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President Bush Discusses Economy THE PRESIDENT: Today's job data reflects the fact that our economy is in a recession. This is in large part because of severe problems in our housing, credit, and financial markets, which have resulted in significant job losses. I'm concerned about our workers who have lost jobs during this downturn, and I'm -- as we work to -- as we work to address the problems of this economy, we've extended unemployment insurance benefits to those who have lost their jobs during this downturn. We are focusing on the root causes of the economic downturn in order to return our economy to health. The most urgent issue facing the economy is the problem in the credit markets. Businesses and consumers need access to credit at affordable rates to spend and invest. And so we're working to stabilize the markets and make credit more affordable and available. We're working with the Federal Reserve and FDIC, and credit is beginning to move. A market that was frozen is thawing. There's still more work to do. But there are some encouraging signs. A root cause of the slowdown is housing, and so we continue to take actions that will avoid preventable foreclosures and speed a return to a healthy housing market. Interest rates help the housing market recover, and interest rates, mortgage rates, are going down. And plus there's a number of programs in place to help Americans stay in their homes, to limit the preventable foreclosures. I am concerned about the viability of the automobile companies. I'm concerned about those who work for the automobile companies and their families. And likewise, I am concerned about taxpayer money being provided to those companies that may not survive. Put out a detailed plan recently that uses money that Congress appropriated last fall for the auto industry -- money that can be used so long as the companies make hard choices on all aspects of their business to prove that they can not only survive but thrive. It is important that Congress act next week on this plan. And it's important to make sure that taxpayers' money be paid back if any is given to the companies. It's going to take time for all the actions we have taken to have their full impact. But I am confident that the steps we're taking will help fix the problems in our economy and return it to strength. My administration is committed to ensuring that our economy succeeds. And I know the incoming administration shares the same commitment. Thank you very much. 参考中文翻译:今天的就业数据表明我们的经济正在衰退。大部分原因是房地产,信贷和金融市场引发了大规模的失业。我很担忧在经济下滑中失去工作的工人。当我们公布经济中存在的问题时,我们已经对经济低迷中失业的人扩大了失业保险范围。为了使经济恢复正常,我们集中精力寻找经济危机的根源。我们的经济面临的最紧要的问题是信贷市场。企业和消费者需要得到利率合适的贷款来消费和投资。所以,我们正致力于稳定信贷市场,使大家可以得到贷款。我们已经与联邦储蓄和FDIC团结一致努力工作,信贷市场开始好转。冻结了市场也开始活动。还有很多工作要做,但是也有一些鼓舞人心的信号。经济下滑的根源是房产市场,所以我们继续采取措施,尽量避免可预防的房产没收,加速房产市场恢复健康。利率帮助房产市场恢复,利率,贷款利率都会降低。另外,还有一系列项目即将到位,帮助美国人保护自己的家园,避免可预防的房屋没收。我很担心汽车公司的生存能力,我也很担心那些在汽车公司就职的人和他们的家人。同时,我担心纳税人的钱被提供给那些无法生存的公司。最近,国会出台了详细的计划以帮助急剧下滑的汽车行业。这些钱可以提供给这些公司,但是他们必须全力以赴的明我们的决策是正确的,他们不仅要生存下去,而且必须繁荣起来。我们所采取的措施要全面发挥作用需要一定的时间。但是我有信心,我们所采取的措施一定能够解决经济中的问题,恢复经济实力。我的政府承诺,我们的经济一定会再创辉煌。我知道,即将上任的新政府也会向大家保这一点。200812/58077THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. For years, America's automakers have faced serious challenges -- burdensome costs, a shrinking share of the market, and declining profits. In recent months, the global financial crisis has made these challenges even more severe. Now some U.S. auto executives say that their companies are nearing collapse -- and that the only way they can buy time to restructure is with help from the Federal government. This is a difficult situation that involves fundamental questions about government's proper role. On the one hand, government has a responsibility not to undermine the private enterprise system. On the other hand, government has a responsibility to safeguard the broader health and stability of our economy. Addressing the challenges in the auto industry requires us to balance these two responsibilities. If we were to allow the free market to take its course now, it would almost certainly lead to disorderly bankruptcy and liquidation for the automakers. Under ordinary economic circumstances, I would say this is the price that failed companies must pay -- and I would not favor intervening to prevent automakers from going out of business. But these are not ordinary circumstances. In the midst of a financial crisis and a recession, allowing the U.S. auto industry to collapse is not a responsible course of action. The question is how we can best give it a chance to succeed. Some argue the wisest path is to allow the auto companies to reorganize through 11 provisions of our bankruptcy laws -- and provide a Federal loan to keep them operating while they try to restructure. But given the current state of the auto industry, my economic advisors believe that bankruptcy could now lead to its disorderly collapse -- sending our economy into a deeper and longer recession. A more responsible option is to give auto companies an incentive to restructure outside of bankruptcy -- and a brief window in which to do it. My Administration proposed legislation to achieve this, but Congress was unable to get a bill to my desk before adjourning for the year. This means the only way to stave off a collapse of the auto industry is for the executive branch to step in. So yesterday, I announced that the Federal government will grant loans to auto companies, which will provide help to them in two ways. First, the loans will give automakers three months to put in place plans to restructure into viable companies -- which we believe they are capable of doing. Second, if restructuring cannot be accomplished outside of bankruptcy, the loans will provide time for companies to make the legal and financial preparations necessary for an orderly 11 process that offers a better prospect of long-term success. The terms of the loans will require the auto companies to demonstrate how they would become viable. They must pay back all their loans to the government, and show that their firms can earn a profit and achieve a positive net worth. This restructuring will require meaningful concessions from all involved in the auto industry -- management, labor unions, creditors, bondholders, dealers, and suppliers. If a company fails to come up with a viable plan by March 31st, it will be required to repay its Federal loans. Taken together, these conditions send a clear message to everyone involved in American automakers: The time to make the hard decisions to become viable is now -- or the only option will be bankruptcy. The actions I'm taking represent a step that we all wish were not necessary. But given the situation, it is the most effective and responsible way to address this challenge facing our Nation. By giving the auto companies a chance to restructure, we will shield the American people from a harsh economic blow at a vulnerable time. And we will give American workers an opportunity to show the world once again that they can meet challenges with ingenuity and determination, and emerge stronger than before. Thank you for listening. 200812/59350亲,你们想拥有一口流利的英语口语吗?你们想像世界名人一样拥有敏锐的智慧、滔滔不绝的口才吗?在这里,大家不但可以聆听抑扬顿挫的英文,而且还可以学习到名人的过人之处,相信会受益匪浅的!听,他们来了......166314Education for a More Competitive America amp; Better FutureThe President discusses his blueprint for an updated Elementary and Secondary Education Act to overhaul No Child Left Behind, the latest step from his Administration to encourage change and success in America’s schools at the local level.Download Video: mp4 (167MB) | mp3 (5MB) 201003/98611

President and Mrs. Bush Attend White House Easter Egg Roll   THE PRESIDENT: Well, Laura and I welcome you to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. How about the Jonas Brothers? Thanks for coming. (Applause.) We are sure glad you're here. We welcome you to the Easter Egg Roll.   Pretty soon after a few remarks, I have the honor of blowing the whistle to start the Easter Egg Roll. But we've got a lot of other people who are going to make sure today is a special day. We want to thank all our volunteers who have made this event possible. We thank our -- (applause) -- yes, there you are. (Laughter.) We thank our ers. For you Dallas Cowboy fans, it is a great honor to welcome Troy Aikman here to be one of the ers. (Applause.)   We want to remind you that we're dedicating today's Easter Egg Roll to our clean oceans. And there's a booth here where you can find out how you can contribute to make sure that we're environmentally sound stewards of our oceans. Ocean conservation is a important aspect of good public service, and it's certainly something that Laura has on her mind, as she comes up to address you. And so now it's my honor to welcome the First Lady of the ed States, my dear wife, Laura Bush. (Applause.)   MRS. BUSH: Thank you, darling. Welcome, everybody, to the White House Easter Egg Roll, the 2008 Easter Egg Roll. This event is one of the happiest traditions on the White House lawn. It's always fun to see the South Lawn filled with children. Thank you for coming. And I'd especially like to thank our entertainers, our ers, our volunteers, and our special guests.   And two of the special ers today are my mother-in-law, Barbara Bush -- (applause) -- and my daughter, Jenna. So be sure and listen -- (applause.) Two very famous American children's writers and illustrators -- oh, here's Jenna -- and Barbara. (Laughter.) Rosemary Wells and Nancy Tafuri will also be ing in the ing nook, so look to see, when you can stop by the ing nook, to see them.   Also members of the President's Cabinet will join us. They'll be our special ers. And you might meet some of your favorite book characters on the lawn, as well, like Mickey Mouse, who is returning to the White House Easter Egg Roll for the first time since the 1980s. So thank you, Mickey, for joining us today.   Like the President said, our theme today for the Easter Egg Roll is ocean conservation. I invite all of you to stop by the ocean conservation education area on the lawn to learn what you can do to make sure we keep our oceans clean and healthy for fish and other ocean life. The ocean artist, Wyland, is here to teach us how to paint -- (applause) -- some of the beautiful animals that live in our seas.   I'd also like to welcome the volunteers who are here today from organizations like Ocean Conservancy, Keep America Beautiful, and Take Pride in America. Boys and girls have donated their time to help preserve our natural wonders for future generations. Thanks to all of the volunteers and the staff who are working so hard to make this event a success -- especially Amy Allman, in the White House Visitors Office, who put this great event together. (Applause.)   Okay, now we're y to start the Easter Egg Roll. President Bush and I wish each one of you good luck on the Egg Roll. Welcome to the White House, everyone, and Happy Easter. (Applause.) 200806/41253

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