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And in the course of his childhood,他的童年,he had 30 major surgical procedures.经历了 30次重大外科手术。And he spent all this time stuck in the hospital while he was having those procedures,他一直待在医院里,而正是这些治疗过程,as a result of which he now can walk.让他现在有了行走的能力。And while he was there, they sent tutors around to help him with his school work.他在住院期间,医院请了家庭教师来指导他的功课。And he worked very hard because there was nothing else to do.他学习非常努力,因为他没有别的事可做。And he ended up achieving at a level that had never before been contemplated by any member of his family.最终,他达到了他家庭内任何成员都从未达到过的高度。He was the first one in his family, in fact, to go to college,他是他的家庭成员里第一个去上大学的人,where he lived on campus and drove a specially-fitted car that accommodated his unusual body.他住在学校宿舍并且自己开车一辆为他身体状况特别制造的汽车。And his mother told me this story of coming home one day-and he went to college nearby-and she said, I saw that car, which you can always recognize,他的母亲告诉我一个故事,他去了家附近的大学,她说,我看到了那部车,一眼就认出来是他的车子,in the parking lot of a bar, she said.停在一家酒吧的停车场。And I thought to myself, theyre six feet tall, hes three feet tall.我想了想,他们六英尺高,他三英尺高。Two beers for them is four beers for him.他们喝两瓶啤酒,在他那里就相当于四瓶啤酒。She said, I knew I couldnt go in there and interrupt him,她说,我知道我不能走进去打扰他,but I went home, and I left him eight messages on his cell phone.但我回家之后,给他发了八条短信。She said, And then I thought,她说,我想,if someone had said to me when he was born that my future worry would be that hed go drinking and driving with his college buddies.在他出生的时候,如果有人对我说,我未来的担心是他会和他大学友人酒后驾车。And I said to her, What do you think you did that helped him to emerge as this charming, accomplished, wonderful person?我对她说,你觉得你做了什么,帮他成为一个有魅力、 成功、 精的人吗?And she said, What did I do? I loved him, thats all.她说,我做了什么?我爱他,就这样。Clinton just always had that light in him.克林顿一直都有这样的光芒。And his father and I were lucky enough to be the first to see it there.他的父亲和我很幸运,最早看见了他的光芒。201603/431490He grows in public stature as he sheds his loneliness and often his work deteriorates. 一个在稠人广众中成长起来的作家,虽然可以摆脱孤苦寂寥,但是他的作品却会流于平庸。For he does his work alone, and if he is a good enough writer, he must face eternity or the lack of it each day.而一个在孤寂中写作的作家,如果他又恰非等闲之辈,那他就必须面对永恒或者面对缺乏永恒的每一天。For a true writer, each book should be a new beginning where he tries again for something that is beyond attainment. 对于一个真正的作家来说,每一本书都应该成为他继续努力获得更高成就的新起点。He should always try for something that has never been done or that others have tried and failed. 他应该不断尝试去做那些从来没有人做过或者他人做过却失败了的事。Then sometimes, with good luck, he will succeed.这样他就有可能获得成功。How simple the writing of literature would be if it were only necessary to write in another way what has been well written. 若果仅仅是将已经写好的作品换另一种方法来重新诠释,那么文学创作就显得太轻而易举了。It is because we have had such great writers in the past that a writer is driven far out past where he can go, out to where no one can help him.过去曾经有过太伟大的作家以至于现在一个普通作家常常被他们逼人的光芒驱赶到远离他可能到达的境界,而陷于孤立无援的境地。I have spoken too long for a writer. A writer should write what he has to say and not speak it.作为一个作家,我已经讲得太多了。作家应该把他要说的话写下来,而不是说出来。 201608/461161

即学即用英语会话词典C部分:制止 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200707/15213

It was national news for a day or two Then came mass shootings in. 这是那一两天的全国性新闻然后大规模击事件又陆续发生在Pittsburgh, Miami, Oakland, Tulsa, Seattle Wilmington, Aurora, Milwaukee, Texas Aamp;M. 匹兹堡 迈阿密 奥克兰 塔尔萨 西雅图威明顿 奥罗拉 密尔沃基 德州农工Minneapolis, Brookfield, Portland After each one, those in Washington just shrugged. 明尼阿波利斯 布鲁克菲尔德 波特兰每一起事件过后 华盛顿那些人都只是耸耸肩Then, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut 20 children, 6 faculty members all gunned down. 然后康涅狄格州纽镇桑迪·胡克小学击案20位儿童 6位教职员工被杀As a parent I can tell you it was just unthinkable if it happened to one of your children. 作为一名家长 我可以告诉你如果这发生在你的一个孩子身上 这简直无法想象After Newtown, President Obama and some congressional leaders finally stood up and said: Something must be done. 纽镇事件之后 奥巴马总统和一些国会领袖终于站出来说 我们必须做点什么I did everything I could to support them and to push Congress to act But our efforts so far have not been enough to pass a piece of legislation. 我尽一切努力持他们 向国会施压不过我们的努力迄今还没有让任何相关法案通过Requiring background checks for all gun purchases that 90 percent of Americans agree. 让所有械购买接受背景审查这是90%的美国人都赞同的With including more than 80 percent of gun owners Why? Why do I tell you this?. 包括80%的械持有者为什么 我为什么讲这个Number 1, this is one of the great tragedies happening in America and 2, because I believe it comes down to one word and that word is courage. 一是因为这是美国发生的重大悲剧之一二是因为我相信 这归结起来就是一个词 勇气Too many members of Congress did not have the courage to stand up to the increasingly extremist view of the NRAs Washington lobbyists. 国会中太多议员没有站出来的勇气反对全国步协会游说者愈演愈烈的极端主义观点Many of them feared that voting for a common sense policy would lead to someone challenging them in a party primary. 他们很多人害怕 投票赞成这种普遍意识会在党内预选中受到他人挑战Or hurt their chances to win their partys nomination to higher office Its too big a price to pay for saving 30 odd thousand lives a year. 或是会影响他们获得政党高级官职的提名和一年3万多人的生命相比 这个代价实在太大They would have done well however to remember the words of Kenyons Rutherford B. Hayes. 他们本应该做得更好他们本应记住肯尼恩校友瑟福德·B·海斯的教诲Who said at his inaugural ;He serves his party best who serves his country best;. 他在就职时曾说;只有尽最大努力为国家务 才是对本党的最好务;Instead, we have a federal law that prohibits criminals and the mentally ill from buying guns. 相反 我们的联邦法律 禁止罪犯和精神病患者随意购买201607/455122

  VOA流行美语 67: OUT OF LINE / TRASH STH今天Michael和李华刚上完课在学生休息室里聊天。李华会学到两个常用语:out of line和to trash something.L: 嗨, Michael,刚才我听到历史课的教授在对你嚷嚷,什么事呀?M: I argued with him because I thought that a book he's assigning us to is no good. I guess I was out of line.L: 你说教授指定要我们看的书不好!你真是没有分寸。嗯,你刚才还说什么来啦?Out of line? Line, 是l-i-n-e这个字吗?那不是排队的意思吗?M: No, "to be out of line" means to speak or act when it is not appropriate, especially when dealing with someone who is your superior.L: To-be-out-of-line就是话说得不恰当,或者是做事做得不合适,特别是对长辈。那不就是我刚才说的"没分寸"吗?我们中国人对长辈特别要有礼貌,哪有象你那样跟教授争论的嘛!M: Well, in America, you're not always out of line when you disagree with your teacher. Still, I was wrong to criticize our professor so loudly in front of the whole class.L: 我知道,美国学生和老师辩论是很正常的。可是,象你那样在全班同学面前对教授大声嚷嚷,那才是出了格,out of line。Michael,out of line只是指你和长辈说话没有分寸吗?M: Not always. For instance, I once told my classmate he should break up with his girlfriend. The two of them had been together for many years. I was not a close friend of this guy, so I was out of line to say that.L: 你要你同学和他女朋友分手?你跟这个同学又不熟。哎哟,你不仅是out of line, 你简直是疯了-- out of your mind!******L: Michael,我觉得那教授对你大声嚷嚷也有点过份。M: Well, I really trashed the book he was asking us to . I probably should have been a little more tactful.L: 噢,你还把那本书扔到垃圾桶里啦?那可真是太没礼貌啦!M: What are you talking about? I didn't throw anything in the trash. I said I "trashed the book". That means I said really bad things about it.L: 噢,to trash the book不是把书扔到垃圾桶里,而是把它说成一钱不值。M: Last year I made a professor angry because I trashed General MacArthur in a history class. I wrote a paper on his mistakes in the Korean War.L: 去年你写了一篇论文例举了麦卡瑟将军在韩战中的种种错误?我怎么不知道呀?Michael, 你不能老是这么贬低历史人物嘛!对了,除了书和人以外,to trash something还能用在别的地方吗?M: You can trash anything. For instance (sips coffee), this coffee is horrible! It tastes like dishwater.L: 这咖啡象洗碗水?我觉得还可以嘛。有什么东西你觉得好吃的吗?M: Not really. That's the problem with Americans. We don't have good taste in food or drink. Americans don't understand what good cheese, b or chocolate taste like. We always eat junk.L: 你听听,现在你又在贬低美国人了,说他们不知道什么是好吃的,不懂得什么是好的奶酪、面包和巧克力,老是吃那些垃圾食品。 Now you're "trashing" your own country.M: Hey, this is a free country. I can trash America anyway I want.L: 把自己的国家说得一钱不值似乎也有点out of line了。你这个人啊,就是爱看到反面的东西。嗨(sighs) Whatever.今天李华学到两个常用语,一个是:out of line, 意思是没有分寸,出格。另一个是:to trash something, 是把什么东西说成一钱不值。 /200602/3142

  93. Not only..., but also... 不仅······而且······ 用法透视 表达"和,也"之意,除了用"and",还有很多方法,这就是一个。 持范例 1. She is not only a singer but also an actress. 她不仅是歌手,还是演员。 2. Not only your father but also I don't approve of your plan to travel alone. 不只是你父亲,我也不赞成你独自旅行的计划。 3. He is good at planning his time, so he has enough time not only for work, but also for play. 他很善于安排自己的时间,所以他既有足够的时间工作,也有足够的时间玩儿。 会话记忆 A: Do you do morning exercises? 你早晨锻炼吗? B: Yes. I do one set of shadow-boxing every morning after I get up. 是的,我每天早上起来都打一趟太极拳。 A: Shadow-boxing? How interesting! Do you think it really helpful for your health? 太极拳?有意思!你真以为它有助于你的健康吗? B: Definitely. It not only keeps me fit but also helps me concentrate on my soul. 当然。它不仅使我保持健康,而且也帮助我集中精神 /200706/14632。

  5_03 When are you free? When are you free? 你什么时候有空? What’s a good time? 什么时候好呢? When do you want to get together?你要什么时候碰面呢? Anytime is OK. 任何时间都可以. Just let me know. 只要告诉我就好了. I’ll be there for sure. 我一定会到. Where shall we meet? 我们在哪里见面好呢? Where’s a good place? 什么地方好呢? I don’t want to miss you. 我不想遇不到你. /200706/14161

  Three Have you wrapped your Christmas presents?你的圣诞礼物包好了吗? 1 Introduction A Whereas the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival (also known as the Chinese New Year), America’s most popular holiday is Christmas. As Chinese kids get “lucky money” from their parents and relatives, American children get Christmas presents from Santa Claus. 如中国最重要的节日是春节(也叫过年)一样,美国最大众的节日就是圣诞节。中国小孩是父母和亲戚给“压岁钱”,美国小孩是从圣诞老人那里得到圣诞礼物。B From early November until January, American homes and stores are decorated with Christmas trees and colorful lights. Similarly, Chinese homes are decorated with Spring Festival couplets and streets are full of red lanterns.从十一月初到一月份,美国的房屋、商店都布置了圣诞树和灯。相仿地,中国的房子也被春联装饰着,街上挂满了灯笼。C Easter was borrowed from the Pagan Festival celebrating the rebirth of the sun. It was adapted by Christianity to be interpreted as the resurrection of Jesus. One American tradition associated with Easter is the Easter egg hunt. Brightly colored eggs are hidden for children to try to find. Sometimes hidden amongst the other eggs is what we call “a lucky egg”. If you find the lucky egg, you win a prize.复活节是借用了异教徒节庆祝太阳的复活。后被基督教采用诠释为耶稣的复活。美国的复活节有一个传统,那就是寻找复活节蛋。色鲜艳的蛋被藏起来让小孩子们去找。有时候被藏在其它蛋中间的那个就是我们所说的“幸运蛋”。如果你找到这个幸运蛋,奖品就是你赢了。D Sending cards for special occasions--- such as Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, and birthdays – has been an American tradition. But sending cards is less common than before since computers have become so popular. 在特殊的场合寄送卡片——比如圣诞节,新年,母亲节以及生日——已经成了美国的一种传统。但是由于电脑受到如此亲睐,寄送卡片也没有以前那么普遍了。 2 Sample Sentences1. Christmas is just around the corner. 圣诞节就要到了。2. I can’t wait to see my father. 我只想立即见我的父亲。3. We are expected for Christmas. 我们在盼着圣诞节的到来。4. This year my mother will cook a twenty-five pound turkey. 今年我妈妈会烹饪一个二十五磅的火鸡。5. Is everyone still coming to Christmas dinner at your apartment this year?今年每个人还是会来你家吃圣诞大餐吗?6. When will we have the Easter egg hunt?我们什么时候开始找复活节蛋?7. Who is going to play the Easter Bunny this year? 今年谁扮演复活节小兔子?8. Are you coming to the New Year’s Eve party this year? 今年你会来参加除夕晚会吗?9. What time is the hanging of the green at church?教堂什么时候开始为圣诞节装饰?10. Have you put up your Christmas lights in front of the yard yet? 你有没有把圣诞灯挂在后院门口? 3 Conversations1. Lo Fen, a Chinese agronomist1, is staying with the Helms family in Iowa. It's Christmas Eve. Lo Fen: Your tree looks beautiful. Do you decorate it this way every year? Mrs. Helms: Yes, it's a family tradition dating back to2 my childhood. We use the same lights and ornaments3, but of course we have a new tree each year.(She hands her a delicate glass ball.) Mrs. Helms: The children made some of these decorations. Here, you can hang this on one of those high branches.(Lo stands on a ladder to reach the upper limbs.) Mr. Helms: Well, everything seems to be just about y. Now all we need is snow. Lo Fen: Do you exchange the presents in the morning? Mrs. Helms: Oh, yes. The kids are too excited to wait. After we clean up4 the mess--all the empty boxes and the wrapping paper5 -- we have a big breakfast. Then the kids have the whole day to play with their new toys.Mr. Helms: And we'll have a great turkey dinner at around four o'clock. My brother and his family will be joining us. Lo Fen: I look forward to meeting them. Well, it's late, so I'll say good night. I'll see you early tomorrow, so I can share your Christmas morning. Mr. Helms: Good night! ——你们的树看起来好漂亮。你们每年都这么布置吗?——是的。记得从我孩提时候开始这就是家里的传统了。我们用一样的灯泡和装饰品;当然,我们每年都用一棵新树。(她递给她一个精巧的玻璃球。)——这些装饰中有一部分是孩子们弄的。给,你可以把这个吊在一根高枝上。(Lo站在梯子上,伸手去够高一点的大树枝。)——似乎一切都准备就绪了。现在我们都希望的是下一场雪了。——你们在早上交换礼物吗?——是的。孩子们兴奋得迫不及待。我们把杂物打扫完——所有这些空盒子和包装纸之后,我们就会吃团圆早餐。然后,孩子们会有一整天的时间玩他们的新玩具。——我们会在四点钟左右吃火鸡。我兄弟和他的家人也会来和我们共餐。——我很希望见到他们。好了,太晚了,我要说再见了。明天我会一大早来看你们,那样我就可以和你们分享圣诞早晨了。——晚安!2. Christian’s Holiday.Stewart: Merry Christmas! Mary: Huh?Stewart: I said Merry Christmas! Don't you know that Christmas is almost here?Mary: It is? Oh, that's nice. Stewart: Huh? Didn't you know? Aren't you excited?Mary: Actually, I'd forgotten about it. Stewart: Forgotten about it? How could you? Mary: Because I'm not Christian6, I'm Jewish7. Stewart: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. Mary: It's all right. There are so many Christians in America that everybody takes it for granted that I'm Christian. Stewart: I guess so. So what do you do around this time of year?Mary: Well, I'll celebrate Hanukah soon, but that's not as important to us as Christmas is to you. Mainly I'll just enjoy the holiday break.Stewart: Well, would you be horribly offended8 if I invited you to a Christmas party at my house? Mary: Not at all. A party is a party. I'll be happy to come.Helpful Information: Christmas is an adaptation of the Pagan feast of Yule. Originally celebrated by the Celtics of old Britain. Christianity borrowed the idea and changed it to represent the supposed birthday of Jesus. Few people actually know what the true origin of the holiday is. Most people wrongly assume that Christmas has a complete Christian origin when it actually originated as a Pagan Holiday. 圣诞节是按照非异教徒犹太人的盛宴改换过来的。最初是由古老英国的凯尔特人庆祝。基督教借用了这个想法,并把它改为象征耶稣的出生日。很少有人真正知道这个假日的真正由来。大部分人错误地认为圣诞节完完全全来自于基督教,而它实际上却起源于一个非异教徒的节日。——圣诞快乐!—— 嗯?——我说圣诞快乐!难道你不知道圣诞节快到了吗?——是吗?哦,太好了。——嗯?你难道不知道?难道你不兴奋?——我真的忘记了。——忘记了?你怎能忘记了?——因为我不是基督教徒,我是犹太人。——哦,对不起,我不知道。——没关系。美国有这么多的基督教徒以致人人都认为我也是一个基督教徒。——我想是这样。那么每年这个时候你都在做什么?——唔,不久我要庆祝光明节,但是光明节对我们来说没有圣诞节对你们那样重要。我主要是好好享受这段假期。——唔,如果我邀请你来我家参加圣诞聚会,你会很生气吗?——一点也不。聚会是聚会。我会很高兴来参加。3. Truth about Santa Claus.Eddie: So how's everything going for Christmas?Jill: I've got all the presents I need, and my family is working together to get all the food y. That's easy; but I have another problem to deal with.Eddie: What's that? Don't tell me you've still got Christmas cards to write; it usually takes my wife a month to write all of ours.Jill: No, I did that a long time ago. It's about telling my son the truth about Santa Claus.Eddie: He still doesn't know that Santa isn't real? How old is he, eight?Jill: Yes. He's never said anything so I never told him. But now that he's getting older…Eddie: You think it's better that he should be told?Jill: Yes, he's too old to believe in that type of things. And I'd rather tell him before the kids at school do. Eddie: That happened to my oldest girl. She became really upset when her classmates told her Santa wasn't real.Jill: I can understand. I was lucky with my oldest; she figured it out by herself and didn't tell my son. Eddie: Well, when you tell him, be gentle. It's hard for kids to find out something like that. Helpful Information:When American kids get into their teens, they begin to find out that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist. Some smarter kids even know that before then. They feel it’s nothing but a joke. Of course, some are devastated when they find it out. But most realize that the character “Santa Claus” is really a fictional character presented in a light-hearted way for the enjoyment of children. It doesn’t matter he’s real or not, the legend will remain. 当美国小孩子进入十几岁以后,他们开始得知圣诞老人并不是真正地存在。一些聪明一些的小孩甚至在这之前就知道了。他们觉得这只不过是个笑话。当然一些人当他们知道此事时很伤心。但是大部分人意识到圣诞老人这个人物确实是虚构的角色,一个以轻松自在的方式给孩子们带来乐趣的角色。他是真与否,都无关紧要,传说还是会流传下去。——圣诞节准备得怎么样了?——要的礼物我都准备好了,而且我们全家正在一起准备食物。那很容易,但我还有一个难题要处理。——什么事?不要告诉我你还有许多圣诞卡要写;我妻子通常花一个月的时间写好我们所有的圣诞卡。——不是,圣诞卡我早就写完了。难题是怎样告诉我儿子有关圣诞老人的实情。——他还不知道圣诞老人不是真的?他多大,八岁?——是的,他从未说过什么,因此我也从未告诉过他。但现在他越来越大了……——你认为他应该知道实情比较好吗?——是的,他太大了,不应该相信那种事情。而且我宁愿在学校的孩子们告诉他以前告诉他。—— 以前我的大女儿也是这样。当她的同学告诉她圣诞老人不是真的时候,她变得很伤心。——我能理解。我幸运我的大女儿没有这种麻烦,她自己猜出圣诞老人是假的,但没有告诉我儿子。——唔,那你告诉他时,温和一点。对小孩来说,得知那样的事是很难承受的。4. Taking down the Christmas tree.Gary: Ok, honey, time to take down the Christmas tree.Martha: Do we have to? Gary: Come on, it's losing needles all the time and the branches are sagging9. Martha: It's not that bad; besides it really looks nice in that corner. It gives the room a good atmosphere10.Gary: A good atmosphere? The tree is falling apart, and it's messing up the room. Martha: But it makes the place feel so much like Christmas. I'd really hate to have to take it down. Gary: But Christmas was two weeks ago! It's been there only because we've been too busy to get rid of it.Martha: I know, but it seems like such a shame to have to take it away.Gary: But it's falling apart, and the cat keeps playing with the lower branches.Martha: I know, I know. But it reminds me of the great Christmas we just had. All of us were here -- my parents, your parents, the kids, and the cousins -- the food was good, and everybody got what they wanted. Gary: Yeah, it was a good Christmas. It won't always be this good, but we can't make it last longer than it should. Martha: Ok, fine. We need to take down the tree.Gary: I'll make a deal with11 you. We'll leave it up until Sunday, and then we'll take it down after church.Martha: Ok, good.Additional Information:Gifts are placed under the tree from the time the trees are put up until the gifts are opened on Christmas morning. Parents are always excited to see the cheerful faces of their children at the moment they open their gifts. It’s also an American custom to leave the tree up until after the New Year. Some people feel the saddest thing about Christmas is taking down the Christmas tree.一旦圣诞树摆好,礼物就被放在树下面直到圣诞节早上礼物被拆开。父母亲总是很兴奋地看到他们的孩子拆开他们的礼物时欢快的表情。再者,将圣诞树一直摆到新年是美国的习俗。一些人觉得关于圣诞节最伤心的事是把圣诞树拆卸开来。——行了,亲爱的,该拿走圣诞树上的东西了。——必须拿下吗?——快点,它总是往下掉松针,而且树枝已下垂。——没那么糟糕;况且放在那个角落里看上去确实很好。它使房间有个好气氛。——好气氛?圣诞树都七零八落了,还使房间里乱糟糟的。——但它使这里感觉像过圣诞节一样。我实在不愿拿下它。——但是圣诞节已经过去两个星期了。它还留在那是因为我们一直太忙,没有时间清理它。——我知道,但是拿走它似乎是个遗憾。——但是它正变得七零八落,猫还总是玩弄下面的树枝。——我知道,我知道。但它使我想起了我们刚刚度过的快乐的圣诞节。所有的人都在――我的父母,你的父母,孩子们和堂兄弟们――食物很好,并且每个人都得到了所想要的。——是的,是一个愉快的圣诞节。它不会总是这样好,但我们不能使它持续太长的时间。——是,行。我们需要拿走圣诞树。——我向你说定了。我们将把它保留至星期天,做完礼拜后再拿下它。——行,好吧。 4 Words and Expressions1. agronomist 农(艺)学家2. date back to 属于,始于某时期3. ornament 装饰品4. clean up 打扫;整理,清理5. wrapping paper 包装纸 6. Christian 基督教的,基督教徒7. Jewish 犹太人的,犹太教的8. offend 冒犯;触怒;伤害...的感情9. sag 松弛, 下陷, (物价)下跌, 漂流10. atmosphere 大气,气氛11. make a deal with 与...做生意, 和...妥协 /200603/5409

  024 eating out Words Waiter waitress wait staff order main course dessert drinks list wine list service tip Chef table napkin starter Phrases Take an order Make an order Bring an order Book a table Order a dish Return a dish Eat out Beginner A: good afternoon. “ginger’s restaurant”. May I help you? B: yes. I’d like to book a table for Friday evening please. A: certainly. For how many people? B; we’ll be eight or nine people. Could we book a private room? A: I’ll just check. At what time on Friday evening? B: about 7:30. A: yes. That’s fine. We can book you a private room for up to ten people at that time. Could you give me your name please? B: my name is Jenkins. My phone number is 75397382. that’s confirmed then. 7:30 on Friday. A: yes. Do you intend to order a la carte or will you be having our seafood buffet? B: oh, we’d like the buffet please. We’ve heard it’s very good. Intermediate A; how did you enjoy your family party at “ginger’s”? I hear that they have a lovely and buffet. B: oh, it was great. We had seafood buffet. They do one every Friday. The waiters and waitresses are very good. They are very attentive, but don’t hang around the table. A: I like the buffets they have, but if often order a la carte, because I don’t feel extremely hungry. I like the wine list there too. B: yes, so do I. they have wines from all over the world. There is a good range of prices to suit every pocket. We ordered some Australian red wine, which tasted delicious and wasn’t expensive. A: some restaurants allow you to take your own wine and just charge you corkage, but the don’t do that at “ginger’s”. what was included in the seafood buffet? B: they had almost every kind of seafood. There were oyster, shrimp, prawns, crabs, and fish. I ate a lot of smoked salmon. A: did they have lobster? B: no, they didn’t. you could order it from the . I think that lobster is too expensive to be included in the buffet. A: yes, it probably is. I don’t like ordering oysters in restaurants. You never know whether they are fresh. B: I know. I didn’t eat any, but a few people in our group did and no one got sick. A: when you eat out, do you usually eat from the buffet? B: not usually. I usually just order a main course and have a dessert if I’m still hungry afterwards. A: oh, you don’t usually have a starter? B: no, I might have a soup if it’s a cold winter day /200704/12862We live in an incredibly busy world.我们生活在一个异常纷杂的世界。The pace of life is often frantic, our minds are always busy, and were always doing something.生活的步调时常快得疯狂,我们的头脑(心灵)一直忙碌运转着,而我们每时每刻都在做着事情So with that in mind, Id like you just to take a moment to think, when did you last take any time to do nothing?记住这点的同时,我希望你们能拿出一小会儿时间来想想,上一次自己什么都不做是什么时候?Just 10 minutes, undisturbed? And when I say nothing, I do mean nothing.仅仅10分钟,毫无干扰地?当我说什么都不做,就是什么都不做。So thats no emailing, texting, no Internet, no TV, no chatting, no eating, no ing.没有电子邮件、短信,没有互联网,没有电视、聊天、食物、阅读,Not even sitting there reminiscing about the past or planning for the future.甚至不包括坐着回想过去或者思考将来。Simply doing nothing. I see a lot of very blank faces.只是什么都不做。我看到你们中很多茫然的脸。You probably have to go a long way back.我的想法是,你们很可能要往后退很大一步。And this is an extraordinary thing, right?而这是一件很离奇的事情,对吧?Were talking about our mind.我们说的是我们的大脑(心灵)。The mind, our most valuable and precious resource, through which we experience every single moment of our life.大脑(心灵),对我们来说最珍贵的东西,我们通过它来体验生活中的每一个时刻,The mind that we rely upon to be happy, content, emotionally stable as individuals,全靠它(心灵)我们作为一个个体,能感到幸福、满足、情感稳定,and at the same time, to be kind and thoughtful and considerate in our relationships with others.同时在我们与他人的关系中变得善良与体贴。This is the same mind that we depend upon to be focused, creative, spontaneous,靠着这个大脑(心灵),我们能够专注、有创意、自觉,and to perform at our very best in everything that we do.并在我们做的所有事情中发挥自己的才能。And yet, we dont take any time out to look after it.然而,我们没有花哪怕一点时间来关心它。In fact, we spend more time looking after our cars, our clothes and our hair than we事实上,相较而言,我们更关心自己的汽车、衣和头发的时间都要更多okay, maybe not our hair, but you see where Im going.好吧,也许不包括我们的头发,但你们懂我想要说的。The result, of course, is that we get stressed.而结果,当然是我们感到压力。201705/509991


  即学即用英语会话词典E部分:鼓励进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16231。

  84. It will do. 行了。 用法透视 这个句型意思是"可以了,行了",用来表示认可和肯定。可单独使用也可跟从句。 持范例 1. It will do to set the clothes tree in the corner. 把挂衣架放在墙角就行。 2. Will it do? 这样行吗? 3. It will do. You may leave. 这样就行。你们可以走了。 会话记忆 A: How would you like your hair cut? 您的头发想理成什么式样的? B: I want it short. 剪短就行。 A: Then, I'll just trim it. 那我就给您修剪一下。 B: It will do. 行 /200705/13544

  英语日常口语 66:Choosing a gift 选择礼物本单元是关于选择礼物的对话Janet: And how's my favourite shop assistant today? Tim: Oh! Good morning, Janet! It's assistant manager actually. Janet: So sorry, darling, assistant manager. Now, I do hope you can help me. I'm looking for a very special gift for a very special person. Tim: I'm sure we can help you there madam. Is it for a gentleman or a lady? Janet: A gentleman. Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don't you agree? Tim: In that case, let me show you these cuff-links... and here are some very nice tie-clips. Janet: Those watches look rather nice.Tim: Err, yes... but the latest model isn't available, and it's important to have the latest model, don't you think? Janet: Not necessarily. I always say that style is more important than fashion. Vocabulary:字汇 cuff 袖口the thicker material at the end of the sleeves of a shirt, near the hand cuff-links 袖扣small decorated objects which are used instead of buttons to fasten cuffs. Cuff-links are usually worn by men tie-clip 领带夹a piece of jewellery that holds a man's tie in place style 风格an elegant, luxurious and often expensive way of living and dressing本单元的语言点是反意问句,反义问句也称句尾的附加问句,情况下面的解释和例句Negative questions in conversationsNegative questions at the end of sentences 句尾的附加问句In everyday conversations, English speakers sometimes use negative questions at the end of sentences, especially when they are giving their opinions. Janet says: 'Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don't you agree? ' Tim says: '...it's important to have the latest model, isn't that so? ' This type of question helps to keep the conversation going by inviting the listener to agree with the speaker, or to give their own opinion. Other questions which have this function are: ...don't you think? ...don't you think so? ...isn't that right? ...wouldn't you agree? Replying to negative questions 如何回答附加问句The speaker does not have to give a direct answer to this type of question, but usually responds to the idea behind the question. When Janet says: 'Fine jewellery looks so lovely on a man, don't you agree? ' Tim's answer is: ' In that case, let me show you these cuff-links?' Sometimes the speaker will give a direct reply to the question. When Tim says: 'It's important to have the latest model, isn't that so? ' Janet's answer is: ' Not necessarily. I always say that style is more important than fashion. ' /200707/16070

  即学即用英语会话词典A部分:休息日 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载 /200706/14816

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