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惠州有检查男科惠州博罗县妇幼保健人民中医院男科挂号TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426593惠州友好泌尿专科医院尿科 Michael was very afraid of Joe,迈克尔很怕乔and a lot of times, he would stay over at my house,很多时候都会在我家夜宿just to get away from Joe,只为了躲乔because he felt Joe had punished him too much when he was younger.因为他认为小时候经常受到乔的处罚He had taken a strap and spanked him a lot of times.他常用皮带抽他And he felt it was too harsh.他觉得这太过了He was a very strong, and often, as they would tell it, violent disciplinarian.他是个很强壮也很暴力的训练者Michael, Janet and Randy, and a little bit of Marlon,迈克尔 珍娜 蓝迪或许还有马龙吧l think they got easy street, cause they were the babies.他们还好一点 因为他们那时都很小The ones who really got the spankings in my family, if I remember correctly,我若记得没错的话我们家被打最惨的and lm pretry sure l do,我记得很清楚was myself, Jermaine and Jackie,是我 杰曼与杰基the older guys.年纪稍长的孩子们lm sort of like five years older than Michael.我比迈克尔大将近五岁so he was more of one of the little guys他算是较小的孩子that didnt get it the way the big guys did.所以没有像我们被教训得那么惨l think in later life,我想到后来he began to respect Joe more,他才开始比较尊敬乔because he saw that he wanted his kids to be somebody.因为他看到了乔的求好心切My uncle worked in the steel mill.我叔叔在钢铁厂做事He never wanted his kids to do what he did.他不想自己的孩子将来跟他一样He wanted them to be better.他要他们更好l seen the steel mill, and lm gonna tell you...我去过钢铁厂 说真的...-lts like working for satan... -Do not work there...-真的很像替恶魔做事... -千万别在那工作...because its 2,000 degrees out there, and its very dangerous.热得要死而且很危险so, his vision, l respect.我理解他的理想201508/391632惠州专业治疗尖锐湿疣的医院

惠州友好医院男士外科栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201510/402168惠州疱疹治疗 China is the great prize.中国就像一个丰厚的大奖If you can conquer China,you conquer the land of infinite supplies...of grain, of silk, of tea.如果你能征中国 就征了无尽资源之宝地 谷物 丝绸 茶叶触手可得China is the richest prize the Mongols can possibly take.中国是蒙古人可以攫取的最富饶的土地Approaching Chung Tu, Genghis Khan issues an ultimatum...接近中都 成吉思汗发出了最后通牒Surrender or die.Mongol cruelty is legend.要么投降 要么死亡 蒙古人的残暴广为流传Prisoners decapitated,Towers of human skulls,Children slaughtered.战俘被斩首 尸骨堆积成山 戕杀孩童I imagine for someone sitting in a city looking out over the wall,我想象着有人在城里 从围墙上向外看and seeing the massive Mongol horde is coming in your direction,看到浩瀚雄壮的蒙古部落 朝你这边而来you have to immediately question yourself as to why I am still in this city.你肯定会立马问自己 为什么我还在这座城里I need to leave or I am dead.Genghis Khan rapes so many women我得离开这 不然我就会死 成吉思汗强奸的妇女不计其数That as many as 1 in 200 people alive today carry his genes.以至于如今每两百人中 就有一人拥有他的基因;The greatest happiness is to gather into your bosom;;Your enemys wives and daughters.;最大的乐趣就是把敌人的妻子女儿 揽入自己的怀中;60,000 women, it is said, prefer suicide To being raped by the mongols.据说 六万名妇女宁愿选择自杀 而不愿被蒙古人所奸淫201512/413109惠州哪里医院包皮好

惠州男性增殖器官门诊补Gordon Ramsays Crispy Salmon RecipeGordon Ramsay的脆皮鲑鱼料理Crispy Salmon with Crushed New Potatoes. These are boiled, new potatoes, and we peel the skin off. And that can be done the day before. And all were gonna do is just sort of crush them. We just get them into the pan in the olive oil. Take the chilled out potatoes. Because of the heat, the bowl of potatoes then becomes a little bit furious. So just bring up the temperature a little. Let me get a hold of a fork. Okay, now you can hear oil is nice and just slightly hot.脆皮鲑鱼和嫩马铃薯泥。这些是水煮的嫩马铃薯,然后我们把皮剥掉。那可以在前一天完成。而我们要做的就有点像是压碎它们。我们只要把它们放入锅子的橄榄油里面。拿已经退冰的马铃薯。因为那热度,那碗马铃薯接着变得有点吱吱作响。所以只要把温度提高一点点。让我拿一把叉子。好的,现在你可以听到油已经好了且只有一点点热度。Take them off the stove. And then we use fork, the back of your fork to bring potatoes in and crush them. But dont overwork it, because you just want them to absorb that olive oil. Okay, no more than that. Now, we still have got heat in there. What were gonna do is that we put in some spring onions. Were gonna use the tops and the bottoms. And its actually like eating a really nice warm potato salad. Then season it lightly, salt and pepper, and then only get the white crab meat in there. Im gonna lightly mix that up now, and mix that spring onion in, with the potatoes and the crab.把它们移开火炉。然后我们用叉子,你叉子的背面去把马铃薯拨进来并压碎它们。但是不要压过头,因为你只是想要它们吸收橄榄油。好的,不要再压了。现在,那儿还有点余温。我们要做的就是放一些青葱进去。我们要用前端和尾端。而它实际上就像是在吃一份很棒的马铃薯温沙拉。然后稍微调味一下,盐和胡椒粉,然后只要把白蟹肉放进去。我现在要稍微地搅拌混合它,然后把青葱拌进去,跟马铃薯和蟹肉一起。And now just to give it a little bit more depth, and get everything work together, Im gonna put a bit of vinaigrette in there. And now, vinaigrettes that we use in all the restaurants: I just made it out of olive oil, water, lemon juice, salt and pepper. We put water in there because it just lightens, sort of enriches the olive oil. And it becomes less cloying on the top of the palate so it becomes a lot easier. And were just gonna finish appetizers with the fresh vinaigrette.而现在只要给它加上一点深度,然后把所有东西融合在一起,我要放一点油醋酱进去。现在我们所有餐厅都会用到的油醋酱:我只用橄榄油、水、柠檬汁、盐巴和胡椒粉将它做出来。我们放水进去因为它稀释橄榄油,有点儿使它更有风味。而且它在你的味蕾上变得比较不腻口,因此它会变得更容易入口。然后我们就用新鲜的油醋酱来完成开胃菜。Now that seems a bit weird because this is a plastic bottle, so that you expect them in the hairdresser. But its not. Every restaurant in the country is now using these plastic bottles. Just glaze the top of the potatoes. Then just to finish it, we get some fresh coriander, and that just sort of brings everything back to life. Again, just chop it closely. Dont bruise it, and get it in there. Now, that, just on its own, is delicious. But just to take it a little bit further, well get some really nice crispy salmon.现在那看起来有点怪,因为那是个塑胶瓶,所以你以为会在美发厅里看到它们。但它不是。现在这国家的每个餐厅都在用这些塑胶瓶。只要浇淋在马铃薯上面。然后要完成它,我们放一些新鲜的香菜上去,那就会有点儿像让所有东西活了过来。再说一次,就把它切细碎。不要把它压伤,把它放进去那边。现在,那、就它自己本身,那很美味了。但是为了更上一层楼,我们会弄一些真的很棒的脆皮鲑鱼。Now, a lot of people have problems eating skin on fish, and skinning is very difficult. But when you get sea trout, salmon, rainbow trout, youre really gonna get it nice and crispy. So get your fish, roll it up like that, and then just use your knife and let your knife do the work. Just goes down half an inch into the salmon, and keep them quite close together because the closer they are together, the crispier the skins gonna get. And if you didnt score the skin, what happens is when it goes into the pan, it curls up, so the fish is cooked unevenly. So Im just going to put the salt in there. And if you wanna go a little bit further, become a little bit more sort of glamorous, get some thyme flowers in there, or some rosemary in there, or some fresh basil in there. And stick that in.现在,很多人不喜欢吃鱼皮,而且去皮是非常困难的。但是当你有海鳟、鲑鱼、虹鳟,真的要把它煮得很棒很酥脆。所以拿起你的鱼。像那样卷起来。然后就用你的刀子,让你的刀子干活。只要切进鱼身半英寸(约1.3公分),然后让刀口保持紧密,因为靠越近,鱼皮就会变得越酥脆。而如果你没有划开鱼皮,会发生的事情是,当它放到平底锅里,它会卷起来,因而鱼会煎得不平均。所以我就要放点盐在那边。然后如果你要再有点深度,变得有点更像是迷人的,加一些百里香花进去,或是一些迷迭香,或一些新鲜的罗勒进去。然后塞进去。Now glaze the top with olive oil. Olive oil in the pan, and just as it starts smoking, get the fish in. First, skin side down, just put your fingers on top like that. And that helps keep it nice and flat. Season the top of it. And dont touch it. Everyone gets a little bit nervous about cooking fish, because they think its sort of difficult. Its not. The most important thing to remember when youre cooking fish is stop touching it, leave it. Leave it in there to cook. Turn it once and once only, and use a fish slice. Thats all. Nothing complicated than that.现在在上头浇淋橄榄油。放橄榄油在锅子里,当它开始冒烟的时候,把鱼放进去。首先,鱼皮那一面朝下,像这样就把你手指放在上面压着。那会帮助它保持良好平坦。调味上面那一面。然后不要碰它。每个人煎鱼时都会有点紧张,因为他们认为有点难度。它不难。最重要要记得的事是当你在煎鱼的时候,别碰它,把它放在一边。放在一边煮。翻面一次而且就那么一次,并使用一个煎鱼锅铲。那样就好。就这么简单。You can always tell when your salmon is cooked, because cant you see the difference in the color is changing aly? So, its traveling up through, and when that gets the two-thirds of the way up there, its time to turn the salmon. Thats not rocket science, is it? Just watch the color of what youre cooking. Keep an eye on it. Time four and half to five minutes and flip it over. Spatula under and turn. Look! Nice crispy salmon. All you do now is just gonna tilt the pan, and let all the olive oil go down the bottom. And that cooks the sort of bottom of the salmon, and this helps it evenly cook.你总是能够分辨出你的鲑鱼什么时候煮好,因为难道你看不到颜色已经改变了吗?所以,它正在往上移动,而当那到了三分之二高的地方时,就是帮鲑鱼翻面的时候了。那不会难如登天,是吗?只要注意你所烹煮的食物颜色。盯着它。计时四分半或是五分钟然后翻面。铲子放到底下然后翻面。看!多棒的脆皮鲑鱼。现在你所要做的就只是倾斜下锅子,让所有的橄榄油流下去到底部。那样煎鲑鱼的底部,然后这帮助它均匀地烹煎。Back over and just leave it resting on its skin. Take it off the heat. Theres enough heat in the pan to keep it warm in there. And that will just stay really nice and crispy. Ok, gonna finish this dish with some really nice tomatoes. And the reason why I like these tomatoes is because theres nothing to do except cut them in half, lightly season them, and put them in the oven on a pilot light, overnight.用铲子翻面然后就让它鱼皮在下的放着。离开火源。锅子里还有足够的余温保持里面的温度。而那就会保持很棒很酥脆。好了,加上一些真正很棒的番茄来完成这道菜。还有为何我喜欢这些番茄是因为除了把它们切成两半以外,不用做任何处理,只要稍微调味,然后把它们放进烤箱里的微火上,放一晚。Ok, to serve it, its quite sort of rustic. So keep it rustic. Just be very generous. And then just get your tomatoes, and just pick them up and place them around. I love tomatoes. So be quite generous with them. Take the salmon out of the pan, on top of the potatoes. You know, its solid. You know, its crispy. And that skin is really delicious. Got my classic vinaigrette in my hairdressers bottle, and just, look, pour! This lovely vinaigrette! And here we have this very easy, straightforward Christian potatoes with spring onions, fresh crab meat, and really nice strong sweet tomato vinaigrette.好的,要上菜了,它是颇有点乡村式的。所以让它保持乡村风格。就慷慨一点吧。然后只要拿出番茄,拿起它们并排整齐。我爱番茄,所以大方地放上去。把鲑鱼拿出锅子,放到马铃薯上面。你知道,它是厚实的。是的,它是酥脆的。而且那鱼皮非常美味。拿起我那装在美发师瓶子里的经典油醋酱,然后就,你看,淋上去!这美妙的油醋酱!然后这边我们有这非常简单、直接了当的基督徒式马铃薯加上青葱、新鲜蟹肉和非常棒、甜味浓重的番茄和油醋酱。201506/379305 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201602/425049惠州市中心医院泌尿外科主治医生电话惠州医院切包皮要多少钱



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