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My grandparents believed you were either honest or you weren't. There was no in between. They had a simple motto hanging on their living-room wall "Life is like a field of newly fallen snow; where I choose to walk every step will show." They didn't have to talk about it – they demonstrated the motto by the way they lived.They understood instinctively that integrity means having a personal standard of morality and ethics that does not sell out to expediency and that is not relative to the situation at hand. Integrity is an inner standard judging your behavior. Untunately, integrity is in short supply today – and getting scarcer. But it is the real bottom line in every area of society. And it is something we must demand of ourselves.A good test this value is to look at what I call the Integrity Triad, which consists of three key principles 1.Stand firmly your convictions in the face of personal pressure. There's a story told about a surgical nurse's first day on the medical team at a well-known hospital. She was responsible ensuring that all instruments and materials were ed during an abdominal operation. The nurse said to the surgeon, "You've only remove sponges, and we sued . We need to find the last one. ""I removed them all," the doctor declared. "We'll close now.""You can't do that, sir," objected the rookie nurse. "Think of the patient." Smiling, the surgeon lifted his foot and showed the nurse the th sponge."You'll do just fine in this or any other hospital," he told her. When you know you're right, you can't back down..Always give others credit that is rightfully theirs. Don't be afraid of those who might have a better idea or who might even be smarter than you are.David Ogilvy, founder of the advertising firm Ogilvy amp; Mather, made this point clear of his newly appointed office head by sending each a Russian nesting doll with five progressively smaller figures inside. His message was contained in the smallest doll "If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, Ogilvy amp; Mather will become a company of giants." And that is precisely that the company became – one of the largest and most respected advertising organizations in the world.3.Be honest and open about who you really are. People who lack genuine core values rely on external factors – their looks or status – in order to feel good about themselves. Inevitably they will do everything they can to preserve this faccedil;ade, but they will do every little to develop their inner value and personal growth.So be yourself. Don't engage in a personal cover-up of areas that are unpleasing in your life. When it's tough, do it tough. In other words, face reality and be adult in your responses to life's challenges. 188。

  • Stopping by Woods Whose woods these are I think I know, His house is in the village though. He will not see me stopping here, To watch his woods fill up with snow. My little horse must think it queer, To stop without a farmhouse near, Between the woods and frozen lake, The darkest evening of the year. He gives his harness bells a shake, To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound's the sweep, Of easy wind and downy flake. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go bee I sleep. And miles to go bee I sleep 81。
  • 当忧郁的情绪骤然间降下,   仿佛来自天空的悲泣的云团,   滋润着垂头丧气的小花,   四月的白雾笼罩着青山,   将你的哀愁滋养于早晨的玫瑰,   波光粼粼的海面虹霓. Ode on Melancholy NO, no! go not to Lethe, neither twist Wolf's-bane, tight-rooted, its poisonous wine; Nor suffer thy pale ehead to be kist By nightshade, ruby grape of Proserpine; Make not your rosary of yew-berries, Nor let the beetle, nor the death-moth be Your mournful Psyche, nor the downy owl A partner in your sorrow's mysteries; shade to shade will come too drowsily, And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul. But when the melancholy fit shall fall Sudden from heaven like a weeping cloud, That fosters the droop-headed flowers all, And hides the green hill in an April shroud; Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose, Or on the rainbow of the salt sand-wave, Or on the wealth of globèd peonies; Or if thy mistress some rich anger shows, Emprison her soft hand, and let her rave, And feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes. She dwells with Beauty—Beauty that must die; And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh, Turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips Ay, in the very temple of Delight Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine, Though seen of none save him whose strenuous tongue Can burst Joy's grape against his palate fine; His soul shall taste the sadness of her might, And be among her cloudy trophies hung.。
  • 关于“日期” date 和“时间” time 的日常英语 -- :56:3 来源: 今天几号? What today date? Fill out the m. (请填这张表) What today date? (今天几号?) It the tenth. (今天号) What date is it today? What the date? What the date today? 8月日 It August thirteenth. *表示日期的时候在数字后面加th但是1号、号、3号分别是first、second、third It the thirteenth of August. 今天星期几? What day is it? *What today date? 表示问几号;What day is it? 表示问星期几 What day is it? (今天星期几?) It Friday. (星期五) 星期四 It Thursday. 现在几点? Do you have the time? *问时间时记住在time前加the What time is it now? Have you got the time? What time have you got? May I ask the time? (我可以问您现在几点吗?) Could you tell me what time is it now? (您能告诉我现在几点吗?) 快到中午了 It almost noon. *夜里零点是midnight 现在1点钟了 It one oclock. 1点5分 It a quarter to two. *a quarter 是四分之一的意思,在这儿是60分钟的四分之一的意思,即分钟另外,这里的to是表示“~前”的意思,即“差分点” It 1∶5.It one ty-five. It a quarter of two. It a quarter till two. 1点5分 It five after one. It five past one. It five minutes after one oclock. 指针正指到3点分 The clock says 3∶ (three fifteen). It 3∶.(现在3点分) My watch says 3∶. *watch“手表” 3点分 It a quarter after three. It a quarter past three. 差分点 It ten to two. It 1∶50 (one fifty). 9点半 It nine thirty. It half past nine. 有关时间 那只表慢5分钟 The clock is five minutes slow. The clock is five minutes slow. (那只表慢5分钟) Thanks telling me. (谢谢你告诉我) The clock is five minutes behind. The clock is five minutes fast. (那表快5分钟) 该走了 Well, time to go. Well, it time to leave now. 大约什么时候? About when? 大约几点? About what time? 还来得及吗? How the time? *这句是用于某活动过程中询问“时间怎么样?来得及吗?” How are we doing time? What the time like? (时间怎么样?) 我没有时间 I have no time. Im really busy now. (我现在真的很忙) I dont have time. I havent got time. I dont have any time. 你得再等5天 You must wait five more days. Five more days to go. (再等5天吧) Only five days left. (只剩下5天了) 怎么花那么长时间? What is taking so long? Why is it so time-consuming? 白白浪费了一整天 I wasted a whole day. I wasted my whole day (away). 到时间了 Time has come. 时间就是金钱 Time is money. *表示“时间宝贵”的谚语 Time is golden. Time is precious. 我看了两个小时的电视以打发时间 I killed two hours watching TV. 没有时间了 Time is up. There no time left. 你有空闲的时间吗? Do you have some free time? Are you free now? Are you available now? 我看时间差不多了 It about time. *about time 表示“终于”、“觉得差不多了” 电脑能帮我们省时间 Computers save us time. Computers are efficient. 日常英语 英语口语。
  • 38Topaz38 TopazTopaz is a hard, transparent mineral. It is a compound of aluminum, silica, and fluorine. Gem topaz is valuable. Jewelers call this variety of the stone “precious topaz”. The best-known precious topaz gems range in color from rich yellow to light brown or pinkish red. Topaz is one of the hardest gem minerals. In the mineral table of hardness, it has a rating of 8, which means that a knife cannot cut it, and that topaz will scratch quartz.The golden variety of precious topaz is quite uncommon. Most of the world’s topaz is white or blue. The white and blue crystals of topaz are large, often weighing thousands of carats. this reason, the value of topaz does not depend so much on its size as it does with diamonds and many other precious stones, where the value increases about four times with each doubling of weight. The value of a topaz is largely determined by its quality. But color is also important blue topaz, instance, is often irradiated to deepen and improve its color.Blue topaz is often sold as aquamarine and a variety of brown quartz is widely sold as topaz. The quartz is much less brilliant and more plentiful than true topaz. Most of it is variety of amethyst that heat has turned brown.黄水晶黄水晶是一种坚硬、透明的矿物质它是铝、硅和氟的化合物黄水晶宝石价值不菲珠宝商把这种石头称为"黄玉"最出名的黄玉有各种颜色如深黄色、淡棕色、浅红色等黄水晶是最坚硬的宝石矿中的一种在矿石硬度表上,它的硬度为8,这表明刀子不能割开它而它可在石英上划痕金黄色的黄玉品种非常罕见世界上大多数的黄水晶是白色或蓝色的这些白色或蓝色的黄水晶晶体很大,常常有数千克拉重由于这个原因,黄水晶的价值不像钻石和许多其它宝石那样主要依赖于其大小,重量翻一番价值即上升约四倍黄水晶的价值很大程度上取决于其品质,但颜色也很重要举例来说,蓝色的黄水晶常需放射处理以加深和改善其颜色蓝色的黄水晶常被作为海蓝宝石出售,许多种棕色石英被当作黄水晶广为贩卖石英光亮度远小于黄水晶,矿藏储量也远较黄水晶丰富大多数石英是一种紫水晶,高温使其变为棕色 653。
  • Life is certainly only worthwhile as it represents struggle worthy causes. There is no struggle in perfect security. 367。
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