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哈尔滨现在人流手术多少钱哈尔滨宫颈修复手术需要多少钱方正县妇幼保健院介绍 Today’s Business English News podcast comes from an article on the recent positive statements by the CEO of Infosys on the future of India’s economy.今天的商务英语播客来自Infosys总裁对印度未来经济的积极。India’s economy has long been overshadowed by the rapid rise of China and SE Asia. More recently though, attention has started to turn to India, who’s strong economic growth and skilled workforce have spurred interest. Many economists are now predicting steady growth at 8% per year with India set to become a 1 trillion dollar economy by 2008.印度的经济长时间依赖由于中国和东亚国家经济的迅速发展而相形逊色。尽管如此,国际关注现在转向印度,印度的经济增长迅猛,技术工人促进了利润的增长。许多经济学家现在预测印度每年8%的增长速度到2008年时会达到一万亿美元。We use this article to look at some of the English words and expressions you can use to talk about economic trends and human resources. 通过这篇文章来看下用来谈论经济趋势和人力资源的词语和表达。 /201101/123366尚志第一人民中医院人流多少钱

哈尔滨最专业治疗不孕不育医院无痛人流哈尔滨哪里比较好 Scenario: yesterday Peter told his friend, Jessica, that he didn't feel very well. Now Jessica is asking Peter about his illness.J: Peter, are you feeling any better?P: Thanks for asking Jessica I am feeling quite a bit better now.J: I am glad to hear that.P: But I hate being sick! It was only a cold.J: How did you get that cold in the first place?P: I normally get a cold when the season changes from winter to summer or from summer to winterJ: You mean, it follows a certain pattern?P: Yes, it always happens. So I am not surprised about getting this cold now.J: So what do you usually do to fight the cold?P: I normally take cold tablets and rest a lot. Also I drink flat lemonade as well as water.J: You are experienced. As for me, every time I come down with a cold, I just leave it there.P: That is not the best way to do things... I was lucky though because I still had some medicine from when I was sick in FebruaryJ: But I do sleep more, as I believe, sleep is the best medicine...场景:昨天,Peter告诉朋友Jessica自己不舒,现在,Jessica在问Peter关于他的病情。J:Peter,你现在感觉好些了吗?P:谢谢关心,Jessica,我现在感觉好点儿了。J:很高兴听到这个消息。P:但是我讨厌生病!这只是次感冒。J:你最初是怎么感冒的呢?P:我通常会在冬转夏或夏转冬的时候感冒。J:你是说这是规律吗?P:是的,通常是这样。所以这次感冒,我并不感到意外。J:你通常是怎么赶走感冒的?P:我通常会吃些感冒药、多休息。除了喝水,我还会喝些柠檬汁。J:你经验挺丰富的。对我来说,每次感冒,我都不管它。P:这不是最好的办法…幸运的是,我还有2月份感冒时剩下的药。J:不过我会睡的很多,我觉得睡觉是最好的药物。 /05/69370哈尔滨省第二医院社保卡

哈尔滨维多利亚医院产科医生咨询Narrator: Hello again!今天可是重要的一天, Mr Socrates 马上就要到 Tip Top 贸易公司的办公室了,他要正式的接见每位员工。他会说什么呢?还有他能不能喝到鲜榨橙汁?Tom: Quickly everyone… hes coming out of the lift with Paul.Denise: Anna quickly, get a glass of orange juice y.Paul: …and if we come though this door here we get to the office and… (coughs)… morning everyone. Im sure weve all met Mr Socrates on the day of the fire… but today everything is a bit calmer and well hes here to say hello.Mr S: Hi!Denise: Biscuit Mr Socrates?Mr S: Biscuit? You mean a goddamn cookie. Thanks.Anna: Err, Mr Socrates, Im Anna. Would you like some orange juice – freshly squeezed?Mr S: You betcha as long as its made from Florida oranges. Hey… Anna? Aint you the girl who booked my hotel room?Anna: Oh yes, sorry about the bed and…Mr S: Hey, you got me a new room, it was great. You did a good job there. Well done.Anna: Oh thanks.Tom: Hello. Its Tom. I recommended the hotel, it was a…Paul: Tom. Everyone, shall we gather round and hear what Mr Socrates has to say? Please.Mr S: Hey… errr… whats your name?Paul: Paul.Mr S: Yeah you. Dont you think I should be sitting in the big chair?Paul: Sorry. Yes of course. There you go.Mr S: Now. Tip Top Trading. Ive gotta give it to you straight. Things arent looking good, in fact the outlook is gloomy. The global recession has led to a meltdown in the plastic fruits sector. And Ive got to announce a profit warning. We just aint selling enough of these bananas, oranges and lemons to make any money.Paul: Theres a bit of an economic squeeze on lemons!Mr S: What?!Anna: (to herself) Oh dear. Im not sure what hes talking about but it sounds bad.Narrator: 情况不妙啊,Anna. 他带来的可是坏消息,他说Ive got to give it to you straight, 我必须很直接的告诉你,the outlook is gloomy, 未来行情看着不明朗,他还提到了盈利预警a profit warning, 公司利润会下滑。Anna: Crikey! That is bad. What does it mean?Narrator: 先听着吧!Mr S: …so, this calls for action. Im going to have to -Tom: Oh no, not me Mr Socrates, Ive been a loyal employee, I couldnt face being unemployed.Denise: Tom, calm down.Mr S: Im not talking about redundancies – yet.Paul: Gosh, well that calls for another biscuit.Mr S: My plan is… were going into Europe.SOUNDS OF SURPRISE AND INTEREST FROM THE TEAMAnna: You mean were moving to Europe?Paul: No, no Anna. I think he means were going to sell plastic fruit to the European market.Tom: Oh right! Great. Mr Socrates, Ive lots of experience with Europe. I had a holiday in Spain once… twice actually.Denise: Well, well have to make sure our phones can make international calls.Mr S: Hmm. Look everyone, I think youre gonna need some help with this so Im bringing in my best marketing executive, Rachel. What she doesnt know about selling to Europe, you dont wanna know. Shell be here in a few weeks time.Denise: Do you know if she prefers tea or coffee… or orange juice perhaps?Mr S: Look Diana…Denise: Denise.Mr S: Denise. Like Dennis right? Shell want the best – the best tea, coffee – and the best team. Ill expect improved results and profits. If not, your necks will be on the line – especially yours Paul.Paul: Oh, chop chop. Wed better get to work.Narrator: 真吓人!Your necks will be on the line 大家的脖子都要注意了,他的意思是如果公司效益不提高,那么大家都要被炒鱿鱼。 这可真让人担心啊!让我们再复习一下 Mr Socrates 发布坏消息时用到的一些表达方式:Ive got to give it to you straightThe outlook is gloomyIve got to announce a profit warning希望新的欧洲市场推销计划能提高销售额。How are you feeling Anna?Anna: A little nervous. But Im going to try my best to make sure this new strategy works.Narrator: 有信心,好样的!Paul: Right everyone. I think we need to take Mr Socrates down to the Rose and Crown after work for a pint or two and show him some true English hospitality. How about it?Mr S: I dont drink.Paul: Ah well, perhaps some lemonade?Narrator: Mr Socrates 不喝酒, 那就再看吧。好了,我们下期节目再会!听力挑战:Mr Socrates 想集中精力在哪个市场?上期:Mr Socrates 要什么样的房间?:一间双人房。 /201208/196523 Tina:How do youspendyour free time?Shen Shuo:I or go swimming, go shopping, usually. I run or play tennis or do something else like those to get some exercises to keep fit.Tina:Are you introverted or extroverted?Shen Shuo:I wouldnt call myself extroverted. Sometimes, I enjoy being by myself very much. But other times, I like sharing activities with others too, especially during these last few years.Tina:What kinds of sports do you like?Shen Shuo:I like almost all sports, and I enjoy both playing and watching. I especially like tennis and mountain climbing.Tina:What kind of personality do you think you have?Shen Shuo:Well, I approach things very enthusiastically, I think, and I dont like to leave something half-done. It makes me nervous—I cant concentrate on something else until the first thing is finished.重点讲解:spend 花费(时间、金钱等)例句:I will spend two hours doing my homework today. 我今天要花2个小时做作业。相关表达:spend(花钱+on、花时间+in)1. sb. spend some money on sth. e.g. I spend 1 yuan on the pen.2. sb. spend some time in doing sth. e.g. He spends two hours in finishing his homework.3. sb. spend some time in (doing) sth.(重点) e.g. Though I spend much time in math, I still got ;c; for it. (误区:一般人认为表sth.的;math;前应加on,但是这里是把math前的动词省略的缘故造成的误区。判断方法:表花时间做某事用in,花钱买某物就用on,这个应该很快就能判断出来了,就不会造成误选,这是考试最常考到的,要注意啊)cost(+to do)1. sth. cost sb..(宾语形式) some money.(花钱买某物) e.g.This book cost me 10 dollars.2. It cost sb.(宾语形式) some time to do sth.(花时间做某事) e.g. It cost me 2 hours to finish the homework.pay(+for)sb. pay some money for sth.(某人花钱买某物) e.g: I pay 10 dollars for this book.take主语一般是it,句型:it takes/took ___ for sb. to do sth. /201108/147027哈尔滨南岗妇产医院预约体检哈尔滨人流术前的注意事项



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