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17 missing after mudslide in Fugong county, SW China云南福贡县发生泥石流造成17人失踪17 people are missing and another injured, after a mudslide in Fugong County in southwest Chinas Yunnan Province.中国西南的云南省福贡县发生泥石流造成17人失踪,1人受伤。The disaster occurred at 3 a.m. at Shawa village in the Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang.这次泥石流发生在凌晨3点怒江傈僳族自治州的沙瓦村。Rescue efforts are underway.救援工作正在紧张进行当中。This disaster follows another mudslide last week caused at least 8 deaths at a location 40 kilometers away.这次的泥石流是继上周距离40公里处发生的泥石流造成至少8人死亡后的又一起。201407/310227ANNOUNCER: Its time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来“的时间到了。The islands of Capri, Giglio and Sardinia are all located off the coast of what country? If you think, you know it, then shout it out!卡布里、吉廖岛和撒丁岛都在哪个国家的海岸线上?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Brazil, Portugal, Greece or Italy? Youve got three seconds, go! 它是巴西、葡萄牙、希腊还是意大利?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Youll find all of those islands off the coast of Italy. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout;.你会在意大利沿海找到那些岛屿。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: One of those islands has been getting a lot more attention recently. 这些岛屿中的一个最近得到了较多地关注。The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground on Giglio in January of 2012, 4200 people were on board, 32 were killed. “科斯塔·康科迪亚”号邮轮在2012年1月在吉廖岛搁浅,当时有4200人在船上,32人丧生。The ship has been lying there on its side ever since, at least until this week. 直到这个星期,这艘船依然侧躺在这里。A massive salvage operation is under way, and the first steps appeared to be a success. 大规模海上救援行动正在进行,此行动的第一步看起来是成功的。A steel platform was built on the sea floor. 海平面上架起了一座铁架平台。And pulleys cables and steel tanks were attached to one side of the ship. 滑轮的缆绳和钢槽连接着船的一边。The process is called, parbuckling. 这个过程被称为拉套索。And youre about to see what it looks like: the salvage crew rolled the ship off the rocks and onto that platform. 你可以看看这看起来什么样子:打捞船让轮船滚下石头,滚到那个平台上。The Concordia is 952 feet long, it weighs 114,000 tons. 康科迪亚号有952英里长,重达十一万四千吨。No ship that large or that heavy had ever been parbuckled before. 从来没有那么长那么重的船被套索拉过。Next stage is for floatation devices to be attached to the other side, and for the Costa Concordia to be refloated, so it can be towed away. 下一阶段是要将漂浮装置装到另一侧,科斯塔·康科迪亚将再次飘浮,那么它就能被拖走了。Organizers dont expect that to happen until next summer.组织者觉得那直到下个夏天才会进行下一步。 /201309/257738Google Child Abuse Image Block Not Enough Critics say the move to block tens of thousands of search terms that show depraved images and s ;simply masks the symptoms;.Naturally Downing Street officials are portraying this is a victory for David Cameron. The internet companies had seen reluctant to take actions to censor the content, but pressure from PMs has brought together two huge rivals: Google and Microsoft in their rare display unity.Well, if you build a wall, someone is gonna try and get over under or around. Its important we collaborate on such important issue. We do take a lot effort to remove and report this content, but we do accept that there is more we can done. We are very happy to do that.But immediately people are searching for evidence that would make any real difference.Halting predicative text on searches might stop innocent being inadvertently let stray, so might warnings about your illegal behavior. But experts in child protection say it would not block determined pedofiles.This is the beginning and not the end, and its a small step forward not huge one when it comes to actual child protection. What we need to see now is Prime Ministers focus influence being used to help us to catch the predators.Google says they have 200 staff developing new technology to identify and block child pornography, the rival Microsoft has aly develop the ability to recognize illegal photographs and track them when they are copied and distributed. Now Google says theyve been able to do the same with .The program allows analysts to break out every to calculate unique digital signature. That signature is then matched again other version on line even if theyve been edited and altered. Once theyve been identified, all copies are then deleted from the Internet.Steward Hazzles scoured the web for underage pornography before murdering Tiya Sharp.But most images shared by pedofiles are down someone close networks beyond the capacity of internet searching engines. That requires globe police action.You can go after these pedofile to pedofile sharing, you can take down the size, you can prosecute these people, I want to see , you know, people being prosecuted for these violent crime. We are putting resources into the police into international crime agency ,working in all steps with Americans to make sure we go after these people.Campaigners, like Sara Paine whose daughter Sara was killed by a sex offender, say there is only one way to really tackle the problem.Mr. Cameron, please just fund police properly , so they can do this and get better of this.And be a force three reckoned with, so pedofiles do not hurt us anymore.While warning can easily be ignored, tracking online predators to their homes is real challenge. /201311/265948

Where the reefs meet deeper waters, upwelling currents carry nutrients to the surface.在暗礁与深水的交接处,上涌的水流携带大量营养元素至表层水。Reef fish swim out to gorge themselves on the resulting food, in turn attracting larger predatory fish to the reefs. Trevally prowl in dense packs.珊瑚鱼游出巢穴狼吞虎咽,当有掠食鱼类出现便返回巢穴,他们以密集的队列巡游海底。Giant rays sweep in on graceful wings to hoover up the remaining plankton, which also attracts the king of fish.巨鳐挥扫着优美的鳍翅来吸食周围残余的浮游生物,这些浮游生物同时也吸引了鱼中霸王。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201410/335802

OK, so you screwed up royally. Take a deep breath, and then follow these job-saving measures.你的忠诚被自己破坏了。深呼吸,采纳以下措施,保住工作。You Will Need你需要Honesty诚实An apology道歉Solutions解决方法Steps步骤Step 1 Admit it1.承认错误Tell your boss you messed up without delay. It will be worse if they hear it later from someone else.毫不拖延地告诉老板你把事情弄糟了。如果稍后他们从其他人口中得知你的错误,情况会更加糟糕。Step 2 Take it like an adult2.承担责任Take full responsibility. Dont try to explain it, minimize it, or justify it. Just say youre sorry and move on to damage control.承担全部责任。不要试图解释,淡化或辩解。只要说抱歉,然后采取行动控制损失。Dont be a tattle. The boss will admire you for your maturity, and youll win points with colleagues for taking one for the team.不要闲聊。老板会赏识你的成熟,有团队合作精神也会让你获得同事的好印象。Step 3 Offer solutions3.提供解决方法Explain how youre going to correct the problem. If its something thats not easily remedied, offer several options.解释你将如何纠正问题。如果不容易纠正,提供其他选择。Let your boss know youll make the necessary fixes on your own time so theres no further loss of productivity.让老板知道你会利用业余时间来进行必要的修正,这样就不会影响将来的工作效率。Step 4 Learn from your mistake4.从错误中吸取教训Tell your boss what youve learned from your mistake, and assure them it wont happen again.告诉老板你从错误中学到了什么,向他们保这种情况不会再发生。Step 5 Move on5.继续前进Move forward. Trust us: No one is thinking about your blunder nearly as much as you are!继续前进。信任我们:任何人都不会像你自己一样总是想着自己的错误。Did you know? Twenty-eight percent of U.S. workers polled said lack of sleep causes them to make mistakes at work.你知道吗?接受调查的28%的美国雇员表示,缺乏睡眠会导致他们在工作中出错。视频听力由。201311/266437

It takes place on the fourth of July and celebrates Americas freedom. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today well be learning more about Independence Day.那在七月四日举行,庆祝美国的自由。欢迎收看WatchMojo.com,今天我们要了解更多有关美国国庆日的事。Independence Day is an American national holiday that celebrates the adoption of the formal declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. This landmark document decreed that the 13 colonies were no longer part of the British Empire and had become independent states.美国国庆日是庆祝1776年七月四日通过正式独立宣言的美国国定假日。此份具重大意义的文件判定十三个殖民地不再是大英帝国的一部分,且成为独立的州。The declaration came about, thanks to Richard Henry Lee of Virginia who proposed its creation. Founding father John Adams advanced the idea of a manuscript, and the committee of five, led by chief author Thomas Jefferson, composed the written draft. Final edited version of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4.独立宣言诞生,多亏了提出其创作的维吉尼亚州的Richard Henry Lee。建国之父John Adams提出了手稿的想法,接着五人小组,由首席作者Thomas Jefferson领导,拟出了草稿。独立宣言最终修订版本在七月四日通过。In it was one of the most famous sentences in the English language, which outlined the belief system of this new country and became a cornerstone of American society: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.在独立宣言里有英文这语言中这最知名的句子之一,那略述了这个新兴国家的信念系统,成为美国社会的基石:我们相信这些真理不言自明,也就是人皆生而平等,他们由造物主赋予若干不可剥夺的权力,其中包括生命、自由、及追求幸福的权力。Celebrations of American independence have taken place since the adoption of the declaration. Meanwhile, the City of Philadelphia first laid the groundwork for todays celebrations with fireworks, speeches, music, parades, and displays of red, white, and blue.美国独立的庆祝活动自独立宣言的正式通过后开始举行。同时,费城首先奠定了今日庆祝活动的基础,运用了烟火、演讲、音乐、游行、和红白蓝的摆设。Eventually in 1938, the celebration became a paid federal holiday. All traditions continue as well. For example, at military bases, a 50-gun salute is fired to commemorate the independence of each of the 50 states.最后在1938年,庆祝活动成了联邦的带薪假。所有传统也持续下去。举例来说,在军事基地,会鸣放五十响礼炮来个别纪念五十州的独立。Today Independence Day is a prominent summertime event marked by shows of patriotism, outdoor activities, and tributes. There are also parades in the morning and firework displays at night. Plus the national anthem and other patriotic songs take center stage.今天美国国庆日是由爱国主义的表演、户外活动、和敬意所标志的重要夏日活动。早上也有游行,晚上则有烟火表演。此外,国歌和其他爱国歌曲也是瞩目的焦点。The holiday has become so popular, the first week of July is the busiest time of the year for travel in the ed States, as Americans extend the long weekend to celebrate the birth of America and a defining moment in American history.这个节日变得如此受欢迎,因此七月的第一个礼拜是美国国内旅游最繁忙的时间,因为美国人自行延长周末连假拿来庆祝美国的诞生、以及美国历史中决定性的一刻。If youre interested in learning more about important moments in American history, be sure to tune in to WatchMojo.com.如果你有兴趣认识更多美国历史中重要的时刻,一定要收看WatchMojo.com。201412/347200

Oh, the misery! Your head is pounding, your whole body aches, and theres nobody—nobody—around to pamper you. Youll just have to pamper yourself.噢,真是痛苦!头痛,全身痛,没人照顾你。那么,你必须学会自己照顾自己。You Will Need你需要A bed一张床Time to rest休息时间Vitamin C维他命CSome chocolate一些巧克力Warm fluids温热的液体Electrolyte drinks电解质饮料A humidifier加湿器Some over-the-counter medication一些非处方药物Steps步骤Step 1 Get lots of rest1.大量休息Get lots of rest. Dont try to work out, and make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep a night.充分休息。不要试图外出工作,确保每晚有至少八小时的睡眠。Dont worsen your situation—and get others sick—by going out or going to work.不要因为外出或上班而传染他人,让情况更加糟糕。Step 2 Take Vitamin C2.用维他命CTake in lots of vitamin C with supplements or through fluids like orange juice.用维他命C补充剂或橙汁等饮料。Step 3 Eat dark chocolate3.食用黑巧克力Eat a little dark chocolate for its antioxidant qualities.食用一点黑巧克力,补充抗氧化剂。Step 4 Use humidifier4.使用加湿器If you have a cough, put a humidifier near your bed, or wherever youre resting, to help you breath easier.如果咳嗽,床附近或者你休息的地方放一台加湿器,帮助呼吸更轻松。Step 5 Drink warm fluids5.喝温热的液体Take in warm fluids like soups and teas.喝点汤或茶等温热的液体。Step 6 Keep yourself hydrated6.多喝水Keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and an occasional electrolyte drink.持续补水,大量喝水,偶尔喝点电解质饮料。Step 7 Avoid dairy products7.避免奶制品Avoid dairy products, which can uncomfortably coat the throat and mouth, as well as cause an upset stomach.避免奶制品,否则会为喉咙和嘴巴蒙上一层膜,而且会导致胃部不适。Step 8 Rest8.休息Rest, rest, rest.休息,休息,还是休息。If you still feel lousy, try some over-the-counter medication—like ibuprofen, acetaminophen or cough syrup—to alleviate some of your symptoms. They wont cure you, but youll feel better.如果你还是感到不适,试着用一些非处方药物,例如布洛芬,扑热息痛或咳嗽糖浆来缓解部分症状。这些药物或许不会让你痊愈,但是会让你感觉更好一点。Step 9 Wait it out9.等待Wait it out. It likely will take a few days for your sickness to run its course. But if your symptoms persist—or worsen dramatically—see a doctor!等待。你的身体可能需要几天的时间才能康复。但是如果症状持续或恶化,赶紧去看医生。The number one way to prevent the sp of illness is by washing your hands.防止疾病传播的最佳方法就是洗手。视频听力由。 /201312/267382

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