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Everyday life inspires me.生活的每一天都在激励我。。

  • If you want to see a sensitive vampire falling in love with a teenage girl but you don’t want to wait for another Twilight movie, Paul Wesley is bringing sexy back to TV this Fall on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries新剧《吸血鬼日记》CW台金秋即将上演的美剧《吸血鬼日记》又是一部讲述吸血鬼和少女之间爱情的故事。男主角Paul Wesley看起来很帅的样子。 /201007/109943。
  • In this article, I want to challenge the common perception that it is only possible to enjoy your leisure time. In particular, this article is targeted at the professional stuck in the 9 to 5 grind who longs for the weekend and, in the process, has given up on trying to find pleasure in the ordinary experiences we have every day.在本文中,作者旨在告诉读者在平时生活中寻找乐趣是可能的。本文旨在帮助那些朝九晚五的上班族们寻找生活的快乐。1. Appreciate Beauty. Each day we come across beauty in a number of shapes and forms. It’s a shame, then, that many people have become so accustomed to this beauty that it largely goes unappreciated. I suggest looking again at the people, plants, gadgets, and buildings (to name but a few examples) around you and taking a moment to appreciate what makes them so special.擅于发现美。每一天我们都会不经意地与很多美丽的人和事物接触,很多时候,我们已经麻木而忘记这些生活中的美丽,所以我建议重新审视你的周围,拥有一双擅于发现美的眼睛。 /200911/90434。
  • If you see something that looks like four hula hoops attached together hovering in the sky, don't automatically assume that it's a UFO. It might just be the Aeryon Scout, a new product from Aeryon Labs of Waterloo that is actually a flying camera.The device is composed of four connected foam rings with a rotor inside and a camera attached to its bottom. It flies under control of a remote. Why would they produce such a weird camera? You may ask.The makers of the Aeryon Scout say it was designed for taking pictures of places where it's too difficult, dangerous or time-consuming to go. According to Steffen Lindner, one of the founders of Aeryon, this new product is mainly targeted at the police forces, security companies and surveying and engineering firms.Floating object inventions have received a lot of attention today. Many of these gadgets make great use of the properties of magnets to create this hovering effect, by engaging magnets set upon opposite poles. The effect is rather unique and almost magic-like.The latest gadget to utilise this concept is a picture frame, which appears to suspend in mid air between two ends of what seems to resemble a desk lamp, but does not emit light, only acts as a magnetic force to hover the picture.With three various styles, including an artistic base, original base and a cosmic base--every idea has been designed and produced. Simply position the photo frame, which holds two pictures, between the "lamp" and watch your own pictures descend from mid-air. 如果你看到一个像四个呼啦圈连在一起的东西在天上飞,可别想当然地以为它是UFO。这个东西很可能就是“艾伦侦查器”,滑铁卢艾伦实验室研制出的一款新产品,它其实是一台会飞的照相机。这款照相机的主体是四个连在一起的泡沫状圆环,圆环中间有一个旋转器,底部安装了一个摄像头,可以由遥控器控制飞行。你可能要问,为什么要生产一款这么奇怪的照相机呢?“艾伦侦察器”的研制者们说,设计这款相机的目的是为了在那些耗时耗力也很难到达的危险地带进行拍摄。斯蒂芬·林德纳是艾伦实验室的创始人之一,据他说,这个新产品的主要目标用户是警察、保安公司以及勘测工程公司。如今,各类悬空式产品的发明引起了不少关注。很多这种小玩意儿都是在两个相对的柱状物上装上磁铁,大大地利用磁铁(异性相吸)的特性,产生出悬空效果。这种效果很独特,几乎可以说是“神奇”。利用这种发明的最新产品是一款相框,它看起来就像是悬在一个类似台灯的东西中间,但这个“台灯”不发光,只能产生磁力令相片悬起来。这款相框有三种不同的样式:工艺底座式、创意底座式和大底座式——三种样式的产品都已设计出并投入生产。相框里可以放两张相片,你只需把相框放到“台灯”中间,就可以看到自己的相片悬在半空中了。 /200812/57993。
  • 全球兴起了一股新的热潮——手机上的热潮!因为SMS又快又便宜而且有意思,因此短信变得和电话一样普及。这而有一些使用SMS短信上的建议,或Short Message Service,用英语收发短信。 发短信给我!  英语有的拼写体系非常的复杂,并且拼出一个单词需要很长的时间。因此,很多人就开始缩写这些单词。这样省钱省时,但如果人们如果不熟悉现在的时尚朝向,同时也可能让让人大惑不解。而且,要掌握短信英语必须先掌握英语。  SMS俚语可以分成两种:首字母或缩写。  首字母缩写   首字母是由几个单词的首字母组成的(例如UN就是ed Nations)。在短信中,首字母是常用的短语。此外,单独的字母也可能取代听起来类似的单词。看看这些例子:  OIC -Oh I see。  BRB -Be right back…  BFN -Bye for now  LOL -Laughing out loud  ASAP -As soon as possible  BTW -By the way…  FYI -For your information…  JK -Just kidding  TTYL -Talk to you later  缩写SMS的缩写和一般的"don't"或者"they're"的缩写不一样,但是意图是一样的:去掉不必要的部分同时保持意思明确。元音常被去除,但仍能辨别出单词一般发音。数字8有时代表eight的音,因此later 变成了l8r。数字4也常用于替代for 就象2取代to。看这些SMS的缩写:  Plz - Please  Thx - Thanks  Cya - See you  L8r - Later  K - OK  U - You  R - Are  B4 - Before  2morro - Tomorrow显而易见,这样写可能会变得复杂,你应该在试图缩写短信之前先掌握好英语。如果使用过多的缩写会使你的SMS让读者疑惑不解或让你在客户面前显得非常的不专业。  你能保守秘密吗?  SMS肯定非常方便的,但应该只用于休闲的对话并且一定要记得你发短信的对象。你不该向老板发短信!此外,短信很容易被储存或取回,甚至发错给了别人-因此如果不当心的话,你就可能陷入尴尬的处境!下次要发非常私人的短信的话记得在在按“发送”之前仔细想想否则你可以将发给你爱人的短信发到你老板的手机上! /201001/95124。
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