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汉中三二O一医院萎缩性胃炎反流性胃炎食道炎平凉市市中心医院胃病胃肠网上挂号Nowadays, fewer Americans think the American Dream is still achievable, but many have redefined what that dream means.国梦原指身在美国的人,只要经过不懈努力奋斗定能获得更好生活的理想.但如今在越来越多的美国人心中,美国梦有了新的定义。In the late 1990s about one-third believed the American Dream meant some form of financial success, like the acquisition of goods, a bigger house, a home with a piece of land around it and so on. This group is called Traditional Materialists. 在十九世纪九十年代,大约有三分之一的人认为美国梦是指获得财富,像得到商品,买上了大房子,并拥有其周围一块土地等等。这群人被认为是传统物质主义者。Another one-third eschewed both that label and that aspiration. They had decided to reorder their priorities away from things and rejected the notion that he who dies with the most toys wins. The group is called Secular Spiritualists. They thought life was about being genuine, about achieving a legacy larger than one's self, about leaving this earth a better place for family, community, and planet.另外三分之一的人却避开标签和追求不谈,而且认为物质乃身外之物,不是最重要的,不接受所谓的死亡的时候拥有最多玩具的是胜者的说法。这群人被叫着世俗唯灵论者。他们认为人生就是要真诚,就是取得比自身大的财富,就是要在走的时候为家人,国家,世界留下一个更好的空间。Over the past decade, there is a steady growth of the Secular Spiritualists to around 42%, while the Traditional Materialists now number about 31%.在过去的一个世纪里,世俗唯灵论者人数已上升到了42%, 而传统物质主义者则只有31%。 /201103/129971西安胃泰消化医院 this is how u know u like/love some1.SEVENTEEN: You look at their profile constantly.SIXTEEN:When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up, you still miss them even when it was just two minutes ago.FIFTEEN:You their Texts and Ims Over and over again.FOURTEEN:You walk really slow when you're with them.THIRTEEN:You feel shy whenever they're around.TWELVE:you get so jealous when someone comment them saying they are cute(or sexy)ELEVEN:When you think about them, your heart beats faster but slower at the same time.TEN:You smile when you hear their voice.NINE:When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her.EIGHT:You start listening to slow songs while thinking about them.SEVEN:They're all you think about.SIX:You get high just from their scent.FIVE:You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.FOUR:You would do anything for them, just to see them.THREE:While ing this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.TWO:You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number twelve was missingONE:You just scrolled up to check amp; are now silently laughing at yourself.what do you think ?!!:P 以下征兆可以透露出你是否喜欢或者爱上某人17:经常看他/她的个人资料。16:你们聊电话聊到深夜,他/她挂下电话,你还是想着他/她,虽然两分钟前你们才通过话。15:你一遍遍地读着他/她给你的简讯和你们之间的聊天记录。14:和他/她在一起时,你走得很慢。13:当他就在附近的时候,你感到害羞。12:当别人说他/她可爱(或者性感)的时候,你会吃醋。11:当你想着他/她时,你的心如鹿撞。10:当听到他/她的声音时你会微笑。9:当你看着他/她时,你把周围其他人都当成NPC,你的眼里只有他/她。8:当你想他/她的时候,你开始听慢歌。7:你满脑子都是他/她。6:他/她的气息会令你兴奋。5:你意识到当他/她看着你时,你总是微笑着的。4:你会为他/她做任何事,只为见他/她一面。3:当你读着这篇文章时,你的脑子里总有一个人。2:你是如此迷恋着他/她,甚至不知午夜已过。1:你从头到尾读一遍来确认自己是否有这些征兆,又觉得自己的行为很可笑。 /200810/53685所谓pun,通常是指利用一个单词的两个含义,或者利用两个特定的单词,达到“一语双关”的目的。比如下面第一句话,其中的grave有两个含义,一个是“严肃的”(形容词),一个是“坟墓”(名词),因此这句话的意思是:他不是一个严肃的人,除非他躺到坟墓里,才能严肃起来。再比如下面第二句话,其中的pray(祈祷)和prey(捕食),发音相同,外形相似,因此这句话的意思是:他们今天为你祈祷,明天就会加害于你。这就是两个典型的pun。 ①He is not a grave man until he is a grave man.②They pray for you today and prey on you tomorrow. 刚才我去网上检索了一下,找到一个国外网站评选的2003年十大pun,我从中挑选了三个比较简单的,给各位介绍一下,如果您能看懂、听懂,肯定会觉得pun很有意思。 ①He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes bends. 他违章超速驾驶,结果将昂贵的名车撞到树上,他终于看到他的奔驰车(Mercedes)是怎样撞弯(bends)的。这句话的幽默之处是将Mercedes Benz(奔驰车)中的Benz,故意改写成bends。 ②Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. 这句话乍一看,好象是说:时光像箭一样飞逝,水果像香蕉一样飞逝。其实这句话后半部分的真正意思是:果蝇喜欢吃香蕉,也就是fruit flies/like/a banana。 ③A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tyred. 这句话的表面意思是:自行车自己站不起来,因为它只有两个轮胎(two-tyred)。而这句话的另外一个意思是:这辆自行车被它的主人骑了很长时间,它现在太累了(too tired)。 怎么样,pun是不是很有意思?我下面再列出三个pun,但不告诉您意思,请您自己琢磨一下。如果您能琢磨出来,那说明您的英语水平已经很高了,没有必要浪费时间,看我写的《闲聊英语》了(笑)。 ①She wore a new hairpiece every day and was considered a big wig.②Old math teachers never die, they just become irrational.③When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds. /200905/68915西安市中心医院胃溃疡幽门螺杆菌反流性胃炎 糜烂性胃炎

陕西省妇幼保健院消化病要预约吗“世界最好工作”的英国得主已于本周三抵达澳大利亚风景如画的汉密尔顿岛,开始了他在这个热带天堂岛屿为期半年的休闲般工作时光。The Briton who won a competition for the "Best Job in the World" arrived on Australia's idyllic Hamilton Island Wednesday to begin his leisurely six-month posting in the tropical paradise.Ben Southall, 34, started by sending a blog from Brisbane airport departure lounge where he filmed himself alongside his girlfriend, Breanna Watkins."When we get there we're going to explore our house, and it's the first chance to drive the golf buggy as well, which is one of the massive perks of the job," he said.The outgoing charity fundraiser beat off thousands of competitors for the job in a hugely successful marketing campaign that captured the world's imagination and earned international awards for its creators.His brief as "caretaker" is to snorkel, swim and sail around the balmy Whitsunday Islands and send daily blogs and blogs with the aim of promoting the destination for Tourism Queensland.His movements will be recorded in exhaustive detail on two websites, www.islandreefjob.com.au and www.bestjobben.com, as well as social networking site Twitter.Southall earlier courted controversy when he admitted he would miss Britain's long summer days and traditional roast dinners, prompting newspapers to accuse him of being a "whingeing pom"."So when asked about the things I'd miss about the UK it appears I have to play my cards close to my chest for fear of reprisal by the tabloid newspapers both here and in Australia!"However, he later complained he had been placed in economy class for the long journey from Britain to Australia."Can you believe it....I'm in economy!! Oh well can't change the habit of a lifetime," he tweeted.Tourism Queensland chief Anthony Hayes insisted Southall would have to work hard and said the 'best job' stunt would help keep the industry afloat in the global downturn."Today is the beginning," he said. "All the publicity's been great but now it's about communicating with people who really will want to come to Queensland for a holiday.A government report this month warned Australia's tourism industry was at risk of losing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in income after its share of global tourism dropped 14 percent between 1995 and 2008. /200907/76645西安铁路医院能治疗胃病吗 As a freshman at the University of Dayton in Ohio, I was eager to make a good impression on my new roommate. When I arrived at our dorm room, I found her putting on perfume. "That's a great scent," I said, making conversation.   "Thanks-it was from my boyfriend. Here, try some," she said, holding the bottle out for me.   Unfortunately she let go before I had a firm grip, and the glass shattered on the tile floor. , Embarrassed, I tried to apologize, but she cut me off - "Actually, it's kind of fitting," she explained, surveying the damage. "That's exactly how the relationship went.   作为俄亥俄州代顿大学的一名新生,我急于给我的新宿舍同伴留个好印象。我到了寝室,看到她正在往身上洒香水。“香味真浓哇。”我说,想和她搭起话来。   “谢了,我男朋友送的,来,洒些试试。”她说着把瓶子递给我。   不幸的是,我还没抓牢,她就松手了,玻璃瓶在瓷砖地板上摔碎了。我感到很窘,我刚想道歉,她就打断了我。“事实上,应该如此。” 她解释道,查看着破碎的瓶子,“我和他的关系正是这样的。” /201109/152870西安交大第二附属医院胃肠科专家预约

西安市中心医院胃肠症状口臭胃胀便秘胃下垂My night at an all-nude New York dinner party."If anyone young is ing this, go, right this minute, put on a bikini and don't take it off until you're 34." This is Nora Ephron, reminding us that now—right now—is the peak naked moment of our lives, the highest point on a steep slope of sagging. I remembered this rule when my email dinged with a dinner invitation. The invite contained details about the host (a friend of a friend), the cuisine (Indian) and the attire (none). A nude dinner party.I was petrified. I am an enthusiast of other naked activities—skinny dipping, showers, sex. But unlike dinner, those all start with ‘s.’ This seems important. Also, they all involve doing something. A lengthy swimming career taught me that many people are attractive naked not because of their bodies’ particulars, but because of the way those bodies move. It’s why the prettiest people are not always the most sought after. Movement is important. When stationary, my lower body looks like a bean bag chair.Looking at her breasts six inches from the b, I lost my appetite.But I wondered. Nudity is something I can deal with. Perhaps I am a closet nudist. Perhaps nudism is my new untapped outlet, y to occupy the empty space in my life between knitting and Netflix.I rang the bell, and a geeky, middle-aged man in bifocals stuck his head around the door. Richard. He pointed to a stack of towels next to the door. The only rule of nudist events is that you sit on a towel. These were hand towels; I was expecting beach.I was on Richard’s email list because I’d heard that a computer programmer arranges all-expense-paid trips to Florida and the Caribbean for nudist rookies. Richard, the programmer, is a sort of ringleader for New York City nudists, making frequent trips to naturist resorts in Tampa, Palm Springs, St. Maarten's and Maine, bringing along groups of four-to-30 people.Behind him, another naked man with long brown hair sat with a laptop at the kitchen table. Richard informed me that the female guests were running late. I wondered if stripping with two strange men in a strange apartment was unwise. I scanned. They seemed passive, and I decided they probably wouldn't attack me. On the wall, a digital picture frame flashed group shots of smiling naked people. They didn’t look like they’d been attacked recently. I went into the bathroom, stripped, and took out the beach towel I'd brought from home.I emerged and gingerly sat down on the towel on the couch, legs tightly crossed. Naked dinner is sort of like public speaking: it takes a couple minutes to win over the crowd, except you’re the crowd. Richard told me about his gig as an extra on Fur, reenacting famous Diane Arbus portraits, while I struggled to find a flattering or comfortable upright couch position. Richard didn’t hold back: one leg out to the side, balls in full view. It wasn’t lewd. When you look at Richard, you understand why he's naked: He looks like he should be naked. Dressed, he would be a 2.5; naked, he's a 7.0. He's rotund-yet-firm, tan everywhere and fully comfortable in his nudity. He says he spends most of his home-time in the buff.The rest of the guests blew in, three late-twenties women, a masseuse and two teachers, who stripped in front of the door and plopped down on the couches and floor. And a 30-ish Asian guy, who announced his recent victory on Pants Off Dance Off, a program on the Fuse Network that TV Guide called “the dumbest show on television.” Contestants have three minutes to strip while dancing in a three-foot-square box. We watched the episode clip. He is indeed very talented at stripping in a three-foot-square box. I relaxed. When other naked people are calm, you're calm.My earlier theory that moving is a pivotal part of nudity is all wrong. Moving while naked is a pain in the ass. It’s hard to get off a low couch while adhering to society’s Keep Your Legs Closed Always rule. But I made it to the dining room table, and dinner proceeded much like any other--chitchat about work, discussion of how cool it is to win 0 for three minutes of stripping in a box. There was no sexual vibe. Through three courses of Indian food, I found that my need to check out men’s packages had passed in its entirety, and that skin is just another set of clothes. People carry themselves differently when naked; it’s more authentic. You can who people are at a glance. I imagined the heavily makeup’ed fashionistas of my Upper East Side neighborhood melting down under these conditions, their coiffed facades broken, their personalities unable to function in the harsh light of reality. There’s something very real about naked dinner.New York City is one of the worst places on earth to be a nudist. The exposure laws are strict, and there’s one nude beach for eight million residents. Richard says he leads trips because he has the money, and because otherwise people would never learn how comfortable naturism is. There’s no sex involved on his part.His dinner guests seemed free, getting a dopamine high off the rarity of what we were doing. I was not high. My hand hurt because I could not stop gripping my towel. I sat on it, or held it in my hand, or carried it around the apartment, clutching it like child’s security blanket. As long as I held it, everything would be okay. Couldn’t. Let. Go.Also. Couldn’t. Eat. There are two types of people: those who look better dressed (Gwyneth Paltrow), and those who look better naked (Pamela Anderson), and one of the former was sitting directly across from me, a thin bank teller who was quite foxy clothed. But naked, she was thin and somehow unappetizing, and for reasons I can’t articulate, looking at her breasts six inches from the b, I lost my appetite. I felt guilty about this.After dessert, people lounged on the couches for a while, then pulled on their clothes in the entryway. I’ll save you suspense: I did not become a card-carrying nudist. I politely declined Richard’s invitation for a trip a sunny resort somewhere down south, and happily escaped to the bathroom, because getting dressed is a private activity.Never was I so excited to see my bra. /200811/56946 【中英对照】Now researchers have finally proved that beauty is in fact in the eye of the beer holder, rather than the beholder. 如今研究终于明,相较于情人眼里出西施,喝酒的人眼里更能出美女。 A pint and a half of beer can produce the effect--and in men it may last 24 hours. 一品脱半的啤酒就能奏效,而且男人的这种审美感觉可能持续24小时。 In the study, volunteers were randomly allocated a vodka and lime or a similar tasting non-alcoholic drink. 在研究中,男女志愿者们被随机安排,有的喝一杯伏特加,有的喝柠檬水或类似不含酒精成份的饮料。 About half an hour later, both groups were asked to rate the attractiveness of 20 male and 20 female faces on a seven-point scale. 大约半小时后,两组志愿者被要求给20名男子和20名女子在照片上的魅力度打分,最高分为7分。 Those who had been drinking alcohol scored the faces about 10 percent higher than the non-drinkers. 喝过酒的这组人给照片的打分结果,比没喝酒的那组高出10%。 When the groups were tested again the next day, the men who had drunk alcohol still gave pictures of women higher ratings than those who had not. 而第二天再做测试,喝酒这组的男士给女士照片的打分还是高过没喝酒的那组。 Dr Marcus Munafo, an experimental psychologist who led the study at Bristol University, said: "The findings are important because of the role drink plays in, for example, unsafe sex." 领导这次研究的布里斯托尔大学实验心理学者马库斯·穆纳佛士说:“这个研究发现很重要,因为这有助于解释喝酒的人易发生不安全的性关系这种现象。” Experts believe that alcohol stimulates the striatum, an area of the brain that plays an important role in attraction. 专家们相信,酒精使大脑中纹状体兴奋,而这一区域对吸引力起重要作用。 Previous studies have found that more than two thirds of people--68 percent--have woken up the morning after the night before regretting handing out their phone number to someone they were not attracted to when sober. 之前的研究已经发现,超过2/3(68%)的人酒后一夜情的次日清晨醒来后悔前一天把电话号码留给了清醒时并不认为有魅力的人。 /200905/69615陕西省第四人民医院胃部幽门螺杆菌急慢性胃炎榆林妇幼保健院消化病正规的吗



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