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惠东阳痿早泄价格惠州妇幼保健医院网上咨询惠州包皮环切多钱 The declaration申报单Show me your passport and declaration please.请出示您的护照和申报单Here you are.给你Do you have anything to declare?您有任何要申报的东西吗?Yes, that a camera.是的,我带了个数码摄像机Let me have a look at the receipt.让我看下发票 67366The Duchess of Cambridge cemented her place in Britains royal family by taking on her first patronage roles since her marriage to Prince William...and became Scoutings newest volunteer.英国剑桥公爵夫人凯特自从嫁给威廉王子后,近日首次承担起志愿工作,成为童子军的最新志愿者,巩固了自己在英国王室的地位。The duchess, a former Brownie, will help out local cub and beaver packs in Wales, perhaps in activities such as games, teaching first aid or cooking on campfires, the Scout Association said.凯特曾是一名女童子军。童子军协会称,她将帮助威尔士的幼童军团和海狸童军团解决问题,也许会参加一些游戏,教授急救措施、以及用篝火做饭等。Britains Queen Elizabeth is the royal patron of the Scouts.英国女王伊丽莎白也是童子军的王室志愿者。Other causes to be supported by the woman, who married the second-in-line to the British throne last April in a glittering ceremony watched by millions of people around the world, include charities working with young people.凯特王妃给予持的工作还包括与年轻人一起做慈善。去月,全球数百万人观看了凯特嫁给英国王室第二继承人威廉王子的盛大婚礼;The Duchesss new roles reflect Her Royal Highnesss wish to support the Royal Familys work in highlighting important causes in the charitable and voluntary sector and the arts,; a statement from St. James Palace said on Thursday.圣詹姆斯宫本周四发布声明说:;凯特王妃的新角色反映出,她希望持王室促进重要的慈善、志愿和艺术事业的工作;The 29-year-old Catherine received hundreds of requests from charities hoping to benefit from the cachet and glamour associated with the former commoner whose fairytale romance and marriage to William has been avidly documented by the press.29岁的凯特收到了来自慈善组织的数百份邀请,希望能从这位前平民的威望和魅力中受益。媒体充满热情地记录了凯特和威廉的童话爱情故事和婚姻。The British media have singled out her decision to become patron of charities who work with young people, some who suffer from behavioral problems or terminal illnesses, as a sign she will follow in the footsteps of her husbands late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.英国媒体指出,凯特决定志愿参加一些帮助年轻人的慈善活动,标志着她将效法威廉王子已故的母亲、威尔士王妃戴安娜。其中一些年轻人患有行为问题,或者晚期疾病。St. James Palace said her choices, made after private research and visits, reflected her personal interests and complemented the charitable work aly undertaken by William.圣詹姆斯宫表示,凯特的决定是在个人调查和访问后做出的,反映出她的个人兴趣,并且也协助完成了威廉王子已经开始进行的慈善工作。She will be patron of four bodies including Action on Addiction, which works to free people from drug and alcohol addiction, and East Anglias Childrens Hospices in eastern England.她将志愿参加四个组织的工作,包括旨在帮助人们戒除毒瘾和酒瘾的;戒瘾行动;,以及英格兰东部的东安格利亚儿童济贫院。The Art Room helps children, often withdrawn, disruptive or disengaged from mainstream education, to achieve greater self-esteem and independence through art.;艺术工作;通过艺术帮助儿童,特别是一些孤僻的、爱搞破坏的、或者脱离主流教育的儿童树立更强大的自尊心和独立人格。The palace said the duchess has volunteered to help the Scouts near her home in north Wales where William is an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot.英国王室称,凯特王妃志愿帮助位于威尔士北部的住所附近的童子军。威廉在这里担任英国皇家空军搜救飞行员。Supporting charities is a key role for members of the British monarchy.持慈善工作是英国王室成员的关键任务。来 /201201/167412惠城区医院男科

惠州包茎过长手术费用面试英语口语Lesson35:About the Job of a Secretary经典对话:66.What sort of responsibilities does this secretary job involve?贵公司的秘书工作有哪些职责?663.This job is handling routine tasks,such as typing letters and documents,receiving visitors,answering phone calls and so on.这项工作要处理日常常规工作,如打印信件和文件、接待来客、接电话等等66.I think Ill get familiar in no time.我想我很快会熟悉的665.Moreover,how is your English ability?Do you think you could handle telephone calls in English?此外,你英语水平如何?你能用英语打电话吗?666.I think I can.My English scores were always on the top three of my class of 0 at school.我想我能,我的英语成绩在我班0名同学中一直是前三名667.I am afraid you cant file in English.恐怕你不会用英语处理文件668.But Id be glad to learn,sir.但我很愿学,先生669.I see in your application that youve several years’ experience in secretarial work.What kind of work were you doing at your previous employer company?从你的申请材料中看出你有多年秘书经历,你在以前的公司做什么工作?670.I was in charge of the office in a general way.I supervised three other girls and also took care of the company correspondence.我负责一般日常工作我督导其他三位女职员,我还负责处理公司的函件671.Did you take shorthand and do all the typing?你工作中用速记吗?是否承担所有打字任务?67.I typed all the letters that went out of the office.I was the only one there who could take shorthand.办公室发出的函件都由我打我是办公室中惟一会速记的人673.How is your shorthand?你的速记速度如何?67.I can take dictation at ordinary speed.我能听写记录正常速度的口授675.What courses have you taken in English Secretarial Studies?你在英文秘书方面修了哪些课程?676.Ive taken such courses as secretarial principles,office ad-ministration,business English,public relations,etiquette study,psychology,computer programming,typing,stenography,and file-keeping.我修了秘书原理、办公管理、商务英语、公共关系学、礼仪学、心理学、计算机编程、打字、速记和档案管理677.Can you operate any office machines?你能操作办公设备吗?678.I can type 60 words per minute,and take dictation in English at 0 words per minute.我每分钟能打60个字,每分钟可用英文记录口授0字679.I can operate a facsimile machine and a photostat.我会操作传真机和复印机680.Where have you learned how to operate these machines?你是在哪里学会操作这些机器的?681.I learned how to operate them at A Company.I worked there nearly two years.这是在A公司学会操作这些机器的,我在那儿工作了近两年情景案例:Dialogue A(I Interviewer 主试人 A Applicant 申请人)A: May I come in?I: Yes,please.A: How do you do,sir?Im Shuijng Cai.Ive come an inter-view as requested.I: How do you do,Miss Cai?Im Hongwei Guo,the office administrator,please take a seat.A: Thank you,Mr. Guo.I: Now let get down to talk.First of all,would you please say something about yourself and family?A: It my pleasure to do so.I come from Dongguan city.My father is the manager of an import and export company in Dongguan and my mother works as a doctor in a hospital.I have an elder brother.He is in the army.I am twenty-one years old.In 199,I passed the National College Entrance Examinations and was admitted into Guangzhou Institute of eign Languages as an English Major.I specialize in English Secretarial Studies.I: What courses have you taken in English Secretarial studies?A: Ive taken such courses as secretarial principles,office administration,business English,public relations,etiquette study,psychology,computer programming,typing,stenography and file-keeping.I: How are your typing and shorthand skills?A: I can type 60 words per minute,and take dictation in English at 0 words per minute.I: Id like to try you out.Here a pencil and a pad.Please take this letter:Johnson Trading Company,Sixteen Regent Street.Now if you dont mind,would you type up your dictation on that typewriter?A: Not at all,sir.(preceed to typing)Here you are,Mr. Guo.I: Thanks.Humm,pretty good.No mistakes and very fast,too.But can you operate any other office machines?A: Yes.I can operate a facsimile machine and a photostat.I: Where have you learned how to operate these machines?A: I learned how to operate them at eign Trade Corporation of Guangdong Province last summer.I worked there nearly two months.I: Oh,really?A: Yes,it was a very helpful experience.I: What did you work there,office work?A: Yes,mostly office work and sometimes running errands.I: Oh,very good,very good.Youve had some practical experience in office work.By the way,have you had any experience as a guide?A: Well,not exactly.But I have shown some of my eign teachers around Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta as well.I: Once in a while well organize the members of this club to sightseeing around Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta and I would like to be able to ask my secretary to take them to go sightseeing when there is not much to do in the office.A: I think I would like that.I: Fine.You are the very person we want.A: Thank you,sir.I: What salary would you expect to get?A: As salary,I leave it to you to decide after experience of my capacity.I: Well,I believe we can offer you ,500 yuan a month at the start.Would that be satisfactory?A: Yes,I am quite satisfied.That would be more than I have expected.I: What date can you start to work?A: I wont be able to leave the institute until I get my diploma at the end of this month.How about early next month?I: Thatll do.Please come in on August 1st.Working hours are from eight to twelve in the morning and from two to six in the afternoon.We usually work five days a week,but occasionally we have to work overtime.A: Yes,sir.I: Ill see you on August 1st then.Thank you very much coming today.Itll be a pleasure to have you here.A: Thank you,Mr. Guo.Im sure Ill enjoy working here,too.I: I hope so.Good-bye.A: Good-bye.Notes 注释:1.Let get down to talk,first of all...让我们开始谈吧,首先….In 199,I passed the National College Entrance Examinations and was admitted into Guangzhou Institute of eign Languages as an English major.I specialize in English Secretarial Studies,199年我通过了高考,录取到广州外国语学院主修英语,我专攻英语文秘3.I would like to try you out.我想考一考你.Please take this letter:Johnson Trading Company,Sixteen Regent Street.请记录这封信:摄政街号,强臣贸易公司…5.Yes,mostly office work and sometimes running errands.是的,大部分是办公室工作,可有时跑外勤6.Well,not exactly.But I have shown some of my eign teachers around Guangzhou and the Pear River Delta as well.嗯,不算真有,但我曾经带过我的一些外籍教师游览过广州市和珠江三角洲7.Once in a while we’ organize the members of this club to sightsee around Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta and I would like to be able to ask my secretary to take them to go sightseeing when there is not much to do in the office.我们偶尔会组织本中心的会员游览广州市和珠江三角洲,在办公室没多少事干的时候,我希望能叫我的秘书带他们去游览观光Words and Expressions:Administrator n.行政官员,管理官员office administrator 办公室主任first of all 首先admit v.允许进入,录取be admitted into 被…录取etiquette n.礼仪,格式stenography n.速记法pad n.便笺簿regent n.摄政王Sixteen Regent Street 摄政街号Facsimile machine 传真机photostat n.v.复印,复印机errand n.差使,使命run errands 出差,跑腿go an errand 出差,跑腿 75广东惠州治疗早泄哪家医院最好 Changing Tables换桌子Excuse me.waiter. couId we change our table that one? My wife is quite interested in the scenery.务员,请问我们可以换到那张桌子去吗?我的妻子对外面的风景非常感兴趣I am sorry, that table has been booked.抱歉,那张桌子已经有人预订了It doesnt matter. This one is fine.没关系的,这张也可以 01河源妇幼保健人民中医院治疗阳痿早泄

惠州惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院男科专家挂号 So many stops航班中转站过多Can you tell me if there is a flight to New York?能告诉我有去纽约的航班吗?Yes.Flight DB7 departs at 5:38 pm and arriveo in New York at 6:00 am with a laycwer in Chicago.lt also makes arefueling stop at Colombia.有的,DB7航班下午5点38分起飞,早晨6点到纽约它过境芝加哥并且因为加油还要在哥伦比亚停留So many stops!Dont you have any direct fligt?这么多站!有没有直达航班?Sorry sir,it is the onry flight wa have right now.对不起先生,这是我们目前开通的唯一一趟航班 3673惠州市人民医院男性专科惠州友好医院可以吗



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