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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201510/399263;We know almost nothing about the court of Lothair II simply because most of our sources devoted to him are in two particular categories. One—narrative sources describing the vulnerability of his own little kingdom in the middle of the west and the east Frankish kingdoms, where his uncles, Charles the Bald on the west and Louis the German on the east, were in fact casting their greedy eyes upon his kingdom with the hope of taking it. The other category of information is much more pertinent to this crystal, in that it is concerning the attempts Lothair II made to get rid of his wife Theutberga. He appears to have married her very soon after he inherited the throne, even though he had a long-standing mistress called Waldrada, from whom he had two children, a son and a daughter. When he married Theutberga she had no children, and she continued to bear no children, and Lothair appears to have decided Waldrada would be a better bet. So he recruited his two bishops, of Cologne and Trier, to have the marriage annulled, on the grounds of incest with Theutbergas brother.;原因在于现有的与他相关的资料基本只有两类。一类引用各项记录描述他那夹在东西法兰克王国之间的小国的脆弱,他的两位叔叔,西边的秃头查理和东边的日耳曼人路易,都对他的江山虎视眈眈。另一类则跟这块水晶关系更密切,着重描述了国王为摆脱妻子塞勃格而作的努力。他似乎是在继承王位不久之后便迎娶了塞勃格,但之前早巳有个名叫沃尔德华达的情妇,还为他生有一子一女。而塞勃格一直没有给他添子嗣。洛泰尔似乎断定沃尔德华达才是较好的选择。他找来科隆和特里尔的两位主教,要他们以王后与她的兄弟乱伦为由宣布解除他们的婚姻关系。Lothairs bid to divorce his wife and marry his mistress was no self-indulgent whim; he needed to have a legitimate heir. It was his only chance to preserve his inheritance and his kingdom. But royal divorce, then as now, was political dynamite.洛泰尔试图废后再迎娶情妇的行为并非完全出于一己私欲:他需要一位合法继承人,这是他保留继承权与王国的唯一机会。但王室的离婚件,不论今时还是往日,都是政治上的一颗重磅炸弹。The bishops of Cologne and Trier had actually obtained confessions from the Queen—possibly through torture—that she had committed incest with her brother, but Theutberga appealed to the Pope, who investigated the case and declared her innocent. 科隆和特里尔的主教其实已经拿到了王后供认与兄弟乱伦的词,这可能是屈打成招的结果。但塞勃格又向教皇上诉,后者通过调査宣布她是清白的。201511/409981Obama apologizes for deadly US strike奥巴马总统致电无国界医生就误炸医院事件致歉US President Barack Obama has apologized to Doctors Without Borders for the air strike on its hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz.美国总统奥巴马就美军向无国界医生在阿富汗昆都士的医院发动空袭一事道歉。And he offered condolences to Afghanistans President.而且他还向阿富汗总统表达哀思。Meanwhile, the medical charity is calling for an independent and unprecedented fact-finding mission into the attack that killed at least 22 people.与此同时,这家医疗慈善机构呼吁就此次造成至少22人死亡的袭击事件展开调查。There are aly a number of inquiries by US, NATO and Afghanistan, but doctors without borders want their own independent investigation.美国、北约和阿富汗已经对此事展开调查,但无国界医生组织希望自己进行独立调查。They say it is the only they they can get answers to what happened.他们表示这是他们得知真相的唯一办法。 译文属201510/402252

Conjoined Twins: Abby and Brittany连体双胞胎:Abby和BrittanyWe wanted to do this documentary so people wouldnt have to always stare and take pictures because we dont like it when they take pictures. So they just know who we are and stuff.我们想要拍这个纪录片,如此一来人们就不需要一直盯着我们看或是照相,因为他们照相的时候,我们不喜欢那个样子。如此他们就知道我们是谁还有诸如此类的东西。As theyve grown, much of their life is still the same. They still live in the same small town in Minnesota with their fourteen-year old brother, Cody, twelve-year old sister, Morgan, parents, Mike and Patty, and the family dog, Sadie.虽然她们已经长大,但她们大部分的生活仍然是相同的。她们还是住在那个同样的明尼苏达小镇,和她们十四岁大的弟弟Cody、十二岁大的Morgan、父母、Mike和Patty和家里的Sadie一起。To put it simply, Abby and Brittany are not morning people.简单来说,Abby和Brittany不是早起的人。They need more sleep, hehehe.她们需要多一点睡眠,呵呵呵。When they wake up in the morning, theyre usually cranky.她们早上起床时,她们通常都很暴躁。When they get up in the morning, theyre very crabby.她们早上起床时,很容易生气。From the moment they start their day, Abby and Brittany are an incredible display of teamwork. From doing their hair to putting on makeup, they appear to be totally in sync but that doesnt mean they always agree.从她们开始一天的那刻起,Abby和Brittany便展现了不可思议的团队合作。从整理她们的头发到化妆,她们似乎是完全同步的,但那不表示她们总是意见一致。That looks fine. Dont touch it!那看起来很好,不要动它!Believe me! We are totally different people. We usually bargain with each other, like, if you do this, Ill give you that or, or we take turns. We take turns a lot.相信我!我们是完全不同的人。我们经常彼此讨价还价,像是,如果你这样做,我就会给你那个,或者,或是我们轮流。我们常轮流。When they first started to drive, it was kind of scary because they would hit the brakes and go too slow, and then go too fast, and then too slow.当她们第一次开始开车,那有点可怕,因为她们会踩刹车然后开太慢,再开太快,然后接着开太慢。Hold on. Slow a bit down there. It doesnt work. Why doesnt your other foot drive? Oh.等一下。那里慢一点。没反应。为什么你另一只脚没在开?噢。The pressure is on, because tomorrow, Abby and Brittany turn sixteen, and the first thing in the morning, they head to the DMV for the driving portion of their licensing test, but the bad news is two tests means two chances to fail.压力来了,因为明天,Abby和Brittany要十六岁了,而早上的第一件事,她们要前往DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles监理站)参加驾照考试的路考部分,但坏消息是两次考试意味着两次失败的机会。I passed. Happy birthday. Oh, you passed? Yah, I ran over the flagman. Okay. These are for you two. Thank you.我通过了。生日快乐。噢,你通过了?是啊,我辗过了施工号志(注一)。好的,这些是给你们两个的,谢谢。After many gifts and congratulations from their friends, the question now is what is the plan for tonight?在收到很多来自朋友的礼物和祝贺之后,现在的问题是今晚的计划是什么?Today is Abby and Brits sixteenth birthday. Cody, you wanna light the candles? We are gonna have their favorite angel fruit cake baked by their grandmother, if we get the candles lit.今天是Abby和Brit的十六岁生日。Cody,你要点蜡烛吗?我们要吃她们最爱的、奶奶烤的天使水果蛋糕,如果我们点起蜡烛的话。Go. You make a wish! Cody, stop! Woah. Good job! All at once!去吧。你们许个愿! Cody,停止!哇喔。做得好!一次吹熄全部。Because they have two hearts, lungs, circulatory systems that are conjoined, I am looking to make sure theyre not developing premature high blood pressure, respiratory problems.因为她们有两套相连的心、肺和循环系统,我希望确保她们不会罹患早发性高血压、呼吸问题。There you go.开始吧。Ok. How are you? Good. How are you? I am ok. Thats good.好的。你们好吗?很好。你好吗。我很好。很好。Oh, good. Havent seen you in a while.噢,很好。有一会儿段时间没见到你们了。No, just seventy-five minutes ago actually. Well, maybe. I watched you drive-in.不,其实只是七十五分钟前。嗯,或许吧。我看到你们开车进来。How was your drive? Good. Was it?你驾驶得如何?很好,是吗?The process of their ability to come together is fascinating for me as, as a primary care doctor because above the waist they seem to function independently, and yet they can clap even though one controls one arm and the other controls the other.对于身为,身为一个主治医师的我而言她们能够团结合作能力的过程是很吸引人的,因为腰部以上她们似乎是独立运作,但她们可以拍手,即便是一个人控制一只手臂而另一人控制另一只。I ask them periodically, um, what they feel and sense. One girl cannot sense touching on the other girls arm, and vice versa.我时不时会问她们,嗯,她们感觉到什么。一个女孩无法感受到另一女孩手臂上的触摸感,反之亦然。The girls themselves are continually discovering more about how their bodies work together.女孩们自己持续发现更多有关她们的身体是如何合作的。And even the other day, they were on their bellies going, ;Feel that? Feel that? Feel that?; And Brittany say when she started to feel it.而甚至有一天,她们摸着肚子说:“有感觉吗?有感觉吗?有感觉吗?”然后当Brittany在开始有感觉时会说出来。Many other questions are on the horizon, like ;how would they date?;很多的问题都即将浮现,像是“她们要怎么约会”?You know, I hear them and their girlfriends talk about guys, but they probably arent gonna be sharing that with me right now who they may have a crush on or what they are feeling, but Im sure they do, not just the way I see them interact.你知道,我听到她们和她们的女生朋友谈论男生,但她们大概不想现在跟我分享她们对谁有好感,或她们的感觉,但我确定她们是对男生有好感的,不只是因为我看到她们互动的方式。The whole world doesnt need to know...what we are...who we are dating or what we are gonna do and everything.全世界不需要知道...我们是什么...我们跟谁约会或是我们想要做什么还有所有事。As for motherhood, only time will tell.至于当妈妈,只有交给时间来说明了。Yah, we are gonna be moms. We havent thought about how being mom is gonna work yet. Were just sixteen. We dont need to think about that right now.是啊,我们将会当妈妈。我们还没想过身为母亲要怎么做。我们才十六岁。我们现在不需要思考那个。We might wanna go into photography, child development, nurse, stuff with kids, interior designing, architecture, or fashion design.我们可能想要从事摄影、儿童发展、护士、有关儿童的东西、室内设计、建筑或是时装设计。Are they going to be hired as one or as two? Are they going to be able to share salaries? Do they mind...you know, all of those things, I think, are to be determined.她们将会被当成一个还是两个人雇用?她们将能共享薪水吗?她们介意...你知道,所有那些事,我想,都有待商榷。Abby and Brittany have chosen not to appear on other talk shows or do interviews for the many magazines who make requests, although they could do hundreds.Abby和Brittany已经选择不要出现在其它的谈话节目或是为很多做出要求的杂志做访问,虽然她们可做上几百次。Ive had TV people come up to me and say that I owe the world more than an explanation regarding Abby and Brittany. I dont owe the world nothing, and Abby and Brittany dont owe the world anything either.我曾经有过电视台的人找上门来,说关于Abby和Brittany,我欠这世界不仅仅一个解释。我没有欠这个世界任何东西,Abby和Brittany也没欠这个世界任何东西。The best thing about being conjoined twins is there is always someone there to talk to and you are never alone.当连体婴最棒的事就是总是有人在身边可以说话,而且你永远不会孤单。注一:指的是交通号志(施工警示),因为那个号志有个指挥人像拿着旗子。201504/371071

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201503/365770


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