooh-pooh the idea that relaxing home purchase restrictions will help boost sales, saying that weakened homebuyer demand stems from a tight credit environment, as well as expectations that prices will fall.不过,分析师和房地产经纪人并不认同有关放松限购将有助于提振住房销售的观点。他们说,购房需求下降源于一个信贷紧缩的环境以及人们对房价下跌的预期。 /201406/305924

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