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2019年09月18日 16:18:40 | 作者:养心晚报 | 来源:新华社
Larry和李华刚刚考试完毕。李华告诉Larry,她考得很不好。今天李华会学到两个常用语:Kiss something goodbye和Lose one's cool。 LH: Larry! 今天的考试真难,我连三分之一都没做完。 LL: What? That's not good. I guess you have to kiss your “A” in that class goodbye. LH: 你在瞎说八道什么呀? 我现在很不高兴,还要和谁亲嘴? LL: No, no, Li Hua, that's not what I said! I said “You have to kiss your ‘A’ goodbye". Kiss something goodbye indicates one accepts he or she won't or can't have something. LH: 噢,我明白了,kiss something goodbye在这里不是指和谁接吻告别,而是指一个人知道不会得到他要得东西了。你是说,我这门课考试没考好,所以就得不到A了。 LL: That's right! Li Hua, did you ever have to kiss something goodbye before? LH: 我有没有遇到过这种情况呀?我想想...对了。 上次我把手套忘在出租车里了。所以,这手套就再也没有了。I have to kiss my gloves goodbye! 这意思对不对? LL: That's right. But when your bike was stolen last week, I bet you thought you would have to kiss that goodbye. LH: 没错,我真以为那自行车被偷了,从此就没了。没想到警察帮我把它找了回来, 我就不必跟自行车“kiss goodbye”。 LL: And when you left China, you had to kiss your mother's good Chinese cooking goodbye. LH: 是啊,很久都没有吃到我妈妈烧的菜了,有的时候真想家。Larry,我毕业以后可能会离开纽约到一个小城市去工作,那我就吃不到纽约许多不同的风味小吃了。 LL: I'm staying here in New York. So if that's your plan, you'll also have to kiss interesting conversations with me goodbye. LH: 是呀,我要是真的离开纽约, 我就不能跟你经常聊天了。不过,我们可以打电话啊。 LL: That's right. Well, anyway, it's too bad about that test. I guess you will have to kiss your “A” goodbye. LH: Kiss my“A” goodbye,我可真不甘心。我得找教授谈一谈。 ****** LH: 这就是教授的办公室。 LL: Sure is. OK, Li Hua, when you go into the professor's office to talk about that test, remember, don't lose your cool! LH: Don't lose your cool! 这是什么意思?难道我会丢失什么吗? LL: I said “don't lose your cool”. Don't lose your cool means stay calm, don't get angry. LH: 噢,don't lose your cool是要我冷静, 不要生气发火。 Larry, 前天我们开车明明没有超速,可是警察拦住我们, 我当时差一点要发火,可是没有"lost my cool"? LL: No, you didn't lose your cool, you were calm. One time I lost my cool with a bus driver because he didn't stop the bus at my stop. LH:你跟司机发脾气, 当然不会有好结果。 LL: Yep. I had to wait for the next stop and walk back. If I hadn't lost my cool and had nicely asked him to stop, I wouldn't have had to walk so far. LH: 你看,和司机法脾气没好处。你得等下一站才能下车,再往回走。看来你要冷静地和他商量,keep your cool,他没准就停下来了。 LL: That's true. I heard more people lose their cool in the evening than in the morning, when they are fresh. LH: 那是可以想象的。人工作了一天累了就容易发火。早上人很清醒,情绪就比较平静。好了, 闲话少说,我得进去找教授了。 LL: Remember, when you go in there you don't want to lose your cool, or you can say, you want to KEEP YOUR COOL. Lose your cool and keep your cool are opposites. LH: 知道了,lose your cool就是失去冷静;keep your cool就是保持冷静。总之,遇事一定要冷静就是了。 LL: That's for sure. I'll wait out here. See you in a few minutes. 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是kiss something goodbye, 意思是失去、损失。李华学到的另一个常用语是lose one's cool意思是变得不冷静, 或是说keep one's cool这是保持冷静的意思。 /200809/4855751. Nobody's punking out没人退出52. None of your beeswax.不关你事53. Not be constantly running,looking over your shoulder不用到处躲藏,小心翼翼地生活54. Not in a thousand years.想都别想55. Oh ,shut it哦闭嘴吧56. Oh,hit me a nerve 哦,真吓人(反语)57. One should never turn his back on his home country. 一个人永远也不能背弃自己的祖国58. Places to stay,business that are more open to hiring men out of the correctional system. 能住的地方,优先聘用劳改犯的商家。59. Probably out of your price range. 恐怕你买不起60. Provided the transport comes though.若果交通顺利的话。 /07/776281.Frankly,my dear,I don't give a damn. 坦白说,亲爱的,我一点也不在乎。(《乱世佳人》1939) /11/89791K: the air quality in this city is horrendous! The pollution levels were so high that we weren't supposed to go outside with a face mask again!M: exhaust fumes from vehicles cause a great deal of damage to the environment.K: on top of that, there are a few large chemical factories in the suburbs, which are contributing to the high pollution levels in the water and the air in this city.M: as much as I love this city, I think I'm going to have to find a greener city to live in. Living in a polluted city like this just can't be good for my health.K: I know what you mean. However, there are so few places left that have not been affected by global warming. If it's not the pollution, then it's the natural disasters, deforestation, or the greenhouse effect.M: what is the greenhosue effct exactly?K: it's the gradual rise in the earth's temperature.M: I see, so it's similar to global warming?K: they're related to one another, yes.M: I heard that some people in England are pleased with the fact that the climate is becoming warmer because it's making their towns a more pleasant place to live.K: people joke about the benefits of the increase in temperature, but it's not all good news. They've been experiencing a lot of deadly storms there as well.M: people always seem to make jokes as a way to deal with unfortunate situations.K: I think if everyone pitches in, the world will be a better place. /201004/101586

way very much, in a great degreeout of line: "出格"a.父亲可能会原谅你!-Ok, forget it. Next time you should tell me in advance!-Sure, thank you daddy!b.也可能语气更强硬一些!-You are way out of line! if you come again, surely no escape!-I remembered, dad! /200805/40253

B地道英语口语:Road Rage 交通暴躁情绪Neil: This is Real English from B Learning English. I’m Neil.Helen: 大家好,我是 Helen。Neil: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.Helen: 在今天的 Real English 这个环节,我们来一块儿学一些英语中出现的新鲜词汇和习惯用语。Neil: The English language is always growing and new words come into use all the time.Helen: 没错儿,所以我们要不断及时的更新自己脑中的词汇。Neil: That’s right.Helen: 接下来,Neil 要告诉我们今天的新词儿是?Neil: Today’s new word is 'road rage'.Helen: Road rage. 这两个词是什么意思呢?Neil: Well, you may have heard the word rage on its own. It means to be extremely angry. Road rage means to become extremely angry on the road when driving – and then to actually attack other drivers!Helen: 那 Neil 能给我们举个例子,让我们看看这个 road rage 到底应该怎么用?Neil: Of course. Sometimes people get very angry when they drive. They attack another motorist, you call this road rage.Helen: 哦,原来 road rage 是指发生在公路上的暴躁情绪,有的时候无辜的乘客还会成为牺牲品被袭击。Neil: Exactly.Insert A: Hey, John! What happened to your face? Have you been in a fight? B: Kind of. I was the victim of a road rage attack! An angry driver hit me in the face! A: That’s terrible! Did you call the police? B: Of course, but as I didn’t really get a good look at him there’s not much they can do. Neil: I saw some road rage the other day. Helen: Really? What happened?Neil: Two men had an argument at the traffic lights.Helen: 然后是不是他们就变得非常暴躁?Neil: Yes. They were shouting a lot, and then they started fighting!Helen: What? 互相打了起来,那当时你在旁边没吓坏了呀?Neil: Well, the police came and arrested them – for road rage, I think.Helen: Good!Neil: Yes Helen. People shouldn’t get so angry. Anyway, let’s recap – road rage - means to become violent when driving and physically attack another motoristHelen: Road Rage 是指人们在公路上的愤怒急噪情绪。要知道在路上闹别扭,生气可是很危险的,所以我们大家也应该努力让 road rage 少发生。Neil: Well, You’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.Helen: 下次节目再见。 /200711/19932

据知情人士透露,奥巴马总统正在考虑推出总额约3000亿美元的就业计划。他计划在明年通过削减税收、加大基础设施建设投入、联邦政府与地方政府直接补助等举措向美国经济注入逾3000亿美元资金。请看外电的报道:President Barack Obama, facing waning confidence among Americans in his economic stewardship, plans to lay out a 0 billion job-creation package on Thursday.眼下美国人对奥巴马领导下的经济形势越来越没有信心,为此奥巴马总统计划于周四推出3000亿美元的就业振兴计划。上文报道中的job-creation package就是奥巴马计划推出的巨额“就业振兴计划”,此举是为了boosting jobs(促进就业),以应对当前的high unemployment rate(高失业率)。Package在这里的意思是“一揽子计划”,我国在2008年底曾推出过4万亿的stimulus package(经济刺激一揽子计划)。与此同时,由于经济持续低迷,民众对奥巴马本人的job approval rating(工作满意度)在新一轮民调中低至44%。为改善经济和就业状况,奥巴马计划采取的措施包括infrastructure spending(基础设施建设投入)、business tax breaks(商业投资税务扣减)、将payroll tax cut(劳工薪资所得税减免)延长1年、并延长发放aid for the long-term unemployed(长期失业救助金)的时间。 /201109/153148

NO-BOOK英语口语提高版 Lesson31-32文本:Lesson 31 Everything1.She has everything.2.Everything is possible.3.Money is not everything.4.He seems to know everything.5.Tell me everything about it.6.You mean everything to me.7.I owe you everything.8.Thank you for everything.Lesson 32 Leave1.Don't take a French leave.2.It leaves nothing to be desired.3.Leave it to me.4.Don't let it leave this room.5.Take it or leave it.6.They left me holding the bag.7.He left me high and dry.8.You can't leave it like that.

1. I wouldn't have been able to complete my studies without your advice and guidance.没有您的建议和指导,我是不可能完成学业的。2. Ah, how naive we were when we were freshmen!哎呀,我们大一的时候看起来多天真呀! /201006/107169

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