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Making a good first impression is the key to landing any job, and that starts with your resume. Learn how to properly send it out and land that job.留下良好的第一印象是获得任何工作的关键,而一切都是从简历开始的。学习一下怎样恰当地发送简历,获得心仪的工作。You Will Need你需要Resume and cover letter简历和求职信Recipient#39;s contact information接收者的联系方式Several formats of your resume几个不同版本的简历Follow-up inquiry追踪调查Steps步骤Step 1 Send a cover letter1.发送求职信Send a cover letter with the resume. Be sure to tailor both the resume and cover letter to each specific job you#39;re applying for.求职信和简历一起发送。确保简历和求职信都是为你所申请的特定职位量身定做的。Step 2 Find a contact2.寻找联系人Find the name of a specific person at the company who you can address your resume to. This will ensure that it ends up on their desk or in their inbox rather floating around the office.寻找该公司你申请的职位的特定负责人的名字。这样可以保你的简历送到他的办公桌前或收件箱中,而不是丢在办公室无人问津。Step 3 Inquire about a method3.向公司询问发送简历的方法If it#39;s not clear from the job ad, inquire with the company about which method of sending they prefer -- e-mail, fax, or mail.如果招聘广告中没有具体说明,向公司咨询他们接受哪种发送简历的方法——电子邮件,传真,还是信件。Step 4 Send in various formats4.发送不同版本Send the resume as a PDF attachment. There are many different word processors and not all are compatible with each format.The job posting might note which format is preferred.以PDF附件的方式发送简历。有许多不同的word处理器,并不是所有处理器都与各种格式相兼容的。职位招聘信息或许会注明需要哪种格式。Try copying and pasting your resume into the body of the e-mail if you don#39;t know which format to go with.如果不知道使用哪种格式,可以把简历复制粘贴在邮件正文中。Step 5 Follow up5.追踪Follow up on the resume with a phone call or e-mail after about a week if you haven#39;t heard anything. Good luck!如果一周后你没有得到回音,可以打电话或发送邮件追踪简历的情况。祝你好运!视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/231443。

The leaves on the trees are changing color and so should you. Liven up your look with a whole new color palette.秋天来了,树叶的颜色开始变了,你的妆容也应该做出改变了。调配全新的色,让你的形象更加充满生机。You Will Need你需要Moisturizer保湿霜Primer隔离霜Foundation粉底Eye shadow眼影Mascara睫毛膏False eyelashes假睫毛Blush腮红Lip gloss唇Lip foundation唇底膏Cosmetics consultant (optional)化妆品顾问(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Use moisturizer1.使用保湿霜Work a mineral-based moisturizer into your skin and let it dry.皮肤上涂抹含有矿物成分的保湿霜,等待其变干。Step 2 Add primer2.涂抹隔离霜Add a primer to smooth out your skin#39;s texture and to cover large pores.涂抹隔离霜,让皮肤更加光滑,掩盖粗大毛孔。Step 3 Brush on foundation3.刷粉底Brush on powder it to set it, creating a base for the makeup.刷一层粉底,为化妆做好准备。Warm earth hues that reflect nature are great choices for fall. Ask a cosmetics consultant about shades that will suit your skin.反映大自然的温暖的泥土色是秋季不错的选择。向化妆品顾问咨询适合你的肤色的颜色阴影。Step 4 Lay on sheen4.添加光泽Lay on a sheen of subtle, metallic foundation that is not shiny but will give your skin a glow.再涂抹一层轻微的,金属色的粉底,不那么闪光,但是能让皮肤散发出光泽。Step 5 Darken the eyes5.加深眼部Lay on a matte gray, brown, copper, or gold eye shadow. Darken your eyebrows one shade deeper than they are naturally to add emphasis. Then line them with black for a smoky look, amplified with black mascara or false eyelashes.抹一层灰色,棕色,铜色或金色的眼影。眉毛的颜色比自然的颜色深一层,起到强调作用。然后用黑色勾勒出轮廓,打造烟熏妆的效果,再涂抹黑色的睫毛膏或粘贴假睫毛。Step 6 Apply blush6.刷腮红Apply a light peach or berry blush, but don#39;t overdo it.刷一层淡淡的桃红或草莓色腮红,但是不要过分。If you draw attention to one area, lighten up on the others to keep that focus. For emphasizing makeup, choose eyes or lips; never both.如果想要吸引人们对某个部位的注意,其他部位轻描淡写,保持焦点。想要起强调作用的妆容,选择增强眼部或嘴唇。不要两者都加重。Step 7 Use deep glosses for lips7.神色唇Use deep cherry red, wine, orange, or hot pink lip gloss in the fall. Holding it with a lip foundation first will make the colors pop even more. Now go out in confidence that you will look your best for the duration of the season.秋季选择深樱桃红,酒红,橙色或枚红色唇。首先涂抹一层唇底膏可以让颜色更加突出。现在,自信满满地走出去,因为你已经拥有了适合这个季节的完美妆容。Before the 19th century, men were as likely as women to use cosmetics.19世纪以前,男性像女性一样使用化妆品。视频听力由。 Article/201309/258303。

Chinese police has detained a suspect on charges of leaking national secrets to a foreign website.警方拘留一名泄露国家机密给外国网站的嫌犯。The seventy-year-old woman is now in custody. In August last year, a foreign website released a classified Chinese document, which was reprinted by many other agencies. A special team was organized to investigate the case. Policemen in Beijing narrowed their search down to the suspect in April this year, and found proof at her residence linking her to the case. The suspect confessed that she had obtained a copy of the document last June and type the contents of the document and provided it to the director of a foreign website. In 1993, she was convicted of similar offences and sentenced to six years in prison.这名70岁的女性已经被拘留。去年8月,一家外国网站公布了一份由许多其他机构转载的中国机密文件。于是一个特别小组成立调查此案。北京警方于今年4月锁定嫌犯,并且在其住所找到了据。该嫌疑人承认去年6月获得一份文件并且将它提供给一个外国网站的负责人。她1993年曾因犯有类似的罪行被判处过6年徒刑。 Article/201405/295254。

Today, however,然而今天 NASA physicist Friedemann Freund美国宇航局的物理学家斐迪曼·弗罗因德believes he may have found the answer.相信他可能已经找到了Gary, will you tell us when you make contact?加里 闭合触点的时候请告诉我Now, it starts.开始了In 2005, Freund made a peculiar discovery2005年 弗罗因德发现了一个奇怪的现象that if you crush a rock to almost breaking point,如果撞击一块石头接近达到其碎裂点时it produces a tiny electrical current.将产生一股微小的电流Now, we are aly driving现在 我们让这块石头something like four nanoamps through this rock,产生了4纳安培的电流the pressure increases more and more,随着压力越来越大the current increases,电流增加now the pressure has aly reached现在压力已经达到了最大值 its maximum value and the current will stay up there,电流会保持在这里and as long as the load stays on the rock,而且只要石头仍有负荷the current will continue to flow,电流将会持续存在and that is the simulation我们相信这个实验for what we believe to be happening in the Earth模拟了地震发生前prior to an earthquake,岩石断裂前before they rupture.地球所处的情况If you can imagine可以想象that you have a cubic kilometre of rock being stressed or如果一块1立方千米的岩石被加压the currents translate into thousands, ten thousand,电流会转化成上千上万sometimes hundreds of thousands of amperes甚至数十万安培that could flow out of a cubic kilometre of rock.流出这1立方千米的岩石 Article/201305/240410。

Sphinxes-statues with a lion#39;s body and a man#39;s head-are creatures of myth and legend, but they#39;re also one of the great symbols of Egyptian royalty and power.狮身人面像,拥有狮子的身体,男性的头烦,来自古埃及神话传说,是埃及王权的重要象征。The most famous of all, of course, being the Great Sphinx at Giza.而位于吉萨的那一尊庞然大物,是其中最著名的一座。Here it is now and, compared with the one at Giza, this sphinx is very small.与吉萨的狮身人面像相比,本节提到的这一尊尺寸极小。it#39;s about the size of a spaniel-but it is particularly interesting, because it#39;s not just a hybrid of a man and a lion, but a fusion of Egypt and Kush.它的大小与一只西班牙猎犬相当,但它的特别之处在于,它并不只是狮子与人的混合体,也是埃及与库施王国结合的产物。It#39;s made out of sandy grey granite, and it#39;s beautifully preserved.它用灰色磨砂花岗岩制成,保存得极为完美。The muscular lion#39;s back, the mane of hair and the powerful outstretched paws are all classically Egyptian-but it#39;s not a typical Egyptian pharaoh#39;s face.狮子健壮的背部、脖子上的鬃毛以及强健有力的前爪,都具有强烈的埃及雕像的特征。但它的脸带有明显的非洲黑人特征,不是典型的埃及法老的脸。Because this man is unquestionably a black African, and this sphinx is the image of a black pharaoh.这座狮身人面像刻画的是一位黑人法老。Hieroglyphics on the sphinx#39;s chest spell it out: this is a portrait of the great King Taharqo, the fourth pharaoh to rule over the combined kingdoms of Kush and Egypt.雕像胸前的象形文字写着:这是伟大的塔哈尔卡王的雕像,他是库施与埃及联合王国的第四任法老。For thousands of years, Egypt had looked on its southern Kushite neighbour essentially as a rich but troublesome colony,数千年来,埃及一直把南方的库施看作一个富庶但棘手的属国。that could be exploited for its raw materials-there was gold and ivory and, very important, slaves.库施资源丰富,可提供黄金、象牙,以及最重要的奴隶。In this almost colonial relationship, Egypt was very much the master.在这种几乎殖民化的关系中,埃及是绝对的领主。But in 728 , the balance of power flipped.但在公元前七二八年,它们的力暈此消彼长。 Article/201408/320580。