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Well Im not gonna give you any suggestions.我不想现在给你什么提示I want you to see how you feel on the drug.OK.我想让你自己来了解用药以后的感觉I want you to reflect during the process and afterwards我想让你在整个过程中自己感受 然后how it compares with alcohol.再和喝酒的感觉来比较Walk as straight as you can.尽量走直线The drug was likely to make me feel tipsy药物有可能让我步履蹒跚so before I even took the pill因此在吃药之前they had to check my normal balance.他们要检验我的正常平衡能力It was at this point that the enormity of what I was doing hit home.在这一点上 我现在做的至关重要Thats great.很好As I start to think about whether this is gonna work or not开始我还在想着这药是否有效Im left with a sense that actually it could be quite a powerful effect.现在我有个感觉可能它实际上很有效力Maybe itll give me some effects I dont like.也许它会给我一种我不喜欢的效果So Im a bit..所以我有点...Now I think about it现在我在想着它Im a more apprehensive subject than I was a few minutes ago.我比几分钟前有更多了一层理解This was a highly experimental drug这是种仍处在试验阶段的药物only a few people had ever tried it只有少许几个人尝试过and the condition was that I was in a hospital而且现在我是在医院里closely observed with resuscitation equipment on hand.被严密观察 旁边有触手可及的抢救设备Perfect.好极了重点解释:1.compare with 与 ... 相比例句:Compare with apartment hunting, my research work is a cinch.跟找房子相比,我的研究工作真算不上什么。2.think about 考虑;回想例句:What do you think about that?你认为怎么样?3.a few 一些(用于可数名词之前)例句:A few anatomic mysteries remain unsolved.一些结构上的疑点仍未解答。 201508/394893。


Not having much luck in the romance department? Try dating like a man -- it may be just the jolt your love life needs.在浪漫的恋情方面运气不足?尝试像男人一样约会——或许这正是你的爱情生活所需要作出的改变。You Will Need你需要Courage勇气Full playing field充分发挥的余地Relaxed attitude放松的态度Patience耐心Steps步骤STEP 1 Make the first move1.主动迈出第一步Dont wait for a man youre interested in to approach you -- strike up a conversation with him. Women who make the first move have up to a 90 percent success rate.不要等待你感兴趣的男子接近你——发起对话。采取主动的女性成功的几率高达90%。STEP 2 Play the field2.多方面交往Play the field, even if youve met someone you really like. To date like a man, you must operate on the assumption that there might be someone even better out there -- at least until youve had enough time to know for sure that there isnt.多结交几个人,即使你遇到了真正喜欢的人。像男人一样约会,你必须以还有人比对方更好为前提——至少直到你有足够的时间了解没有人比他更好为止。STEP 3 Chill3.冷静Chill out! Dont view every person you date as a potential life partner. Focus on having fun, not finding true love.冷静一点。不要把每个约会对象视为潜在的生活伴侣。集中在好玩,而不是寻找真爱方面。STEP 4 Dont get too invested4.不要太投入Dont invest too much of yourself early in a relationship. Save the personal sacrifices and grand gestures for when hes earned them.恋爱之初不要太投入。个人牺牲和较大的动作留到你赢得他的心之后。Dont introduce a guy to your family until hes taken you to meet his.在他带你见家人之前,不要把他介绍给你的家人。STEP 5 Keep your options open5.留出选择的余地Keep your options open. Resist making plans with a man too far in advance, and dont try to book him for holidays or pin him down to vacations too early in the romance.给自己留有选择的余地。不要提前太早和一名男子制定计划,不要试图太早预订和他一起过假期。STEP 6 Dont settle down too soon6.不要太早安定下来Dont settle down until you have the education and experience to take care of yourself. Men often like to wait until their career is established and theyre financially stable before they get serious with someone, and thats a good plan for women, too.不要太早安定下来,直到你接受了足够的教育,有照顾自己的经验。男性通常喜欢等到事业有成,经济状况稳定的时候才会认真对待一个人。对女性来说,这也是比较好的计划。40 percent of men date multiple women simultaneously, according to one poll. More than half of those men juggle at least 6 women.根据一项民意调查,40%的男性同时和几名女性约会。其中超过一半的人同时穿梭在至少6位女性中间。视频听力译文由。201503/366981。

At least 20 people have been killed and around 30 wounded after a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Afghan capital Kabul, thats according to the country’s Interior Ministry.根据阿富汗内政部,首都喀布尔自杀式炸弹袭击造成至少20人遇难,约30人受伤。The attacker had joined a queue to enter a police office.袭击者排队进入警察局。The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, the worst of its kind so far this year. In a statement, it claims that 40 police officers were killed or injured.塔利班声称对此次袭击负责,这是今年以来此类袭击事件最糟糕的一次。在一份声明中声称40名警察被杀死或受伤。The incident happened in the crowded Dehmazang district, west of the city.该起事件发生在人口拥挤的西部城市Dehmazang区。Last month, Kabul was hit by a series of suicide attacks as the Taliban stepped up their campaign against the Western-backed government.上个月,随着塔利班加强反对西方持的政府,喀布尔遭到一系列自杀式袭击。The violence coincided with renewed efforts to revive a peace process with the Islamist insurgent movement.这一暴行正值伊斯兰反叛运动恢复和平进程。译文属。 /201602/425242。

The 2nd edition of the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding has taken place in Yabuli in north-eastern China.第二届单板滑雪世界锦标赛在中国东北城市亚布力举行。Over 200 riders from 40 nations descended on China’s premier winter sports resort to contest the World Championships.来自40个国家的200多名选手来到中国主要冬季运动胜地参加世界锦标赛。American stars took the top honours again. In the men’s slopestyle competition Brandon Davis won by two points from Canada’s Max Parrot, with Norway’s Stale Sandbech a further six points back.美国明星再次获得最高荣誉。在男子斜坡式障碍技巧赛中,布拉登·戴维斯以两分优势战胜加拿大选手马克斯·帕洛特获得冠军,挪威名将斯塔莱·山德柏克以六分之差获季军。The finals are contested over three runs, and the weather was perfect, even if the crowds were missing for such a relatively new sport.总决赛竞争三轮,而且天气很好,纵然观众错失了这样一个相对较新的运动。In the women’s competition the reigning world champion Spencer O’Brien missed out on a medals place, the title going to Jamie Anderson. Finland’s Enni Rukajarvitook silver, while another American, Julia Marino came from nowhere with a stunning third run to claim bronze.在女子比赛中,卫冕世界冠军斯宾塞·奥布赖恩与奖牌无缘,杰米·安德森获得金牌。芬兰选手艾尼·卢卡雅维获得亚军,另一名美国无名小将茱莉亚·马里诺以惊人的第三轮表现摘得铜牌。译文属。 /201603/431983。

Eudoxia will spend the next seven years at Gaiserics side.在接下来的七年中 尤多克西亚一直被禁锢在盖塞里克身边Her daughter, forced to marry his son.而她的女儿也被迫嫁给了他的儿子The empress of Rome enslaved by a barbarian.罗马帝国的皇后最终为野蛮人所奴役The Roman Empire lasted for five centuries.罗马帝国的统治持续了五个世纪At its height, it ruled over 60 million people在其鼎盛时期 它统治着超过六千万人口And two million square miles.幅员达两百万平方英里As it disintegrates,Barbarian tribes seize their opportunity.趁着它的没落 野蛮族人们抓住了机会Angles and Saxons push into Britain.安格鲁和撒克逊人大举挺进英国Franks sweep across Gaul,Giving their name to modern France.弗兰克人跨过高卢 这也造就了今天的法国Visigoths seize what is now Spain.而西哥特人建立了今天的西班牙When power collapses at anytime, anywhere,无论何时何地 一个统治王朝的结束It creates a vacuum, by definition,会创造出一个权力真空 根据定义来看Others come running in, territory gets grabbed up,权力真空就是指其他国家的人会来瓜分土地Ideas are repudiated, the Romans learned it,现有的思想会被否认 罗马人尝到了这个滋味We dont know whos going to be next.我们也不知道接下来会是哪个国家201511/407636。

当我们担心即时通讯IM,发文本信息,Facebook在破坏人们的亲密关系时,但Stefana Broadbent的研究表明通信技术使得人们增进更亲密关系,并跨越距离和工作规则的障碍,给人们以爱的关怀。201502/359627。

原味人文风情:How to Level Up新年新希望:提升自我So you know how youll get really excited about starting a new project, whether its writing a book, or making a song on guitar, or completely reinventing yourself in the space youre in. But then as the days go by, your enthusiasm fades and fades and fades until it just shrivels up and dies and you completely forget about it.所以你们知道开始一项新计划时你们会有多么兴奋,不管是写一本书、或是用吉他写一首歌、或是在你所处的空间完全改造自己。但之后随着日子过去,你的热情消逝、消逝、消逝,直到它干枯并死去,然后你完全忘记它。The first, most important, and hardest part of leveling up is deciding to. You have so much willpower. We as human beings, whenever we decide we really want something, we go after it and we make it happen.要提升自己,首先、最重要、最难的部份是下定决心。你有这么多意志力。我们身为人类,不论何时我们决定我们真的很想要某个东西,我们追求它并让它成真。Theres no such thing as ;Im too busy for that.; Its just ;I dont think I want to invest the time necessary to complete that goal,; which brings me to the two biggest hurdles standing between you and what you want to accomplish: total time mismanagement and not setting realistic goals.没有像是“我太忙不能做那件事”这种事。就只是“我不认为我想投入完成那个目标所需要的时间”,这让我想到站在你和你想完成的事情之间的两个最大障碍:完全的时间管理不当,以及没有设定实际目标。We throw so much time away just doing absolutely nothing. And then we have these grand goals and ideas and dreams that seem so overwhelming, that we never finish them because we dont start off small. If you really wanna get something done, be honest with yourself.我们丢掉这么多时间就是完全不做事。然后我们有这些看似势不可挡的伟大目标和想法和梦想,我们永远没完成它们,因为我们不从小地方开始。如果你真的想要做到某事,对自己诚实。So if you tell me, ;I wanna write for two hours today.;所以如果你告诉我:“我今天想要写作两小时。”;Are you really gonna write for two hours? Is that something that you are actually able to do?;“你真的要写作两小时吗?那是你确实可以做到的事吗?”;No.;“不。”;How about an hour? How about 30 minutes? How about 15 minutes?;“那一小时呢?三十分钟呢?十五分钟呢?”;Fifteen minutes of writing? I can do that. Totally, totally doable.;“写作十五分?我可以做到。完全、完全做得到的。”So if you wanna reach this fabled level five, start managing your time and setting goals that you know that you can complete.所以如果你想要达到这个传说中的第五级,开始管理你的时间,并设定你知道可以完成的目标。I use an AT-A-GLANCE planner. It breaks down the week per hour. Its amazing, highly recommended. And whenever I cross something off of my list, I reward myself with a cookie or chocolate—something sweet, something delicious—thats all thats needed to get something out of me.我使用AT-A-GLANCE出的计划表。它将一周以每个小时拆开来。这很棒,极力推荐。无论何时我将某件事从我的清单中划掉,我犒赏自己一片饼干或是巧克力--一些甜食、一些好吃的--那是说我所需要的所有东西。So you know, start leveling up because you totally can. Its just a matter of deciding to and then going from there. Okay? Good luck. Ill see you next week. Stay Awesome, Gotham.所以你知道,开始提升自己,因为你完全可以。就是下定决心和从这里开始的问题。好吗?祝你好运。我下周会再见到你们。保重了,高谭市(注一)。注一:这句话其实没有什么实质意义,影片中的女主角因为想要用特别的方式跟观众说再见,所以偷用了蝙蝠侠里的高谭市。201503/365449。