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It wasnt until later that evening thhat I noticed a ;mailbox; taped onto the doors to each of our bedrooms , there was one Steve. There was one Tom. She hadnt gotten Sam or baby Paul.直到深夜我才发现,每个人的卧室门上都贴着一个“邮”史蒂夫一个,汤姆一个她也没把山姆和小保罗忘了 the next few weeks, we received mail on a regular basis. There were little notes confessing her love each of us.之后的几周内,我们会定期收到信件她对我们每个人的爱都通过这小小的纸条表达了,这些短信写满的是一个年仅7岁的孩子纯真的问候There were short letters full of tiny compliments that only a seven-year-old would notice. I was in charge of retrieving baby Paul letteres,page after page of colored scenes including flowers with happy faces.小保罗的信件由我负责拆阅,那是一页一页的色图画,其中有花朵,也有欢乐的笑靥;He cant yet.; she whispered, ; But he can look at the pictures.;“他还不识字,”她喃喃自语道,“但他能看这些图画”Each time I recevied one of my little girl gifts, it brightened my heart.每次收到小女儿的礼物,我沉闷的心就豁然开朗I was touched at how carefully she observed our moods. When stephen lost a baseball game, there was a letter telling him she thought he was the best ballplayer in the whole world.她对我们心情体察的细微令我颇受感动,史蒂芬输了棒球赛后,便收到一封信,她认为他是世界上最好的棒球手After I had a particularly hard day, there was a message thanking me my efts, complete with a smile face tucked near the bottom corner of the page.某天我感觉特别劳累时,便会收到一封信,对我的努力表示感谢,信纸下角还附有一个笑脸This same little girl is grown now, driving off every day to the commy college. But some things about her have never changed. One afternoon only a week or so ago, I found a love note next to my bedside.如今,那个小女孩已经长大,每天开车上社区学院但是有些事情她一直都没有改变大概就在一周前的一个下午,我在枕边发现了一张爱的纸条;Thanks always being there me, Mom, ; it , ; Im glad that were the best of friends.;“妈妈,感谢您一如既往地持我,”上面写着,“我为有您这样的好朋友而感到高兴”I couldnt help but remember the precious child whose smile has brought me countless hours of joy throughout the years. There are angels among us .I know , I live with one.我情不自禁地想起,多年以来,这个可爱的孩子的笑容曾带给我无尽的欢乐人间确有天使,我知道,我正幸运地与其中一位生活在一起 37569

Mohsen: I need to get off this island. Im getting island fever.莫森:我要离开这个岛我都要得岛热病了Ella: Weve only been here two days. Give it a chance. Were here to enjoy a slower pace of life, remember?艾拉:我们才刚到这里两天给它一次机会吧我们此行是为了享受较慢的生活节奏,还记得吗?Mohsen: When you said we were going on an island vacation, I didnt know wed be so isolated. There isnt a living soul within five miles!莫森:当初你说去小岛上度假,我可没想到会与世隔绝离这儿五英里以内甚至见不到一个活物!Ella: This isnt isolated; it secluded. We have privacy and serenity. Isnt that what we wanted?艾拉:这不算与世隔绝,顶多算隐居在这里我们拥有私人空间,且可以远离尘世的喧嚣这不正是我们所想要的吗?Mohsen: I wanted a vacation with all of the creature comts.莫森:我期待的度假包括所有的物质享受Ella: That what we have, dont you think? Were staying in a very nice house.艾拉:这里正是如此啊,你不觉得吗?我们住在一个很不错的房子里Mohsen: Yes, but what about the creature comts? I have no Internet access and no cell phone service. This is what I call roughing it.莫森:是的,但能有什么物质享受呢?这里即不能上网又没有手机务在我看来,这里的条件很艰苦Ella: We agreed that we both needed a little time away to unwind. The whole point of this vacation is us to relax.艾拉:我们一致认为需要一点时间来放松身心这个假期的全部意义就在于放松Mohsen: Im cut off from civilization and I have no access to email and my favorite websites. What could be more stressful than this?!莫森:但总不能远离了文明世界吧我不能查收邮件,不能访问喜爱的网站还有什么比这更令人紧张?原文译文属! 70

May Buddha let us meet in my most beautiful hours,如何让我遇见你,在我最美丽的时刻I have prayed it five hundred years.为这—— 我已在佛前求了五百年,求它让我们结一段尘缘Buddha made me a tree by the path you may take,佛于是把我化做一棵树,长在你必经的路旁In full blossoms Im waiting in the sun, every flower carrying my precious hope.阳光下慎重地开满了花,朵朵都是我前世的盼望As you are near, listen carefully the quivering leaves are my waiting zeal,当你走近,请你细听,那颤抖的叶是我等待的热情As you pass by the tree without noticing me,而当你终于无视地走过My friend, upon the ground behind you is not the fallen petals but my withered heart朋友啊,在你身后落了一地的,那不是花瓣,是我凋零的心 8939

I Want to Be a Teacher我想当老师;You want to be a teacher? Dont be silly.;你想当老师?别傻了!Teachers are poor paid. They have no power.;当老师既没钱又没权;My friend was puzzled我朋友显示出诧异的神情,when I told her I want to be a teacher in the future.当我告诉她我将来想成为一名老师的时候Im not silly and Ill tell you why.我并不傻,让我来告诉你我为什么要作出这样的选择Im determined to teach我决心当老师because I have admired teachers very much since I was young.就是因为我从小就十分崇敬老师They are kind and respectable,like angels.他们善良,受人尊重,就像天使一样They are learned, helpful and encouraging.他们学多才,诲人不倦,催人奋进Im determined to teach我决心当老师because teachers have the greatest power in the world.是因为老师的权力至高无上They lead the pathway to success.他们指引着成功的方向They fan sparks of intelligence他们点燃智慧的火花,just as God gave the breath of life into a clay figure nostrils.就像上帝赋予泥胎生命一样Im determined to teach because I can keep young我决心当老师是因为我能保持年轻的心态,and I can learn, change and grow with my students.和我的学生们一起学习进步和成长Im determined to teach because I like the lifestyle of teachers,我决心当老师是因为我喜欢老师的生活方式,simple but free.简朴而自由The two vacations will offer me an opporty writing,两个假期是我写作,doing research work and anything I like.研究和随心所欲生活的好机会Ill try my best to be an ideal teacher.我会尽力成为一名理想的老师Firstly,Ill study hard to increase my knowledge and learn teaching skills.首先,我要刻苦学习,拓宽知识面,掌握教学方法Secondly,Ill love my students and take pride in my profession.其次,我会信任我的学生,爱岗敬业,尽职尽责Thirdly,Ill trust them,respect them and understand them.再次,我会信任我的学生,尊重他们,理解他们That is to say I want to be their good friend and treat them equally.也就是说我想成为他们的朋友,并对他们一视同仁I believe that teaching is the most honorable job in the world.我相信教书育人是世界上最崇高的事业Ill take it as my life-long career.I will never regret my decision.我将终生无悔地把毕生精力奉献给教育事业Thank you!谢谢诸位! 83

Of Studies论读书Studies serve delight, ornament, and ability.读书足以怡情,足以傅,足以长才Their chief use delight, is in privateness and retiring;其怡情也,最见于独处幽居之时; ornament, is in discourse;其傅也,最见于高谈阔论之中;and ability, is in the judgment and disposition of business.其长才也,最见于处世判事之际Read not to contradict and confute;读书时不可存心诘难作者,nor to believe and take granted;不可尽信书上所言,nor to find talk and discourse;亦不可职位寻章摘句;but to weigh and consider.而应推敲细思Some books are to be tasted,书有可浅尝者,others to be swallowed,有可吞食者,and some few to be chewed and digested;少数则须咀嚼消化that is, some books are to be only in parts;换言之,有只需读其部分者,others to be , but not curiously;有只须大体涉猎者,and some few to be wholly,少数则须全读,and with diligence and attention.读时须全神贯注,孜孜不倦Some books also may be by deputy,书亦可请人代读,and extracts made of them by others;取其所作摘要,but that would be only in the less important arguments,但只限题材较次或价值不高者,and the meaner sort of books; else distilled books are, like common distilled waters, flashy things.否则书经提炼犹如水经蒸馏,淡而无味Reading maketh a full man;读书使人充实,conference a y man;讨论使人机智,and writing an exact man.笔记使人准确And theree, if a man write little,he had need have a great memory;不常做笔记者须特强,if he confer little, he had need have a present wit;不常讨论者须天生聪颖,and if he little, he had need have much cunning,不常读书者须欺世有术,to seem to know that he doth not.始能无知而显有知Histories make men wise;读史使人明智,poets witty;读诗使人灵秀,the mathematics subtile;数学使人周密,natural philosophy deep; moral grave;科学使人深刻,伦理学使人庄重,logic and rhetoric able to contend.逻辑修辞之学使人善辩;Abeunt studia in mores.凡有所学,皆成性格Nay there is no stand or impediment in the wit,but may be wrought out by fit studies人之才智但有滞碍,无不可读适当之书使之顺畅,like as diseases of the body may have appropriate exercises.一如身体百病,皆可借相宜之运动除之Bowling is good the stone and reins;滚球利睾肾,shooting the lungs and breast;射箭利胸肺,gentle walking the stomach;慢步利肠胃,riding the head; and the like.骑术利头脑,诸如此类So if a man wit be wandering,如智力不集中,let him study the mathematics;可令读数学, in demonstrations, if his wit be called away never so little,he must begin again.盖演题需全神贯注,稍有分散即须重演;If his wit be not apt to distinguish or find differences,let him study the schoolmen;如不能辩异,可令读经院哲学, they are cymini sectores.盖是辈皆吹毛求疵之人;If he be not apt to beat over matters,and to call up one thing to prove and illustrate another,let him study the lawyers cases.如不善求同,不善以一物阐另一物,可令读律师之案卷So every defect of the mind may have a special receipt.如此头脑中凡有缺陷,皆有特效可医 53

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