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And what he did was to give tax privileges to Christian priests, to intervene in Christian disputes, to declare Christianity a legal religion, to give money to Christian churches, to start building Christian churches. So all of those actions together gave a great sort of fillip to Christianity.;他给基督教的神职人员税收优惠,介入基督徒间的争端,宣布基督教合法,拨款给基督教会,修建基督教堂。所有这些行动极大地推动了基督教的发展。And it was this fillip that must have given the owner of our villa the confidence to show us Christ looking out at us, full face, unequivocally a man of power. He wears the rich robes and the stylish hairdo that might well have been sported by the villa owner himself, but this is no local ruler and indeed no local god. The Chi Rho monogram makes it clear that what we#39;re being shown is Jesus Christ. And there#39;s a further clue to this man#39;s true nature. On either side of Christ#39;s head the artist has put pomegranates. Now, to any educated visitor, this would recall at once the myth of Persephone, carried off to the underworld, rescued by her mother, and brought back to the land of the living as a great allegory of the cycle of the seasons, of death and rebirth, of descent into hell and return to the light. By the inclusion of this simple fruit, the artist links Jesus to the pagan gods who#39;d also been gods of dying and returning; to Orpheus, who went to the underworld in search of Eurydice and returned, and to Bacchus who was similarly associated with resurrection.正是这种鼓励使得别墅主人敢于向我们展示基督图像。图像上的基督正面直视着我们,明白地显示出这是位强有力的人物。他所穿着的昂贵长袍和时髦的发型也许来自别墅主人,但这肯定不是一位当地统治者,也不是本土神祇。戈符号表明了他的基督身份。此外还有另一个线索:艺术家在他头两侧各创作了一个石榴。了解希腊神话的访客必然立刻就能 联想到神话中被带到冥府的珀耳塞福涅,她的母亲解救了她,让她重返人间。但由于她在冥府时吃了几粒石榴籽,因此每年都有一段时间必须在黑暗中度过。她的这个神话是关于四季循环、死亡与重生、落人地府又重返光明世界的寓言故事。艺术家用这一水果将耶稣与异教中同样死 而复生的神祇联系起来,比如曾往地府寻找欧律狄克的俄耳甫斯,以及同样与复活有关的酒神巴克科斯。This Dorset Christ pulls together all the hopes of the ancient world, the deepest of all human hopes: that death is only part of a larger story that will culminate in abundance of life and even greater fruitfulness.多塞特的基督汇聚了古代世界的所有希望,而这也是人类最深切的愿望:死亡不是终结,之后还会有更丰富的生活,更丰饶的收获。 Article/201507/384192

#39;The Dai ladies do all the fishing for their village.傣族的女人们负责为村子#39;There are more than 600 rivers and lakes in Yunnan,云南有六百多条多大小河湖#39;with millions of people depending on them for food and water.#39;这些河流为数百万人提供食物和水I#39;ve never seen this unique way of fishing.我从未见过如此独特的方式They#39;re just upturning rocks and getting really in there.他们把岩石翻上来去找鱼But it#39;s a very clever technique,但这真是一个妙招cos you kind of sandwich the net between your feet,网在两脚之间就像三明治那样then you use your hands然后用手to bring the vegetation拨开水草and the sea bed into the net.河床就被网住了Oh! Oh!哇哦She#39;s got two big quans!她抓到了两个It#39;s just a river fish.这是一种淡水鱼Crab?螃蟹#39;Living below China#39;s official poverty line, the Dai women生活在中国的贫困线以下,傣族妇女们#39;can#39;t afford to overlook any potential source of protein in the river.#39;不能放过河流里任何可以提供营养的食物She said that you can eat this.她说你可以尝尝这个It looks like some weird river centipede thing!这看起来像奇怪的水生蜈蚣I was like, ;Eurgh!;我想说,额Ah! She#39;s just decapitated it!她就这样把头掐掉了;You can eat that,; she said, ;it#39;s delicious.;你可以尝尝看,她说,这个很好吃They really have a respect for the environment.她们对大自然真的非常敬畏They said they don#39;t fish every day.她们说,她们不会每天都来Which means they give the river a chance to recover,这意味着,给这些河流有足够的恢复期and the fish to thrive.让鱼得以继续繁衍生存For the time being, the women are safe to fish in these waters.目前,这些鱼对于傣族女人们来说,是安全的But this might not be the case for much longer,但是这可能并不会延续太久because in recent years, many of Yunnan#39;s waterways have become因为近几年,云南的很多水域都受到了contaminated with pollution from its cities, less than 40 miles away.来自40英里之远的城市污染 Article/201509/401521

You may decide to take a vitamin supplement to ensure你可以用维生素补养品来you consume adequate amounts of vitamin. There are保摄取足量的维生素many options on the market, and it can be very由于目前市场上这类产品多种多样confusing which are better. In general, supplements因此选择哪一种产品变得十分困难that contain most of the required vitamins are better通常富含多种维生素的保养品比只含一种and safer than taking single vitamin preparations.维生素的保养品更加安全和有效Most of these will also contain minerals.这些补养品中大多还含有矿物质There are some very good products available now that现在还有一些专门针对某个年龄层和target specific age and gender. These are recommended性别的产品,它们十分值得推荐because requirements are different between men and因为不用性别,不同年龄层的人们women and across the lifespan. In general, you should对维生素的需求是不同的avoid supplements that contain greater than 200% of但要注意,对于任何一种营养物质the Daily Value for any of the nutrients.每天的摄入量不要超过最佳摄入量的200%This could lead to toxicity or imbalance in the body.因为这会导致体内营养物质中毒或者不平衡Some manufacturers try to market unique sources一些制造商不断宣传or blends of vitamin supplements. Words like ;organic;合成或者新型维生素制品,但对于维生素or ;natural; are meaningless when it comes to vitamins;合成;和;自然;等词根本没有意义The body cannot distinguish among these sources,身体根本无法区分它们的来源and we use the vitamins equally well. In general,同样都能吸收,通常情况下using vitamin supplements manufactured by a最好选择信誉好的制药公司well-established pharmaceutical companies is the生产的维生素产品best choice. It may not be necessary to take the我们并不需要每天用这些产品supplement every single day. Skipping a day or two中间错过一两天也无所谓is fine. And this can save you money on supplements这样既可以省钱又可以and still ensure meeting the body#39;s needs.保身体每天的需求量Water-soluble vitamins. In summary,这就是水溶性维生素,总的来说the water-soluble vitamins include the水溶性维生素包括维生素B族B-complex Vitamins which are Vitamin B12,也就是维生素B12 维生素B6Vitamin B6, Folate, and Vitamin C.叶酸以及维生素CThese vitamins are necessary for many different这些维生素对我们的很多身体机能都有好处functions within your body. Since these vitamins因为它们是水溶性的are water-soluble and are excreted instead of stored,可以不断更新而不是储存在体内you must get these vitamins in your day, you must get因此你每天都要有一定的摄入量these vitamins in your diet each day. Aim to get your每天的饮食中都要摄入vitamins by eating a variety of different foods,要使你的饮食多样化,以便获得but if you are unable to meet your vitamin needs所需的维生素量through food alone, a multivitamin can help同时,富含多种维生素的bridge the gap to meeting your needs.补养品也有助于你每天摄取足够的维生素 Article/201510/401890

  Ice has bulldozed and carved the world we know on a colossal scale.冰用巨大的规模来推平和雕刻世界But what is it that gives something as brittle as ice在地球上能找到像冰一样易碎supremacy over the hardest and most resilient rocks却能比最硬的石头to be found on the planet?还坚固的东西么?To find out, you need to see inside a glacier.若要找出,你需要看到冰川的内部The Svartisen Glacier in Norway is one of the few places on Earth斯瓦迪森冰川坐落在挪威的北极圏where ice can really be seen in action.这里你能看到冰在运动It#39;s thanks to this glacier that scientists are starting to understand感谢这个冰川让我们揭开the secrets of ice#39;s great power.冰伟大力量的神秘Deep beneath the glacier, in a chamber at the end,在隧道尽头的房间里scientists come face to face with ice.科学家们能与冰层亲密接触了Then it#39;s two days of of hard work using hot water花了两天的时间喷洒热水to melt a cave big enough to get inside the glacier and see it in all its glory.大小足够人们进入 用来仔细观察它的光辉Here#39;s the ice tunnel. Watch your head!这里就是冰层隧道,注意头顶!Miriam Jackson#39;s a glaciologist.米里亚姆杰克逊是一位地理学家She spends up to three weeks at a time down here.她在这底下一次都要待上整整三个礼拜Look at that!It#39;s beautiful! -It#39;s amazing, isn#39;t it?看啊!太漂亮了!-不可思议,对吧?It#39;s absolutely beautiful.简直太漂亮了This is like a piece of art. It is, isn#39;t it?就像是一件艺术品是吧?Wow!You#39;ve got to remember there#39;s 200 metres of ice over us now.哇喔!米里亚姆·杰克逊士挪威水资源和能源士你要知道我们头顶上的冰层有两百米厚200 metres?JACKSON: Yes, we#39;re at the bottom of the glacier and the ice is over us.两百米?是的,我们正处于冰河的底下冰层就在我们头上-It#39;s also closing in on us. -As we speak, it#39;s contracting in?-而冰层正在靠近我们-靠近?这里的空间在缩小?Yeah. We couldn#39;t stand here for 48 hours,是的,这里不能待超过48小时the ice would close in on us.冰将把我们关在这里We#39;d be stuck fossilised in the ice, like a big ice cube.我们会变成冰化石就像一个大的冰立方 Article/201510/404020

  We#39;re met by our guide, Mohammed.我们和我们的向导穆罕默德会面Hi! Hello!嗨,你好Hey!嘿Nice to meet you, I am Mohammed. Welcome to Kashgar!很高兴认识你,我叫穆罕默德 欢迎来喀什Nice to meet you, Mohammed! Just arrived?很高兴认识你,穆罕默德,刚到吗Yes, we did, yeah. Ah, come on, I show you around.是的,我们刚到,来吧,我带你们四处转转OK, thanks! It#39;s a pleasure.好的,谢谢,很荣幸1,000 years ago, this market would have been overrun with caravans1000年前,这个市场恐怕是充斥着商队bringing goods in and out of China on the Northern Silk Road.载着货物往返于中国北方的丝绸之路Today, with over 5,000 stalls, it#39;s jam packed with traders今天,有超过5000个摊位,挤得满满的商人hot off the Karakoram Highway from Pakistan.风尘仆仆来自巴基斯坦的喀喇昆仑公路Raisins!葡萄干These are apricot seeds, those are sunflower seeds,这些是杏仁,那些是葵花籽people just mix a little bit of everything,人们只是把所用东西混杂在一起put it into their pocket.放进自己的口袋Mmm! It#39;s delicious, yeah?恩,很美味,是吗Very good.非常好You know apricot seed is very good for men.你知道杏仁对男人很有益Really? Oh.真的吗,噢I won#39;t ask you why! You eat this, you don#39;t need Viagra.我不会问你为什么,吃了这个就不会需要伟哥了Wandering through the market, it#39;s striking to see one food徘徊漫步于市场里,看到一种引人注目的食品that you#39;d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in China.在中国的很多地方你很难找到Ah, wow, this is what I wanted to see. Wow! Delicious!啊,这就是我想看到的东西,哇 好吃Can we buy one? Yes!我们可以买到吗,是的Here, naan b is sold on virtually every street corner.在这里,几乎每一个街角都在卖烤饼面包Mmmm!恩Oh, this I love.噢,这个我喜欢It#39;s sesame seeds with onion? Salt?这是芝麻与洋葱,盐吗Yeah, they just put those on top.是的,它们把这些放在上面2,000 years ago, the nomadic cattle herders2000年前,游牧的牧民travelling through this region,穿越这个区域relied on this b to sustain them in the desert.在沙漠里依靠这些面包获取能量Today, Uyghurs consider it to be sacred.今天,维吾尔人视之为神圣B means life.面包意味着生活So you can#39;t throw b away? It#39;s like throwing away your life?所以你不浪费这些馕,浪费粮食就相当于祸害自己性命吗Never! Even if it#39;s too old, I#39;d rather take it to somebody,绝不会,即使馕变硬了,我宁可拿它送人to just feed their sheep, you know?让他们拿去喂羊,你懂的With this. I never throw it into the rubbish.用这个喂,我绝不把它扔进垃圾堆Naan b is traditionally baked in large outdoor tandoor ovens.馕是用传统方法在户外的大馕池里烤出来的The hot clay walls of the oven bake the b crispy on the bottom馕池炙热的池壁把馕外皮烤得脆脆的but leave it soft in the centre.但馕的里面却很松软But the skill lies in getting it to stick onto the oven wall.要想做这么好的馕,技术全在如何将饼贴到馕池壁上OK. Oh, God!好的,噢 天啊Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, just push it, oh no!好,好 好,好 好的,好的,拍上去,噢不It#39;s fallen down, oh! Ching! Oh, my God, Ching, oh no!掉下去了,噢 瀞亿,噢 我天爷啊,瀞亿,噢不Where is it? Oh, no, my b!掉哪去了哦,噢 不,我的饼Oh, God! God, I d to do this now.噢,天啊,哎呦喂啊,我都不敢再做了Just slap it on, Ken. OK.就是把它拍上去,老谭,我行的Ah!啊There it is?弄上去了吗Is it? It#39;s not exactly like his.是这样,和他做的不太一样啊Wow, there#39;s mine. It#39;s a new take on a calzone.哇,这是我做的,新款式的馕Poor Ching!可怜的瀞亿Hey, this could be a new innovation here,喂,也可以把这个当成一种创新的吧this style of b, it#39;s a new way of eating!这种形状的馕,这是一种新的吃法 Article/201511/407410。

  栏目简介:《跟jade老师学英语》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,来之英伦的美女老师jade,一口纯正的伦敦腔,听上去就是一种享受,最重要的是妈妈再也不用担心我看不懂权利的游戏了。通过视频讲解,英语学习爱好者能够更好地理解英语知识内容,培养英语学习的兴趣,是提高英语水平的好伙伴。 Article/201510/400306

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/396034栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201509/399185



  Don’t go out to eat and be disappointed in your selection again. With careful consideration given to every entree and a couple tips you can order the best dish anywhere.下次外出点菜时不必再为自己的选择感到失望了。根据主菜和我们提供的建议,你在任何地方都可以点到最好的菜肴。You Will Need你需要Restaurant餐厅Menu菜单Step 1: Read the entire 1.仔细阅读菜单Read reviews of the restaurant online before you go. Once you arrive, peruse the entire , ing the descriptions carefully.在去餐点之前最好看看网上的。到了店里要仔细阅读整个菜单,包括里面的简介。Find out from your server if there are any specials being offered.向侍应生了解有没有什么特色菜。Step 2: Skip the basics2.跳过每个饭店都会有的那些家常菜Skip the basic dishes that are available in just about any restaurant.跳过每个饭店都会有的那些家常菜。Ask the server for recommendations, but be wary if they seem to be pushing a certain option a little too hard. Servers sometimes recommend bad sellers or items that the kitchen is trying to get rid of.可以问问务员有没有什么推荐的,但是同时也要注意,不要被骗,因为务员有时也喜欢将厨房卖不掉的菜推给你。Step 3: Skip the fancy entrees3.跳过那些写得过于好的菜Look for main dishes that seem particularly out of the ordinary. These are probably the chef’s specialties.找找菜单里面的特色菜,这些有可能是厨师的拿手菜。Beware of entrees that sound too good to be true. They probably are.但是有些写得过于好的,也要留心会不会不真实,虽然他们有可能是真的。Step 4: Stick with the restaurant#39;s genre4.遵循饭店的特色Stick with the restaurant’s genre. Do not go to a Japanese restaurant and order a hamburger.遵循饭店的特色。不要跑到一家日本料理去点汉堡。Step 5: Select from the remaining options5.从剩下的菜谱中挑选Select from the remaining options, sit back, and relax knowing that you have selected wisely.根据以上几点,选择自己喜欢的,然后等着享用,There are over 900,000 restaurants in the ed States.美国大约有90万家餐厅。视频听力译文由。 /201410/338257。

  Heavy air pollution in NE and N. China could end Saturday中国东北部及北部遭雾霾侵袭将于周六结束Much of northeastern and northern China has been suffering from heavy smog since large scale heating began earlier this month.自本月早些时候大规模供暖以来,中国东北部及北部大部分地区一直遭受重雾霾。The Ministry of Environmental Protection said the air pollution will continue at least until November 14th.环境保护部部长表示空气污染至少会持续到11月14日。The northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning have been hit the hardest.东北三省—黑龙江、吉林和辽宁遭受雾霾侵袭最为严重。 译文属 Article/201511/409706


  My nightfall, I#39;m beginning to think this is a very bad idea...傍晚来临时 我开始觉得这主意很糟Particularly when I had dinner with the crew.尤其当我和同事一起吃晚餐时Or rather, when they had dinner.确切地说 是他们吃晚餐时So, yeah, here I am in a nice old Korean restaurant没错 我现在在一间传统韩国餐厅with the rest of the crew.和我的同事一起And they are currently digging in...他们正在大吃大喝...Enjoying it, guys?吃得开心吗 伙计们- Beautiful. - Yes.-太美味了 -没错It#39;s a good smell. I really, really wouldn#39;t mind a little bite.闻起来真不错 我真不介意尝一小口I do feel very hungry.我着实感到非常饥饿Fortunately, my dinner is waiting for me in my hotel room.好在我的晚餐还在宾馆房间里等着我I had to leave, I couldn#39;t bear it any longer.我不得不离开 实在忍不下去了重点解释:1.the rest of其余的例句:The rest of the eggs have gone bad.其余的鸡蛋都变质了。2.dig in 开始吃; 努力干例句:Don#39;t stand on ceremony----dig in!别客气啦尽情地吃吧!3.wait for等候例句:She has impatience to wait for the bus.她没有耐心等公共汽车到来。 Article/201510/404615

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