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网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:一败涂地Bomb这个词大家不会觉得陌生。它在字典里有十多条解释最常用的一条是炸弹,然而最初是演艺界的人借用bomb来指一部失败的电影,现在bomb可以用来泛指任何以彻底失败告终的事情了,包括出版的一本书或者一个业务项目。我们听唐本森先生怎么谈论昨晚看的一场电影。请大家特别里面用到的bomb这个词的特殊意义是什么。This was a picture I thought would be one of the best of the year. But it turned out to be a real bomb: Im sure itll lose the studio a whole lot of money.他说:我以为这部片子会是今年的最佳电影之一,没想到它却是一次惨败。我肯定这电影会让制片公司损失一大笔钱。这里的bomb用来指惨败。刚才那段话里的bomb是作名词的,但是有时候表示;惨败;这个意思的bomb也可以是动词。这是个广告公司的广告稿撰写部门领导在描述自己开展的一次广告宣传业务。请特别注意他话里的bomb这个词是什么词性:I worked on the TV ad campaign for this auto company last fall. But when it went on the air it bombed completely and now all of us who worked on it are worried about our jobs.他说:去年秋天我为这家汽车公司大作电视广告,但是这个广告上了电视却一败涂地。如今所有参与这项工作的人都担心会保不住自己的饭碗了。这段话里的bombed是动词意思是;一败涂地;或者;彻底失败。;顺便告诉大家很奇怪,bomb这个词在英国却往往会有截然相反的意思,在伦敦bomb 可以指震撼文坛的佳作,或者引起轰动的好戏。由此可见尽管美国人和英国人用的是同一种语言,但是有时却会有全然不同的用法。这甚至会造成相互间的误解。 /201208/194574又是美丽的一天,带着美丽的心情来到这个英语学习乐园。 大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。吃完早餐了吗,快来加入今天的快乐英语之旅吧。 今天,我们主攻如何回答问路,首先,先来问下路:Excuse me, I’m kind of lost here, could you tell me how to get to the Garden Cafe?对不起,我有点迷路了,你能告诉我如何去花园咖啡厅吗?How to get to …? 如何到......? 下面,我们来回答这个问路:Go down this street. 沿着这条街走下去。Take a second right. 在第二个右转弯处转弯。And cross over to the other side of the street. 然后一直走到这条街尽头。You'll see a building named Garden Plaza. 你会看到一个叫花园广场的大楼。Walk into the Garden Plaza, take the elevator, and get off on the third floor. 走进该大楼,坐电梯,在第三层下。Garden Cafe is the first door on your right. 花园咖啡厅在你右手边的第一个门。 回答问路,还有以下表达法:Take the bus No. 231, get off at the Garden Plaza bus stop. 坐231路公共汽车,在花园广场站下。Take the subway/metro No. 1, get off at the Garden Plaza station. 坐一号线地铁,在花园广场站下。 那么,今天的课程就到这里了。这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,现在听的歌是来自Destiny's Child, Say my name, 每期节目最后我都会向大家推荐一首好听的歌,那么,别忘了明天的约会!

Hi,大家好,欢迎的网友们做客“布朗尼加分”口语课堂。相信很多网友们都看过电影“金刚”,也一定对那个长相凶恶,但心有柔情的大家伙记忆深刻。今天,我们来认识另一位金刚。 Binti is a fierce-looking gorilla who lives at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. One day, she was sitting in the gorilla habitat eating bananas. A little boy and his mother were watching the gorillas. All at once, the child climbed over the stone wall. "Look out!" someone shouted. But it was too late. The child fell 24 feet onto the cement floor of the gorilla habitat and was knocked out cold. With her own baby on her back, Binti-Jua picked up the young boy. "The gorilla's got my baby!" cried the boy's mother. Onlookers were scared out of their wits. "I feared the worst," said one paramedic. "I thought she was going to treat him like a toy." But Binti-Jua was cool as a cucumber as she took care of the boy. She rocked him in her arms and kept the other gorillas away. Then she carried him to the gate where zoo officials were waiting. "I can't believe how gentle she was! We're proud of her. She's the apple of our eye," said a zoo director. The little boy is safe and sound, and Binti-Jua is a hero. Binti是一只fierce-looking gorilla,长相凶狠的母猩猩。一天,她正在吃香蕉的时候,一个小男孩儿爬过石墙,摔在了大猩猩笼子里的水泥地上,并且was knocked out cold。Be knocked out cold意思是become unconscious from a blow to the head。因为头部受到重击而失去意识。小男孩儿摔得不轻,意外发生的时候,Binti身后还背着自己的孩子,当Binti走过去抱起小男孩儿的时候,所有的onlookers,围观者,都were scared out of their wits. Wits,智力,智慧。短语意思就是 “吓得脑袋都不运转了,吓得不知所措,灵魂出窍”。有些恐怖电影,或者恐怖城就会用Scared out of your wits“下破你的胆”来做宣传语。 上面的人乱作一团,孩子的妈妈甚至认为Binti打算吃了她的孩子,唯独Binti自己cool as a cucumber。镇定自若。As cool as a cucumber相当于,very calm and relaxed. 非常放松,非常冷静。再比如:Not everyone can keep as cool as a cucumber in an emergency. 在紧急情况下,并不是每个人都能保持冷静的。 Confronted with such a vital question of life and death, he looked as cool as a cucumber. 面对着这样重大的生死问题,他的神态却异常冷静。 Binti rocked the boy in her arms,抱在怀里摇动着孩子,还kept the other gorillas away,还不让其他猩猩靠近。这样的举动真是太富于母爱了。难怪动物管理员都惊诧地说不敢相信自己的眼睛。不过,Binti的表现的确是足以让动物管理员们feel proud感到骄傲,并且将她视为是管理员们的the apple of eye,珍爱之物。这个用法相信在初中阶段老师就介绍过了。再比如:The little girl is the apple of her father's eye. 这个小女孩是他爸爸的掌上明珠。 小故事以happy ending结束,小男孩儿safe and sound, Binti也成了英雄。sound在这里可不是“声音”或者“听起来”的意思。它等同于healthy,表示“健康的,健全的”。再比如:She is sound in body and mind. 她身心健康。 听过这个故事一下想起孔令东描述大学时期同寝室里一个长得很凶悍,但却偏好琼瑶小说,内心也非常柔软的北方汉子。恩,看来不管是人还是其他动物,我们都不能轻易以貌取之。好了,期待下期和您再见。 /201111/159612

Hey! My name is Chris, I’m an English teacher with Meisi.嘿,我是Chris, 我是美思的英语老师。Who wants to learn some English? Well, you’ve come to the right place. But first, what should you guys say when I say “Who wants to learn some English?”“Me?” This is a good answer, but using it too much sounds like you’re answering questions.谁想学习英语?你来对地方了哦。首先我来问一下,当我问“谁想学习英语的时候”,你们应该怎么回答?“me?”这样回答很好,不过总是用这一个词,看起来像是在回答问题。What about “I do?” Perfect on your wedding day. But here we want to show more than “me”, we want to say that we want to be a part of it.“I do”怎么样?在结婚的时候很好用。但是今天我们要学习除了“me”之外更多的表达我们想参与进去的方式。公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201612/486032

  And you know that attitude stays with me until this day父亲的话一直伴随着我直到今天and I feel like my dad was the best player I have ever played against我认为爸爸是我遇到的最好的对手You know most lesson and saying he instilled in me was, just hungry and humble他教给我最多的道理,就是是保持饥渴和谦逊just means having the hunger and always try to be better这意味着仍然要像饿鬼一样不断汲取营养,变得更好And then just show humility and always being appreciative for what you have and you accomplish对自己所拥有和得到的保持谦逊和感激Well man I was drafted No 1, it was truly a blessing我在被第一位选中,确实很幸运And come to a great city like Cleveland, and you know the fans here really embraced me来到克利夫兰这个超棒的城市,这里的球迷都很欢迎我You know wherever I go, or any accomplishment I bring it back home to Cleveland不管我走到哪里,拿到什么成就我都会反馈给克利夫兰I feel like optimism is definitely back in this city我感觉乐观的情绪又回到了这里The thing that makes me the best point guard in the league is consistency and hard work, and a lot of wins我能成为联盟顶级控卫,首先是稳定,然后刻苦,还有不断地胜利I feel like new HYPERDUNK fits my game by the way it looks and feels, very stylish我觉得新款HYPERDUNK很适合我,外观、触感、风格都很好I have a simplistic style, but I kind of like to be louder a few times and我有很简单的风格,但有时候也像高调一些I feel like HYPERDUNK you can come up with some crazy colorways我觉得HYPERDUNK有许多配色选择My goals in life is just continue to be better everyday, become the best man I can be, and reach my full potential in life我的生活目标就是每天变得更好,变成我能成为的最好的人,发挥我所有的潜能I just wanna win a lot championship with the great team and be a part of something special我想跟伟大的球队赢得更多的总冠军,然后成为具有特殊意义的一部分更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201705/511275

  Subject:I was out like a light. 迷你对话A: Wake up! The library is going to be closed. We have to leave for lunch now.醒醒!图书馆要关门了,我们得去吃午饭了。B: My God! I was out like a light.天啊,我睡着了。 地道表达 be out like a light 1. 解词释义Like a light的意思与“灯”没有任何关系,其实际意思是“睡着”。而对话中在like a light前面有个副词out,即为:out like a light,其意思就带有“不省人事,昏睡,被击昏”的意思了。 2. 拓展例句e.g. After the sustained effort of the day I lay down on the bed and went out like a light.持续不断地苦干了一整天后,我一躺在床上就昏昏入睡了。e.g. After working a twelve hour shift yesterday, I was out like a light as soon as I got into bed.昨天经过十二小时轮班工作后,我一躺到床上就睡着了。e.g. He was out like a light after five beers.他喝了五瓶啤酒后就醉的不省人事了。e.g. Something swished and she went out like a light.只听见什么东西嗖地一声,她立刻失去了知觉。 Ps:leave for something的意思是“离开呆在的地方去做某事”。例如:I am about leave for study. 我要离开去学习了。 /201404/287658。

  The worlds oldest person has died at her home in italy. 世界上最长寿的老人在她意大利的家中去世。According to N news, Emma Morano was 117, making her the worlds oldest person. 据N新闻,埃玛·莫拉诺享年117岁,是世界上最长寿的人。Morano is believed to have been the last surviving person born in the 1800s. 莫拉诺被认为是出生在19世纪最后幸存的人。Morano, born on Nov. 29, 1899, she had been living in a tidy, one-room apartment. 莫拉诺,出生于1899年11月29日,她一直生活在一个整洁的单人房公寓。According to her physician she did not suffer and passed away peacefully. 据她的医生说,她没有遭受痛苦,安详地离世。Before hospice, Morano supported herself by working in a factory making jute bags, then at a hotel, working way beyond the usual retirement age.此前,莫拉诺在一家工厂制作麻袋养活自己,然后在一家酒店工作,超出了通常的退休年龄。译文属未经许可请勿转。201704/504024


  又是美丽的一天,新的开始。欢迎Faith口语课堂-天天学的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,快来快乐学英语吧。Critical: adj. 决定性的,关键性的,危急的;批评的,批判的The reform is at its critical stage now. 改革正处于关键阶段。Her performance won her much critical acclaim. 她的表演大获界赞颂。I know how critical your parents are. 我知道你父母有多挑剔。Critic: n. 批评家,家She is a very discerning art critic. 她是位眼光敏锐的艺术家。Criticize: vt. amp; vi. ,批评 You should not criticize him so harshly in his face. 你不应该当面这么严厉地批评他。What are you up to +(时间): 有什么安排,打算What are you up to tonight? 你今晚有何安排?What are you up to tomorrow? 你明天有什么活动吗?What are you up to this coming weekend? 这个周末你有什么计划吗?Be up to +(somebody): 由某人来决定,负责If you dont feel like going, dont go, its up to you. 如果你没心情去,就别去,你自己决定吧。My parents say my marriage thing is entirely up to me. 我父母说我的婚姻大事完全由我自己做主。What are you up to tomorrow night? Feel like going out with me for a movie, all right, its up to you, whatever. 明晚有何安排吗?想和我去看电影吗?没事,你定吧,就算我没说。 /201205/181374今天我们来看一看“我无法登入公司的办公系统”用英语怎么说:I cannot get into the office system. I cant get access to the office system. The office system wont let me login.A: Excuse me, the office system wont let me login. Could you help me?B: Sure. Let me see if you have the correct IP.A: 不好意思,我登入不了公司的办公系统,你可以帮我吗?B:好的,我先看看你的IP有没有问题。 /201409/327287



  Failure is a bruise not a tattoo.失败就像是暂时的挫伤,而不是洗不掉的刺青。单词记忆:failure n. 失败,不及格; 缺乏,不足; 破产,倒bruise vt.使挫伤; vi.擦伤; 碰伤;tattoo n.文身; 归营鼓; 夜间野外军事演习; 连续有节奏的敲击声; vt.刺青,刺花纹于(皮肤)上; 在…上有节奏地敲击或轻叩;公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201610/469367

  今天我们来看一看“你来得真早”的英文怎么说You’re certainly here early.L: Good morning! You’re certainly here early!早安!你来的真早!D: So are you. I just got here a few minutes ago!你也是。我才到不久。L: Let’s get a cup of coffee!我们一起喝杯咖啡吧!D: Sounds good!好啊! /201410/335161


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