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The ed States has most of the Japanese military bases on the island of Okinawa. 美国在冲绳岛上有大部分的日本军事基地。But the bases have recently come under fire after a string of incidents between the military personnel on the base and those who are living on the island. 但继基地军事人员和岛上人员发生一系列事件后,基地最近遭到各方责难。A 20 year old soldier raped a local Okinawa resident back in May. 五月,一名20岁的士兵强奸了一名当地冲绳居民。A drunk driving accident also seriously injured two when a drunk NAVY petty officer ran into a residents car. 一醉酒海军士官开车撞上居民车,造成两人严重受伤。Thousands of residents showed up on Sunday to protest the ed States military presence on the island.周日,数千名民众抗议美军在冲绳岛上驻扎。译文属。201606/450160。

  • You all are in good mood,arent you?你们心情不错 对吧You have been dancing like crazy and刚刚跳舞跳得真疯狂Having fun and Ive been watching you,Did you have a good Valentines day,everybody?而且玩得很开心 我一直看着呢 大家情人节都过得不错吧I did as well,and earlier today I was in a drug store buying all the discounted Valentines day candy.我也过得不错 今天早些时候 我去商店买那些情人节打折的糖果So I have something to give out to the kids next halloween,这样下个万圣节 我就可以给那些孩子们了And while I was there,I picked up a pack of gum.在那儿的时候 我拿起一包口香糖Now,I dont usually chew gum,I have a guy who chews it for me.我现在一般不亲自嚼口香糖了有人专门替我嚼But I didnt realize how many different types of gum there were我不知道竟然有那么多种口味的口香糖Have you seen how many different types of gum there are now?你们知道现在有多少种口香糖吗It is crazy,when I was kid there were two things that I could chew,Juicy Fruit or tobacco.太不可思议了 我小的时候只有两种东西可以嚼 水果味的口香糖和烟草Tobaccy,thats what I call it.So,let me just show you some the the gum from the store that I went to right here.Let me just take a little我叫那个“Tobaccy” 我给你们展示几种我在那家店买的口香糖 让我们看一下No,this isnt even all the gum that they had,this is all that I could stuff into my nieces pockets他们有的可远不止这些 这些也就够塞满我侄女的口袋So okay.so if you just want peppermint,if youre a peppermint type of a person,you want peppermint如果你想要薄荷味的 你是个喜欢薄荷的人 你想要薄荷味的These are all right here,all of these are peppermint,but they all have a different name,like piddity,sort of like that.这些都是 所有这些都是薄荷味 但是名字都不一样 像Piddity之类的And here is one,this one is called sweet peppermint 2.0.这有一个 这个叫薄荷甜度2.0Now,2.0,you know what that means 2.0.As soon as you buy it,theyre going to come out with a 2.1 version.2.0 你知道这是什么意思 你买过之后 他们就将推出2.1版的 /201608/460621。
  • Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC is currently getting a lot of attention. A teenage female student has reported that she was raped by a fellow student at Sidwell. 华盛顿西德威尔友谊中学目前备受关注。据报道一名十几岁的女学生被同校同学强奸。The school is mostly known for being where President Obamas daughters, Sasha and Malia attend. 学校为人熟知,因为奥巴马总统的女儿萨沙和玛利亚就读该校。Previous Presidents children have also attended the school while they held office. The schools headmaster has yet to comment on the case. 上一任总统的孩子也在该校读书。校长还没有对这一案件作出评价。However, an administrator said, ;This feels like a nightmare I keep expecting to suddenly wake up from.;然而一位管理员表示,“这感觉就像是一场噩梦,我一直期待着突然醒来。”译文属。201603/432577。
  • Theres...um well...we havent got a break.But I just wanna say,if you see the documentary, there was one thing我们暂时不进广告 我还想说一下 如果你有机会看这部纪录片 有一个细节and I was really so impressed and you did this when we were in Orlando让我觉得真的很感动 当你在奥兰多演出的时候it started raining and you didnt care - Right.天开始下雨 但你继续表演 -对you were dancing and singing on stage which is dangerous, you could get slip你在舞台上载歌载舞 这其实是很危险的 你可能会滑倒and you could get electrocuted. - Right.All kinds of things.All kinds of things.你还可能会触电 -对 什么事情都有可能发生 对 什么事情都有可能发生And you were just out there and what country were you in when it was pouring down raining Um, in Brazil.但是你还是坚持演出 下着倾盆大雨那次你是在哪个国家 那是在巴西I think its that way. Brazil is that way. - Yeah.那是那个方向吧 巴西在那个方向 -对I dont know why I am pointing that way. - Is it Brazil?我也不知道我为什么要指着那边 -那边是巴西吗Brazil is that way. - Oh yeah.Or is it that way?巴西在这个方向 -对的 还是那个方向Anyway, it was pouring down raining. - Yeah.回到正题 当时雨下得很大 -对It was amazing that you It was a torrential rain.Yeah, and you went out and did it anyway.你真的很棒 当时在下暴雨 对 然后你还是走上舞台表演了When the fans stayed out there, you just feel so bad.粉丝们就在外面站着 你真的会对他们很抱歉They paid their money for their tickets.Its their one time to see you. - Yeah.他们都是花了钱买票 就为了在现场看一下我的表演 -是的I was leaving Brazil the next day.It was like, I had to do the show.我当时第二天就要离开巴西 所以我在想 我一定要完成这次演出And we did. Listen We were slipping all over the place. - I know, it was great.然后我们做到了 你知道吗 我们在舞台上不停打滑 -我知道 真的很棒cutting choreograph and stuff like that.我们把舞蹈动作和很多程序都精简了But it was still,probably still one of the best memories from tour. - Yeah.但我还是觉得 那是整个巡回演唱会过程中最美好的回忆之一 -是的Well, I remember Pacific Brazil Its fantastic and so好的 我记得 巴西演唱会 真的太精了Um anyway, we are talking about the movie when we come back.稍后我们来谈一谈你的新电影 /201512/413129。
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