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2020年01月28日 22:54:26 | 作者:快问爱问 | 来源:新华社
北京——高圆圆 Beijing: Gao Yuanyuan 6~[Nx-ISyoeO!yResidents of Zisiqiao village, also known as ;Snake Town;, raise over 3 millions snakes a year whose meat is sold to food manufacturers and their venom to pharmaceutical companies, according to local media.浙江有个子思桥村,而对它来说,“蛇村”这个名字更加广为人知,根据当地媒体报道,当地居民每年都会饲养超过300万条蛇,蛇肉卖到了食品加工厂,它们的毒液被卖到了制药公司XbL)V.SAsTgQ8YA[9K@)eyxl+)-GyC@@w^-B)sq7tDIGML(eSUvt,CLd|GYKg]KdOW[-R#z^VU(DHu Ge is no stranger to cameras. The heart-throb actor starred in over TV series, two movies and released three albums during the past two years. Now the -year-old Hu Ge has discovered a new role.胡歌在电视镜头中并不陌生,这位大众情人近两年来一共出演了部电视剧,两部电影,期间还发行了三张专辑前不久,三十四岁的胡歌又被赋予了一项全新的身份Hu photographs, featuring his home city Shanghai in East China, are being displayed at an exhibition in downtown London from June th to 18th.胡歌将相机的镜头瞄准了自己的家乡上海,并以参展艺术家的身份于6月日至18日,携其摄影作品前往伦敦参加了影像艺术展As Shanghai tourism ambassador and a passionate amateur photographer, Hu was invited to take part in the ;Home Town; exhibition at London Alfred Dunhill Burdon House. It is one of a series of initiatives to promote the image of Shanghai, London sister city.作为上海旅游大使以及一位颇具热情的业余摄影师,胡歌受邀参加了此次于伦敦登喜路之家举办的《家园影像展,进一步推广了上海的城市形象,拉近了上海与伦敦两个城市的距离Hu Ge is one of the most popular stars in China with over 8 million followers on China Sina Weibo social network. He is also among the highest-paid stars in China. Last year, his three TV series received more than 19 billion online clicks. He is reported to have taken more than 30 advertisements in with a total endorsement fee over 0 million yuan ( million).胡歌在新浪微上拥有四千八百多万名粉丝,是中国最受欢迎的男明星之一,同时也是中国收入最高的明星之一去年,他主演的三部热播大戏收获了190多亿的网络点击量,期间获得30多家广告代言,广告代言累计收入将近两亿元(合三千万美元)The photography and graphy exhibition showcases artworks from invited artists from China and abroad that have shared their interpretations of Shanghai and what ;hometown; means to them.本次影像展展示了来自中国以及其他国家受邀艺术家的参展作品,体现了他们对于上海这座城市的诠释以及对于“家园”这一主题的理解和看法Planning to capture some panoramic photos of the city, Hu climbed to the top of Shanghai Tower, over 600 meters above the ground.为了捕捉上海的全景,胡歌特地登上了上海中心大厦的顶端,站在距地面600米以上的高度俯瞰这座城市;The weather was not ideal and the tower was still under construction,; said Hu. ;But I was very glad to grasp a moment from the Shanghai developing process. ;;As a Shanghai native, I feel very lucky and honored to be the ambassador. I love the city and it is an opporty me to further understand my hometown,; Hu said during an interview with China Daily. ;It also means responsibility since I am not only representing myself but also the city,; Hu said.“拍摄的当天天气不是很好,尚未完全完工的1层还有很多施工中的痕迹,但是我很开心能够去记录和捕捉上海这座城市的发展历程作为地地道道的上海人,我很荣幸能作为旅游形象大使我喜爱这座城市,并很感激能有这样一个机会让我进一步了解我的家乡”胡歌在接受《中国日报采访时如此说道,“然而我也明白,这对于我来说更意味着责任,因为现如今我不仅仅代表自己,更代表整个上海”Born in Shanghai Xuhui District in 198, he was admitted to Shanghai Theater Academy in 01 and immediately skyrocketed to stardom in after playing the leading actor in Chinese Paladin, a TV series based on a popular role play game of the same name.胡歌于198年出生于上海徐汇区,并于01年被上海戏剧学院录取,在年因饰演由电脑游戏改编的同名电视剧《仙剑奇侠传的男主角之后一炮走红However, one year later, Hu suffered from severe injury and disfigurement from a car accident, which killed his assistant. It took him approximately one year to recover and step back to the industry.不过,就在一年之后,胡歌和其女助手遭遇了一场车祸,他全身多处受伤,脸部险遭毁容,与其同行的女助手则当场身亡后来,胡歌花了几乎一年的时间恢复健康,并逐渐回归影视圈In , Hu Ge had another career take-off thanks to the mega-hit TV drama Nirvana in Fire. In the series, Mei Changsu, played by Hu Ge, relies solely on his wits to avenge the betrayal of his father and fellow kinsmen after losing all his Kung Fu skills in a battle.年,胡歌凭借热播大剧《琅琊榜再一次迎来事业的巅峰胡歌在剧中的角色梅长苏在一次战斗中遭人陷害,武功全废,韬光养晦多年凭借自己的聪明才智最终为自己蒙冤而死的父亲以及家人复仇平反He won many awards at home and abroad this role, among which the most recent is the Magnolia Award Best Actor in the th Shanghai TV Festival. The TV series has also been exported overseas to countries including South Korea and Japan.凭借梅长苏一角,胡歌斩获了国内外各大奖项前不久在上海举行的第届上海国际电视节上,胡歌还凭此获得了“白玉兰最佳男演员奖”与此同时,《琅琊榜这部电视剧也远销海外,在日本和韩国都有播出;I am very happy to see that the series can be enjoyed by eign audiences. It not only showcased the quality of Chinese TV dramas but also the beauty of Chinese culture,; Hu said.胡歌对此表示:“很开心外国观众能够这么喜欢这些电视剧,这不仅表明了中国电视剧的超高质量,还向外国朋友们展示了中国的文化” 530

Corsica科西嘉岛May-June and September-October walking, hiking, biking, and horseback riding; July-August (peak tourist season) beaches and water sports.5、6、9、月适合散步,远足,骑车,骑马;7、8 月游客高峰期在海边游览或进行水上运动也不错

Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel has become known mining the gold mine of humour that children provide - and in his latest prank manages to convince some devastated kids that all the Halloween candy has been eaten by their greedy parents.美国A电视台制作的晚间脱口秀节目《吉米·坎尔秀总是能发掘跟孩子们有关的各种幽默搞笑片段吉米叔最新的恶作剧作品,就是让家长告诉孩子们一个惨绝人寰的消息:爸爸妈妈吃光了你们的万圣节糖果Sparking tantrums and tears, the skit reveals not one of the children reacts well to the news that this year they will get none of the candy they expected.在听到他们今年拿不到万圣节糖果的噩耗时,孩子们的反应当然不会很开心,大部分的孩子都发脾气或是泪崩Jimmy Kimmel Live had a great trick parents this Halloween. Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy, then film the reaction.《吉米·坎尔秀这个万圣节可是给父母们安排了一个有趣的恶作剧:告诉孩子们你吃光了他们的万圣节糖果,然后拍下他们的反应You told me I had to have it later, screams one outraged boy in his underwear bee attacking his mother with a flurry of slaps.在视频中一个身着内裤的小男孩一边尖叫着:“你之前跟我说我等会儿就能吃的!” 一边用小手拍打着自己的妈妈But some stayed sweet even convinced their candy was gone. I just want you to be happy, one boy told his mother.不过也有一些小朋友就算在得知自己的糖果都被吃光了也表现得非常可爱,其中一个小男孩对妈妈说:“你开心就好啦!” 50

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