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福州省立医院输卵管通液福州那里试管生男孩好Campaigners have for years been battling to get the world’s poor better access to banking, arguing that something as simple as setting up a bank account and, better yet, providing credit can be the most effective tools to help people rise out of poverty.多年来,活动家们一直在为了让世界上的穷人更好地获得务而努力。他们指出,像开设账户、以及进一步提供信贷这样简单的事,可以成为帮助人们摆脱贫困的最有效工具。But thanks to a rare confluence of technological innovations and new pushes in countries such as India, those efforts to encourage what the professionals call “financial inclusion” might finally be paying off.现在,技术创新和印度等国国内的新推动力正难得地发生融合,得益于此,鼓励这种专业人士所称的“金融包容性”的努力可能终于要成功了。In a report looking at both the progress made and the government policies being adopted around the developing world, researchers at the Brookings Institution in Washington argue that after years of work that may just be the case.在一份考察“金融包容性”进展以及发展中国家政府所采纳的政策的报告中,华盛顿布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)的研究员认为,在经过多年的努力之后,情况可能确实如此。“Financial inclusion is really taking off,” says Darrell West, director of the centre for technological innovation at Brookings and one of the authors. “I think we have reached a tipping point.”“金融包容性真的在实现,”布鲁金斯学会科技创新中心主任、该报告作者之一达雷尔韦斯特(Darrell West)称,“我想我们已经达到了一个临界点。”The study is not the first to identify progress. In April, for example, the World Bank released the results of a 140-country survey that found more than 700m people worldwide had left the ranks of the “unbanked” in the past three years.该研究并非是第一个确认该进展的。例如,今年4月世界(World Bank)公布的对140个国家所做调查的结果显示,过去3年中,世界各地有超过7亿人脱离了“无账户者”之列。The main credit for that progress goes to mobile phone-based payment platforms such as Kenya’s M-Pesa, which have provided a way around often traditional bank bureaucracies and regulatory regimes in many developing economies.该进展主要归功于肯尼亚M-Pesa之类的手机付平台,它们提供了一条途径,可以绕开很多发展中国家通常情况下传统的繁文缛节和监管机制。Their widesp use in some African countries has put the continent at the forefront of efforts to secure banking services for the poor. Kenya topped the rankings of the 21 countries Brookings researchers examined, with 75 per cent of adults now holding financial accounts of some sort, a 33 percentage point increase from 2011.它们在一些非洲国家的广泛使用,使非洲处于帮穷人获得务的努力的前沿。在布鲁金斯学会研究员考察的21个国家中,肯尼亚位列榜首,如今75%的成年人拥有某种金融账户,较2011年增长了33个百分点。Among the things encouraging researchers is the fact that after years of being a largely African phenomenon, mobile phone-driven services are being launched in other regions where governments are also loosening historical regulatory constraints on non-bank financial service companies.令研究员感到鼓舞的是,过去多年主要属于非洲现象的手机金融务,如今正在其他地区展开,而这些地区的政府也在放松历史上针对非金融务机构的监管约束。In an increasing number of places governments are working with the banking industry and telecoms companies to establish a mobile payment system aimed at those without bank accounts — in Peru 70 per cent of its 22m adults, said the World Bank.世界称,在越来越多的地区,政府正在与业和电信公司合作,面向那些没有账户的人——在秘鲁,2200万成年人中70%的人属于这类人——建立移动付系统。 /201508/395297福建中医看不孕大概多少钱 We#39;re still years away from a Tesla that can deliver you safely to work whilst you doze serenely in the driver#39;s seat, but both the Model S and Model X took a big step in that direction today. Tesla released Version 7.0 of the software that powers its vehicles, and it comes with a new trick: Autopilot.虽然特斯拉还不能满足一边开车上班一边打瞌睡的愿望,但是如今特斯拉的两款车型,S和X系列已经朝这个方向发展了一大步。近日,特斯拉更新了7.0软件版本,可以持一项新技能:自动驾驶。The software update will roll out gradually over the next five days, automatically applying itself to all Model X SUVs and all Model S sedans produced since October 2014. Software updates, while largely a curiosity among the auto industry, have become commonplace for Tesla owners. Still, this is the biggest update by far and it delivers a handful of Autopilot features.该软件在五天之后即可升级。在2014年10月后生产的X系列SUV和S系列的轿车都可以自动适配该软件。对于其他汽车公司来说,软件升级是个新鲜玩意儿。但是对特斯拉来说,这已经是老生常谈。但此次融入无人驾驶技术可谓是一个前所未有的革新。The main feature, Autosteer, is basically an advanced lane departure assist system. The car will automatically stay in a lane, slowing down as necessary to avoid traffic and steering around curves.The vehicle can even change lanes, though only when prompted by the driver hitting the turn signal and when the car detects the way is clear.自动驾驶是一项先进的辅助系统。安装该软件后,汽车会自动在车道上行使,在必要情况下进行减速以避免交通堵塞,也可以自动转方向。当司机按下转弯灯并且汽车检测道路安全的情况下,汽车也可以自动并线。Autosteer did an admirable job avoiding traffic on busy city streets, even giving room for a Honda that was very keen on merging ahead of us. However, it won#39;t detect things like yield signs and does not traffic lights. On the highway where traffic moves more predictably (and where we hope to test one soon), you#39;ll surely be able to relax a little more.自动驾驶也可以避免交通拥堵路段,甚至还能与前方的本田汽车保持车距。然而。自动驾驶无法识别路标和红绿灯。你只能在可预测路况的高速公路上可以休息一会(我们很快将会对其进行测试)。The Palo Alto, California, automaker said drivers must keep their hands on the wheel, but in our limited testing the car was actually quite lenient. For example, the driving assistant system in the BMW 7 Series allows you to take your hands off the wheel for 15 seconds before it starts beeping obnoxiously. Tesla#39;s system seemingly lets you go hands-off for as long as you want. It will eventually start beeping, but there#39;s an option to turn off the chime.加利福尼亚州大众汽车认为,司机必须将手放在方向盘上。但是对我们的汽车来说,这并不是必要条件。例如,宝马7系的行车辅助系统只能让司机双手离开方向盘15秒钟。超过15秒钟后,汽车将会响起恼人的哔哔声。然而,特斯拉的系统可以让你想离开多久就离开多久。虽然也会进行报警,但是可以手动关闭。Tesla isn#39;t the only company taking steps toward autonomous cars. Toyota, Nissan, General Motors and Google all plan to have self-driving vehicles on the road by 2020. Even iPhone maker Apple is reportedly working on an electronic, partially-self-driving vehicle. Supporters of autonomous vehicles say they will significantly improve safety on roadways.研究无人驾驶技术的公司绝非特斯拉一家。在2020年之前,丰田、尼桑、大众汽车和谷歌都计划研发自动驾驶汽车。即便是iPhone的制造商苹果公司也开始研究电子半自动化汽车。持者们认为此举将会提高道路安全性。Ultimately, Tesla#39;s system is very nicely composed. Autosteer can smoothly and cleanly handle traffic and is able to come to a complete stop and resume speed without any driver intervention. It takes a huge amount of stress and pressure out of driving in traffic. Again, you should always be paying attention, because the system will throw control back to the driver when it needs to.总的来说,特斯拉自动驾驶系统是非常可靠的。它可以稳定、完美地解决路上的交通问题。在没有司机参与的情况下,完成停车、加速。该技术可以很大程度上减轻路上开车压力。不过,你也要小心,系统可能会反过来控制司机。Updated Model S and X vehicles will also be able to slot themselves into parallel parking spots. Drivers need only cruise slowly past an open spot and then enable Autopark, at which point the car will handle all the hard work. You can keep your hands off the wheel and feet of the pedals.升级版的S和X系列汽车也可以自动停在停车位。司机只需要将车慢慢驶过空的停车位,之后开启自动停车模式。车辆会自己完成复杂的停车程序,司机无需手握方向盘,脚踩刹车。Tesla owners should keep an eye out for a pop-up on their car#39;s touchscreen display prompting them to update. Just make sure you aren#39;t going anywhere for awhile before you apply it. The software update could take upwards of two hours to download.特斯拉车主可以留意汽车触屏上的升级标识。不过,要确保在升级期间不要开车出门。软件的升级下载需要两个小时左右 /201510/404371福州市做造影多少钱

福州总院宫腔镜手术好不好I ended 2013 by compiling something slightly unusual: a list of some of the good news you might have missed. I thought it was a pretty good note to end the year on, and people seemed to like ing about some of the ways the world is becoming a better place. This year, I thought I’d do it again。2013年我编辑了一些有点不同寻常的东西来作为年终总结:一张你可能错过了的好消息清单。我觉得作为年终总结,这是一份相当不错的笔记,而且人们似乎喜欢读一些世界在哪些方面变得更好的故事。今年,我想我又要这么干了。Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s been a turbulent year, in the ed States and many other countries. But it’s worth taking a moment to celebrate some of the good news too. More children are surviving than ever before. We’re making progress against some of the world’s deadliest diseases. These are some of the most fundamental ways to measure the world’s progress—and by that measure, 2014 was definitely another good year。当然了,在美国和其他很多国家,我们不能忽略这是充满骚乱动荡不安的一年。但是花点时间为些好消息庆祝也是很值的。同从前相比,更多的孩子存活了下来。和世界上的一些致命的疾病作斗争,我们正在进步。这些是衡量世界进步的最根本的方法——而且通过以下的估量,2014绝对又是让人欢喜的一年。1.More Fifth Birthdays Than Ever Before和从前相比,更多孩子过上了5岁的生日。To me, one of the best ways to measure progress is to look at how many children are dying of preventable causes。对我而言,衡量进步最好的方法之一就是看看,有多少孩子的死亡可以避免。And today, more kids are living to see their fifth birthday than ever before. This year, for at least the 42nd year in a row, the child mortality rate has fallen. And it’s not just moving in the right direction—it’s falling faster than anyone expected。同过去相比的今天,更多的孩子活着过上了5岁的生日。在今年,至少是连续第42年儿童的死亡率有所下降。而且不仅仅是朝正确的方向——它比任何人期望的都下降的快。The Economist ran a great article about this in September, where it estimated that just since 2001, the world has saved 13.6 million children’s lives. It’s hard to think of a better sign the world is improving。《经济学人》在9月写了一篇关于这个问题的长文,自从2001年开始,预计全世界已拯救了1360万儿童的生命。不难想象,这就是世界正在变好的标志。2.We Hit a Big Milestone in Fighting AIDS我们在对抗艾滋病上取得了里程碑式的进步The world has done an impressive job of providing treatment to people living with HIV. But for years we were falling behind, because for all the people who started getting treatment, even more would become infected。对于艾滋病病毒感染者的治疗,全世界已经取得了令人钦佩的进步。但是这些年来,我们一直很落后,因为算上所有开始接受治疗的人,也及不上更多的人受感染的速率。Not anymore, though. New data released this month show that 2013 was the first year when more people started getting treatment than became infected with HIV. Why does that matter? Because treating people not only keeps them alive, it also dramatically reduces the odds that they will pass the virus on to anyone else. As the epidemiologists say, we can start to bend the curve of the disease。今非昔比。这个月的新数据显示,2013年是第一年接受治疗的人比感染艾滋病病毒的人多了。这为何显得意义非凡?因为病人的治疗不仅仅是延续他们的生命,还急剧减少了将病毒传染给别人的几率。正如流行病专家所说的那样,这是一个转折点。We still have a long way to go before we can declare the end of AIDS, but this is a big milestone。在能宣告艾滋病已经无所可畏之前,我们还有很长的路要走,但是这确实是里程碑式的一步。3.Rotavirus Vaccine is Reaching More Kids Than Ever比起以往更多的孩子接受了轮状病毒疫苗接种When I an article in the late 1990s that mentioned a diarrheal disease called rotavirus killed hundreds of thousands of kids a year, I couldn’t believe something I’d never even heard of was killing that many children。当我在20世纪90年代阅读一篇提到名为轮状病毒引发的腹泻病,一年里能导致成千上万的儿童死亡,我不敢相信这种我从来没听过的病毒杀死了那么多孩子。But rotavirus doesn’t get much press because it’s almost never deadly in rich countries—and the world tends to ignore diseases that only affect the world’s poorest people。但是轮状病毒没受多大重视,因为在发达国家几乎从不会致死——所以全世界都倾向对这个只影响贫穷国家人民的疾病视而不见。In many ways, rotavirus was a catalyst for my commitment to global health—in fact, one of our foundation’s first grants supported efforts against rotavirus. Since then, the number of kids dying from this illness has been cut nearly in half thanks to a cheap and effective vaccine. And today, that vaccine is reaching more kids than ever before。从很多方面来看,轮状病毒是我致力委身于全球健康的催化剂——事实上,我们基金会的第一笔补助就是帮助对抗轮状病毒。从那以后,多亏了廉价又高效的疫苗,死于这种疾病的儿童就减少了近乎一半。同过去相比的今天,更多孩子接受了疫苗接种。For example in India, where rota kills nearly 80,000 children a year, the government decided this year to deliver the vaccine for free to poor children. And manufacturers there are working on a more affordable vaccine that could reach even more children in the coming years。举个例子,在印度,该病毒一年杀死了几乎8万儿童,政府决定在今年为贫穷的孩子发放免费疫苗。而那里的厂家致力于生产更多价格实惠的疫苗,以便让更多孩子在接下来的几年里负担的起这种疫苗接种。4.A Tuberculosis Breakthrough—Finally肺结核终于有了突破性进展The world is way overdue for a better tuberculosis treatment。全世界在更好的治疗肺结核上所做的已经远远超出预期。TB is one of the world’s leading causes of death, and our existing treatments are inadequate—especially for drug resistant forms of the disease. But efforts to improve them have been stalled for decades. So it’s a big deal that earlier this year, scientists announced that a new TB treatment regimen has proven effective in early-phase research。肺结核是全世界第一大致死疾病。而我们现有的治疗十分匮乏——尤其是该疾病的耐药性上。但是几十年来改进的努力一直止步不前。所以今年早些时候,科学家宣布一种新型肺结核治疗方案在早期研究方案中被明有效,成为了大事件。From here, the drug regimen goes on to a large clinical trial to confirm the results. If this new treatment regimen pans out, it could dramatically reduce the time it takes to cure drug-resistant TB and save poor countries billions of dollars in health-care costs。从现在开始,用药法将继续大型临床试验区来明这个结论。如果这种新型治疗方法成功了,它就能迅速减少治疗肺结核耐药性的时间,并且为贫穷国家的卫生保健开省下一大笔。5.Nigeria’s Fight Against Polio Helped Its Fight Against Ebola尼日利亚对抗小儿麻痹症的经验帮助了其对抗埃拉A lot of the media coverage about Nigeria this year focused on two things: Ebola and terrorism。很多媒体报道了今年尼日利亚专注的两件事情:埃拉和恐怖主义。Both are frightening, and they masked the fact that from a global health perspective, Nigeria actually had a pretty good year. Although it’s one of only three countries that have never been free from polio (Pakistan and Afghanistan are the other two), I don’t think it will be on that list for long。但是这两件恐怖的事从全球健康的角度掩盖了一个事实:尼日利亚实际上度过了很棒的一年。虽然它是全世界仅有的三个还在遭受小儿麻痹症的国家(还有两个是巴基斯坦和阿富汗),我认为他们很长时间不会上榜了。Nigeria has reported only six cases of polio this year, compared to more than 50 last year. What’s more, the infrastructure Nigeria has built to fight polio actually made it easier for them to swiftly contain Ebola. The fact that Nigeria is now Ebola free is a great example of how doing the work to fight things like fighting polio also leaves countries better prepared to deal with outbreaks of other diseases。尼日利亚今年据报道只有6例小儿麻痹症,而去年有50多个病例。而且,尼日利亚建的用于对抗小儿麻痹症的基础设施,实际上让他们对抗埃拉的工作更容易了。尼日利亚如今不再遭受埃拉侵袭,就是一个很好的例子:像对抗小儿麻痹症这样疾病的经验也能让国家更好的准备其他疾病暴发时的应对。6.Looking Ahead展望未来One more thing: this January, Melinda and I will publish our annual letter. This year, we’re looking ahead to 2030. We’ll be writing about a few areas—from health to farming and banking—where life will really change, especially for people in some of the world’s poorest places。还有一件事:今年1月,梅琳达和我将会出版我们每一年的信件。今年,我们展望至2030年。我们书写着尤其是世界上最贫穷地方人们的生活,在一些领域——从健康到农业到——生活的改变。 /201503/363728福州晋安博爱医院精子检查多少钱 龙岩检查精子费用多少

宁德哪里有做输卵管疏通The 6.2 version software update, which was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Thursday during a press conference, includes several new features, including range assurance, an app that communicates in real time with Tesla’s supercharger networks and destination chargers. The app advises drivers when they’re at risk of driving beyond the range of reliable charging locations. Once alerted, a map guides the driver to the closest charger, factoring in elevation and wind speed to determine range with extreme accuracy, Musk said during the call.本周四的新闻发布会上,特斯拉首席执行官埃隆o穆斯克发布了更新版的6.2版本软件。更新后,该软件将具有多种新的特色功能,包括一款保障里程的应用,它可以实时与特斯拉的超级充电站网络及目的地充电桩联系。穆斯克在发布会上说,当特斯拉车可能驶出可靠充电地点的覆盖范围时,该软件将提醒驾驶者注意。一旦发出警示,软件就会根据车所在的海拔高度、风速等因素,极其精确地判断里程范围,提供路线图,指引司机将车开到距离最近的充电站。“All the complexity is taken care of automatically. You don’t need to think ahead or do any calculations,” Musk said. “It’s impossible to run out unless you do so intentionally. The car will even double check and you’ll have to say, ‘yes, I’m sure’ twice before it’s possible to actually run out of range.”“所有复杂操作都会自动完成。您不需要提前考虑,也不需要做任何计算,”穆斯克说,“除非有意为之,否则驾驶者不可能超出充电的里程范围。(软件)甚至会对此复查。在可能超出充电的里程范围以前,驾驶者将不得不两次回复(软件):‘是的,我确定。’”Tesla TSLA -2.52% has also added a trip planner that automatically picks a route through the appropriate superchargers if charging is needed. The planner selects the fastest route to the destination and breaks it into three- to four-hour legs between superchargers. Once the vehicle is charged, the car messages the driver via the Tesla phone app.特斯拉还增加了一款规划路线的应用。如果需要充电,该应用会自动选择一条路线,前往适合所在车辆的超级充电站。这款应用会挑选最快到达目的地的路线,并确保每行驶三到四小时就会有一座超级充电站。一完成充电,车就会通过特斯拉的电话应用通知驾驶者。The route should match up to when a driver would normally want to stop, use the restroom, have a bite to eat or grab a coffee, Musk said.穆斯克说,这条路线应当符合驾驶者正常的需求,比如考虑到他们可能中途停下车休息、去洗手间、吃点东西或喝杯咖啡。“There’s maybe the rare occasion where someone wants to drive non-stop for 10 hours and wears diapers or something, but that’s unusual,” Musk said. “For almost any trip, the time driven to time charging ratio works out really well.”“可能在极少数时候,有人想不停歇地连续开十小时车,或者开车时穿了尿布什么的,但那是不常见的,”穆斯克说。“驾驶时长与充电时间要成比例,这几乎适用于所有的行程。”The software update should be released to all Model S owners in about 10 days, Musk said.穆斯克还说,大约十天内,所有特斯拉Model S型车的车主就能使用这款更新版的软件。 /201503/367079 LONDON — It is a paradox of the digital age: Even as smartphones and high-speed Internet access become more crucial to everyday life and commerce, the makers of the equipment that underpins those networks can struggle to make money.伦敦——这是数字时代的悖论:在智能手机和高速互联网接入在日常生活和商业活动中变得更加重要的同时,这些网络设备的制造商却难以盈利。Cutthroat competition, particularly between the European and Chinese manufacturers that now dominate the industry, has kept network equipment costs low despite the increasingly sophisticated — and expensive — research and development that go into the technology.异常残酷的竞争,尤其是在行业占主导地位的欧洲和中国制造商的竞争,压低了网络设备的价格,与此同时,相关技术的研发已经变得越来越复杂和昂贵。That is why two of the industry’s biggest players, the Finnish company Nokia and its French-American rival, Alcatel-Lucent, are in advanced talks toward a merger that would make the combined companies the world’s second-biggest network equipment maker. Only Ericsson, of Sweden, would be larger.正是因为以上原因,行业内的两个最大参与者,芬兰公司诺基亚(Nokia)和法美两国合资的竞争对手阿尔卡特朗讯(Alcatel-Lucent),正在为两家公司的合并进行最后阶段的谈判。合并后的公司将成为世界第二大网络设备制造商,仅次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)。The Chinese giant Huawei, whose global emergence over the last decade as a cost-cutting juggernaut has played a role in a wave of industry consolidations, would slip to third place.中国巨头华为将位列第三。过去10年,华为作为成本削减的主要推动力量而崛起,在行业整合的浪潮中扮演了一定角色。Nokia announced the merger talks on Tuesday morning. Later in the day, the idea received an apparent nod of support from the French government, which has often intervened when local companies have become takeover targets for international competitors.诺基亚周二上午宣布了举行合并谈判的消息。当天晚些时候,这个想法明显获得了法国政府的持。在本国企业成为国际竞争者的收购目标时,法国政府常常会插手干预。If completed, the deal would create a company with combined revenues of about billion and might be better poised to provide telecom hardware and software to some of the world’s largest carriers, including ATamp;T and Verizon in the ed States, Vodafone and Orange in Europe, and SoftBank in Japan.如果达成这笔交易,合并后公司的总营收将达到270亿美元(约合1670亿元人民币)左右,或许可以更好地为世界上最大的一些电信运营商提供硬件和软件。这些运营商包括美国的ATamp;T和威瑞森(Verizon),欧洲的沃达丰(Vodafone)和Orange,以及日本的软银(SoftBank)。But many of those customers have started to cut back. ATamp;T and SoftBank, for example, are still catching their breath after investing billions of dollars over the last decade to upgrade to the latest high-speed networks. And as the provision of network equipment has increasingly become a commodity business, manufacturers have been forced to lay off tens of thousands of employees in a bid to stay afloat.不过,这些公司中有许多已经开始削减设备购买量。比如,ATamp;T和软银在过去10年投资了数十亿美元升级到最新的高速网络,目前仍在恢复元气。此外,由于网络设备的提供越来越成为一种商品业务,为了维持下去,制造商们不得不裁掉了数万名员工 。“The industry is in need of consolidation,” said Bengt Nordstrom, co-founder of Northstream, a telecom consulting firm. “After years of growth, the telecom industry is now shrinking. A combination of Nokia and Alcatel was bound to happen at some point.”“这个行业需要整合,” 电信行业咨询公司Northstream联合创始人本特·努德斯特伦(Bengt Nordstrom)说。“在多年的增长之后,电信行业现在正在缩水。诺基亚和阿尔卡特朗讯的合并是迟早的事。”Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent are themselves the result of consolidations. Nokia merged its telecommunications network business with that of the German industrial conglomerate Siemens in 2006, before buying out Siemens in 2013. Alcatel and Lucent — the former equipment arm of ATamp;T — merged in 2006, as both were struggling, and they have trod a fairly rocky path since.诺基亚和阿尔卡特朗讯本身就是行业整合的结果。2006年,诺基亚与德国工业巨头西门子(Siemens)将各自的电信网络业务合并,而后诺基亚又在2013年收购了西门子的这一部门。阿尔卡特(Alcatel)和朗讯科技(Lucent)——前ATamp;T硬件设备部门——于2006年合并,两家公司当时都处境艰难,此后也走过了一段坎坷的道路 。But these were not always troubled companies.但它们并非一直都身处困境。In 1996, when ATamp;T spun off Lucent, the stock quickly became a Wall Street favorite, rising to more than a share and surpassing ATamp;T in market value by 1998. But in 2000, Lucent was caught wrong-footed by a sudden slowdown in demand for communications equipment and reported a series of disappointing quarterly results. Its chairman and chief executive was ousted, and the Securities and Exchange Commission began an inquiry into its accounting practices. The shares slid to a low of 58 cents in 2002.1996年,当ATamp;T剥离朗讯时,该公司股票迅速成为华尔街的宠儿,朗讯股价涨到每股超过63美元,其市值也在1998年超过了ATamp;T。但是2000年,由于通讯设备的需求突然降低,朗讯方寸大乱,并拿出了一系列令人失望的季度业绩报告。公司董事长兼首席执行官被解雇,美国券交易委员会(Securities and Exchange Commission)开始对公司的账目进行调查。2002年,公司股价跌至58美分的低点。Nokia, for its part, was once the world’s largest maker of cellphones, but rapidly lost its position after the likes of Apple and Samsung entered the smartphone industry. Last year, Nokia completed the sale of its handset business to Microsoft for roughly .2 billion to focus on building network equipment.而诺基亚曾是世界上最大的手机制造商,但是在苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)进入智能手机行业以后,它便迅速失去了自己的地位。诺基亚在去年完成了以72亿美元价格,将公司手机业务卖给微软的交易,转而专注于网络设备的制造。“Nokia has the ambitions, and they have the cash from the Microsoft sale,” said Sylvain Fabre, a telecom analyst at the technology research company Gartner.科技调研公司高德纳(Gartner)的电信分析师西尔维恩·法布雷(Sylvain Fabre)说,“诺基亚有野心,而且他们也在把业务卖给微软的过程中获得了资金。”The companies’ chief executives — Michel Combes of Alcatel-Lucent and Rajeev Suri of Nokia — met Tuesday afternoon with President Fran#231;ois Hollande of France at the #201;lysée Palace, and the office of the economy minister indicated it might support a merger.周二下午,两家公司的首席执行官——阿尔卡特朗讯的米歇尔·孔布(Michel Combes)和诺基亚的拉吉夫·苏瑞(Rajeev Suri)——在爱丽舍宫会见了法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande),经济部长办公室也表示,可能会持这两家公司合并。While Alcatel-Lucent is incorporated in France, its North American operations, based around the legacy Lucent business in Murray Hill, N.J., contributed almost half of its 2014 annual revenue of 13.2 billion euros, or about .1 billion. Europe represented about 22 percent, and Asia just under 20 percent.尽管阿尔卡特朗讯设在法国,但该公司的北美业务在其2014年总计132亿欧元,约合141亿美元的年营收中,贡献了大约一半。欧洲业务约占22%,亚洲业务所占比例略低于20%。阿尔卡特朗讯的北美业务总部,位于朗讯在新泽西州梅山(Murray Hill)的遗留部门附近。France’s previous economy minister, Arnaud Montebourg, was known for taking a critical view of deals that would lead to French companies passing under foreign control.众所周知,法国上一任经济部长阿诺·蒙特布尔(Arnaud Montebourg)对于让法国公司受外国控制的交易,一向持批判态度。This time, however, the state appears to be encouraging a deal. Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron told reporters on Tuesday that combining the companies “would permit the creation of a European champion to take on Chinese competition,” though the world’s largest equipment market is Ericsson.不过,这一次,法国似乎在鼓励这次交易。经济部长埃马纽埃尔·马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)周二告诉记者,公司的合并“将创造一个欧洲巨头,来与中国抗衡”,尽管世界上最大的设备厂商是爱立信。Mr. Macron, speaking to the news media after Mr. Hollande’s meeting with the company executives, also addressed one of the government’s main worries, saying that he did not expect any jobs to be lost in France.奥朗德会见公司高管之后,马克龙在对新闻媒体讲话时也提到了政府担心的一个主要问题,说他不希望法国的就业岗位受到任何损失。Alcatel-Lucent’s French unions expressed “concern” with the prospect of a merger, in light of job losses that would most likely come with a combination of companies that each employ more than 50,000 people worldwide. They called on Mr. Macron to “be vigilant of the social and industrial consequences, notably on employment in France.”阿尔卡特朗讯的法国工会对合并的可能性表达了“担忧”,因为这两家公司分别在全球拥有超过5万名员工,它们的合并很可能会削减就业岗位。他们要求马克龙“警惕合并带来的社会和行业影响,尤其是对法国就业情况的影响”。Some analysts expressed doubts whether Nokia would be able to successfully integrate Alcatel-Lucent’s existing operations if the French government took an active role in the proposed merger.一些分析人士怀疑,倘若法国政府积极插手拟议的合并,诺基亚是否还能成功整合阿尔卡特朗讯的现有业务。Nokia said the companies were discussing a deal that would most likely include Nokia offering its own shares in exchange for shares of Alcatel-Lucent.诺基亚表示,两家公司正在就一项协议进行讨论,该协议很可能包括诺基亚用自己的股份,来交换阿尔卡特朗讯股份的内容。Nokia shares fell more than 4 percent in Helsinki on Tuesday, while shares of Alcatel-Lucent jumped 16 percent in Paris.周二,诺基亚股价在赫尔辛基股市下跌超过4%,而阿尔卡特朗讯的股价在巴黎股市上扬16%。Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent had held talks before, though they stalled after the French company announced a major overhaul, including 10,000 job cuts, in late 2013.诺基亚和阿尔卡特朗讯之前就曾进行过谈判,但这家法国公司于2013年下半年宣布进行重大调整,包括裁员1万人,之后双方停止了谈判。 /201504/370549晋安博爱中医院简介福州修复处女膜那家医院好



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