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Recommendation请求推荐酒Could you recommend something to drink?能给我们推荐些喝的东西吗?Well,since you have order the roast chicken, I suggest you to order the red wine to go with the main course. It can help you digest the food.既然你们点了烧鸡,我推荐你们喝红酒红酒能促进对食物的消化We would also like some alcohol bee the main dish.我们也想要些餐前酒I think whiskey will be a good choice.我觉得威士忌不错 96。

  • 1.What would a typical day be like here?我每天的工作安排是怎样的?.Do I have to work under stress?我的工作压力大吗?3.Do you expect me to do that independently?你希望我独立完成工作吗?.How would you describe the duties of my job?你想怎么安排我的工作职责呢?5.What does my job description say?我的工作职责是怎样要求的?6.Your job includes paper filling a lot, and you will have to check and fill the stationery cabinet regularly.你要做大量的文件归档工作,需要定期查看文件柜,更新其中的文档7.You start working by checking your schedule.开始工作时先查看你的工作日程8.Your main responsibility is trouble-shooting between top management and the general employees.你的主要职责就是解决管理层和员工之间的问题9.You have the task of monitoring the local sales team, managing the office and doing the occasional presentation.你要负责监控本地的销售小组,管理办公室,偶尔也要作作报告.Besides, you have to reserve the meeting room in advance if there are any important visitors.此外,若有重要访客,要提前安排好会议室Dialogue 1对话一A: What would be my daily duties?A: 我的日常工作是什么?B: Your job includes paper filing a lot. Anc you will have to check and fill the stationer cabinet regularly. Besides, you have reserve the meeting room in advance if ther arc any important visitors.B:你的工作包括大量的文件归档你要经常査看文件柜,更新其中的文件此外,若有重要访客,要提前安排好会议室A: Got it. To whom should I report?A: 好的那我向谁汇报呢?B: Of course to me.B: 当然是我了Dialogue 对话二A: What would my new duties be?A: 我的新工作主要要负责什么?B: Your main responsibility is trouble-shooting between top management and the general employees.B: 你的主要职责就是解决管理层和员工之间的问题A:Will I have the chance to take business trip abroad once in a while?A:我有机会偶尔到国外出差吗?B: Yes, you definitely will.B: 有,一定会有 3898。
  • 第一句:Yes, Ill take it. Ill see you in the rental office.好的,我决定租用它了,我会去租赁办公室找你A: Will you decide to rent it?您决定要租吗?B: Yes. Ill take it. Ill see you in the rental office.好的,我决定租用它了,我会去租赁办公室找你第二句:Id like to rent that apartment.我想要租那间公寓A: Rental office. May I help you?这里是租赁公司,需要什么帮助?B: Im Mr. Chen. Id like to rent that apartment.我是陈先生我想要组那间公寓A: OK. Youll have to pay a deposit of 0 yuan.好的,请先付0元押金如果一切都没问题了,最后还是要亲自跑一趟rental office(假设是租赁公司的话),有时候他们经理还会先跟你面谈一下,看看你这个人将来会不会变成恶房客,再决定要不要把房间租给你再来就是签lease,一切都大功告成了! 5。
  • Notes注意事项It looks very much like a typewriter keyboard with rows of keys arranged in the typical typewriter layout,它看起来非常像一台打字机的键盘,上面配置着一排排典型打字机的键,as well as a number of additional keys used to enter special computer-related codes.另外一些附加键是用来输入与计算机有关的特殊代码,Although it isnt the only type of input device available ,the computer keyboard is the one most generaly used by the business commy.尽管键盘不是唯一使用的输入装置,但迄今它仍是商务机构最常用的一种输入装置The purpose of storage hardware is to provide a means of storing computer instructions and data in a m that is relatively permanent, or nonvolatile存储硬件的用途是为计算机指令和数据提供一定格式的存储方法,这种格式的存储方法比较持久或不易丢失That is ,the data is not lost when the power is turned off .(也就是说,当电源切断时,数据不至丢失)and easy to retrieve when needed processing.而且在数据需要加工处理时同,也易于检索Storage hardware serves the same basic functions as do office filing systems.存储硬件的作用与办公室文档系统的作用相同,Except that it stores data as electromagnetic signals or laser-etched spots.但不同的是存储硬件所存放的数据是一些电磁信号,或者是一些激光蚀刻光点commonly on disk or tape ,rather than on paper.而且一般均存储在磁盘或磁带上,而不是在纸上Professional Terms专业术语activity n.活动coordinate v.调整,协调effectively v.有效地,实际地internal a.内部的,内存的primary n.主要的,第一位的sophisticated a.复杂的,高级的,尖端的processing Hardware处理硬件The purpose of processing hardware is to retrieve, interpret and direct the execution of software instructions provided to the computer.处理硬件的用途在检索、解释为计算机提供的各种软件指令,并为这些指令的执行提供指导The most common components of processing hardware are the central processing and main memory.最常见的处理硬件的部件是中央处理器和主存储器The central processing ( CPU) is the brain of the computer.中央处理器(CPU)是计算机的大脑It s and interprets software instructions and coordinates the processing activities that must take place.它可用来阅读解释各种软件指令,并协调所产生的各种处理活动The design of the CPU affects the processing power and the speed of the computer.CPU的设法会影响到计算机的处理能力和速度,as well as the amount of main memory it can use effectively以及能否有效地利用主存储器的容量With a well-designed CPU in your computer ,you can perm highly sophisticated tasks in a very short time.如果计算机有一个设计优良的CPU,那么你就能在极短的时间内,执行高度复杂的任务Main memory (also called internal memory ,primary storage ,or just plain memory)主存储器(又称为内存、主存或简称存储器)can be thought of as an electronic desktop;可以被看成一个电子桌面the more desk surface you have in front of the computer,同样,如果计算机存储器容量很大,The more software instructions in it.你就可以存储更多的软件指令The amount of memory available determines whether you can run simple or sophisticated software.可使用的存储器容量的大小,将决定你能运行简单的软件或者是能运行复杂的软件;a computer with a large memory is more capable of holding the thousands of instructions that are contained in the more sophisticated software programs.一台拥有大容量存储器的计算机,就会有更大的能力,去存放更加复杂软件中的数千条指令A large memory also allows you to work with and manipulate great amounts of data and inmation at one time.大容量存储器也使你能一次使用大量的数据和信息Quite simply, the more main memory you have in your computer ,the more you can accomplish.十分简单,计算机的主存容量越大,你能完成的任务就越多 369。
  • Free Table询问桌子是否被预订Is the table free?这张桌子没人吧?No,sir. Would you rather sit near the dance floor?有人了,先生您喜欢坐在舞池旁边吗?I dont think so. Is that table all right?我不喜欢那张桌子能坐吗?That free.那账桌子没人 71。
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