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3. Anime Series 3.动漫系列 A: Why do you seem so tired today?A:为什么你今天看起来那么累?B: I stayed up all night watching that new anime.B:我整晚熬夜看新的漫画。A: You stayed up to watch it again?A:你熬夜又看一遍吗?B: I just had to find out what happened next!B:我只是想知道接下来发生的事情!A: I dont think its good to watch so many cartoons.A:我不认为看很多漫画是好的。B: Anime series are not cartoons!B:动漫系列不是动画片!A: Of course, they are! Theyre drawn and colored.A:当然,他么是!它们是画下来的而且有颜色。B: Anime is not for children. The stories are more intense.B:动漫不是为儿童写的。故事更激烈。A: I think youre just telling yourself that.A:我认为你只是在自说自话。B: Cartoons dont have storylines like anime series do.B:动画片没有像动漫系列这样的故事情节。A: Either way, its just a silly television show.A:无论哪种方式,它只是一个愚蠢的电视节目。B: You really dont understand the life of a fan. B:你真的不理解粉丝的生活。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441258

9. Getting a Parking Ticket 9.拿到停车罚单A: Sir, is this your car?A:先生,这是你的车吗?B: Yes, are you giving me a ticket?B:是的,你要给我开罚单吗?A: Unfortunately, yes, I am. Read the sign.A:很遗憾,是的,我是。红灯标志。B: Which sign? I dont see a sign.B:哪个标志?我没有看到标志。A: The sign above you, sir.A:你上面的标志,先生。B: So, what? It says that we cant park on Mondays.B:所以呢?上面写着我们不能在周一停车。A: Yes, it does. Although, it also says that you cant park without a permit.A:是的,是这么写的。但它也写着你不能停车。B: I didnt see that.B:我没有看到这个。A: Well, Im sorry, but I still have to give you the ticket.A:好吧,不好意思,我还是不得不给你开罚单。B: Cant you just give me a warning?B:难道不能只是给我个警告吗?A: Im sorry, but I aly started writing the ticket.A:对不起,我已经开始写罚单了。B: Fine. Give me the ticket. Ill fight it in court. B:好吧。给我罚单。我将在法庭上战斗。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413631

unit 166 拒绝休息建议dialogue英语情景对话A: You seem to be very tired.A:你看起来很累啊。B: Yes, I have been working for eight hours.B:是的,我已经工作了8个小时了。A: Why dont you join us to go out for a walk?A:要不要和我们一起去散散步?B: No, really. Im not in the mood for it.B:真的不行,我没那个心情。 /201508/393162

  01. Youd better save some money for a rainy day.你最好存些钱以备不时之需。02. I think you should develop a habit of saving.我觉得你应当养成存钱的习惯。03. Dont call me Miss Moonlight.别叫我;月光;。04. My purse usually becomes empty by the end of the month.我的钱包通常一到月底就空了。05. I have to borrow some money from my parents.我不得不跟父母借点钱。06. I have hardly any savings.我几乎没什么存款。07. They have been dubbed ;Fu weng; and the moonlight clan?他们被冠以;负翁;以及;月光族;的称号。08. Y ou should control your monthly expenditure.你最好控制一下你的每月花销。09. I think the money you have spent is the money yon really own.我认为你花出去的钱才是你真正拥有的钱。10. My brother is one of the typical moonlight clans.我弟弟是个典型的月光族。11. No matter how much he earns, he spends all his money by the end of the month.不管他赚多少钱,一到月底保全部花完。12. My salary is not enough for my spending now.我现在已经入不敷出了。13. She has almost nothing in her bank account.她在几乎没有存款了。14. I have no idea about how I spend out all my salary every month.不太清楚自己每个月的薪水都花到哪儿去了。15. He is a big spender.他花钱大手大脚。16. Do you have any savings?你有积蓄吗?17. I spend money because I make it.我赚钱当然就要花钱了。18. Most of my salary is spent on fashionable clothes.我大部分薪水都花在买时髦的衣上了。19. Where did all your money go?你的钱都花到哪儿去了?20. I have experienced huge debts this month.我这个月已经债台高筑了。 /201508/392889

  Work out: I always work out in the morning because the gym is quieter at that time.锻炼:我总是在早晨锻炼,因为那个时候操场更安静。burn off: I want to burn off some of those calories I ate last night.燃烧掉:我要燃烧掉昨晚我吃了的一些卡路里,。work off: I have a lot of stress from my job, so the gym is a good place to work it off.工作过:我工作压力很大,需要锻炼来减压。warm up: She forgot to warm up before her exercise class and, she injured her back.热身:她忘了她的锻炼课前要热身,回来的时候她已经了受伤。cool down: I didnt cool down after my run, and, because I was all sweaty, I caught a cold.放松:我忘了要在锻炼后放松,而且,因为全身是汗,我感冒了。give up: Even when I feel exhausted after twenty minutes of jogging, I never give up.放弃:即使我觉得20分钟慢跑后已经觉得精疲力竭,我从来没有放弃。I always try to make thirty.我总是尽量跑到三十分钟。stick to it: My routine is quite hard but I want to stick to it so I look good for my vacation.坚持下去:我的过程是很辛苦,但我要坚持下去,所以我看好了我的假期。be into: Im really into my gym instructor. Hes so cool!喜欢:我真喜欢我的健身教练。他太酷了! /201608/456011。

  我的好朋友刚在市郊买了一幢大房子,周末我去参观她的新家。这个朋友原来在市里租住一间小公寓,地方小,家里东西都没处放,现在搬了大房子,倒过来了,地方太大,好几间屋子都空着。羡慕之余,我想到一个习惯用语:to spare.Spare, 这几个词大家应该都很熟悉,指“备用的,多余的”,比如我们说a spare tire,就是指“备用轮胎”。To spare, 的意思差不多,也是指“富余,过剩”。我朋友的新房很大,东西都搬进去了还有rooms to spare, 几间屋子空着。要是问你最希望什么东西有富余,大概很多人都会回答:“钞票”!下面这段话中的人虽然不是富翁,但也体验了一下手头宽裕的感觉:例句-1:Ive been exceptionally good with my budget this month. Even with the surprise repair on my car, it looks like Ill be able to pay all my bills. And Ill still have some cash left over. Im not used to having money to spare. Should I spend it on a new guitar or put it in my savings account?这段话意思是:这个月我的开销控制得特别好。虽然为了修车,我花了一笔计划外的钱,但是看起来我付清所有的账单是没什么问题了,而且还能剩下一些。我可不常有手头这么宽裕的时候。剩下的这些钱我该怎么花呢?买把新吉它,还是存?要是我,我会把钱存在,save for a rainy day - 以备不时之需!我家里人就常常把spare change, 用不着的零钱、硬币,放在一个抽屉里,赶上坐车、买饮料这种需要用零钱的时候,就直接从这个抽屉里拿,很方便。******有时候,我们希望事物不多不少正可好,而更多的时候,我们还是希望能有余地,有富余。比如,在赶飞机的时候,如果能提前一段时间到达登机口,你就不会像下面这段话中的人一样狼狈:例句-2:Our plane took off late because of a severe thunderstorm. That meant we risked not making our connecting flight. Upon landing, we realized there was no time to have lunch. We had to start running to our gate, which was at the other end of the airport. Without a minute to spare, we got there just as they closed the door. Whew!这段话的意思是:由于赶上大雷雨,我们的飞机推迟了起飞时间。这意味着我们可能会赶不上转机。飞机一落地,我们一看时间,哪还有功夫吃午饭啊!下一个登机口远在机场的另外一头,我们必须得快跑去赶飞机!我们赶到的时候,飞机正关舱门,真是一分钟富余时间都没有!可以想象这几个人跑上飞机时气喘吁吁的样子!不过,赶上就好!我有一次更惨,飞机出了机械问题,必须要换上新的零件。可是,新零件要第二天才能运来,所以我只好在机场过夜。如果让我管理机场,我一定未雨绸缪,省得出了问题大家都麻烦。 /201510/402747

  01. Im studying for the IELTS now.我现在正备考雅思。02. I need a student visa.我需要一个学生签。03. Im planning to do some further study abroad.我打算出国继续深造。04. Whats the tuition for an international student?留学生的学费是多少?05. I have been granted a full scholarship.我获得了全额奖学金。06. Your visa application has been granted.你的签申请被批准了。07. Have you found a sponsor?你找到担保人了吗?08. You should present your passport for frontier inspection.你需要出示护照方便边防检查。09. I scored very high on my GRE.我GRE分数考得很高。10. I have to show documents relating to my financial status.我必须出示与我经济状况相关的明。11. I have an interview with the visa official today.我今天要和签官面谈。12. The embassy is very strict about application forms.大使馆又才签申请表的要求很严格。13. I have heard that its very difficult to get a visa for visiting the ed States.我听说美国签很难获批。14. I got my acceptance letter to the Yale University.我拿到了耶鲁大学的接收函。15. Could you make a bank state ment for me?你能给我开一份明吗?16. My bank statement has been notarized.我的明已经被公过了。17. Could you write a letter of recommendation for me?您能给我写封推荐信吗?18. I dont know what my social security number is.我不太清楚我的社会保险号码是多少。19. My passport expires in five years.我的护照五年后过期。20. When is a medical examination required?什么时候需要做体检? /201507/3859633. Questions about Parking 3.有关停车的问题A: Hello. Im new to the apartments. I have a question.A:你好。我是新搬来这个公寓的。我有一个问题。B: Hello, and welcome. What do you need to know?B:你好,欢迎。你需要知道什么?A: Is there anything about parking my car that I need to know?A:关于停车有什么我需要知道的吗?B: You have an assigned parking spot behind the building.B:你在公寓的后面有一个指定的停车位。A: Are there other parking spots available?A:还有别的停车位可用吗?B: Yes. We have several unassigned spots for visitors.B:是的。我们有几个未被指定的停车场给参观者使用。A: Where are those visitor parking spots located?A:那些参观者的停车场在哪?B: Behind the building as well.B:也在公寓后边。A: What if all parking spots are filled up?A:如果所有的停车场都满了,怎么办?B: You could park in the streets, but you might be ticketed if you fail to follow rules.B:你可以停在街上,但如果你不遵守规则,可能会被开罚单。A: Could you show me how to enter the parking area?A:你可以告诉我怎么开进停车场吗?B: Yeah, Ill show you. Follow me. B:嗯,我会指给你。跟我来。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411808Language Pointsmicroskirt/micro-miniskirtshorter than a miniskirt, usually just covers the crotchbeltskirt /201511/405876


  01. Im not satisfied with my eyes.我对自己的眼睛不太满意。02. What can I do about my wrinkles?我该拿脸上的皱纹如何是好呢?03. Your nee to take care of your skin.你应当好好保养自己的皮肤。04. We do not recommend cosmetic surgery to people under 16 years old.我们不建议16 岁以下的人做整容手术。05. It seems fewer and fewer of us are happy with our looks.貌似越来越少的人对自己的容貌满意了。06. Plastic surgery is becoming an increasingly popular choice to pursue beauty.整形手术逐渐成为爱美一族的首选。07. Cosmetic surgery is not a cure-all.整容手术不是万能的。08. I want to change the shape of my face.我想改变我的脸型。09. A face shaped like a goose egg and double eyelids are my favorite.鹅蛋形脸和双眼皮是我最喜欢的。10. I want to look leggy, busty and skinny.我希望自己双腿修长、胸部丰满、身材苗条。11. I would not consider liposuction.我不会考虑做抽脂手术。12. My boyfriend doesnt want me to have breast implants.我男朋友不希望我隆胸。13. I dare not to do cosmetic surgery.我不敢做整容手术。14. I really envy of your figure.我真的很羡慕你的身材。15. Dont rely on cosmetics surgery too much.别过分依赖整容手术。16. How much pain is involved in cosmetlc surgery?整容手术疼吗?17. What is the recovery time needed after cosmetic surgery?整容手术需要多久的恢复期?18. I want to have dark circles under my eyes treated我想去除黑眼圈。19. How much does cosmetic eyelid surgery cost?眼险整容术费用是多少?20. I had a scar revision last month.我上个月做了疤痕修复手术。 /201506/382295

  Todd: So, Lucinda, in New Zealand, are you from Aukland?托德:露辛达,你是来自新西兰奥克兰吗?Lucinda: No, Im actually from about four-hours drive north of Aukland.露辛达:不是,我来自距离奥克兰以北四小时车程的地方。Todd: Oh, youre north of Aukland.托德:哦,所以你来自奥克兰北边。Lucinda: Yeah, yeah.露辛达:对,是的。Todd: OK, and where are you from?托德:好,那你来自哪里?Lucinda: Im from the Bay of Islands. Thats actually a region in the North Island, actually northland, North Island.露辛达:我来自岛屿湾。那里位于新西兰北岛。Todd: OK, so did you grow up in a city or in the country?托德:好,你是在城市长大的还是在乡村长大的?Lucinda: In very, very, very country. (Oh really) Yeah the population of my town or region is about 100 people, between 100 and 200 people. I havent been back, been there for awhile but yeah, about 100, 200 people.露辛达:在非常非常乡村的地方。我家乡的人口只有100人,大概是100人到200人之间吧。我有一段时间没有回家乡了,我想人口大概是一二百人的样子。Todd: Wow, whats it like growing up in the country?托德:哇,在乡村长大是什么感觉?Lucinda: Its very different. Its very different from living in the city and I can remember when I was a kid, I never had TV because we couldnt get reception for television or candy, anyhing that you really couldnt buy in bulk, cause my mother would go shopping I think once every two weeks and my mother is health fanatic so she basically chose all of the things myself and my brother ate and we really had no choice so we never really knew about, you know, junk food until we were quite older.露辛达:非常与众不同。与生活在城市非常不同,我记得我小时候家里没有电视,因为我们那里收不到电视信号,而且买不到散装的糖果或其他食物,我记得当时我妈妈每两周去购物一次,她热衷于健康饮食,所以她会选择我和我哥哥的食物,而我们则没有选择,因为我们当时不知道还有垃圾食品,长大以后我们才知道。Todd: Whoa, so did your mother grow her own food and her own vegetables and raise her own animals?托德:哇,那你妈妈会自己种蔬菜,养动物吗?Lucinda: Yeah, we didnt have animals because we were living on an estate which allowed for no animals, pet animals but we, my mother grows her own lettuce, herbs, things like that, yeah. Oh, we did have chickens. We had our own eggs, so yeah.露辛达:会,我们没养动物,因为我们生活的那个地区不让养动物和宠物,我妈妈种了莴苣和草药之类的蔬菜。哦,我们有养鸡。所以我们吃的鸡蛋是自家鸡下的蛋。Todd: OK, so but you said that you grew up in the country. This wasnt a farm?托德:好,你说你是在乡村长大的。是农场吗?Lucinda: No, no not a farm. My mother was raised on a farm but I was raised in, I guess we call it New Zealand, ;the bush;, its like a forest.露辛达:不是,不是农场。我妈妈是在农场长大的,不过我不是,我长大的地方新西兰称为“林区”,和森林差不多。Todd: Oh, really.托德:哦,真的吗?Lucinda: But its right by the ocean so its very hard to explain. Its on a big mountain top and its covered with bush with like, not really big trees, but露辛达:那里毗邻海洋,很难解释。是在一座高山的山顶,周围都是灌木丛,没有高大的树木。Todd: Small trees?托德:是小树吗?Lucinda: Yeah, and then some big trees but mainly small trees, and then there is a cliff face around the whole area. Its on like a point, and the cliff faces around the whole area and then water below, because its islands, and a bunch of islands, so the islands are covered not with farmland but with bush.露辛达:对,有一些高大的树木,不过主要是小乔木,那片地区四周都是悬崖壁。那个地方周围是悬崖壁,下面是水,因为那里是群岛,不过那里并不是农场,而是林区。Todd: So when you have children, or if you have children some day, would you want them to grow up in a similar environment or in the suburbs or in the city?托德:你以后有了孩子,会让他们在类似的环境成长吗?你希望他们在郊区成长还是在城市成长?Lucinda: Oh, thats very hard. When they are young I would like them to grow up in that environment perhaps to the end of primary school but because of schooling problems, the best schools always in the cities and so unfortunately I had to travel by bus one hour each way and I was going to high school.露辛达:哦,这很难选择。我希望自己的孩子在小学毕业以前在乡村环境成长,因为上学是个问题,最好的学校通常都在城市里,所以非常不幸地,我上高中时坐公交车要一个小时的时间。Todd: Oh, thats a long way.托德:哦,那是挺远的。Lucinda: Yeah, and thats over a ferry, on a ferry as well, thats a boat that carries cars, and you have to travel, the bus had to go over on a boat.露辛达:对,而且还要坐渡轮,是那种可以接载汽车的渡轮,所以当时我必须要乘坐公交然后再上渡轮。Todd: Man, you had to take a bus and a boat to get to school.托德:天哪,你上学要坐公交车和渡轮。Lucinda: Yeah.露辛达:对。Todd: Thats a commute.托德:像通勤一样。 译文属 /201504/371841。

  22. Vending Machine Problems 22.自动售货机的问题A: Why are you taking so long? Is something wrong?A:你为什么花了这么长时间?出什么问题了吗?B: Sorry, my bag of chips got stuck.B:对不起,我的一包薯条卡住了。A: Vending machines suck, huh?A:被自动售货机吸住了吗?B: Theyre the worst, but the food is great.B:它们最糟糕了,但食物很棒。A: It might come out if someone buys an item from the same column yours is on.A:如果别人从你使用过的同列买东西,它可能会出来。B: Can you be that ;someone?;B:你会是那个“别人”吗?A: Sure, why not? I could use some chips.A:当然,为什么不会?我可以使用一些芯片。B: Thanks! Hey, what is your name?B:谢谢!嘿,你叫什么名字?A: My name is Charlie.A:我的名字是查理。B: Nice to meet you, Charlie.B:很高兴认识你,查理。A: What is your name?A:你叫什么名字?B: Hater of Vending Machines. B:自动售货机的讨厌者。 /201510/403108

  15. At Beach 15.在海滩上A: What a great day to be at the beach.A:这种天气多么适合在沙滩上玩啊。B: I love the smell of the salt-water air.B:我喜欢带海水的气味的空气。A: Are you going to go swimming in that water?A:你打算在那个水里游泳吗?B: You bet. Im going into the ocean.B:是的。我要进入海洋里。A: I actually hate swimming in the ocean.A:其实我讨厌在海里游泳。B: Why do you like the beach then?B:那你为什么喜欢海滩?A: I like people watching.A:我喜欢观察人。B: Do you like doing that at the pool?B:你喜欢在游泳池这样做吗?A: Yes, but when I go to the pool, I actually swim.A:是的,但当我去游泳池的时候,我其实在游泳。B: So I guess you wont go surfing with me.B:所以我猜你不会和我一起去冲浪。A: Nope, but Ill cheer for you from my beach towel.A:是的,但我会在我的沙滩毛巾上为你加油。B: Id rather do something together like making a sand castle. B:我宁愿做在一起做些什么比如做一个沙堡。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428838

  Lesson 11. 篮球,骄兵必败第十一课 篮球,骄兵必败starter先发球员six man第六号球员He is our six man.他是我们的第六号球员。 /201705/506428

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