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武汉龟头有小水泡不痛不痒孝感中心医院尿科The case for prenuptual agreements may have just gotten stronger: According to a new survey by credit-tracking company Experian, 16 percent of newlyweds admit they are hiding a financial account from their spouse. 婚前协议的案例与日俱增。信用监测公司益睿的一项最新调查显示,16%的新婚夫妇承认,他们瞒着另一半,偷偷藏着自己的小金库。Of those with secret accounts, about 60 percent were men and 40 percent women. Men and women also differed in how much spending they said they#39;d be comfortable keeping from a spouse. While female respondents said they#39;d quietly cough up 3 on average, male survey-takers were willing to spend ,259 without mentioning it to their better halves. 这些藏有小金库的人中,60%是男性,40%为女性。而对配偶隐瞒多少开销会让其心安理得,男性和女性也大有不同。女性调查对象表示,她们通常会小心翼翼地跟丈夫少汇报383美元,而男性调查对象面对其心爱的妻子时,认为少报1259美元,仍可以瞒天过海。Overall, nearly a third of people admitted to being relatively clueless about their husband#39;s or wife#39;s finances before tying the knot. About two in five respondents said they didn#39;t know their spouse#39;s credit score, while about 30 percent were unaware of their partner#39;s long-term financial goals or student loan debt. And a quarter didn#39;t even know their spouse#39;s annual income. 总体而言,将近三分之一的人都坦言在结婚前对另一半的经济情况几乎一无所知。调查对象里有40%的人,表示他们不知道其配偶的信用评分,而30%的人对其配偶的长期经济目标或学生时期贷款债务情况毫不知情。更有25%的人甚至不知道配偶的年收入。;Obviously, some people do have things they want to hide,; said Indianapolis-based financial planner Meredith Carbrey. ;But a lot of couples just don#39;t make the time to sit down and talk finances, or one person is hesitant out of fear their partner will judge them.; 美国印第安纳波利斯的理财规划师梅雷迪斯-卡布雷说:“显然,还是有部分人想隐藏自己的小秘密,不过大多数夫妻都不愿花点时间,坐下来聊一聊他们的经济情况,又或者夫妻中有一方害怕坦诚相告之后,会被配偶另眼相看。”Skipping that hard talk about money before getting hitched seems to have consequences. While newlyweds said their biggest financial goal was saving to buy a residence, about a third complained that their spouse#39;s credit score has affected their ability to get a home loan. And nearly 20 percent have actually needed a co-signer for major purchases since walking down the aisle. 婚前对财务问题避而不谈会造成不良后果。新婚夫妇常说他们最大的经济目标就是存钱买房,但几乎有三分之一的人都抱怨他们配偶的信用评分影响了他们办理住房贷款。而且将近20%的已婚夫妇在购置大件商品时需要双方共同签字署名。Credit headaches are only one financial problem the survey revealed. While about 40 percent of respondents said credit scores are currently a source of marital strife, about a quarter cited budgeting and 20 percent blamed debt repayment. One in three newlyweds said their spouse#39;s spending habits are different than what they expected. 令人头疼的信用评分其实只是该项调查反映的问题之一。40%的受访者表示现在信用评分常常是他们夫妻吵架的导火索,约25%的受访者因家庭预算问题争吵不休,另有20%的受访者因偿还债务而怨念重重。三分之一的新婚夫妇表示,配偶的消费习惯与他们预先的期待完全不一样。When you are worried about your spouse or fiance#39;s finances, it can be emotionally challenging to broach the topic. But there are ways to get your partner to open up without seeming too critical. Meeting with a financial planner or other professional can help by adding an unbiased third party to the equation, said Carbrey. 当你为配偶或未婚夫(妻)的经济情况感到担忧时,打开天窗说亮话,未免有伤感情。不过总有方法既可以让你的另一半坦然开口,又能局势看起来不至于太僵。卡布雷表示,理财规划师或其他相关方面专家就可以充当中立的第三方,不偏不倚地帮助夫妇解决问题。;That can be a good moment to find out about assets and liabilities, and whether they have too much debt,; she said. 卡布雷说:“这是摸清另一半的资产和负债情况,并探明其是否身负巨额债务的最好时机。Other occasions, such as renting an apartment together, can give you the opportunity to find out your partner#39;s credit score, Carbrey said. 而合租公寓等场合也是你了解另一半信用评分的良机,卡布雷说。As it turns out, people don#39;t always practice what they preach. When asked what qualities they prioritize in a spouse, 80 percent of newlyweds said they cared about credit scores, while 92 percent of survey respondents said financial responsibility. 事实明,并非人人都能言行一致。当被问及最看重配偶的哪些品质时,80%的新婚夫妇表示他们最在意信用评分,而92%的受访者则在意对方是否具备承担经济责任的能力。All the more reason to open up a dialogue with your husband or wife early on, said Carbrey. If it makes sense, one solution can be delegating money-related responsibilities to whichever partner is thriftier. 卡布雷认为,这更说明了,经济问题越早和另一半说清越好。如果双方可以谈拢,那么有一种方案就是把财政大权交给相对节俭的一方。Just be careful to make sure both you and your partner know where important documents are kept, in case of an emergency. 有一点要注意,为了以防万一,一定要确保夫妻双方都清楚重要件藏在何处。 /201605/444159武汉武昌区看前列腺炎好吗 武汉洪山区泌尿外科

武汉切除包皮的费用武汉男性治疗前列腺囊肿医院 The US has returned an ancient Buddhist stone sculpture to Pakistan, from where it was stolen in the 1980s.日前,美国政府向巴基斯坦归还了一尊古佛石雕,该石像曾于上世纪80年代在巴基斯坦被盗。The 2nd Century piece, depicting Buddha#39;s footprints alongside religious symbols, was taken from the Swat Valley and eventually smuggled into the US.在这尊公元二世纪左右的石像石雕上,描绘的是佛祖的足迹和其他一些佛教象征的符号。该石像曾于斯瓦特山谷被盗,后来辗转流落到了美国。A Japanese antiques dealer who brought it to the US from Tokyo pleaded guilty to possessing stolen property in April. The sculpture was expected to reach m (700,000 pounds) at auction, but the sale was intercepted by New York authorities.据悉,该石像是由一名日本古董商从东京带到美国去的,而在今年四月份,该古董商已经承认自己犯下了占有偷盗赃物罪。这座石像本来预计将在一场拍卖会上拍出100万美元(约合70万英镑)的价格,但是纽约当局截获了这场非法交易。New York prosecutors returned the sculpture to Pakistan#39;s Deputy Chief of Mission Rizwan Saeed Sheikh at a ceremony on last Wednesday.在上周三的一场交接仪式上,来自纽约的检察官们将该石像交给了巴基斯坦代表团副团长赛义德·谢赫。Mr Sheikh said it was ;an important element of the cultural history of Pakistan;, and would likely be kept in New York for the short term and possibly put on display.代表团副团长谢赫表示,这座石像是“巴基斯坦文化史上非常重要的一部分”,并表示该座石像很可能将在短期内留在纽约、并向公众展出。Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R Vance Jr said the piece was ;so much more than a piece of property;. ;It#39;s an ancient piece that speaks to the history and culture of Pakistan that should be celebrated and protected,; he told the Associated Press.曼哈顿地区检察官小塞勒斯·R·维斯表示,这件珍宝“不仅仅只具有经济价值”。他告诉美联社:“这是一尊来自古代的珍宝,它向人们诉说着巴基斯坦古时候的文化和历史,而这些珍贵的历史和文化理应受到重视和保护。”Antiquities dealer Tatsuzo Kaku had said he was in part motivated by a desire to protect Pakistan#39;s artefacts, but this was dismissed by other experts, who said there were good structures in place in Pakistan for doing this. Kaku paid a ,000 fine and a sentence of time-served and left the country voluntarily.被捕的日本古董商贺来辰藏表示,他是出于对这件珍宝的保护才将其带到美国的,但一些专家驳斥了他的话,并指出巴基斯坦当地就有专门保护、修复古董的机构。在贺来辰藏付了5000美元的罚金、免于了监禁刑罚之后,他便自愿离开了美国。 /201605/442111武汉武昌区治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好

武汉汉南区泌尿科咨询 The Chinese film and TV industry wants better ;foreign voices; on overseas screens.中国影视行业走出国门需要更加原汁原味的“当地声音”。Translation is still a problem, though. At least, that is the consensus of a recent symposium co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.不过翻译仍然是个大问题。至少这是文化部、国家新闻出版广电总局近日联合主办的一次座谈会上的一项共识。During a 10-day Sino-Foreign Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing Cooperation Workshop and Symposium in both Beijing and Shanghai, nearly 60 filmmakers, translators and film company managers from 30 countries shared their insights on how to better promote Chinese productions in their home countries.在北京、上海举行的为期十天的中外影视译制合作研究班和研讨会中,来自30个国家约66位制片人、翻译和电影公司经理,分享如何更好地促进中国作品在他们的家乡发展的有关见解。Nussipzhanov Yertay, a symposium attendee and a major promoter of Chinese films and TV series in Kazakhstan, says he watched last year#39;s popular 48-eposide spy thriller The Disguiser within five days.作为此次研讨会的一名参与者、以及中国影视剧在哈萨克斯坦的主要推动者,Nussipzhanov Yertay表示,他用了五天的时间看完了去年非常受欢迎的间谍惊悚片《伪装者》。;I was looking for someone to translate it into Kazakh, but it has to be someone savvy in history with a wide international horizon rather than someone who does only direct translation,; he says.他说:“我一直在寻找能把它翻译成哈萨克斯坦语的人,但是要求必须是精通历史,有广阔的国际视野,而不仅仅是直译的人。”Deanna Gao, founder of the China Film Festival in Paris, said, ;In most cases, dubbing is replaced by subtitles to save money and time. But subtitles are difficult to for many people, for example, children.巴黎中国电影节创办人高醇芳表示,在多数情况下,为了省钱省时,制作方会用字幕代替配音。但对很多人来说,比如儿童,看字幕很费劲。Gong Lanwei, president of the Australian International Chinese Film Festival, says that ticket holders for internationally award-winning Chinese films sometimes leave the cinema before the end due to poor translation of subtitles.澳大利亚国际华语电影节主席宫岚薇称,在影院观看国际上获奖的华语影片的观众有时会因为字幕翻译太差而提前离场。A report released by Beijing Normal University in March showed 70% of overseas filmgoers were unsatisfied with subtitles in Chinese films.北京师范大学3月发布的一份报告显示,70%的外国观众不满意华语电影的字幕。 /201606/451040大冶男科咨询武汉勃起障碍原因有哪些



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