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Here are some of the phrases she used: Theres no need to panic.她用到了这些句子:大家不需要惊慌。Please leave the building and meet outside.请离开室内,到外面集合。Use the stairs not the lift.请走楼梯,不要坐电梯。And when youre outside, you could say: Is anybody missing?当你走出来之后,可以说:有人没到吗?Seems like Tom is a bit of a hero. He has his uses! But hold on, whos this?看来汤姆今天是做了一回英雄。他还是有自己的长处的!等一下,这个人是谁?Say Honey, looks like Ive come at a good time.嘿,亲爱的,看来我来的不是时候啊。Have you seen a guy called Paul round here?你看没看到一个叫保罗的人?Hes not here, hes gone to buy some… err… biscuits. Can I help?他现在不在这里,他去买……点心去了。需要我帮忙吗?Yeah sugar. Im Mr Socrates, Pauls boss and Ive come to sort this business out.是的,亲爱的。我是苏格拉底先生,保罗的老板,我是来处理这件事的。Mr Socrates!苏格拉底先生!Oh no! The head of the companys in town. This means trouble.不!公司老板来了。这意味着有麻烦了。See you next time.大家下回见。 /201702/491105Welcome back, now it looks more like it should be a table than on one, more like a piece of furniture than an addition to a bookshelf. The latest craze for bigger, better, more expensive books than ever reaches its peak, will reach its peak in September, when a huge Opus-like tome detailing Manchester ed’s history is published. As Sue has been finding out, books like this are becoming sought-after collector's items.It's the ultimate fancy. A giant coffee table homage to Manchester ed. The sort of glossy tome you'd expect on Madonna not Ferg(Sir Alec Ferguson, manager ) and the boys.It's more than just a coffee table book and whatever that means. I think it's something that, it, to many people, it is a, it is a cherished piece of art. It's, it's, it's, it's something that they would want to keep and, and, and a lot of people, they have given their orders of.. and said this is something they would like to hand down, almost like a family heirloom if you will.With a price tag up with the 3,000 pounds, enough for five season tickets, you’d hope your offspring didn’t turn out to be Chelsea supporters. As well as archive photos of the Busby Babes in the Munich Crash, Red’s fans can salivate over Ronaldo's(这个可是葡萄牙人Cristiano Ronaldo ) trickery, captured at the training ground, by one of the world's leading motion photographers Patrick Giardino. Leo McCarey was one of a host of players past and present that turned up to be photographed by the world's biggest Polaroid camera, shifted in especially from Prague, the players queued up to get in on the act.And they come, come straight out of the machine within 5 minutes, take a couple of hours to dry, we had about three people with four hairdryers. But, it's again, it's, it's something that's unique. It' s an example here of Mr. Rooney, and may be not seen in that, in that way, and certainly trying, trying to get behind the character. Isn’t it a beautiful one. I just think it adds a bit of mystery and almost mischief behind his eyes there.Here is the reason that they aren't really calling it as a book, but more an opus. And that’s because it weighs 35 kilos. Not a sort of weight the average coffee table can take, but they thought of that. They are having tables specially designed, just to put the book on. As well as the ed Book, there is a tome on the anniversary of the Super Bowl also due out in September. And they've signed deals to do similar works on the Arsenal and Barcelona football clubs, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Ferrari Formula 1 team and the Disney Empire.If the Muhammad Ali opus is anything to go by, they'll sell like hotcakes. Copies of Goat, the greatest of all time, have rocketed in value. they're one of a kind(独一无二), they are signed and numbered. There aren't gonna be anymore of that edition. So you know they have holiness that's unique, that is in a way like a work of art, something to keep, and is, is also an investment. In a world where pop art and everything else is kind of infinitely reproduced, it actually has a sort of investment value in the same way that art does, but it's just in a different form, the form of a book. So you have your cocktail party, and you, like: oh, look at it: there's only 1,000 of these, 5,000 of these. And it's really about status.You have it open and there at your cocktail party others thought you'd have it in a safe somewhere or at least locked behind a glass case.(你这样把这么珍贵的书在鸡尾酒会上开放给大家看,别人本来还以为你会把它藏在哪个保险柜里,或是锁在哪个玻璃柜子里呢)No, I think these, these items are very much about display. I mean think about it, how much, you know, people spend a thousand pounds on a pair of Gin(一个时尚杂志,不确定名字) issue shoes. Something like this actually lasts quite a long time as long as nobody spills a drink on it.(没有没有.我觉得这些藏书的价值就在于展示给大家看.我是说, 有很多人会花一千英镑来买某个时尚杂志推荐的一双鞋子,(为什么就不能买这样的很有收藏价值的书呢?) 像这种(书)可以保存很长时间,除非你把一杯酒洒在上面了.(那么书就没有价值了))An addition of the Ali book almost doubled in value when sold on eBay. So even if you are not a Red's fan and you have enough shoes in your closet, the coffee table book market might be worth a punt.What's wrong with the match program? We'll be back tomorrow at noon and again at seven to open soon Midak Channel 4 news, good night.200805/39229

  Indian Government Prepares for Crucial Confidence Vote印度联合政府为信任投票作准备  There is hectic political lobbying in India, where the Congress-led coalition government is preparing to face a vote of confidence later this month. The government opted to hold the vote after angry leftist parties took back their support to protest a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. 印度的政治游说活动正在紧张进行。联合政府正在为本月晚些时候举行的一次信任投票作准备。在愤怒的左翼政党为抗议印度跟美国达成民用核协议而撤回对联合政府的持后,印度政府做出举行信任投票的决定。The Congress-led coalition government says a special session of parliament will be convened to hold the confidence vote.  印度国大党领导的联合政府说,为了举行信任投票将召开一次议会特别会期。The government, which controls only 225 lawmakers in the 545 lower house of parliament, lost its majority earlier this week when communist allies took back their support.  在印度议会下院人民院的545个席位中,政府仅仅控制225个,本周早些时候,共产党联盟撤除对联合政府的持,使政府失去了多数党地位。The communist parties have vowed to do everything they can to stop the government from finalizing a civilian nuclear pact with the ed States. The deal will give New Delhi access to civilian nuclear technology, from which it is barred, because it has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.  共产党联盟誓言要竭尽全力制止政府最后敲定跟美国达成的一项民用核协议。因为印度没有签署核不扩散条约,它被禁止得到民用核技术,而这项协议将使印度得到民用核技术。The government says that it will only conclude the nuclear deal after proving that it has parliamentary majority. 印度政府说,只有在实它拥有议会多数地位之后,才会完成这项核协议。Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in New Delhi Friday, that the government is confident of passing the test in the lower house of parliament, known as the Lok Sabha. 外交部长慕克吉星期五在新德里说,政府有信心经受住在人民院的考验。"Parting company with the left is sad, but sometimes in politics it happens," said Mukherjee. "There is no bitterness among us. But at the same time we shall have to accept this challenge, with our courage and conviction which we are going to do. Everybody is prepared to face the vote of confidence in Lok Sabha." 克吉说,“跟左翼政党分手是件悲哀的事,但是在政治生活中,这样的事情会发生。我们没有心怀怨恨。不过与此同时,我们必须怀着勇气和对我们要做事情的坚定信心,接受这一挑战。每个人都在为人民院的信心投票作准备。”But the Congress Party is taking no chances, and is busy trying to cobble together parliamentary support to ensure its survival.  不过,国大党没有心存侥幸,他们为了确保胜利正忙于在议会活动,努力获得议员们的持。Party managers were closeted in meetings with small political parties on Friday to enlist the support of as many lawmakers as possible.  该党领导人星期五在跟较小的政党举行闭门会议,尽可能地争取更多议员的持。The Congress Party-led alliance has aly secured the vital support of a regional group, the Samajwadi Party. But it needs the backing of more lawmakers to ensure that it can win the confidence vote. There are also worries that some lawmakers of the Samajwadi party may rebel.  印度国大党领导的联合政府已经获得了来自一个地区性政党--印度社会主义党的关键持,不过它仍然需要更多议员的持才能确保赢得信任投票。也有人担心,一些社会主义党的成员有可能反叛。Both the fate of the nuclear deal with the ed States and the government will depend on the outcome of the crucial confidence vote. 不论是民用核协议,还是印度政府的命运都取决于这场至关重要的信任投票结果。If the government loses the vote, it will have to call early elections. It will also not be in a position to move ahead with the civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. 如果政府没有获胜,那它将不得不提前举行选举;此外政府也无法处在一个推动跟美国的民用核协议向前发展的地位上。But a confident government says that will not happen.  但是印度政府有信心地说,上述情况不会发生。The government has aly taken the first step toward implementing the deal by submitting a draft plan for inspections of its civilian nuclear reactors by the International Atomic Energy Agency. That move has further angered India's leftist parties and other opposition parties, who say a government without a majority should not move ahead with an international agreement. The communist parties say the nuclear pact will bring New Delhi too close to Washington. The Indian government says it needs the deal to ensure future energy supplies for the country.200807/43907

  Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Reportedly Resume津巴布韦两党恢复权力分享谈判 Officials in South Africa say the stalled talks between Zimbabwe's ruling party and the opposition have resumed Friday. The announcement came as the Zimbabwean government said it was lifting a ban on humanitarian agencies working in the country. 南非官员说,津巴布韦执政党和反对党星期五再次开始谈判。与此同时,津巴布韦政府宣布取消不准人道救援机构在津巴布韦运作的禁令。South Africa's Deputy Foreign Minister, Aziz Pahad, announced the resumption of the Zimbabwe talks more than two weeks after they stalled over power sharing between President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party and two parties of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, MDC. 南非副外长帕哈德宣布津巴布韦双方恢复谈判。在此之前,由于穆加贝总统的执政党与反对派民主变革运动中两个党派在分享权利的问题上僵持不下,谈判停顿了两个多星期。"Today's talks must now try to see what else can be done to get a consensus among all three parties on the way forward. So if it takes them longer, I hope they will stay longer and resolve these outstanding issues," he said. 帕哈德说:“今天的谈判必须争取找到还可以采取什么措施来使三个派系达成共识,以便向前迈进。所以如果会谈需要更多时间,我希望他们留在这里更久一些,解决这些未决的问题。”The MDC won a majority of the parliamentary seats in general elections in March and the leader of its main faction, Morgan Tsvangirai, won the most votes in the presidential poll. 民主变革运动在今年3月的大选中取得了议会多数议席,它的主要派系领导人茨万吉拉伊在总统选举中也赢得了最多的选票。But Tsvangirai did not win a 50 percent majority and withdrew from the runoff election against Mr. Mugabe, ZANU-PF supporters of waging a campaign of violence that killed more than 100 activists. 但是茨万吉拉伊没有赢得50%的多数票,而且他退出决选,以抗议穆加贝及其执政党持者发起的暴力行动,其间有100多名活动人士遇害。Since then, the two sides have been negotiating an end to the crisis. They reportedly were close to an agreement in which Mr. Mugabe would remain as head-of-state and Tsvangirai would occupy a newly created post of prime minister. 从那时以来,双方一直在谈判如何结束危机。据报导,他们曾接近于达成协议,让穆加贝继续担任国家元首,茨万吉拉伊出任新设立的总理。But the talks collapsed two weeks ago reportedly over the distribution of powers. Mr. Mugabe Wednesday threatened to form a Cabinet without the opposition after being heckled the day before during the opening of parliament. 但是谈判两个星期前陷于瘫痪,据报导是由于权力分享问题。穆加贝星期三威胁要组成将反对党排除在外的内阁。之前一天,他在议会开会时遭到质询。The Zimbabwean government Friday said it was lifting a three-month ban on private humanitarian organizations that had been providing food, health care and other aid to millions of Zimbabweans. 津巴布韦政府星期五说,准备解除3个月以来禁止民间人道救援组织向津巴布韦民众提供食品、医疗照顾等各种援助的禁令。The Red Cross has issued an urgent appeal for donations, saying five million Zimbabweans, or one-half of the population, were facing food shortages. 红十字会曾经发出募捐紧急呼吁,他们说,有500万津巴布韦民众、也就是津巴布韦一半人口,面临食品短缺。South African official Aziz Pahad noted that the international community has drawn up an economic recovery plan that could help ease the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe."But unless there's a political solution you don't have the necessary framework in order to implement an economic recovery program. So the talks are crucial, all talks are crucial now, in order to find a way forward," said Pahad.Zimbabweans have been hard hit by an economic crisis characterized by hyper-inflation, 80 percent unemployment and shortages of food and fuel.200808/46913。

  Coastal Oil Drilling Becomes US Campaign Issue麦凯恩呼吁允许开采美国近海石油  President Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain are both calling for an end to a moratorium on developing oil and natural gas resources along much of the U.S. coastline. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposes such a move, saying the country needs to move away from oil. Meanwhile, public-opinion polls show U.S. consumers favoring more development of domestic resources to offset high fuel prices. 美国总统布什和即将获得共和党总统候选人提名的约翰·麦凯恩都呼吁结束暂禁在美国大部分海岸线外开采石油和天然气储藏的禁令。而预料会获得民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克·奥巴马则反对这样的举措,他说,美国需要做的是结束对石油的依赖。与此同时,民意调查显示,美国消费者则倾向进一步开发国内石油资源,以应对昂贵的燃油价格。Energy has become one of the main issues clearly dividing the two U.S. political parties as they prepare for their national conventions. With oil trading on the world market at above 0 a barrel, U.S. consumers are feeling the economic impact at the gasoline pump and in increased food prices.  在美国两大政党为今年的总统大选竞选造势的同时,能源问题已经很清楚地成为两党的主要分歧之一。当世界市场上的石油价格上涨到每桶130美元以上时,美国消费者在加油站以及上涨的食品价格中感受到了经济压力。During a speech Tuesday in Houston, Senator John McCain called for an end to a moratorium on energy development in coastal areas. 麦凯恩参议员星期二在德克萨斯的休斯顿演讲时,呼吁结束对沿海地区能源开发的限制。"The broad federal moratorium stands in the way of energy exploration and production," he said. 他说:“联邦政府的广泛禁令阻碍了能源的勘探和生产”。The ban, which has been in effect since 1981, covers more than 80 percent of the U.S. coastline and the outer continental shelf. The ban was put in place to reduce the chances of environmental damage from oil spills and in part to protect the tourist industry. Senator McCain once opposed development in coastal areas, but he says the rapidly rising cost of fuel makes it necessary. 这项禁令是1981年生效的。禁令涵盖了美国超过百分之80以上的海岸线和大陆架地区。实施这项禁令的目的是消除石油泄漏可能对环境产生的污染,另一部分原因是保护旅游业。麦凯恩参议员一度也反对在沿海地区进行开采,但是,他现在表示,飞涨的燃油价格使得有必要解除禁令。"As a matter of fairness to the American people and a matter of duty for our government, we must deal with the here and now and assure affordable fuel for America by increasing domestic production," he added. “出于对美国人民的公平待遇,以及联邦政府的职责,我们不得不此时此地解决问题,通过增加国内产量,以保美国人获得付得起的燃油。”Senator Barack Obama responded in a chat with reporters on board his campaign plane Tuesday, criticizing McCain for changing his position on the issue from his earlier stance and deriding the notion that offshore oil development would reduce the energy crunch. 奥巴马参议员星期二在自己的竞选运动飞机上与记者闲聊时谈到了这个问题。他对麦凯恩改变先前在这个问题上的立场进行了批评,并对开发沿海石油会减少能源危机的说法不以为然。"There is no way that allowing offshore drilling would lower gas prices right now," he said. "At best you are looking at five years down the road." “允许进行沿海石油开发就会马上削减汽油的价格是不可能的。充其量,只能在五年后才会看到这样的情况。”In a conference call with reporters, former Democratic Governor of Iowa and Obama supporter Tom Vilsack accused McCain of pandering to voters rather than providing a long-term energy solution. 爱奥华州的前民主党籍州长威尔萨克是奥巴马的持者,他在与记者举行的电话会议上,指责麦凯恩是在迎合选民,而不是提供解决能源问题的长久之计。"It is clear that the strength of this country is going to be dependent on us moving away from oil, not towards more oil," he said. “很清楚,这个国家的力量来自我们摆脱对石油的依赖,而并非取决于生产更多的石油。”Energy sector analysts say both sides in this debate have legitimate points, but that the high cost of fuel is likely to influence voters in favor of more drilling. 能源行业的分析人士说,争论的双方都有道理,但是,昂贵的能源价格很可能会影响选民,使得他们赞成扩大开发。One man who has a politically neutral perspective, is Charles Groat, who teaches at the University of Texas and served as director of the U.S. Geological Survey under both Presidents Clinton and Bush. He says the potential of the coasts is shown by the vast amounts of oil that have been extracted with little environmental impact from offshore sites in the Gulf of Mexico. 在德克萨斯大学教学的查尔斯·格罗特在这个问题上有中立的政治观点,不受政治党派的左右。他在克林顿政府以及布什两任政府中都担任美国地质勘探局局长一职。他说,在墨西哥湾沿海大量开采石油却没有造成什么环境污染的事实表明沿海采油的可行性。"You have got to think that, with modern exploration techniques, the chances for finding substantial amounts of oil and gas off both our east and west coasts has got to be significant, but they have to have a chance to try and with the moratorium that is not happening these days," he noted. “你必须这样想,随著现代勘探技术的提高,在我们的东、西海岸找到大量石油和天然气储藏的机率将是很大的。他们必须有机会去尝试这样做,而由于这个禁令,这种可能性今天都没有成为现实。”Groat acknowledges that it may take a few years to find the oil and begin developing the infrastructure to extract it, but he says that oil could be very welcome in a few years if energy prices keep climbing, as they surely will given global demand. 格罗特承认,找到石油以及开始发展开采石油的基础设施建设可能需要几年的时间,但是,他说,如果油价继续攀升,今后几年石油可能还是非常受欢迎的。而考虑到全球的需求,油价继续攀升几乎是肯定的。As for alternative energy, Groat says there is nothing on the horizon at present that would substantially replace the need for oil and gas."I think the missing consideration in the real push towards alternatives is that demand growth for traditional fuels, transportation fuels in particular, is substantial in the ed States and globally as well," he added. "That is not going to abate even if we do have some fairly effective conservation moves. So the demand for traditional hydrocarbons is going to grow, not shrink, even if we move more and more into alternatives."Groat says failure to address the issue of rising energy costs could lead to a severe economic downturn.200806/42317

  US Central Bank Chief Says Economy Could Face Mild Recession美联储称美经济可能面临温和衰退  The head of the U.S. central bank, Ben Bernanke, told a congressional committee the U.S. economy could face a mild recession, but it should recover later this year. 美国联邦储备委员会主席伯南克星期三在国会作说,美国经济可能面临温和衰退,不过会在今年晚些时候复苏。Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the economy is going through a very difficult period. While conceding that a recession is possible, he said it is too early to say the economy is in recession, usually defined as six months of negative growth. 美联储主席伯南克说,美国经济正经历一个非常困难的时期。伯南克虽然承认经济衰退是可能的,但他说,现在就说经济已步入衰退还为时过早。经济衰退的定义为6个月的负增长。Opposition Democrats, who control both houses of Congress, wanted to know why the Federal Reserve last month stepped in to prevent the collapse of a Wall Street investment house, but is not doing the same to assist distressed home buyers having trouble making their mortgage payments.  在国会参众两院占多数的反对党民主党人希望弄清楚为什么美联储上个月出手帮助防止华尔街投资贝尔斯登公司倒闭,但是却不能以相同的态度帮助那些陷入困境、无力付房屋贷款的房主。"How can one justify going in with government back-up for Bear Stearns, or any large financial institution, and not for the millions of homeowners," asked New York Senator Charles Schumer, who is the chairman of the Joint Economic Committee. 国会联合经济委员会主席、纽约州参议员查尔斯.舒默说:“用政府的担保来持贝尔斯登公司或任何一个大金融公司,但对数百万房主却坐视不救,请问你对此做出何种解释?”Bernanke replied that the Federal Reserve did not bail out Bear Stearns, the large investment bank and brokerage rescued from near bankruptcy in mid-March. 伯南克回答说,美联储并不是解救贝尔斯登公司。3月中旬,濒临破产的大投资和券商贝尔斯登在美联储的协助下被廉价卖给了根大通。分析人士指出,美联储假如听任贝尔斯登公司破产,美国的整个金融体系都会受到波及。"Bear Stearns shareholders took a very significant loss," he said. "An 85-year-old company lost its independence and became acquired by another firm [JP Morgan Chase bank]. Many Bear Stearns employees, as you know, are concerned about their jobs. I do not think any company is interested in repeating the experience of Bear Stearns." 伯南克说:“贝尔斯登的股东蒙受了巨额损失。这个有85年历史的公司失去了它的独立性,被大通根兼并。很多贝尔斯登的雇员对他们的工作忧心忡忡。我认为,没有任何一家公司愿意重蹈贝尔斯登的覆辙。”Bernanke said that the Federal Reserve's repeated reductions in short-term interest rates during the past year will help distressed home buyers. 伯南克说,美联储过去一年来连续削减短期利率将帮助陷入困境的房主。"Our interest rate cuts and our liquidity measures, in particular, have significantly reduced the interest rate reset problem faced by many mortgage holders," he said. "And we have extensive efforts on the ground to work with community groups to help reduce delinquencies and problems of foreclosure." 他说:“我们降低利率,尤其是为增加流动性所采取的措施,已经大幅降低了很多房贷债务人所面临的利率重新调整的问题,而且我们还在各方面竭尽全力同社区团体一道帮助减少拖欠房贷和丧失房屋赎回权的问题。”After five years of steady growth, the U.S. economy has slowed dramatically, in part because the collapse of a speculative bubble in housing. In many markets, home prices that had nearly doubled from 2002 to 2005 have subsequently declined by up to 30 percent.  在经过5年的稳步增长后,美国经济的发展速度已大幅度放慢,部分原因是由于房市投机泡沫破裂。很多地区的房价在2002到2005年间几乎翻了一番,但是现在,在有些地区,房价的下降幅度高达30%。The troubles in the U.S. housing sector spilled over into global markets last August, causing a severe contraction in credit and billions of dollars in bank losses. 美国房市的困境去年8月蔓延到全球金融市场,造成严重的信贷紧缩和数百亿美元的损失。200804/33230Here are some of the phrases she used: Theres no need to panic.她用到了这些句子:大家不需要惊慌。Please leave the building and meet outside.请离开室内,到外面集合。Use the stairs not the lift.请走楼梯,不要坐电梯。And when youre outside, you could say: Is anybody missing?当你走出来之后,可以说:有人没到吗?Seems like Tom is a bit of a hero. He has his uses! But hold on, whos this?看来汤姆今天是做了一回英雄。他还是有自己的长处的!等一下,这个人是谁?Say Honey, looks like Ive come at a good time.嘿,亲爱的,看来我来的不是时候啊。Have you seen a guy called Paul round here?你看没看到一个叫保罗的人?Hes not here, hes gone to buy some… err… biscuits. Can I help?他现在不在这里,他去买……点心去了。需要我帮忙吗?Yeah sugar. Im Mr Socrates, Pauls boss and Ive come to sort this business out.是的,亲爱的。我是苏格拉底先生,保罗的老板,我是来处理这件事的。Mr Socrates!苏格拉底先生!Oh no! The head of the companys in town. This means trouble.不!公司老板来了。这意味着有麻烦了。See you next time.大家下回见。 /201702/491105Instead of saying Please send me the file you could say Could you possibly send me the file? or Would you mind sending me the file?与其说“请把文件发我”,你应该说“你能不能把文件发给我?”或者“你介意把那份文件发我吗?”English is so confusing! Ill try to remember that.英语真复杂!我会试着记住的。Oh no, the printer isnt even set up!不,打印机甚至都没有设置好!Tom? Yeah?汤姆? 什么是?Please help me with…I mean, could you possibly help me with the printer?请帮我……我是说,你能不能帮我弄一下这个打印机?Er...I really need to finish this email. Its to a really important new client.我真的得弄完这封邮件,这是给一个重要的新客户的。But its really urgent. Would you mind writing your email later?但这真的很紧急。你介意等会儿再写你的邮件吗?Okay, since you asked so nicely. Lets have a look...好的,既然你问的这么诚恳。那我们就看看吧。Well, its a good thing Anna has understood how to use could and would to ask for things, before she upsets anyone else.这是一件好事,在安娜惹恼其他人之前,她已经学会了如何用“could”和“would”来询问。Lets hear those phrases again.让我们再听听那些表达。I was wondering if you could do something for me?我在想你是不是可以帮我做点事情?Would you be able to print out a file for me?你能帮我打印一份文件吗?Could I have it within ten minutes please?你能在十分钟内给我吗?Could you possibly help me with the printer?你能不能帮我弄一下这个打印机? /201612/483599

  Ah hello! Welcome back to Tip Top Trading – the UKs leading wholesaler of imitation fruit.你好!欢迎回到Tip Top Trading,英国主要的仿真水果批发商。Today youre joining us in the middle of the action!今天,你将和我们一起参与其中!Anna is with an important client Mr Lime, from Citrus Ventures.安娜正和来自Citrus Ventures公司的重要客户Lime先生在一起。Hes angry and shell have to calm him down.他很生气,而她将必须让他冷静下来。She could cope brilliantly here or this could be a horrible mess!她可以处理得很得当,也可以把它变成一团糟!Well Mr Lime, how can I help you?Lime先生,我能帮你做什么?On Monday I was meant to receive 8,000 plastic grapefruit from Tip Top Trading. Yes.我本该在周一收到8000个来自Tip Top Trading的塑料葡萄。 是的。The delivery was made on Tuesday. Oh dear.结果周二才送到。 天啊。And instead of 8,000 plastic grapefruit, I got 800,000 plastic pineapples!而且我收到的不是8000个塑料葡萄,而是80万个塑料菠萝!Right Anna, this is serious.是的,安娜,这很严重。Youre going to have to apologise and show that you really mean it.你必须要道歉,并且表现得很真诚。Say: Im really sorry to hear that.比如说:我真的很抱歉听到这个消息。Im really sorry to hear that, Mr Lime.Lime先生,我真的很抱歉听到这个消息。What on earth am I going to do with 800,000 plastic pineapples?我究竟要怎么处理80万个塑料菠萝?Show Mr Lime that you understand the problem.告诉Lime先生你懂他的苦恼。These are phrases you can use: Thats totally unacceptable.你可以使用这些表达方式:太让人难以接受了。 /201612/483607A专访美国第一媒体红人-Oprah WinfreyWe're in her office,a kind of sanctuary for her memories. On the wall,a wood painting of African American women from the 1800 who had their own businesses. On her desk a sign-"know it" to remind her to let your accomplishments strengthen you. And around her photographs of young Winfrey, an uncertain girl who didn't know she would create a show with the theme" You are not alone."The greatest running theme for me,aside from "you are not alone" and "you must take responsibility for your own life" is that everybody wants to be validated. In every single interview for the 17 hours in that tape, the theme for every single person, regardless of who it is, what the subject is, is do you hear me and did what I have to say mean anything to you? And through the years she's brought us everyone from the flashiest celebrities to people we never thought we'd learned from. 1987, residents of the all-white county in Georgia ,a virulent explosion of racism on television .The N word used over and over again to Oprah Winfrey. She says once was enough.Is it important to drop people out again,saying the N word on TV to you?No.So that ever.....No,no. Because everybody aly knows what that is now. I felt in the early years of my career that it was necessary for me, as an African American, to challenge anybody who was saying anything about black people.vAnd then in the middle of one of those shows, er, this is after Forsyth county. I realised I was not doing myself nor anyone else any good and I knew that because I was in a commercial break. And they had friends in the audience,what's going like that;"You get her,You tell her.You tell that" they were, using the N word and I thought well,this is crazy. And they're all saying" Lucky bird,he is on the Oprah show and he is telling her"So,I decided not to do it anymore.Vital issues, big laughs. Great questions like: Do your eyes light up with love at the things around you? Try asking Oprah something she hasn't asked before. Apart from Steadman is there a guy you'd like to kiss?Oh God.I hadn't thought about this. No. But I am gonna think about that.If you were a guy and were gonna to marry a girl,not a gal,who would it be?Er,Selma Hayek.Oprah Winfrey?YesReally?Yes,I went to interview who, her for my magazine.I thought it's gonna be like an hour plus. Four hours later we were still talking.Does it get harder and harder for your eyes to light up?Actually no. There was a period about, maybe, 4 or 5 years ago when it was. But now I feel like we've kicked into another gear. I feel like literally something happened to me when I turned fifty, like expected that was going to be good because MA had told me that the fifties are everything you've been meaning to be. That's when it all comes together and you will, you know ,finish this decade and say ,yeah ,that's what was meant to be." 200807/45199

  to be boxed in ------ 挤在一起 英文释义To be crowded or limited in a way preventing desirable movement 例句I dont like driving in heavy traffic because my car gets boxed in, and I sometimes have trouble when I need to turn.我不喜欢在交通繁忙时段开车,因为我的车被挤在中间,在需要拐弯时会遇到麻烦。 /201610/466507


  Pakistan's two main opposition parties appear to have won big gains in parliamentary elections and are pledging to form a coalition government. Before officials announced a final vote tally, opposition leaders are discussing uniting against President Pervez Musharraf. 巴基斯坦两个主要反对党在议会选举中赢得重大胜利,它们保组建联合政府。在选举官员宣布最后点票结果之前,反对党领导人就已经在讨论联合起来反对穆沙拉夫总统。The two opposition parties led by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, the husband of Benazir Bhutto, have been rivals in the past, but both men indicated they want to work together in the new parliament. 由前总理谢里夫和布托的丈夫扎尔达里各自领导的两个反对党在过去一直是敌对的党派,但是现在两人暗示,他们希望在新选出的议会里合作。Zardari told reporters in Islamabad that the parties plan to restore parliament powers that had been weakened under President Musharraf.  扎尔达里在伊斯兰堡对记者说,这些党派计划恢复在穆沙拉夫领导下被削弱的议会权力。"Mr. Nawaz Sharif is also going to be with us in the parliament," he said. "We intend to take him and we intend to take power from every source and bring it back to the parliament." 扎尔达里说:“谢里夫先生也将和我们一起加盟议会。我们计划接受他,我们打算从每一种资源获取权力,然后再让它在议会里体现出来。”He vowed the coalition would not include lawmakers with President Musharraf's Pakistan Muslim League party.  扎尔达里誓言,联合政府不会包括穆沙拉夫总统的巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟(领袖派)的议员。Earlier, Sharif said he hopes parties will support a political platform that includes reinstating the Supreme Court justices that Mr. Musharraf deposed in November.  早些时候,谢里夫说,他希望各党派持一项政治纲领,包括恢复穆沙拉夫去年11月罢免的最高法院法官的职务等。"To accomplish this democratic agenda I think all of us must unite under one platform," he said. 谢里夫说:“要完成这样的一个民主议程,我认为,我们都必须团结在一个政治纲领之下。” He said those judges will then decide if Mr. Musharraf broke any laws when he ran for re-election as president and later declared emergency rule. But it is unclear if other opposition parties will support reinstating the judges.  谢里夫说,然后这些法官将决定穆沙拉夫总统竞选连任以及后来宣布实施紧急状态是否违法。但是目前还不清楚,其它党派是否持恢复这些法官的职位。Zardari and Sharif are expected to meet Thursday in Islamabad to discuss their parties' plans.  预计,扎尔达里和谢里夫星期四在伊斯兰堡会晤时将讨论他们各自党的计划。Earlier, the leader of President Musharraf's Pakistan Muslim league conceded defeat, well before the announcement of official results.  早些时候,穆沙拉夫总统的巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟(领袖派)领导人侯赛因承认在选举中失败,时间远远早于官方公布的选举结果。Chaudhry Shujat Hussain spoke to reporters after learning he had lost his bid to represent his family's political stronghold in Gujarat.  侯赛因得知在他家族的政治根据地古吉拉特竞选议员席位失利之后对记者说,他接受这个选举结果,因为这是人民的决定。He says he accepts the results because it is the decision of the people and he says the decision of the people is always right. He says his party is y to accept its role as the new opposition. 侯赛因说,人民的决定总是正确的。他说,他的政党已经做好准200802/27651

  国家地理:Gator in the Backyard 后院的不速之客"The lady, she has two small dogs and she was worried because the alligator finds the back of her house and just gets up there and he sounds itself and lays out there. She tries to chase him off and he don't move, because he opens his mouth. So she's a little bit worried, which she has plenty of reasons to be."Rick finds the distressed homeowner: Debra Whine Simon and her dogs. As they played on the shore, they had a lucky escape from the gator.''Look at the face, he and he was away, almost by the skin of your teeth.''The local residents have taken pictures of the alligator sitting on the shore.''This guy was (Oh, he's a big one.) at the other yard(Is it big? This is a big one) and that's from faraway. (That's a good sight one, isn't it? Yeah.) That's from, now look at the next picture, which was like three trees over, so was far-away.''And he's not done it to have fun.Is it really?See!You think so?Debra's worried about her pets.''My direct concern is that they are not food: alligator food. They... I mean, they're my, my, my babies. And I..., it freaks me out that there's a predator, that actually because they must sense that there are dogs that live here and that's why they do come and hang out here. ''Because of the urgency of the situation, Rick and Scott are prepared for an all-nighter.''I, I have eggs for breakfast. Don't worry about it. (What time do you want me to be here?) There it goes. You are staying right here until that thing is gone.''The lake at the back of the property is massive. The gator could be anywhere.Simon was out on her bank, and she's got a couple of toy poodles that the gator will enter and harass them. Said she's sick and tired of living like this. Welcome to south Florida.''''Dogs are on the food chain for the alligator, there's no doubt about it.''At night, alligators are difficult to see, but their eyes gleam orange from reflected light. As Rick sweeps his spotlight across the lake, there's no sign of the deadly predator.''Plan is we're gonna go up around the band and see if we see this guy. It's perfect night, perfect for hunting, but not seeing the alligator. So either he's moved on looking for a female, or he's in thick grass around the band up here.'' Rick drives around the lake. He's concerned that it's getting late and that his flashlight might be scaring local residents.''He started to shine a light like this and the back at these old people's house like what we've been doing. You get the law call every time. ''It's why you use that low light.''''Well, we've checked every inch of body of water out here in this community, haven't seen the alligator. So er, he was just for tonight.''alligator or gator: An alligator is a large reptile with short legs, a long tail and very powerful jaws. 【动】(产于美国及中国的)短吻鳄200708/17060

  Obama Urges Iran to Accept EU Nuclear Proposals奥巴马与萨尔科奇巴黎会晤   U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama has called on Iran to accept a European proposal to halt its nuclear activities. Obama, who has been meeting in Paris with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, called the standoff with Iran extremely serious. 美国总统候选人奥巴马呼吁伊朗接受欧洲的提议,停止浓缩铀工作。奥巴马在巴黎与法国总统萨尔科齐举行了会晤。他声称与伊朗的僵局是非常严重的问题。Barack Obama's remarks came as he is winding up a world tour that has taken him to Afghanistan, the Middle East and Germany. He spoke at a joint news conference with President Sarkozy in Paris, following talks between the two that touched on Afghanistan, Iraq and climate change, among other issues. 奥巴马在即将结束这次出国访问时发表了这番讲话。他这次访问的国家和地区包括阿富汗、中东和德国。他在巴黎与萨尔科齐举行联合记者会时发表了谈话。他同萨尔科齐的会谈涉及阿富汗、伊拉克以及气候变化等问题。On Iran, Obama said the international community must send a clear message to Tehran regarding its nuclear program, which the Iranian government insists is for purely peaceful purposes. He urged Iran to accept proposals to freeze its uranium enrichment program, which the U.S. and European Union fear is part of a secret effort to build nuclear weapons. 奥巴马在谈到伊朗时说,国际社会必须就伊朗的核项目向伊朗当局发出明确信息。伊朗政府坚持说,伊朗的核项目是用于和平目的。奥巴马敦促伊朗接受要求伊朗冻结浓缩铀项目的提议,美国和欧盟担心这一项目是制造核武器的秘密程序之一。"My expectation is that we're going to present a clear choice to Iran: change your behavior and you will be fully integrated into the international community with all the benefits that go with that. Continue your illicit nuclear program and the international community as a whole will ratchet up pressure with stronger and increased sanctions. And we should have no illusion that progress will come easily," he said. 奥巴马说:“我期望我们给伊朗明确的选择:如果伊朗改变所作所为,就将完全融入国际社会,并因此得到所有的好处。如果继续进行违禁的核项目,那么整个国际社会将以更强硬、范围更大的制裁来施加压力。任何进展都不会轻而易举,我们不应抱有任何幻想。”Iran has been given two weeks to answer to a demand by world powers that it suspend its uranium enrichment activities following a meeting in Geneva last weekend. 在上个周末在日内瓦举行会谈之后,世界各大国给伊朗两个星期的时间来对要求伊朗停止浓缩铀活动的提议作出答复。Obama also said again that Afghanistan was a war the international community had to win. 奥巴马再一次表示,国际社会必须打赢阿富汗战争。The democratic presidential hopeful has been given an enthusiastic welcome during his European stops. He spoke before an estimated crowd of 200,000 people in Berlin, Thursday, an unprecedented turnout for a U.S. presidential candidate abroad. 奥巴马可望得到民主党总统候选人的提名。他在欧洲停留的每一站都受到热烈欢迎。星期四,奥巴马在柏林向大约20万人发表讲话。这是一位美国总统候选人在海外露面时吸引的最多人数。In an interview printed in Le Figaro newspaper Friday, President Sarkozy called Obama "his buddy" and said he had always believed Obama would win the Democratic primaries. After Paris, Obama next travels to London where he wraps up his international trip. 法国费加罗报星期五发表了对法国总统萨尔科齐的采访。萨尔科齐把奥巴马称为自己的“好夥伴”,并且表示他一直相信奥巴马会赢得民主党初选。奥巴马在访问巴黎后将前往伦敦,随后结束他的这次海外旅程。200807/44835

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