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常用英语900句:虑将来可能从事的活动 -01-7 :: 来源: About Things In The future 考虑将来可能从事的活动661. I want to be a journalist after graduation. 毕业后我想当记者66. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll have a picnic.如果明天不下雨,我们就去野餐663. As soon as he comes, we'll let him know. 他一来,我们就告诉他66. You can stay as long as you pay the rent on time.只要你时交房租,你就能住这儿665. When she leaves, he'll cry a day. 她走时,他会哭一天666. She will go into business when she likes to. 她想经商时就会去经商667. I'll leave London if I finish my work today.如果我今天完成工作,我就会去伦敦668. I'll work 5 years and then go back to school.我会工作五年,然后会学校669. He will become a writer if he goes on doing well in writing.如果他仍写的这么好的话,他将成为一个作家670. I hope he will meet me at the airport. 我希望他能到机场接我671. I'm thinking of quitting the job. 我在考虑辞职67. I plan to learn photography. 我打算学摄影673. What do you say we have a party this weekend? 我们周末开个派对,你觉得怎么样?67. She will certainly remain single. 她肯定会保持独身675. He will probably follow in his father's footsteps. 他可能会继承父业 从事 活动 可能 将来芜湖医院网上咨询British Cultural Counsellor Michael O’Sullivan on IELTS Test and MBA英国文化参赞谈雅思考试和MBALi Xin With China’s WTO accession, mastering a eign language, i.e., English, is becoming more and more essential especially the young people. As British cultural counsellor and a native speaker, what suggestions could you offer to them? 李昕:中国加入世贸之后,掌握一门外语,比如英语,显得越来越重要了,特别是对年轻人作为英国文化参赞和以英语为母语者,你有什么建议吗?Mr. Counsellor Well, I think it’s hard me to tell how to improve English teaching in China. In fact if I can presume to give advice, I think the “Gaokao” needs even more rem to give more emphasis on communication skills. There needs to be substantial changes in the next few years to the ways in which English is taught in the classroom.I think it’s interesting that many many Chinese people seem to achieve very good level of English, despite old--fashioned methodology. They have learnt English several years, but have no functional command of English. But we have the same problem in UK. The British kids study French at school but often can’t actually speak French when they graduate from middle school. We are making big rems and are achieving somewhat better results now. It takes a long time to develop effective ways of teaching people to speak a eign language.参赞先生:我想,我很难讲如何提高中国的英语教学其实,如果我可以冒昧建议的话,那我想高考需要进行更多改进,更多侧重于交流的技巧而且今后几年里,需要对课堂的英语教学方式实行重大改革我觉得很有意思的是,尽管采用的是老式数学法,许许多多的中国人似乎英语已达到很高的水平他们学了好几年英语,但一点也不会运用而在我们英国,也有同样的问题英国孩子在学校里学法语,但当他们从中学毕业时, 常常并不真能讲法语我们进行了重大改革,也多少有些成效要想开发出行之有效的教人说外语的方式得花很长时间Li Since more and more trans--national corporations are setting up offices in China, MBA is getting hotter. Going to study in your business schools is one of the top choices of Chinese students. What do you think of this trend?李:由于越来越多的跨国公司在中国设办事处,MBA(工商管理硕士)也随之成为热门去贵国商学院求学成了我国学子们的首选之一你对此趋势有何看法?Mr. Counsellor Yes. MBA is very hot at the moment. We certainly noticed that many many Chinese students want to do MBAs in the UK. What I would say about MBA is that I think some students in China want to do MBA too early. My personal opinion is that an MBA programme is more suitable people with some work experience, example, three to four years. And many MBA programmes in the UK will only accept students that have some work experience. I think that it’s quite difficult students who have never worked in any kind of business or public organization to understand the meaning of management theory. And MBAs usually have a lot of management theory content. So I wonder whether it is a good idea so many young Chinese to want to do their MBA first.参赞先生:是的MBA目前很时兴我们当然注意到许多中国学生想去英国读MBA关于这点我想说的是,我觉得有些中国学生想读MBA的时机还太早了点我个人的看法是,MBA课程更适合有些工作经验的人,比如说有三四年的工作经验再说,英国的许多MBA课程,只接收有一定工作经验的学生我认为,从未在任何商业或公共机构工作过的学生是很难理解管理理论的意义的而MBA通常含有许多管理理论方面的内容所以,我不知道那么多的中国学生想先选读MBA这好不好Li What kind of assistance could your council provide to Chinese students wanting to study in UK?李:贵文化处向那些想留学英国的中国学生提供什么帮助呢?Mr. Counsellor Well, we are very happy to advice Chinese students. We get very large number of Chinese students going to UK every year and the number is increasing very quickly. This year--01--I estimate that about ,000 new students will go to the UK. That’s an increase of on last year’s number. Many of these students will go several years in the ed Kingdom. They enter British universities to take an undergraduate degree. Some remain to do a master’s degree. We welcome the students, but also we hope that they will choose the programmes carefully to meet their personal needs. They are always welcome to talk to my staff in British Council in China. We can give them free advice to help them decide what they want to do. In many ways we are trying to help these self--financed students to make good choice.参赞先生:哦,我们很乐意向中国学生提供咨询每年都有大量中国学生到英国留学,而且这数字还在快速增长今年,即01年,我预计约有1.6万名新生将赴英留学这数目很大,与去年相比增加了他们中很多人要在英国待好几年他们进入英国的大学读学士学位,有些接着读硕士学位我们欢迎这些学生,但也希望他们仔细选择适合自己的课程我们驻华文化处的工作人员随时乐意与他们交谈我们会向他们提供免费咨询,帮助他们决定自己想做什么我们尽量以多种方式帮助这些自费学生做出好的选择Li It is said that the living cost and tuitions are very high in UK. How do you think of it?李:据说英国的生活费用和学费很高这你怎么看?Mr. Counsellor We think the main attraction of studying in UK is the quality and variety of education. But we think sometimes people exaggerate the price. However, I've also emphasized that we don’t expect to rely on low prices to attract more students from China. Choosing your study abroad is a very big decision. It costs you a lot of money and a lot of time and it may determine your future life. most people, it’s a turning point. Probably it’s one of the two big decisions you make in your life, the other one might be getting married. Usually, people don’t marry someone they met yesterday. So it’s generally not a good idea to make a study abroad decision in one day either.参赞先生:我们认为在英国学习的主要吸引力是教学质量和众多的教学种类但我们觉得有时候人们把费用夸大了然而,我也强调过,我们并不打算靠低价来吸引更多的中国学生选择出国留学是个很重大的决定要花掉你很多钱和许多时间,而且它还可能会决定你未来的生活对于多数人来说,它是个转折点它或许是你一生中做的两个重大决定之一,另一个或许就是结婚了通常,人们不会与他们昨天刚认识的人结婚所以一天就作出出国留学的决定,一般说来也不是个好主意Li Last year we had an interview with consul officers in your embassy and were inmed that a streamlined visa process would be in effect. And now one year has passed, how is it doing in practice?李:去年,我们采访了贵国使馆的领事官员,获悉一套简化的签手续将开始实行如今一年已过去了,它实行的情况怎么样呢?Mr. Counsellor We have, I think, a very good visa process students going to the UK. Normally applicants can get an interview within one or two weeks. And in many cases the decision can be made in one or two days. In some cases the decision has to be made in London and it’ll take four or five weeks. So it’s quite efficient. 参赞先生:我觉得,我们吸收中国学生赴英的签程序是非常好的通常,签申请人可在一两周内就获面谈在许多情况下,审批决定可在一两天内做出有些申请的审批决定得在伦敦作出,这就要花四五个星期所以说,这种效率是很高的Li The British Council conducts many examinations in China, such as IELTS, BULATS, and so on. While IELTS is the most popular one among Chinese students wanting to study in UK, could you make a brief introduction of it?李:英国文化处在中国举行许多考试,如雅思、职业外语水平考试等鉴于雅思在想去英国留学的中国学生中最为流行,你能简要介绍一下这种考试吗?Mr. Counsellor Yes. We are directly involved in IELTS and BULATS. IELTS is very hot at the moment. Last year about 3,000 to ,000 people took the IELTS test in Mainland China. This year, we estimate that about 50,000 will take this test. Now the British universities are attracting large number of Chinese applicants. I think they mostly tend to insist on good IELTS scores. But the test is also very widely used by students going to study in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and even in the USA. Maybe most people in China don’t know that the majority of American universities accept the IELTS scores.参赞先生:好的我们直接参与雅思和职业外语水平考试雅思目前很热门去年,中国大陆地区就有.3万至.万人参加雅思考试今年,我们估计大约有5万人要参加这一考试而今,英国的大学正在吸引着大量中国的入学申请者我想它们大都倾向于坚持雅思考试的高分这项考试还广泛适用于那些想去澳大利亚、新西兰、加拿大甚至美国学习的学生实际上,在中国,也许大多数人并不知道美国的大多数大学也接受雅思成绩Li From the results of the exams that your Council conducts, what do you think are the most common weak points of the test takers in China? 李:从贵处举行考试的结果看,你认为中国考生最常见的弱项是什么?Mr. Counsellor It’s quite common to find candidates’ writing skills are quite weak and less developed than other skills. It’s also quite common to find candidates whose ing is good but too slow, and that will affect their marks in the ing test. I think when the Chinese students study English, they spend a lot of time doing intensive ing, but ing speed is sometimes a problem. These are important skills if you are going to study in the UK. You need to have good writing skills to pass the course and you need to quickly to keep up.参赞先生:很常见的是,与其他技巧相比,雅思考生的写作技巧很弱而且不成熟还有很常见的一个是,考生阅读能力不错,但速度太慢,而这会影响他们在阅读考试中的成绩我认为,中国学生学英语时,他们在精读上花了大量时间,但阅读速度有时很成问题而这两项对于想去英国留学的人来说是很重要的技巧你得有良好的写作水平才能通过一门课程;你得有快速阅读能力才能跟得上Li What improvements will you make to IELTS this year?李:你们今年将对雅思做些什么改进?Mr. Counsellor To ensure the security of the test we’ll make improvements to it each year. And this year there will be more standardization of the speaking test to make the marking reliable. The speaking test is carried out by our trained interviewers. They must be native speaker; they must have ELT or applied linguistics qualification at postgraduate level and English teaching experience. Those are the basic qualifications examiners of the writing and speaking test. They also have to be certified as IELTS examiners after carrying out some trial marking and receiving training. the writing and speaking test, the marking has to be made by qualified examiners to ensure that the marking is reliable and the test takers get the right mark in IELTS test.参赞先生:为了确保这一考试的安全性,我们每年都对它加以改进今年,我们对口语考试将有更多的标准化措施,使评分更可信口语考试由我们经过培训的考官进行他们的母语必须是英语;他们得有研究生水平的英语教学或应用语言学资格他们一般都须有英语教学经验这些都是当雅思写作和口试考官的基本条件他们还得进行试验性评分并接受了培训后才能合格就写作和口语考试来说,评分必须由合格的考官给出,以保所打的分数是可信的,雅思考生的得分是正确的 89弋江区医院预约表示“You are crazy!”的另外两种时髦说法 -01-7 ::55 来源:  The Dingle duo are seriously concerned that Jasmine's about to go doolally. 杰斯敏要去一个叫做 doolally 的地方吗?呵呵,不是的,doolally can mean "gone insane" or acting "mad" .它是一个形容词,用来形容 someone who is insane,表示某人精神不正常,发疯的、疯掉了  Doolally 的起源  据传驻扎在印度的一些英国士兵听说要撤军,便在码头高高兴兴地等待着重返故土但等待的时间太漫长了,在历经数月的煎熬后,这些士兵终于乘船返回家乡然而长期的心灵折磨 turned many a soldier insane, and the word doolally was coined,就这样,doolally这个新词产生了  起先doolally常常被用于"He's got the Doo-lally tap"之中,而现在我们更多地说 "to go doolally".比如:My parents have suggested that I should move back home. I think they've gone doolally. 在澳大利亚,人们则说"Calm down, don't do your lolly".  Examples:  A: Our boss wants this project finished by the end of today.  B: She's gone doolally!  A: Have you heard that Tracy is doing a sponsored parachute jump next week?  B: Yes, I heard. She must have gone doolally. There is no way I'd ever jump out of a plane.  老板叫人赶工,朋友要去跳伞的确让人觉得够疯狂记住了,Someone has gone doolally. Someone has gone crazy.  此外,“疯狂、发疯”还有另一个潮语bonkers.Bonkers is a slang term, It means that you are crazy or mad, you have lost your mind,就是疯狂的,发疯的,失去理智的意思  记住了,You are bonkers. You are crazy. You have lost your mind.  Examples:  A: I think I need more exercise so I'm going to walk to work tomorrow.  B: You're bonkers. You live over seven miles away from the office.  A: I have a meeting with the boss tomorrow and I'm going to ask a promotion.  B: Really, you're bonkers. He'll never agree to that.  步行好远去上班以及跟一成不变的老板提升职确实够疯狂的,可毕竟这些举动都比不过去玩跳伞和蹦极的人I think you have to be bonkers to do a bungee jump. Tracy will do a sponsored parachute jump next week. 生活中,我们还是少点bonkers,少被人called bonkers比较好些吧 时髦 说法 另外 表示如果我们能扩大视野、拓宽思路,就会发现每个人身上都有创在的天分正是这种创造力让每个生命的个体独具个性,在永恒之脉上有一席之地如果我们能认识到这一点,我相信我会发现自己生活在一个澎湃、充满奇遇与革新的时代,它将带领我们走向一个更美更好的世界The th of permanenceBy William Zorach It is strange how certain things make a great impression on us in childhood. I remember these verses by Longfellow"Life is real! Life is earnest!And the graves is not its goal;Dust thou art, to dust returnest,Was not spoken of the soul."And again"Lives of great men all remind usWe can make our lives sublime,And departing, leave behind usFootprints on the sands of time."Of course, my generation was much more sentimental than today's youth but whether this was great poetry, it communicated in simple language a message, and made a lasting impression on a small boy.When I was fifteen I had an imaginary guardian angel and when I went to the country to sketch on Sundays, I asked guidance, praying that someday I would be a fine artist and paint nature as beautiful as she really is. What this little ceremony brought me was faith in the world and a belief in myself.My faiths and beliefs have been badly strained. The Atomic Age has caught us in a web of fear. Our lives seem so impermanent and uncertain. There is such a waste of human potential, of things worth while in people which never find expression. I sometimes think it's a miracle that anything survives. Yet I believe that a th of permanence runs through everything from the beginning of time, and the most valuable residue will survive.I believe everybody has an urge to somehow spin his own life into a th of permanence. It is the impulse of life. Some would call it the drive to immortality. Whatever it is, I think it is good because it gives purpose to existence. But purpose is not enough. Artists are supposed to be notoriously impractical, but myself, I found I had to make decisions and plans if I were to try to create anything. I realized that I must approach life not only with a sensitivity, a perception of beauty, but with a feeling of humility and reverence.My creed as an artist is to love life and liberty and the world of people. A man who works and loves his work is often a man dreaming, and the spirit of his dreams will find ms and symbols to express that dream. It is a wonderful feeling to create something. But today, I think there is a lack of power of communication. If people, not just artists, but all kinds of people, could only open their hearts and express their sorrow, their happiness, their fears and hopes, they would discover they had an identity with the main stream of life which they never saw bee.sometimes fear and cynicism so grip our minds that we lose heart. Then I try to remember how the great artists of the ages had the power of expressiveness. Theirs was the power to communicate, to exalt, to move the observer to joy or tears, to strike terror and awe in the hearts of men; not just to decorate or merely entertain.If we can expand the boundaries of men's thoughts and beliefs, we will discover we all have creative possibilities - talents to make ourselves real identities as individuals, with a hold on the th of immortality. If we can awaken ourselves to it, I am convinced we shall find that this is an alive and exciting age of adventure and experimentation from which a new beauty and a finer world will emerge. 903芜湖男性急性尿道炎的治疗

皖南医学院第二附属医院男性专科芜湖鸠江区人民男科医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱秋天有一种和谐的美,天空也如此绚丽,经历了夏天,这种绚丽才被绽放了出来落叶在十一月的阳光照射下撒在草地上,带给人们胜过水仙花的快乐Welcome to autumn at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. Autumn is easily my favorite time of the year. The days have cooled down, the leaves have turned yellow, and the world is busy preparing herself winter. There's something magical about the clear brisk days, the first smell of the woodstove or the fireplace, the first frost, the canning of the late fruits and vegetables, the pumpkin and cider stands on the roadways. There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen. Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils. School has started, and there's newness in the air. Even though the season is the precursor to winter, somehow, the world knows that winter is necessary, and the long preparation the cold of winter--the preparation that is autumn--is a beautiful, necessary part of the world. 1875芜湖东方医院预约电话是多少Dining Etiquette When DatingBe sure to make reservations if the restaurant you chose is a fancy or popular one.It’s very embarrassing to show up without reservations and having to wait a table,leaving very bad impression on your date.Also, be sure to check to see if they have a dress codeand tell your date in advance what to wear.When your food arrives, proper dinning etiquette requires you to eat at a moderate paceso that you have time to talk.A good measure of how fast you should eat is to count seconds between each mouthfuland it’s a bad dining etiquette if you gobble down your foodand you spend the rest of the time watching your date eat.Don’t slurp your soup, smack your lips, or chew with your mouth open.Nothing is more unsightly than watching someone talk and chew their food at the same time.Your napkin should be placed on your lap at all times.Don’t tuck it into your belt or use it as a bib.If you have to get up, place it neatly on your seat.When eating, insert your k straight in your mouth.Don’t place your k in the side of your mouthas it increases the chances of food sliding away, which could be very embarrassing.If you get food stuck in your mouthdon’t pick it out with your fingers or k at the table.Excuse yourself and go to the restroom and get it out with a toothpick.When dinning, keep your eyes on your date at all timesand try to smile between mouthfuls.Occasionally,you should make an eft to show some interestand ask questions like,“How do you like the beef?”If she needs anything, you are the one who is supposed to flag down the waiterby a gentle wave of the hand until someone notices you.芜湖市人民医院割包皮手术价格

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