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襄樊狐臭体检医院哪家便宜襄阳市妇幼保健院治疗阳痿多少钱襄阳一医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 So Im here to tell you that we have a problem with boys,我在这儿是想告诉大家我们的对男孩的教育有问题,and its a serious problem with boys.男孩子的教育是个严重问题。Their culture isnt working in schools,在学校,男孩文化没有形成。and Im going to share with you ways that we can think about overcoming that problem.我要和大家分享我们关于这一问题的解决方法。First, I want to start by saying, this is a boy, and this is a girl,首先,我首先想说,这是个男孩,这是个女孩。and this is probably stereotypically what you think of as a boy and a girl.这可能是你刻板的关于男孩和女孩的想法。If I essentialize gender for you today,如果我今天要讲性别的事,then you can dismiss what I have to say.然后大家可能不会理睬我要说的。So Im not going to do that. Im not interested in doing that.所以我不打算这样做,我对此也不感兴趣。This is a different kind of boy and a different kind of girl.这是一个与众不同的男孩,这是一个与众不同的女孩。So the point here is that not all boys我要指明的是并不是所有的男孩exist within these rigid boundaries of what we think of as boys and girls,是按我们所想的男孩和女孩那样的严格界限来划分的。and not all girls exist within those rigid boundaries of what we think of as girls.也不是所有女孩可以用我们想象中的女孩的界限来严格定义。But, in fact, most boys tend to be a certain way,但事实上,多数男孩朝着他们自己的方向发展,and most girls tend to be a certain way.大多数女孩也朝着另一方向发展。And the point is that, for boys,关键是,对男孩来说,the way that they exist and the culture that they embrace isnt working well in schools now.对他们的认可和他们的这种男孩文化的认识,目前在学校都没有过多了解。How do we know that?我们怎么知道这个事实呢?The Hundred Girls Project tells us some really nice statistics.100个女孩计划告诉了我们一些真正有用的数据。For example, for every 100 girls that are suspended from school,例如,当有100个女孩从学校停课,there are 250 boys that are suspended from school.那就有250个男孩从学校停课。For every 100 girls who are expelled from school,每当有100个女孩被学校开除,there are 335 boys who are expelled from school.对应的男孩数是335个.For every 100 girls in special education, there are 217 boys.每当有100个女孩接受特殊教育,男孩数是217个。For every 100 girls with a learning disability,每100个女孩有学习障碍,there are 276 boys.男孩的对应数是276个。For every 100 girls with an emotional disturbance diagnosed,每100女孩有情绪紊乱症状,we have 324 boys.对应男孩数是324个。And by the way, all of these numbers are significantly higher顺便提一下,if you happen to be black,如果发生在黑人小孩,if you happen to be poor,贫穷的小孩身上,if you happen to exist in an overcrowded school.假如发生在拥挤不堪的学校上学的小孩身上,这所有数据还得更高。And if you are a boy,如果你是个男孩,youre four times as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD你比女孩更有四倍的可能性被诊断出ADHD症状-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.注意力缺乏(或多动)症状。Now there is another side to this.现在讲到这还要提另一方面。And it is important that we recognize that women still need help in school,我们还要重视地认识到在学校女性还需要帮助,that salaries are still significantly lower,女性的工资还是相对地低,even when controlled for job types,甚至在工作种类上女性选择面也小,and that girls have continued to struggle in math and science for years.女孩还一直在数学和科学领域中挣扎奋斗多年。Thats all true.这都是事实。Nothing about that prevents us from paying attention to the literacy needs of our boys between ages three and 13.但这不能阻止我们来关注年龄从3岁到13岁的男孩的扫盲问题。And so we should.我们应该关注这些男孩的问题。In fact, what we ought to do is take a page from their playbook,事实上,我们要做的是站在男孩的立场来思考解决问题,because the initiatives and programs因为在学校已设置的初级教学和课程计划that have been set in place for women in science and engineering and mathematics are fantastic.适合女孩在科学,工程学和数学方面有杰出表现。Theyve done a lot of good for girls in these situations,他们在这些情形下为女孩子作了很多好事。and we ought to be thinking about how we can make that happen for boys too in their younger years.我们该考虑一下我们该怎样让男孩在他们年少时也受到同样的待遇。Even in their older years, what we find is that theres still a problem.甚至在他们长大的岁月中,我们发现还是有问题的。201601/420939襄阳第三人民医院堕胎

宜城市中医医院在什么位置襄阳东风医院投诉电话 And my last example and the last one you guys probably have seen. I hate to do it to him. He is such a nice guy. When I first met Bryon Russell, John and Karl, I remember it was in Chicago in 1994, I was working out for baseball and they all came down for workout and shooting around. I came over and say ;Hello;, and at this time I had no thoughts of coming back and playing the game of basketball. Bryon Russell came over to me and said ;Why did you quit? Why did you quit? You know I could guard you, if I ever see you in a pair of shorts, if I ever see you in a pair of shorts.; Do you remember, John? When I did decide to come back in 1995 and we played Utah in 96, Im at the center circle and Bryon Russell is sitting next to me. I looked over to Bryon ;You remember the conversation you made in 1994 about I think I can guard you, I can set you down, I would love to play against you? Well, you are about to get your chance; And believe me ever since that day he got his chance, I dont know how successful he was. I think he got his chance. Believe me. From this day forward, if I ever see him in shorts, I would come at him.我要提到的最后一位。我不想这么做。但他真的很好。我第一次见到拜伦·拉塞尔是1994年在芝加哥打棒球的时候,他们在一边的篮球场上练习投篮,我跟他们打招呼,当时我感觉自己没有动力再在篮球场上驰骋下去了。但是拜伦·拉塞尔走过来问我:“你为什么要退役,你知道我可以防住你,别让我看到你再穿上篮球裤”。你还记得吗,约翰?所以当我决定1995年回归联盟,并于96年与犹他比赛的时候,拉塞尔坐在我的旁边,我问:“你还记得94年的事吗?你说你能够防住我,能让我彻底熄火,你想跟我比赛。现在你有机会了。”从那一天起,他又有了和我对位的机会,我没有问他是否成功,但他的确获得这个机会了。相信我,从这天起,我一旦看到他穿篮球裤,我就直接去找他。201404/289674襄阳保康县人民医院肛肠怎么样

襄阳哪里看男科的医院 Now, they had half the civilization古人通过所掌握的go off in search of a new world,二分之一的文明去寻找新世界so thats where I get my 21 billion hours a week of game-play from.而我们现在则有每周长达210亿小时的玩游戏时间Lets get half of us to agree让我们中一半的人to spend an hour a day playing games,每天玩游戏一小时until we solve real-world problems.直至我们可以去解决现实生活中的问题Now, I know youre asking, ;How are we going to solve real world problems你可能会问,“我们在游戏中如何解决现实中的问题呢?”in games?; Well, thats what I have devoted my work to这也是我在过去的几年中积极投身over the past few years,我从事的工作的原因at The Institute For The Future.我工作的地方叫“未来研究所”We have this banner in our offices in Palo Alto,这是我们在帕洛阿尔托办公室里的广告and it expresses our view of how we should try to relate to the future.它给出了我们关于如何看待未来的观点We do not want to try to predict the future.我们不会试着去预言未来What we want to do is make the future.但,我们会创造未来We want to imagine the best-case scenario outcome,我们曾经设想过最好情况的结果and then we want to empower people然后,我们想通过努力to make that outcome a reality.让人们将那个设想变成现实We want to imagine epic wins,我们渴望史诗般的胜利and then give people the means to achieve the epic win.同时也给予人们实现胜利的途径Im just going to very briefly show you three games that Ive made我想给大家简短的介绍三款我做的游戏that are an attempt to give people the means他们都是一些尝试,to create epic wins in their own futures.尝试着给未来的人们能创造属于自己的史诗般的胜利,提供一些方法So, this is World Without Oil.这是《无油世界》We made this game in 2007.这款游戏制作于2007年This is an online game in which you try to survive这是一款网络游戏,an oil shortage.它让你在石油短缺的时候设法生存The oil shortage is fictional,石油短缺是虚构的but we put enough online content out there但是我们会投入很多的内容在里面for you to believe that its real, and to live your real life你就会认为那是真的,并且这会影响你的现实生活as if weve run out of oil. So when you come to the game,让你感觉我们已经没有石油可用了。因此,当你打开游戏you sign up, you tell us where you live,注册,并告诉我们你的居住地and then we give you real-time news, s,我们就会给你实时的新闻视频数据data feeds that show you精确地告诉你exactly how much oil costs,石油的成本whats not available, how food supply is being affected,什么是不可用,食物供应是如何受到影响的how transportation is being affected,运输是如何受到影响的if schools are closed, if there is rioting,并且会告诉你学校是否被关闭,哪里里发生了骚乱and you have to figure out how you would live your real life如果这一切都是真的,你就会找出如何处理现实生活中的这些问题的方法as if this were true. And then we ask you to blog about it,我们会要求你将这些东西发布到客上to post s, to post photos.上传视频或者照片We piloted this game with 1,700 players in 2007,在2007年,有1700人参加了这款游戏的测试and weve tracked them for the three years since.我们跟踪了这些测试者接下来三年的生活And I can tell you that this is a transformative experience.我可以告诉诸位的是这是一段极具改造作用的经历Nobody wants to change how they live没有人希望改变他们的生活方式just because its good for the world, or because were supposed to.或者是因为他们觉得对环境无损,或者是因为他们觉得这顺理成章But if you immerse them in an epic adventure但是,如果你让他们着沉浸于一个异乎寻常的经历当中and tell them, ;Weve run out of oil.并且告诉他们,“我们已经耗尽我们的石油。”This is an amazing story and adventure for you to go on.这将是你听说的一个美妙的故事和异乎寻常的经历Challenge yourself to see how you would survive,;挑战自己,看看你将如何生存most of our players have kept up the habits大部分的游戏玩家that they learned in this game.保留了他们在游戏中形成的习惯So, for the next world-saving game,在接下来的一款拯救世界的游戏里we decided to aim higher: bigger problem than just peak oil.我们的选择的问题比石油短缺变得更难、更大201511/409888襄阳一医院属于专科医院吗襄城区割痔疮多少钱



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