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长春做妇科附件囊肿切初需要多少钱榆树市中心医院医生在线咨询长岭县中医医院做血常规检查 Now ordinary people have voice, not just those of us lucky enough to go to HBS, but anyone with access to Facebook, to Twitter, to a mobile phone.现在普通人也可以获得话语权。不仅是那些能到HBS读书的幸运儿,而是任何能上Facebook,Twitter或者有手机的人。This is disrupting traditional power structures and leveling traditional hierarchy.这正在打破传统的权利结构,让传统的阶层界限变得模糊。Voice and power are shifting from institutions to individuals, from the historically powerful to the historically powerless.话语权正从机构转向个人,从曾经有权有势的人转向普通人。And all of this is happening so much faster than I could have ever imagined when I was sitting where you are today and Mark Zuckerberg was 11 years old.而且这一切的变化速度远远超出了当时就坐在你们今天位置上的我的想像。那时候,马克·扎克伯格才十一岁。As the world becomes more connected and less hierarchical, traditional career paths are shifting as well.当世界变得更紧密界限更模糊时,传统的职业生涯也在发生变化。In 2001, after working in the government, I moved out to Silicon Valley to try to find a job.2001年在为政府工作了几年之后,(谢丽尔·桑德伯格当初为Larry Summers工作)我搬到硅谷找下一份工作。My timing wasnt really that good. The bubble had crashed. Small companies were closing. Big companies were laying people off.当时并不是个好时机。泡沫破灭了。小公司都在倒闭,大公司都在裁员。One women CEO looked at me and said, ;we would never even think about hiring someone like you.;一个女性CEO看着我说,“我们根本不会考虑招你这样的人。”After a while I had a few offers and I had to make a decision, so what did I do?过了一段时间,我有了几个offers。需要做决定了,那么我是怎么做的呢?I am MBA trained, so I made a spsheet.由于我受过MBA的训练,所以我做了一个Excel表。I listed my jobs in the columns and the things for my criteria in the rows, and compared the companies, the missions, and the roles.我把工作都列了出来并且一行行把我的评判标准也列了出来。以及比较公司的远景,工作的职责等。One of the jobs on that sheet was to become Googles first Business general manager, which sounds good now, but at the time no one thought consumer internet companies could ever make money.表格中有一个工作是去做Google的第一个业务部总经理。这现在听起来很不错,但是当时没人相信直接面对消费者的互联网公司可以赚钱。I was not sure there was actually a job there at all; Google had no business units, so what was there to generally manage?我都不敢确定那儿是不是真有这样的职位;Google就没有业务部,那要我去总管什么呢?And the job was several levels lower than jobs I was being offered at other companies.何况那职位比我在其他公司得到的offers都要低好几级。So I sat down with Eric Schmidt, who had just become the CEO, and I showed him the spsheet and I said, this job meets none of my criteria.后来我和当时刚刚上任的CEO艾里克·施密特见了面,我给他看了我的列表,说:“这份工作完全不合我的选择标准。”He put his hand on my spsheet and he looked at me and said, ;Dont be an idiot.; Excellent career advice.他用手按住我的表格。看着我说:“不要犯傻。”极佳的职业忠告。And then he said, ;Get on a rocket ship. When companies are growing quickly and having a lot of impact, careers take care of themselves.然后他说,重要的是坐上火箭。当公司在飞速发展而产生很大影响力时,事业自然也会突飞猛进。And when companies arent growing quickly or their missions dont matter as much, thats when stagnation and politics come in.当公司发展较慢时,或者公司前景一般时,停滞和办公室政治就会出现。If youre offered a seat on a rocket ship, dont ask what seat. Just get on.;如果你得到了坐上火箭的机会,别管是什么位置,上去就行。”About six and one-half years later, when I was leaving Google, I took that advice to heart.大概六年半之后,当我要离开Google的时候,我记住了这句忠告。I was offered CEO jobs at a bunch of companies, but I went to Facebook as COO.当时好几家公司请我去做CEO,但是我去了Facebook做COO(首席运营官)。At the time people said, why are you going to work for a 23-year-old?那时有人问你为什么要去给一个23岁的年轻人打工?The traditional metaphor for careers is a ladder, but I no longer think that metaphor holds. It just doesnt make sense in a less hierarchical world.职业发展通常会被比作“爬阶梯”。但我认为这个比喻不再恰当了。在越来越扁平的世界里,这种说法是没有意义的。201502/357231四平治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的

长春哪里能做乳腺纤维瘤微创手术So then, I ask,我想问的是,whats in it for you?你可以为此做些什么?Youre probably asking that. Why should you care?你可以正有这个疑问:这于我何干?I will just leave you with two things.我只再说两点。One is that research shows第一,研究显示,that once you have一旦all of your material needs taken care of --你不必再担忧你的物质需求--which most of us, all of us, here in this room do --我相信在座的所有人都不需担忧--research shows that研究说--there are very few things in life还有几件事that can actually elevate your level of happiness.可以让你的幸福感飙升。One of those things其中一个,is contributing to a cause larger than yourself.是超越个人范围的奉献。And the second thing,另一个,its an anecdote that Ill leave you with.就是我想告诉你们的一件趣事。And that is the story这是一个有关of an aid worker in Darfur.在达尔富尔的援助人员的故事。Here was a woman这个女人who had worked in Darfur,在达尔富尔工作,seeing things that no human being should see.她看到的,都非人类应该看到的事。Throughout her time there,那段时间里,she was strong, she was steadfast.她很坚定,很坚强,She never broke down.从未倒下。And then she came back to the ed States但当她回到美国的时候,and was on break, Christmas break.正值圣诞假期,She was in her grandmothers backyard,她坐在她祖母的后院里,and she saw something that made her break down in tears.她所看到的让她哭成了泪人。What that was那其实was a bird feeder.是一个喂鸟器。And she realized that she had the great fortune她突然意识到to be born in a country她能出生在这样一个和平的国家where we take security for granted,是多么幸运,where we not only can feed, clothe在这个国家我们不仅and house ourselves,自己温饱无忧,居有定所,but also provide for wild birds还能在寒冬里so they dont go hungry in the winter.让这些小鸟免受饥饿折磨。And she realized that with that great fortune她突然意识到,这么大的幸运,comes great responsibility.应该成为一份责任。And so, like her,所以,you, me,你,我,都和她一样,we have all won the lottery of life.我们都中了生活的乐透。And so the question becomes:我们要面对的问题是:how do we discharge that responsibility?我们如何兑现相应的责任?So, heres the cause.一切由此开始。Join the movement.加入这场改变。Feel happier and help save the world.让自己更快乐,让世界更美好。Thank you very much.谢谢各位201510/403763长春省第三医院门诊正规吗 黛拉.高登与她的学生一起,拿着一把日产标记笔和一台满是尘土的挖土机,挖开了亚利桑那州荒漠地区的蚁群,试图研究复杂系统(是如何运作的)。201505/375904长春做人流多少钱-介绍

吉林长春市第一医院门诊部在哪里These are the reasons I founded University of the People,a nonprofit, tuition-free,degree-granting university to give an alternative,to create an alternative to those who have no other,an alternative that will be affordable and scalable, 由于这些的原因,我创办了人民大学,一所非盈利性的、免学费的、授予学位的大学它提供了另一种选择,为那些没有其它选择的人创造了一种选择,一种价格合理的选择,一种可扩展的选择,an alternative that will disrupt the current education system,open the gates to higher education for every qualified student regardless of what they earn, where they live,or what society says about them. 一种打破现行的教育体系的选择,为每一位合格的学生打开高等教育的大门,不论他们的收入,不论他们身处何处,不论社会如何议论他们Patrick, Debbie and Wael are only three examples out of the 1,700 accepted students from 143 countries.帕特里克、黛比和瓦伊尔只是来自143个国家的1700位被录取的学生中的三个例子Thank you.谢谢。We didnt need to reinvent the wheel.我们不需要重新发明轮子。We just looked at what wasnt working and used the amazing power of the Internet to get around it.我们只是看到那些有问题的地方,并使用互联网的神奇力量来绕开问题。We set out to build a model that will cut down almost entirely the cost of higher education,and thats how we did it.我们着手建立一种模式,它将削减掉高等教育的绝大部分成本,我们是这样做到的。First, bricks and mortar cost money.首先,大楼需要花钱。Universities have expenses that virtual universities dont.大学有很多的开销是虚拟大学所没有的。We dont need to pass these expenses onto our students.我们不需要将这些开销转移到我们的学生头上。They dont exist.这些开销不存在。We also dont need to worry about capacity.我们也不需要担心可容纳的人数。There are no limits of seats in virtual university.在虚拟大学里没有座位数的限制。Actually, nobody needs to stand at the back of the lecture hall.事实上,没人需要站在讲堂的后面。Textbooks is also something our students dont need to buy.我们的学生也不需要购买课本。By using open educational resources and the generosity of professors who are putting their material free and accessible,we dont need to send our students to buy textbooks.使用开放的教学资源以及教授们的慷慨馈赠,很多教授把他们的教学材料免费公开,我们不需要让我们的学生去购买课本。All of our materials come free.我们所有的材料都是免费的。201508/389907 文学作品中充满了大量被领养、收容和流浪的孤儿,从先知西、灰姑娘、雾都孤儿、到哈利·波特等等。这些书中人物让我们如此着迷,然而现实却相反,为什么这么多失去双亲的孩子却选择隐藏自己的过去?作为诗人和剧作家的 Lemn Sissay 就此向我们述说了他的感人经历。201506/379726吉林省肿瘤医院有人工授精吗吉林长春阳光医院女子妇科听说不错,有谁去过没?



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