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At long last, Vieira scored and put French out of their misery.最后维埃拉攻入一球救法国于水火。201403/278757精视觉精讲述In fact, Elizabeth didnt know what to do with Mary.实际上 伊丽莎白不知道如何处置玛丽All her royal instincts were出于维护王室尊严的本能outraged by the humiliations and indignities她被她的王室表侄女所遭受的羞辱和欺凌heaped on her royal cousin. 激怒得火冒三丈If Mary would agree to keep her hands off the English throne,如果玛丽能安分守己 不觊觎英格兰王位Elizabeth was solely tempted to help her regain the Scottish crown.伊丽莎白只是想帮她再次登上苏格兰王位Elizabeth could also see the wisdom of the opposite view,她同样洞悉到反对意见的明智之处that it was folly to restore认为扶持一个天主教女王a Catholic queen to the Scottish throne,登上苏格兰王位的宝座无疑是放虎归山giving a back door entry to Britain for the French and Spanish.这将给法国和西班牙入主英国带来可趁之机There was a safe Protestant当时 在苏格兰已经有一个稳定的regime in Scotland now, run by Marys enemies.新教政权体系 由玛丽的死敌掌握大权Why rock the boat?为什么要打破现状呢So if Mary imagined she could这样看来 如果玛丽以为能够依赖rely on the sisterhood of queens, she was deluded.女王间的情谊 她将大失所望了The first thing Elizabeth did was order an inquiry伊丽莎白做的第一件事 就是提出调查into the murder of Marys husband, Lord Darnley,玛丽的丈夫 达恩利亲王的谋杀案which turned into a trial in all but name.名义上是调查 实则是审讯 /201308/253686If you really want to get a sense of Chinas imperial and cultural history, there was no better destination than the Taiwanese capital. The collections oldest pieces—chunky jewelry made of jade—date back over 8,000 years.如果你真的想要感受一下中国的帝国及文化历史,没有比台湾的首都更好的地方了。藏品之中最古老的展品--玉制的厚重首饰--回溯到八千年前。There are elegant pottery statues of court ladies from the Tang dynasty, a tiny boat carved from an olive stone—its even difficult to make out the details from a magnifying glass. And one of the museums most celebrated pieces—a cabbage chiseled from jadeite—uses the natural colors of the stone to create the vegetable.有唐朝宫廷仕女典雅的陶瓷雕像、以橄榄核雕制而成的迷你船只--甚至用放大镜要辨认那些细节都很困难。此物馆最着名的展品--以硬玉凿成的白菜--使用玉石原始的颜色来创造出那蔬菜。Ceramics too are exquisite like classic blue and white designs from the Ming dynasty, ostentatious Qing vases, or rare jun porcelain from the 11th century of which only 70 pieces are known to exist in the world—nearly half of them are here.陶器同样也很精美,像是明朝的经典蓝白设计、豪华的清代花瓶、或是现在知道只剩七十件留存在世界上的十一世纪稀有钧瓷--它们有几乎一半都在这。There are a lot of big museums in the world, such as, you know, the British Museum and the Louvre or the Metropolitan. And then they have it, you know, in terms of Chinese collection. And this is the best. And this is the most comprehensive. So, yeah, I will see. You know, if you see Chinese culture and Chinese art, this is the best place.世界上有许多大型物馆,像是,你知道,大英物馆还有罗浮宫,或是大都会物馆。他们都有些藏品,你知道,提到中华藏品这方面。但这里是最好的。这里是最完整的。所以,对的,我会乐见。你知道,如果你想欣赏中华文化和中华艺术,这里是最棒的地方。If it is puzzling why so many of Chinas treasures are here on this island, you need to look back 60 years. During the height of the civil war in the 1940s, Chiang Kai-sheks nationalists retreated to the island of Taiwan, leaving Maos communists to the mainland. With them they carried a large and important portion of the imperial collection from Beijings Forbidden City.如果为什么这么多中国的珍宝在这座小岛这里让你很困惑的话,你需要回顾到六十年前。在1940年代内战高峰时,蒋中正的国民政府成员撤退到台湾这小岛,将毛泽东的共产党成员留在大陆。在他们身上,他们带着来自北京紫禁城的大量又重要的帝国藏品。And while the nationalists think they saved Chinas art treasures by bringing them to Taiwan, some on the mainland consider the act theft. That split has continued for six decades.虽然那些国民政府成员认为他们借由将藏品带来台湾,拯救了中国的艺术珍宝,但有些在大陆的人认为此举为偷窃。那样的分裂持续了六十年。But now a new exhibition has brought together pieces from Beijing and Taipei under one roof, here at the National Palace Museum. The exhibition is focusing on Emperor Yongzheng, who reigned in the early 18th century during the Qing dynasty. On show are painted enamel vases, epistles to and from the emperor, and lacquerware, Beijing has contributed nearly a fifth of the exhibits.但现在一场新的展览将来自北京和台湾的藏品集结到到一个屋檐下,就在国立故宫物院这里。此展览聚焦在雍正皇帝上,他在十八世纪初叶清朝时执政。在展览中有图绘珐琅花瓶、寄给皇帝及皇帝所写的书信、还有木制漆器,北京贡献了将近五分之一的展品。The loan from Beijings Palace Museum will make the exhibition more complete. For example, the National Palace Museum in Taiwan doesnt have portraits of Emperor Yongzheng. This is the first time the two museums have collaborated on an exhibition. In Taiwan, Mainland China, and in the Chinese-speaking world, this is a very important affair.从北京故宫借来的藏品将会使这场展览更加完整。举例来说,台湾的国立故宫物院并没有雍正皇帝的肖像。这是首次两间物馆合作举办一场展览。在台湾、中国大陆、还有华语地区,这是场非常重要的盛会。For now, loans will only be one-way. Taipei says there are obstacles to sending artifacts in the other direction. Firstly, they worry whether the prospective loans will ever be returned. Secondly, Beijing rejects the word national in the Taiwanese museums name.目前,借来的展品只会是单向的。台北方面表示朝对岸运送艺术品会有许多阻碍。首先,他们担心即将借出的展品是否有天会归还。第二,北京否定了台湾故宫名字中的“国立”二字。But openness is increasing between the two sides, including in the movement of tourists. Until last year, Chinese from the mainland were not allowed to visit Taiwan. But after that policys changed, thousands are coming every day. And the National Palace Museum is benefiting from the boost in numbers.但两岸间的开放性正逐渐成长,包括游客的流动。直至去年,大陆的中国游客并不允许造访台湾。但在政策改变之后,每天都有数千人过来。而国立故宫物院受惠于这些旅客人数的暴增。This exhibition will also help raise awareness of the National Palace Museums permanent collection. Internationally it is still not well-known outside of East Asia, but it can now assert to hosting one of the most groundbreaking exhibitions of the year, called Harmony and Integrity: the Yongzheng Emperor and his Times and itll run until January 10, 2010.这场展览同样也会帮助提高对国立故宫物院固定展品的关注。在国际方面,它在东亚以外的地方尚未出名,但现在可以主张举办年度最具开创性的展览,名为“雍正清世宗文物大展”,将会展到2010年一月十日。201411/345168

谢谢艾米·波勒让;dongle;(软件保护器)一词变得流行起来。波勒演的那个大顾客想知道产品的每个细节,使得整个广告非常搞笑。 以下是中英对照:Best Buy Worker: Hi, may I answer any questions?百思买员工:你好,有什么需要帮助的吗?Music starts and plays on and off throughout the 激动人心的音乐开始。Amy: Whats the hecks the difference between all these phones?艾米:这些乱七八糟的手机到底有啥区别?Amy: Whats LTE? Is it contagious?艾米:啥事LTE?会传染吗?Amy: Which one fits my face?艾米:哪个比较适合我这张脸?Amy: Can I use a dongle with this?艾米:我能用这个连电子不?Amy: Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word dongle?艾米:我用“dongle”这词儿你觉得不舒吗?Amy: (In a loud voice) Are these noise cancelling?艾米:(大声)能不能把这些噪音都清了?Amy: So what makes a TV so smart.艾米:所以,是什么让这些电视这么智能。Amy: You dont make commission on anything?艾米:你们没有委托任何东西?Best Buy associate: Anything百思买员工:没有Amy: You wanna unbutton your shirt a little bit?艾米:你介意把你的衬衫再解开一点不?Amy: Whats the CloudWhere is the Cloud?艾米:什么是云?云在哪?Amy: (In a very accusatory tone)Are we in the Cloud now?艾米(控诉语气)难道我们现在就在云里?Amy: Will this one 50 Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?艾米:这东西能用性感的声音给我念一下《五十层次的灰色》吗?Best Buy associate: No百思买员工:不能Amy: Will you?艾米:那你能吗?Amy: (Yelling) Thank you youve been very helpful!艾米:(大喊,因为头上戴着耳机):谢谢,你们真的帮了很多忙!Amy: (yelling) What?艾米:什么?Best Buy associate: Nothing百思买员工:没什么。201405/300858

But the kid has found safety但小羊已经找到只有野山羊on a face so steep that only an ibex could stand there.能站稳的安全陡峭岩面The lessons learnt on this mornings descent have saved its life.今天早上下山学会的技巧 救了小羊一命Finally, the fox gives it up as a bad job...狐狸终于决定放弃 不再白费力气..perhaps suddenly aware its standing on a precipice.或许是突然发现 自己站在危险悬崖上Despite its tender age,这只野山羊虽然年幼 仍以智慧战胜the ibex has outwitted one of the canniest of predators.最精明的掠食动物The foxs failure epitomises a predators plight.这只狐狸的失败 象征掠食动物面临的困境Most hunts fail,多数的猎食行动都难有成果so hunters are continually devising new tactics.所以掠食动物要不断发明新策略The rainforests of Belize in Central America.在中美贝里斯的雨林And as evening falls and the shower comes to an end,到了大雨停歇的傍晚a predator begins to hunt.有一只掠食动物展开猎食201309/257295

When you run into fog on the road, keep your head and follow these simple tips to stay safe.雾霾天气驾车行驶的时候,保持清醒的头脑,同时遵守下面简单的建议,保持安全。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心A cool head冷静的头脑Steps步骤STEP 1 Slow down1.慢行Leave plenty of room between yourself and the car ahead of you.和前面的车辆保持足够的距离。Dont panic and try to speed out of the fog. Remain calm, and focus on the road.不要惊慌,试图加速摆脱雾霾。保持冷静,集中精力观察道路状况。STEP 2 Turn lights on2.打开车灯Turn your lights on to help others see you. Use your low beams, since high beams reflect back at you in fog.打开车灯,让其他人看到你。使用短焦距光,因为远距离光束在雾中会反射。STEP 3 Turn on wipers and defroster3.打开雨刷和除冰装置Use your windshield wipers and defroster to keep your windows clear.使用挡风玻璃雨刷和除冰装置,保持车窗清洁。Turn off the radio and open your window so you can hear other cars more easily.关闭收音机,打开车窗,这样仍容易听到其他车辆的声音。STEP 4 Signal early and brake gently4.提前打指示灯,轻点刹车Give other drivers plenty of notice before you turn. Brake gently, not suddenly, so drivers behind you have time to react.转弯之前给其他司机足够的提醒。轻一点刹车,不要急刹车,这样跟在你后面的司机有足够的反应时间。STEP 5 Watch your speed5.注意车速Watch your speedometer so your speed wont creep up; its harder to judge distances and speed in the fog.注意速度计,这样不会突然加速;大雾中判断距离和速度更加困难。STEP 6 Stay on track6.保持车道Stay in your lane, as drivers tend to drift toward the middle of the road in fog.在自己正确的车道上行驶,因为在雾天司机倾向于向路中央偏移。Watch for animals. In fog, deer and other animals are harder to see and are more likely to jump out in front of you.注意动物。在大雾中,麋鹿和其他动物的视线更差,更容易跳到你面前。STEP 7 Rely on yourself7.依赖自己Focus on the road, not the car ahead. Dont follow other drivers, who may drift into oncoming lanes or off the road.注意道路状况,而不是跟随前面的车辆。不要追随其他司机,他们可能会偏移到邻近的轨道甚至脱轨。STEP 8 Pull off if you have to8.驶向路边If the fog is too thick, pull onto the shoulder of the road until it lifts. Turn on your hazard lights so other drivers will know you are stopped.如果大雾太浓,驶向路边,直到状况好转。打开警示灯,这样其他司机才能知道你停车了。There are at least 10 different kinds of fog, including steam fog, precipitation fog, and ice fog.雾共有至少10种不同的类型,包括蒸汽雾,雾雨和冰雾。视频听力译文由。201403/280269

Im Buzz Jackson.我是Buzz Jackson。And Im Randy Jackson.我是Randy Jackson。And this is our pawn shop. We deal in the unique, the unusual, and the barely legal, and we always get the deal. This is Barely Legal Pawn!这是我们的当铺。我们交易特殊、不寻常、且勉强合法的东西,我们总是能谈成交易。这是「差点违法当铺」!Excuse me?不好意思?Well, hello there, mamacita.嗯,哈喽,性感辣(西班牙文)。Im here because I was wondering if you might be interested in purchasing this.我来这里是因为我在想你们是否也许有兴趣买这个。Look at that!看看那玩意儿!So I somewhere that Celine Dion has her own island.我在某个地方读到席琳狄翁有她自己的一座岛。And last night, I had a little bit too much rose, did some online shopping, so now I have to pay for my own island.昨晚,我有点喝太多玫瑰粉红酒,逛了一下网拍,所以现在我需要为我自己的岛买单。Tinkerbell playing with a volleyball.小精灵在玩排球。She is almost as pretty as her owner.她几乎就和她的主人一样美丽。Well, thats very kind. But actually, you know what? Thats a Primetime Emmy Award.嗯,你人真好。但事实上,你知道吗?那是黄金时段艾美奖。Is it now?它是吗?It is.它是的。I know exactly what it is, but sometimes you got to play dumb in this business to drive the price down.我完全知道那是什么,但在这行业中你有时候得装傻,才能将价格谈低。And to whom was this awarded?这是颁给谁的呢?To me.给我的。Im Julia Louis-Dreyfus, so...我是 Julia Louis-Dreyfus,所以...I knew I recognize you!我就知道我认识你!I love your show.我爱你的剧。What show? Weeds! Love your show. My God!哪部剧?《单身毒妈》!爱死你的剧。我的天啊!Yeah! No, thats actually not my show. That shows actually the Mary-Louise Parker. That happens a lot because of the, you know, the Louise. But anyway, now Im on Veep, now.对啊!不,那其实不是我的剧。那齣戏其实是那个 Mary-Louise Parker 演的。这常常发生,因为,你知道,Louise 这个姓。不管怎样,我现在在演《副人之仁》,现在。Beep? Whats Beep?Beep(音似Veep)?Beep 是什么?A sound to comics. Beep! Beep!漫画的音效啊。哔!哔!Never heard of it.从来没听过。I know Veep. Are you kidding me? I love it! You know Ive always had a thing for her.我知道《副人之仁》。你在跟我开玩笑吗?我超爱它!你知道我一直以来都对她有感觉。Yeah. Well, I mean obviously a lot of people know who I am. Most people know who I am. And... So its kind of... I dont know. Its kind of a nice change of pace when they dont. You know, its sort of refreshing.是啊。这个嘛,我是说显然有许多人知道我是谁。大部分的人知道我是谁。然后...所以有点...我不知道。当他们不知道我是谁有点像是换换口味。你知道,那有点新鲜。Oh, baby. Yeah. Wow!喔,宝贝。对啊。哇!This is pretty.这好美。Thank you.谢谢你。What was the category on this one?这是什么类别?Its actually written right there. It says Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.它其实就写在这。它写“喜剧类最佳女配角”。Supporting? It would be better if it was a leading, you know.配角?如果那是女主角就好一些,你知道的。Hey, hey! Hey now, supporting is a huge honor.嘿,嘿,拜托,配角是莫大的荣耀。Thank you. It is. And its a lot of work. Actually sometimes its more work to be a supporting player than the lead actor. You know what I mean, depending on how much support you have to give.谢谢你。那的确是。且那要许多功夫。事实上,有时候当配角比主角需要更多功夫。你知道我的意思,取决于你需要提供多少援陪衬。Yeah. I agree.对。我同意。Well.嗯。I agree.我同意。Yeah.是啊。So, what show is this from? Because thats gonna have a lot to do with the value.所以,这座奖是哪部戏得来的?因为这和价值有很大的关系。Well, its Seinfeld.这个嘛,是《欢乐单身派对》。Problem is that that show was a comedy.问题是,那部戏是喜剧。Yes?是的?You see, this would be much more valuable if it was for a drama.你看,如果它是戏剧类奖项,就会更有价值。Are you kidding?你在开玩笑吗?You know what theyre saying, ;Comedy is easy. Drama is hard.;你知道他们怎么说:“喜剧太简单了。戏剧类才困难。”Thats not what they say. No, that isnt the same. It isnt. Dramas a cinch.那不是他们说的话。不,那不一样。那不一样,戏剧类是很好演的。Well, youd be surprised how many fakes come through here, so were gonna have to check this for authenticity. Stay tight!嗯,你会很讶异有多少假货在这里出现过,所以我们需要测试这座奖的真伪。别走开!Okay. Jesus Christ. What the fuck am I doing here?好的。耶稣基督啊。我在这里做什么?Its...it is metal. You dont have to keep testing it.那...那是金属的。你们不用一直测试它。Oh, yeah.喔,是的。Okay, thats... You need to get a hold of yourself. And Im...I need that back. I need that back.好的,那真是...你们需要控制一下你们自己。我...我要拿那回来。我需要拿那回来。Were just about to make a deal.我们才刚要谈生意耶。I cant pawn my Emmy. What am I...Its priceless to me. I need it back, okay?我不行当掉我的艾美奖。我在...那对我来说是无价的。我需要把它拿回来,好吗?Shes not strapped for cash.她不缺钱。Shes on a TV show.她可是上电视节目的。Well, cable money though, so...这个嘛,只是有线电视的钱啦,所以...Tell me about it.我懂我懂。Right.对啊。Now here you go. Thank you.现在还你吧。谢谢你。Okay!好的!Give us a call if you need anything else.如果你需要任何其他东西就打给我们。No, I dont want that, man. Yeah, thats what I said.不要,我才不要那个,老兄。对,我就是说我不要。Feisty! Shell be back.够呛!她会回来的。I mean, the truth is it has a lot of sentimental value, the Emmys, so Im glad I didnt have to really part with it, I guess. So... And those guys were like... I dont know, you know...I think they want to just like f**k my Emmy or something. Its pretty funky in there, so...我是说,事实是它有很多情感上的价值,那座艾美奖,所以我很开心我不必和它分开,我猜。所以...那些家伙好像...我不晓得,你也知道...我想他们好像就是想要搞上我的艾美奖还是怎么搞的。那裡有点怪里怪气的,所以...Okay. I think we got it. We have it? Thank you so much, yeah.好的。我想我们拍好了。我们拍好了吗?非常谢谢你,是的。I can just get a release signed, please?我可以就请你先签一下这份让渡书吗?Okay, what is this thing?好的,这是什么?Its just another pawn show.就只是另一部当铺剧。And my attorney has looked into this, I assume, right? Yeah, sure.我的律师已经看过这份文件,我想,对吧?是的,当然。Thanks. Oh, my God. I got to get another agent.谢谢。喔,我的天啊。我要找另一个经纪人。Where are my keys? I dont have my keys. Oh, no, come on! Oh, my God.我的钥匙在哪里?我没有我的钥匙。喔,不,拜托!喔,我的天啊。Hello?哈喽?Hey.嘿。We wouldnt want anyone to sneak out now, would we?现在我们不想要任何人溜出去,对吧?You know why we call this place Barely Legal Pawn?你知道为什么我们叫这个地方“差点违法当铺”吗?No.不晓得。We also run a puppy bathing business. But we are not licensed. And they can be mighty stinky.我们同样也经营小沐浴生意。但我们并没有执照。而且他们可能会超臭的。Its so cute! Is it a boy or a girl?他好可爱!他是男孩还是女孩?Bitch.小母。201410/338825

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