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These are air-plants.这些是气生植物They grow on the upper branches of tall trees它们生长在 高耸树木的上层树枝上and spend their whole lives basking in the light.终其一生都沐浴在阳光中But growing 50 metres above the ground does have its drawbacks.但是在离地五十公尺的地方生长 还是有缺点的Most plants get water and nutrients through their roots in the ground.大多数的植物利用根部 吸收土壤中的水分和养分For an air-plant, with their roots planted in the tree tops,在树梢扎根的气生植物this isn#39;t an option.没办法这么做But they have a solution.但它们也有解决之道First, the bare roots have an extraordinary ability它们光裸的根部吸水力极强to soak up water like blotting paper.和吸墨纸不相上下The slightest rain or mist, and they absorb every drop.绝不放过一滴雨水或一丝雾气They also have a way of gathering nutrients.它们收集养分也自有一套方法Their roots trap falling leaves它们用根部收集落叶which eventually rot and provide the plants with their own personal supply of compost.落叶腐烂之后 成为它们专属的堆肥20,000 different plants -以这种惊人方式orchids, bromeliads and ferns have taken up this remarkable lifestyle.生存的气生植物有两万种 包括兰花,凤梨和羊齿植物 Article/201310/262756

  With regards to resumes and CV#39;s, if you#39;ve never had a job that does not mean that you don#39;t have experience. A lot of times people, particularly my college students, will be very, very concerned about “How am I going to get a job if I don#39;t have any experience?” However, when we sit down and talk about it, they#39;ve been involved in athletics on campus, in a sorority,different types of committees, volunteer work, internships, and so you#39;d probably be amazed if you really sat down and went through the last five years of your life and listed everything you#39;ve done. I#39;m sure you#39;d find that you probably have more than a one-page resume, probably a two-page resume. So, you can certainly maximize any type of volunteer work that you#39;ve done, even if you#39;ve been babysitting, or providing other types of child care. That counts as legitimate employment and legitimate experience. So, you might want to get with a professional resume writer who can help translate your life experience into an actual resume for a job.关于简历方面,没有工作过并不意味着你没有经验。很多情况下,很多人,尤其是我在大学的学生都非常非常担忧,“我没有任何经验,怎么找工作呢?”然而,当我们坐下来讨论的时候发现他们参加了很多活动,例如校园体育比赛,女生联谊会,不同的委员会,志愿者工作,实习。所以,如果你坐下来静静地回顾过去几年的生活,列出自己曾经做过的事情,你会有惊人的发现。我确信你的简历会超过一页,甚至两页。你可以最大限度发掘任何形式的志愿者工作,即使仅仅是照顾小孩,或者其他类型的照料儿童的工作。这都是有价值的经验。你也可以寻找专业的简历写手,帮助把你的生活经历转译为求职简历。Thanks for watching How To Create A Resume If You Have Never Had A Job.感谢收看“没有工作经历怎样书写求职简历”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/245573

  A group of companies led by Microsoft have called on the European Commission to launch an anti-trust investigation into Google#39;s dominance of Internet usage on mobile devices. The US company is aly under investigation by Brussels for practices related to its dominance of the online search and advertising markets.在微软公司的带领下,一部分公司诉诸欧盟委员会并要求对谷歌就移动设备在互联网使用上垄断行为进行反垄断调查。The new complaint comes from the ;FairSearch; initiative of 17 companies, including Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle. Google#39;s Android operating system is free. But the company requires device makers to bundle an entire suite of services to get just one or two ;must-have; apps, such as Google Maps and YouTube.该控诉由FairSearch发出,FairSearch是包括微软,诺基亚,Oracle等公司在内的17家公司联盟的创始者。但是,该联盟要求设备制造商将一套完整的务进行捆绑以成为一到两个必备应用程序,如谷歌地图和优酷视频。The groups claims this is unfair. Google does allow smartphone and tablet makers to sculpt Android to serve their own needs. In some instances, that has led to Android modifications that exclude Google#39;s services.该联盟控诉此类行为有失公平。谷歌确实存在允许智能手机和平板电脑制造商修改Android系统以满足自需。在某些情况下,这导致了Android系统的变化会排斥谷歌务。 Article/201304/234842。

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Pinkard#39;s class at Patrick Henry High School in Ashland, Virginia.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了Pinkard女士的课堂。Which of these words means forced time off work without pay? 哪个单词表示强制下岗不发工资?Here we go: is it furlough, furbish, forebear, forlorn. You#39;ve got three seconds, go!开始!它是休假、改进、祖先还是孤苦伶仃的?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!That temporary unpaid time off is called a furlough. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;临时的无薪休假被称为furlough。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Furloughs are ending for thousands of air traffic controllers. 空中交通管制员的休假结束了。This means they#39;re back at work directing planes, flight pads, takeoffs and landings at airports nationwide. 这表示他们回到工作岗位上,指引全国机场的飞机、飞行面板和起降。Thousands of them were furloughed. 上千空中交通管制员被休假了。Forced to take time off without pay, because automatic government spending cuts kicked in last month. 强制无薪休假,由于上个月政府自动削减开的到来。The result - fewer workers at control towers and more flight delays at airports. 其结果是:在控制塔的工人更少了,机场的航班延误更多了。The Federal Aviation Administration said there was no impact on safety. 美国联邦航空称这对安全没有影响。Many Americans haven#39;t noticed the government spending cuts, but they have been felt at airports.许多美国人或许并没有注意到政府开的削减,但他们在机场感受到了。So, last Friday, Congress passed legislation that ended the furloughs and things got back to normal last night.因此,上周五,国会通过了取消休假的立法,一切在昨晚回归了正常。 /201305/237742

  It#39;s Silva, Dzeko is there, it#39;s in!席尔瓦传中,哲科在那儿,进球了!City got a goal back!It#39;s Dzeko! Game on!曼城扳平!哲科!比赛继续!重点词汇: on 继续(下去)例句:The game is going on.比赛将继续进行。 视频介绍:曼城在伤停补时阶段由哲科打入一球,他们离冠军还有一个进球的距离,然而时间只剩下不到3分钟了。 Article/201404/285691Across the world, people began to identify particular plants that would provide them with food. In the Middle East-as we saw in the last programme-it was wheat and barley; in China millet and rice; in Papua New Guinea taro; and in Africa sorghum. And, as they did so, everywhere stories about gods emerged; gods of death and of rebirth, gods who would guarantee the cycle of the seasons and ensure the return of the crops, and gods-more importantly-that represent food itself. Today#39;s object is myth-made material; a food god from Central America.在世界各地,人类开始学会识别特定的植物,当成提供食物的农作物。在中东,我们在上期节目中已经看到的,出现的是小麦和大麦;在中国,小米和大米;在巴布亚新几内亚是芋头;在非洲是高粱。随着这些作物的降临,涌现出各种各样的神灵与相关他们的故事,死神、重生之神、掌管季节变换之神、保佐丰收之神,以及最最重要的,代表食物本身的神灵。今天要介绍的物品就是充满了神话色,一位来自中美洲的食物之神。Here, in the heart of the British Museum, we have a god of maize. He#39;s a bust, carved of limestone using a stone chisel and a basalt hammer, and the features are large, symmetrical, the eyes closed, the lips parted-as though this god is in communion with a different world, quietly meditating.在大英物馆的中央,我们有一尊玉米之神。他是一件胸像,使用石凿和玄武岩锤在一块石灰石上雕刻出来的。五官宏大,左右对称,双眼紧闭,嘴唇分开,仿佛这位神灵正在与另一个世界进行沟通,沉浸在冥想中。The arms are bent, the palms of the hands face outwards-one raised, one lower-giving an impression of serene power. The head of the god is covered with an enormous headdress in the shape of a stylised corn cob, and his hair is like the silky strands that line the inside of a cob of corn, inside the wrapping leaves.双臂弯曲,双掌手头向上,一只抬高,一只较低;让人感觉到一股安祥而强大的力量。神像头部覆盖着一个巨大的头饰,具有很强装饰色的玉米芯形状,他的头发就像是玉米须,丝绸般的,跟玉米芯一起被包裹在重重叠叠的玉米叶里。Originally this statue would have sat with many other similar gods high up on a stepped pyramid-style temple in western Honduras. He was found in Copan, a major Mayan city and religious centre, whose monumental ruins you can still visit today. All of the temple#39;s statues were commissioned by the Mayan ruler of the day, to adorn the magnificent temple that he built at Copan around AD 700. Between the head and the body you can very clearly see the join, and indeed the head looks rather too big for the body, because when the temple in Copan was destroyed, all the statues fell, and heads and bodies were pieced together, but whether this head and this body precisely belong together is actually not the key thing-because all these gods are about the central power, the central role, of maize to the local people.本来这尊石像应该与许多其他类似的神像一起,被供奉在洪都拉斯西部那高高的玛雅阶梯式金字塔上的寺庙里。他出土于科潘,一个重要的玛雅城市与宗教中心;直到今天你仍然可以去探访宏伟壮观的遗址。当年玛雅王下命雕刻了这里所有的神像,来装饰这座大概公元700左右建造于科潘的雄伟庙宇。仔细观察一下这件胸像,你可以看出颈部那边有一条明显的拼接线,而且这头像放当在身体上颇显头重脚轻之感。其实这是因为当年出土这神像的科潘神庙曾经被摧毁过,所有的神像都倒蹋了。后来人类重新把散落一地的各个头像与身躯给拼凑起来,所以我们眼前这尊神像就拼成这样子了。不过这头与身是不是原本是一体,这倒是其次,重点是所有这位神灵都代表着玛雅文化中的中央集权、核心作用,也就是当地人民的命脉—玉米。Our statue of the maize god is obviously a comparative new boy; he#39;s made as late as AD 700. But he comes at the end of a very long tradition; Central Americans had been worshipping him and his predecessors for thousands of years, and his mythic story mirrors the annual planting and harvesting of the corn on which all Central American civilisation depended.我们这奠神像相对而言可谓是个比较晚辈的小弟弟了,大概制造于公元700年左右。不过他传承了一段相当长的传统;在过去几千年的岁月里,中美洲的人们一直在祭拜他与他的各位前任,而且有关他的神话故事栩栩如生地描绘了所有中美洲文明从古以来依赖的玉米种植与收成,年年如此,生生不息。Like the maize plant, the maize god is decapitated at harvest time, and is then reborn-fresh, young, and beautiful at the beginning of each new growing season. John Staller, anthropologist and author of the book Histories of Maize explains why the maize god was a common choice for rich and powerful patrons.就像玉米植株一样,收割季节时,玉米神的头颅就会被割下来,然后再重生,在每一轮新的生长季节都将青春焕发、活力充沛、健美茁壮。人类学家约翰?斯托勒著作了《玉米的历史》这本书,他向我们解释了为什么玉米神公认为富饶与权力的守护神。 Article/201405/294200UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Hercules, Perseus, Mensa are all names of constellations. 武仙座、英仙座和山案座都是星座的名称。It#39;s true. Those are three of the 88 official constellations, patterns of stars in the sky.这是真的。这些是88个官方星座中的3个,是天空中群星的样式。AZUZ: Every year, Perseus gets a space shower - well, kind of. 每年,英仙座都会有一次太空雨——嗯,可以这么说。It#39;s actually a meteor shower, and it#39;s not near the constellation.这其实是一场流星雨,而且并不在该星座附近。It#39;s called the Perseid meteor shower because it happens in the same part of the sky as the Perseus constellation. 它被叫做英仙座流星雨是因为它出现的地方正好是英仙座所在的地方。This meteor shower happens when the earth#39;s orbit passes near the path of a comet called Swift-Tuttle. 这场流星雨出现时,一个名为斯威夫特-塔特尔的彗星正经过近日点。That usually happens in July or August. 那通常会发生在七、八月份。We get close to the path every year, but the actual comet only approaches our orbit every 130 years. 我们每年都会靠近这条路线,但是这颗彗星每130年才靠近我们的轨道一次。Here are a few looks at the Perseid meteor shower, some from past years, one from this year, and a view from space. 让我们看一看英仙座流星雨,有些来自过去几年,有一张是今年的,还有一张是在太空中看到的。Those streaks of light are meteors hitting the earth#39;s atmosphere, something that happens more often than you might think.那些光条是流行撞击地球的大气层,这比你想象中的要常发生。 /201308/252530

  A one-way ticket to the SunNASA will launch a probe to orbit and study the Sun, hoping to learn ways to predict solar flares that could fry satellites and wipe out the U.S. power grid. Smithsonian astrophysicist Justin Kasper is one of the team#39;s leaders, and he sat down with Reuters at the Aspen Ideas Festival to talk about the mission.I’m Chris Kaufman and I’ here with Justin Kasper, who works at Smithsonian, he’s an astrophysicist at the Smithsonian, he’s gonna launch a project that’s gonna launch a probe at the sun, specifically the solar wind electrons Alphas and protons investigation, SweapThat’s rightInvestigation, is that right?Right. Ok, let’s start with why. There’re two overlong reasons why we wanna send a probe into the sun’s atmosphere. The first is we don’t understand why the sun’s atmosphere, which we call the corona is heated to such high temperature, so if you look at the sun right now, it glows a kind of blindingly yellow color, and it’s yellow because it’s had the temperature of around 6,000 degrees. About 100 years ago, people realized that above the surface of the sun, the temperature actually rises by about a factor of 1,000, so the sun’s 6000 degree surface is surrounded by an atmosphere that’s had a temperature of 1 to 10,000,000 degrees, and that’s just basic physics we wanna be able to understand. What on earth is going on at the surface of the sun that gives an atmosphere that’s had 1,000,000 degrees, you know, that’s just basic physics we wanna be able to understand.Ok, let’s come back to why then again, because you give a very good cogent scientific answer as to why, but I’m curious as to the practical applications of why? What are we gonna learn that might help us in the future and how are we gonna use that information?Well, I mean, what I love about solar probe is there’s basic physics we’re going after, but at the same time, we’re going after some really important practical knowledge that can help society. So if I could go back about 150 years, there was a huge solar flare in 1859, it caused all sorts of wild effects at earth, compasses started wiggling around, the aurora borealis was seen all the way down in Hawaii and Bahamas, and sparks started to fly from telegraph lines, in fact, the entire worldwide telegraph system, which we can think of as the internet of the Victorian age, shut down and wouldn’t operate for about 3 days, just from all this electrical activities caused by the sun, I mean, we don#39;t have telegraph lines, but we have power lines crisscrossing all over the country,So satelliteSatellites, we love our GPS, we love our satellite phones and our satellite radio, so we’re really dependent on this technology that depends on electricity, and the Natural Academy of Sciences found that if we didn’t have enough warning the power system is down, you might do up to 2.5 trillion dollars’ worth of damage to the US just with that one event, and you could be looking at a total loss of electrical power on the eastern seaboard for instance, for up to a year.Let’s talk about the probe itself, first of all, does this have some kind of name?Solar probe we call it. Solar probe, ok now, solar probe +, what’s it made of, I mean, we thought that most physical materials on earth might melt.Absolutely, absolutely, So what’s it made of and how did you put up something together that might be able to survives this?So a lot of people have worked a very long time on coming up with the design for the space craft. And our closest approach which will be about 8.5 solar radii above the surface, so just a few percent of the distance from the sun towards the earth, and incredibly close. So any surface that’s exposed to the sun might get up to 1300, 1400 degrees Celsius, so almost anything, you know, you can’t use steel, you can’t use aluminum, you can’t use your standard building materials, so the entire front of the space craft is made of this incredible new material called carbon foam. It’s this really low density material, it’s a better insulator than almost anything on the planet.So we start out, you launch in 2018, that’s the plan, how long, it’s 5 years, I believe, right? A 5 year program, how much is this costing?Ok, so the, what we call the life cycle cost of the entire mission is approximately 1.3 billion dollars, and that’s sp out from when the project began in early prototyping several years ago, out through when we kind of close out, published the last data and then lock things up out in 2026. There’re 39 institutions that are involved. So you’re talking about hundreds of scientists, students and engineers around the country that each played a role in the project.Just one quick final question, what happens to the probe, does it come back, does it go into the sun in the end, does it blaze of glory, you know, it’s gonna be some great scene that we wanna capture from earth, and see what happens to it.That’s a great question, everyone wants to know that, absolutely, now if nothing else goes wrong, one day we’ll use up our fuel, and the space craft will flip around and at that point, within seconds, it’ll burn up, Well, let’s hope that you get everything you need out of it, Justin Kasper, best of luck and we’ll look forward to seeing what comes from the sun.Thank you, great. I’ll let you know. /201307/246667Tracy Morgan Fights for His Life After Car AccidentThe comedian is in critical condition after being hit by a Walmart truck.Comedian Tracy Morgan still in critical condition this morning, fighting for his life at New Jersey hospital, the trucker who caused the deadly crash is expected in court later this morning, and A#39;s J is outside the hospital in New Brownswick, New Jersey, good morning JM.Good morning to you, Robin, right now police are telling A news that the preliminary belief is that the trucker dosed off right before the crash.Kevin R the man who police say slammed a Walmart big rig into Tracy Morgan#39;s limo is said to meet a judge today for the first time after that horrific middle of the night crash Saturday morning on the New Jersey turnpike. Morgan and three others are still in critical condition right now, the comedian recovering from a broken leg, femur, nose and several ribs, his rep telling A news the 30 rock star is more responsive, Morgan#39;s driver recounting the frightening moment.felt like an explosion, I just remember the impact and the vehicle going by, seeing a little bit of the Walmart truck go by, we didn#39;t know which way was up, which way was down.The limo driver kicking the window out to get help.I climbed around and heard Tracy screaming for help, but I couldn#39;t reach them and pull them.Police say 35 year old R ran this truck into Morgan#39;s limo bus. Morgan and six others on their way back to New York from a stand up comedy show in Delaware, sources say the truck swerved to avoid the limo, but instead hit it, causing the limo to loose control, slammed into other cars and over turned.Morgan#39;s long time writing partner, James M died at the scene. R turned himself in after the crash, charged with one count of death by auto, and four counts of assault by auto, Walmart has placed him on administrative leave and promised to take full responsibility if the accident was indeed caused by their company#39;s driver.And Morgan right now still in critical condition as we said, we#39;re also told he had surgery on his leg Sunday, but he could be here for several weeks. /201406/306777


  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is in the capital of Brunei, where he#39;s held a meeting with leaders of the Association of Southeast Asean Nations. The latest China-ASEAN summit is taking place at the International Convention Centre in Bandar Seri Begawan.中国国家总理李克强目前正在文莱首都斯里巴加湾市,与东盟各国家进行会晤。最新一届的中国-东盟峰会在斯里巴加湾市的国际会议中心举行。The summit opened with remarks by Brunei#39;s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. In a speech that followed, Premier Li detailed the new Chinese leadership#39;s policy towards ASEAN, regional security, economic and trade links, infrastructure projects, maritime cooperation and people-to-people exchanges.峰会以文莱首相致辞开幕。接下来,李克强总理在演讲中详尽阐述了中国新的领导班子在东盟区域安全,区域经济合作及贸易关系,基础建设项目,海上合作以人文交流等方面的政策和方针。;It has been ten years since China and ASEAN forged a strategic partnership. We have achieved a great deal in the past decade. This relationship has developed new momentum with many achievements. We have deepened political trust. We have offered each other support on many major international and regional issues. And we have maintained a good neighbourly and harmonious co-existence,; Li Keqiang said.李克强表示“自中国与东盟结成战略伙伴关系以来,已有10年时间。我们在过去的十年取得了很大的成就。我们之间的关系发展到了新的阶段。我们加深了政治互信。我们彼此在重大国际与区域事件上相互持。而且我们保持着良好的周边关系与和谐共处的态势。” Article/201310/259544。



  Today in History:Saturday, June22, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月22日,星期六June 22nd, 1940. France falls to Nazi Germany during WWII, forced to sign an armistice 8 days after German troops overrun Paris.On the same day a year later, the Nazis invade the Soviet Union, a move that proves disastrous for Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.1945. During the final months of WWII, the battle of Okinawa ends in the Pacific. The ed States secures the Japanese island after nearly 12 weeks of fighting that’s among the war’s bloodiest.1938. Heavyweight boxing champ Joe Louis knocks out Germany’s Max Schmeling in round 1 of their rematch. Announcer Clem McCarthy is ringside for the fight at New York’s Yankee stadium.1969. over the rainbow In London, singer and actress Judy Garland dies of an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. She was 47.And 1987. just the way you look tonight. Actor and dancer Fred Astaire who teamed up with Ginger Rogers on the silver screen dies in Los Angeles at age 88.Today in History, June 22nd. Ross Simpson, the Associated Press. /201306/245072

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