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西南街道云东海旅游迳口华侨经济区男科医院Do you ever feel like you#39;re in over your head and at any moment you#39;re going to burst? You#39;re not alone. As humans, we overthink, overanalyze and dramatize. Lucky for us, we also have the power to take a deep breath, sit back and turn our lives around. It#39;s not easy to stop our negative thoughts from flooding through, especially during hard times, but it#39;s also not impossible. Here are the top 10 ways you can stop your personal insanity:你是否曾有过头脑发胀、随时要崩溃的感觉?其实,并非只有你如此。我们是人,处事总是思虑过度、分析过度,遇事爱夸大其词。但所幸的是,我们还能够去调整自己,回归生活,使之照常运转。虽然我们难以制止心中涌现的消极想法,尤其是身处逆境时,但这并不绝对。下面为大家介绍10种缓解崩溃情绪的方法。10.Meditation10.冥想The practice of meditation has been around for centuries, and for good reason. When you feel like you have 50 different thoughts running through your head every 60 seconds: Meditate. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and repeat a simple mantra. Keep it short and sweet, especially when you#39;re feeling stressed. For example, you can repeat #39;relax#39; or #39;breathe#39;, or even just start counting. You#39;re literally training your mind to sustain single-pointed concentration, which helps you prioritize your thoughts… and life.在几个世纪前,人们已经开始冥想,也实了冥想是有好处的。当你觉得每分钟有50种不同的想法在你的脑海里横冲直撞时:试下冥想。你只需调整出舒适的坐姿,然后闭上双眼,反复默念简单的祷语。当你感到紧张的时候,就更要注意保持祷语简洁性与愉悦性。例如,你可以反复默念“放轻松”或“深呼吸”,或者只是数数。冥想能让你把注意力集中在一个点上,这会助你理顺思路,从而更好地规划生活。9.Move Your Body9.运动Whether you like vigorous exercise or something more low-key, your body craves movement. It#39;s easy to practice at home; these 4 yoga poses to help you relax are easily accessible for anyone. Exercise with strong breath control and a little bit of sweat helps you release tension while embracing positivity and self-worth.不管你是喜欢剧烈运动还是休闲运动,你的身体都渴望运动。其实,在家里锻炼也是很方便的。这四个简单易学的瑜伽姿势可助你放松身体。运动时,深呼吸控制法和少量出汗都可助你缓解紧张的情绪、提高积极性以及提升自我价值。8.Be Honest With Yourself8.对自己坦诚Be true to yourself. This sounds obvious and simple, doesn#39;t it? It#39;s one of the hardest things to do. We#39;re always influenced by the people and media around us; it#39;s easy to lose yourself in the chaos. At the end of the day, always come back to what you want to do and don#39;t be scared to veer away from the crowd. It#39;s ok to become a little selfish, you#39;re the one that lives with your decisions, after all.做真实的自己,这听起来似乎很简单,不是吗?但是,做起来就非常困难。我们往往会受周围的人和媒体的影响,容易在混乱中迷失自我。而往往是在一天结束的时候,你才会回归到自己真正想要做的事情上。这时,不要为远离大众而感到害怕,即使这么做会显得有些自私也不要紧,毕竟你是有理想、有目标的年轻人。7.Clear Your Clutter7.整理杂物Are your magazines stacking up and trinkets suddenly taking over your countertops? Having clutter around the house can bring clutter into your life. Clearing and refreshing your space is a great way to start fresh; here are 6 simple ways you can renovate your kitchen space that are inexpensive space savers and re-vamps. Try to keep things off the floor and your draws from overflowing, this simple strategy can really shift into your life.你的杂志是否已经堆得很高了?你的小饰品是否已经占据了整个桌面?屋里的杂物放任不管也会使你的生活变得杂乱无章。从整理你的房间做起,开启新生活,也不失为一个好办法。这里有六个简单且经济实惠的方法能让你的厨房焕然一新。你可以试一下把东西搬离地面,同时不要把抽屉塞太满。这些简单的小策略都可以让你的生活变得更加有条理。6.Nourishment6.补充营养You are what you eat! Honestly… the saying is true. When you eat foods that not only fulfill your hunger but nourish your body, it makes you feel good physically and mentally. Having a fresh juice rather than can of soda gives a feeling of accomplishment, like you have control over your diet and your life.俗话说:“人如其食。”这是有道理的。你吃的食物不仅满足了你的温饱需求,还滋养了你的身体,令你身心健康。喝一杯新鲜的果汁所带来的满足感远胜于苏打罐头,这种感觉就像是你已经完全控制了你的饮食与生活。翻译:Humen 审校:阿饭 来源:前十网 /201601/420652 After taking pride of place on British dinner tables for centuries, the popularity of sausages and bacon has plunged following a cancer warning.作为英国人喜爱的美食,香肠和培根已经在该国食谱中盘踞了几个世纪之久,然而在世界卫生组织发出致癌警告后,这两种食物的受欢迎度暴跌。Sales of bacon and sausages at major supermarkets fell by 3 million euros in the two weeks after a World Health Organisation report said processed meat had the same cancer-causing risk as cigarettes.世界卫生组织在报告中指出,加工肉类的致癌风险与香烟一样高,之后,英国大型超市香肠和培根的销售额两周内暴跌300万英镑。Commercial analysts IRI Retail Advantage said sales for pre-packed bacon dropped by 17 per cent in the week after the WHO published a report last month concluding that processed meat was a carcinogen. The sales continued to fall sharply the following week and were down by 16.5 per cent.IRI(市场研究公司)的商业零售分析师表示,世界卫生组织上月发布报告称加工肉类致癌,当周,预包装培根的销售额下降了17%,接下来一周的销量继续暴跌,幅度达16.5%。Pre-packed sausage sales slumped 15.6 per cent in the last week in October and 13.9 per cent in the first week of November. IRI told The Grocer magazine that this drop #39;due to the scare#39; was equivalent to 3 million euros.10月最后一周,预包装香肠的销量下跌了15.6%,在11月首周,则下跌了13.9%。IRI告诉英国《杂货》杂志,此次恐癌风潮导致相关食品销售额暴跌300万英镑。Sausage producers reacted furiously, pointing out that fresh British sausages would not be classified as processed meat according to the WHO#39;s own classifications.香肠生产商很愤怒。他们指出,新鲜的英国香肠不属于世界卫生组织所说的加工肉类。Northern Irish sausage producer Finnebrogue threatened to take legal action against the WHO over the report#39;s claims.北爱尔兰香肠生产商“芬恩”威胁要采取法律行动向世界卫生组织索赔。But the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board said bacon and sausage manufacturers were #39;aly seeing a recovery in sales#39;, adding: #39;It is reassuring to know sales are back to normal in most areas.#39;不过,农业部和园艺发展局称培根和香肠销售额已在“回暖”,并补充道:“大部分地区的销售额已经趋于正常,这是令人感到宽慰的。” /201511/412616佛山人民医院男科最好的医院佛山市三水区人民医院男科大夫



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