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佛山哪里有做试管婴儿广州治疗多囊卵巢哪家医院好We are now going through an amazing and unprecedented moment我们现在正在经历着一个惊人的、史无前例的时刻where the power dynamics between men and women are shifting very rapidly,男人和女人之间的力量正在迅速地转换着。and in many of the places where it counts the most, women are, in fact, taking control of everything.并且在很多重要的地方,女性实际上控制着一切。In my mothers day, she didnt go to college. Not a lot of women did.在我母亲的那个时代,她没有上过大学。大部分女性都没上大学。And now, for every two men who get a college degree, three women will do the same.然而如今,在五个获得大学学位的人中,两名是男性而三名是女性。Women, for the first time this year, became the majority of the American workforce.女性,这一年头一次成为了美国劳动力的多数。And theyre starting to dominate lots of professions -- doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants.并且她们逐渐开始主导很多职业--医生,律师,家,会计师。Over 50 percent of managers are women these days,目前超过百分之五十的经理是女性。and in the 15 professions projected to grow the most in the next decade,预计将在未来十年中发展最快的十五个行业中,all but two of them are dominated by women.有十三个行业被女性主导。So the global economy is becoming a place where women are more successful than men, believe it or not,也就是说在全球经济上女性比男性更加成功。信不信由你,and these economic changes are starting to rapidly affect our culture --这些经济变化将迅速地影响我们的文化--what our romantic comedies look like, what our marriages look like,影响我们的浪漫喜剧,我们的婚姻,what our dating lives look like, and our new set of superheroes.我们的恋爱和我们新一代的超级英雄。For a long time, this is the image of American manhood that dominated --很长一段时间,占主导地位的美国男子气概的形象是这样的--tough, rugged, in control of his own environment.坚韧的,粗犷的,能够控制他的周围环境。A few years ago, the Marlboro Man was retired几年前,这个万宝路男人退休了and replaced by this much less impressive specimen, who is a parody of American manhood,并且被这个给人印象不深的家伙,一个恶搞美国男子气概的人所替代了。and thats what we have in our commercials today.这就是我们现在的广告。The phrase ;first-born son; is so deeply ingrained in our consciousness that this statistic alone shocked me.头胎生子的俗语是如此根深蒂固地在我们的意识中,以至于这个统计数据使我十分震惊。In American fertility clinics, 75 percent of couples are requesting girls and not boys.在美国生育诊所,百分之七十五的夫妇希望生个女孩而非男孩。And in places where you wouldnt think, such as South Korea, India and China,在一些你想象不到的地方,如韩国,印度和中国,the very strict patriarchal societies are starting to break down a little,这些非常严谨的父系社会体系正被打破,and families are no longer strongly preferring first-born sons.而这些家庭们也不再强烈地偏好儿子。201610/471174广州天河人流价格一般是多少 第11课Are you doing anything tonight?今晚你有空吗?11.我爱约会(和外国girl女友约会) Are you doing anything tonight?今晚你有空吗?(你想约会那位让你心仪已久的女孩,你鼓起勇气对她说) 38、Are you doing anything tonight/this weekend/tomorrow?   你今晚/周末/明天有空吗? 39、If you are not busy tonight, would you like to go out with me?   如果你今晚有空的话,愿不愿意和我一起出去? can we get together and go out some time? can we get together tommorrow?(明天,tonight今晚,weekend周未) 40、Mayby we can get together sometime.   也许今后我们有机会在一起。(她说晚上没有空,你千万不能气馁,你说) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2918Five years ago, I experienced a bit of what it must have been like to be Alice in Wonderland.五年前,我曾有过一个有如漫游爱丽丝仙境的经历。Penn State asked me, a communications teacher, to teach a communications class for engineering students.宾夕法尼亚州立大学让我这个教沟通学的老师给工程系的学生上沟通学课。And I was scared. Really scared.我被吓到了。我真的被吓坏了。Scared of these students with their big brains and their big books and their big, unfamiliar words.这些学生发达的大脑,还有他们所读的巨著及他们使用的又长又生僻的词语通通都吓到我了。But as these conversations unfolded,不过随着对话的展开,I experienced what Alice must have when she went down that rabbit hole and saw that door to a whole new world.我的经历就如爱丽丝一样,顺着那个兔子洞下去,看到了那扇通往一个全新世界的大门。Thats just how I felt as I had those conversations with the students.这就是我和那些学生们对话时的感受。I was amazed at the ideas that they had, and I wanted others to experience this wonderland as well.我对他们的想法感到惊奇,而且我希望其他人也能体验这种在仙境中的感觉。And I believe the key to opening that door is great communication.我相信打开那扇门的关键就是要有很好的交流与沟通。We desperately need great communication from our scientists and engineers in order to change the world.为了改变世界,我们迫切需要从我们的科学家和工程师那里得到良好的沟通。Our scientists and engineers are the ones that are tackling our grandest challenges,我们的科学家和工程师们解决的都是我们所面临的最大的难题,from energy to environment to health care, among others, and if we dont know about it and understand it,从能源到环境再到卫生保健,等等。如果我们不明白也不理解的话,then the work isnt done, and I believe its our responsibility as non-scientists to have these interactions.他们的工作对我们就没有什么意义了,并且我相信,我们作为非科学家们有责任与他们进行互动交流。But these great conversations cant occur if our scientists and engineers dont invite us in to see their wonderland.可是如果我们的科学家和工程师们不把我们领进门去看看他们的仙境的话,我们之间也就不可能有很好的交流。So scientists and engineers, please, talk nerdy to us.所以科学家和工程师们,请跟我们说说高科技是什么吧。201704/501635广东省长安医院做人流多少钱

广州天河妇科病去哪家医院好As my brother Jim would say, ;go figure; International terrorism, stateless actors, pandemic disease. 我兄弟吉姆竟然说 ;没人说得清; 国际恐怖主义 无国籍行动者 大范围流行病A political movement that can be organized from your cell phone Twitter can literally unleash a revolution. 一场政治运动可以由你们的手机来组织 毫不夸张 推特能够发动一场革命And ground breaking journalism can be transmitted around the world from your kitchen table. 惊天动地的新闻 能从你的餐桌传播到全世界Todays technology has transformed the way we interact with the rest of the world and among one another. 今天的科技深刻变革了 我们同自己 同世界的交流方式There are more voices today than ever influencing governments and the course of events. 比起以往任何时候 现在都有更多声音 影响着政府及事件进程So it should be no surprise why those who understand this world less well than you do. 所以 并不让人惊奇 那些人正是因为不能像你们一样理解这个世界Feel uneasy But Im not at all surprised by the confidence. 所以才会感到不安 你们如此的自信 我并不感到惊奇You all feel today as you graduate from this great University You are so much better prepared. 你们今天都将毕业于这所伟大的大学 你们准备得如此充分And youve aly begun to change things significantly even before youve stepped off this field. 你们已经开始了对世界的深刻影响 从你们踏出这块场地之前就已开始Just look at whats happened since youve entered high school The fundamental shift thats taken place in America. 回想你们进入高中时的情景 美国对LGBT群体(同性恋 双性恋 及跨性别者)201610/470332天河阴唇美容多钱 So, everybody y? This is your first quest. Here we go.怎么样,每个人都准备好了吗?第一个任务来了。Pick one: Stand up and take three steps, or make your hands into fists,选择一项做:站起来并走三步,或者握起拳头,raise them over your head as high as you can for five seconds, go!把它们高高地举过头顶,保持5秒钟。开始!All right, I like the people doing both. You are overachievers. Very good.太棒了,我喜欢两项都做了的人,你们是超预期的成功者,非常棒。Well done, everyone. That is worth +1 physical resilience,每个人做得都很好。这是给身体意志力上加分,which means that your body can withstand more stress and heal itself faster.意味着你们的身体能承受更大的压力和自愈得更快。We know from the research that the number one thing you can do to boost your physical resilience is to not sit still.现在我们知道研究表明能增强身体意志力的最好方法是不要坐着不动。Thats all it takes. Every single second that you are not sitting still,就这么多。在你移动地每一秒钟里,you are actively improving the health of your heart, and your lungs and brains.你很积极得改善你的心脏,你的肺和大脑的健康。Everybody y for your next quest?每个人都准备好下一个任务了吗?I want you to snap your fingers exactly 50 times, or count backwards from 100 by seven, like this: 100, 93... Go!我想你们打50次的响指,或者从100开始,每隔七位数倒数,100,93...... 开始!Dont give up. Dont let the people counting down from 100 interfere with your counting to 50.不要放弃哦!不要让数100的人扰乱你已经数到的50。Nice. Wow. Thats the first time Ive ever seen that. Bonus physical resilience. Well done, everyone.很好!哇塞!我第一次看到这样的场面,又给身体意志力加分了。每个人都干得很好!Now thats worth +1 mental resilience, which means you have more mental focus, more discipline, determination and willpower.这是给大脑意志力上加分的,这意味着你的精力更集中,自制力更强,更有决心和毅力。We know from the scientific research that willpower actually works like a muscle.科学研究告诉我们,毅力实际就像一块肌肉。It gets stronger the more you exercise it.你越练习它,它就越强壮。So tackling a tiny challenge without giving up,所以为战胜一个小的挑战而坚持到底,even one as absurd as snapping your fingers exactly 50 times or counting backwards from 100 by seven即使那个挑战有点好笑,比如打50下的响指或者从100开始每隔7位数倒数,is actually a scientifically validated way to boost your willpower.这都是有科学依据的可以增强你的毅力。201706/514169广州天河治囊肿多少钱

广州治疗输卵管积水三甲医院And I can understand why the sex industry provokes strong feelings.我可以理解为什么性产业会引发强烈的不满情绪。People have all kinds of complicated feelings when it comes to sex.当提到性的时候,人们都有很复杂的情绪。But we cant make policy on the basis of mere feelings,但是我们不能仅仅根据情绪立法,especially not over the heads of the people actually effected by those policies.更不能不考虑实际上会被法律影响的人们而立法。If we get fixated on the abolition of sex work,如果我们对于,废除性交易念念不忘,we end up worrying more about a particular manifestation of gender inequality,最终只会担心更多的性别不平等的其他特例,rather than about the underlying causes.而不是真正地思考背后的原因。People get really hung up on the question, ;Well, would you want your daughter doing it?;人们往往全神贯注于诸如“为什么你让女儿做这种事?”的问题。Thats the wrong question. Instead, imagine she is doing it.这不是我们要解决的问题。而是想象她在做这种事的时候How safe is she at work tonight? Why isnt she safer?晚上工作有多安全?为什么不能更安全?So weve looked at full criminalization,所以我们已经了解了完全刑事化partial criminalization, the Swedish or Nordic Model and legalization, and how they all cause harm.部分刑事化,瑞典北欧模型和合法化,也知道为什么他们都会造成伤害。Something I never hear asked is: ;What do sex workers want?;我从没听见过有人问:“性工作者需要什么?”After all, were the ones most affected by these laws.毕竟我们是最受法律影响的人。New Zealand decriminalized sex work in 2003.新西兰2003年使性交易无罪化。Its crucial to remember that decriminalization and legalization are not the same thing.切记,无罪化和合法化不是一样的。Decriminalization means the removal of laws that punitively target the sex industry,无罪化意味着针对性产业的法律惩罚被移除,instead treating sex work much like any other kind of work.而不是像其他职业一样,平等看待性产业。In New Zealand, people can work together for safety, and employers of sex workers are accountable to the state.在新西兰人们可以为了安全一起工作,性工作者的雇主接受国家的监督。A sex worker can refuse to see a client at any time, for any reason,性工作者可以在任何时间,以任何理由拒绝去见一个客户,and 96 percent of street workers report that they feel the law protects their rights.96%的街道工作者认为法律保护了她们的权益。201609/466196 I admit that my personality is about this Harvard as they come. You know, my television career began unexpectedly. As youve heard this morning.我得承认 我的个性与哈佛学子的不谋而合其实 我的电视生涯是在不经意中开始的各位在今天早上已经听说了I was in a Miss Fire Prevention Contest. That was when I was sixteen years old, in Nashville, Tennessee, and you had the requirement of having to have red hair in order to win.我参加了防火比赛那还是我16岁的时候 当时在田纳西州的纳什维尔要想赢得比赛 就得将头发染红Up until the year that I entered. So they were redoing the ;question-and-answer; period, because I knew I wasnt going to win in this swimsuit competition.直到我参赛的那年都是如此他们沿用了问答的环节因为我知道 我赢不了泳装比赛So, doing the question-and-answer period, the question came: ;Why, young lady? What would you like to be when you will grow up?; And by the time theyve got to me all the good answers were gone.在问答环节中 问题是这样的; 长大以后你希望做什么?;轮到我的时候 所有的好都被别人用光了So, I had seen Barbara Walters on the Today Show that morning. So I answered: ;I would like to be a journalist. I would like to tell other people stories.那天早上我看过了芭芭拉.沃尔特斯的今日秀于是我就回答说我想成为一名新闻工作者我想给人们讲述故事In a way that makes a difference in their lives and the world.; And as those words were coming out of my mouth, I went: ;Whoa! This is pretty good!;从而影响人们的生活 改变整个世界;当那些话从我嘴里说出来的时候我感觉 ;哇! 这职业蛮不错的嘛!;I would like to be a journalist. I want to make a difference Well, I was on television by the time I was 19 years old. And in 1984, I launched my own television show.我要成为一名新闻工作者 我要改变世界于是 我在19岁那年上了电视在1984年 我推出了自己的电视栏目With a relentless determination to succeed. At first, I was nervous about the competition, and then I became my own competition.而这靠的是自己追求成功的坚定决心起初 我害怕与人竞争后来我的竞争对手变成了自己Raising the bar every year, pushing pushing pushing myself as hard as I knew, sound familiar to anybody here.每年都为自己设定更高的目标逼迫自己竭尽所能这些是众所周知的了201608/462485番禺人民医院怎么样广州治疗子宫内膜息肉到哪家医院



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