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Back to Book Segment, tonight the Factor TV Icon, the mega-hit Friends ran from 199 to . And over that ten-year period, the six actors featured are estimated to have made, -y?-0 million dollars each including rerun payments. But what has happened to them since Friends went off the air? A few days ago I spoke with FOX Entertainment reporter Jill Dobson about that.Bill: You are a brutal person. I mean you rank these people in order of success and the least successful is Matt LeBlanc. But it looked like out of the gate, he was gonna be one of the most successful because he’s got a spin-off from Friends. What happened?Jill: Joey wasn’t a huge success. He got some nominations his acting. But by it had been canceled. He hasn’t done much since.Did you break another piece of the wall? It’s just begging to be climbed.B: It’s interesting because Kelsey Grammer, a spun-off from “Cheers” and “Frasier”, huge hit. Mr. LeBlanc had the same opporty but the show went down the drain. Show me your bra, he’s afraid of bras. Can’t look them.B: Lisa Kudrow plays a lot of character actress parts, right?J: She does and she’s a great actress. She won an Emmy her role on Friends. And she had a role on a show called The Come Back, and did very well by critics but not so well with the audiences.Read the card.Congratulations from your favorite gay. Oh…. Mickey. Guy! Favorite guy. Yeah.B: She is a good actress but she’s not gonna carry a film any more?J: Yeah, She's never really gotten that headliner status even during Friends. She was always considered kind of the side, the parsley whereas the meat and potatoes were Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. Does this look like something the girlfriend of a paleontologist would wear? I don’t know. You might be the first one. B: Matthew Perry now, he is the guy who has some personal drug problems, things like that. I think that’s intruded on his career, I could be wrong.J: He had the show 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip'.What if you did tank tonight? What’re you afraid would happen?Strangers wouldn’t like me. Friends wouldn’t like me. And the network wouldn’t like me. Is he in therapy?No, he’s got me.J: But after that he didn't work a while, but just had the movie Again.Of course I wanna live in the past. It was better there.B: But these guys are now at the mercy of the market place because none of them can drive a vehicle. They are not stars any more. Could you want her more? Who? Dee. The sarcastic sister from What’s Happening.B: David Schwimmer, I haven’t seen him around at all. He did some World War II thing.Salute the rank, not the man.J: They are paying the bills no problem, because he keeps lending his voice to different animation projects, especially Madagascar and Madagascar II.What kind of zoo is this?I just saw 6 blatant health code violations.J: Kids know him. They know his voice, and he’s doing well so he’s in the business. He is working, but his face isn’t on TV or on the big screen. B: Alright, so the two most successful would down to Courtney Cox, correct? J: Uh huh.B: She’s all over the place. J: She is, and she looks fantastic. She’s got endorsement deals and continuing to act. She had the FX’s series Dirt which she produced and starred in, and her highest rated episode was when she got her friend Jennifer Aniston to come, do some episodes with her.Thank you lunch.B: And the most successful in your opinion, Jill’s opinion is Jennifer Aniston, although outside “Marley amp; Me”, which really starred the dog, come on, to be honest. Oh, honey you are shaking. Does thunder scare you, Mr.?B: She hasn't had a lot of blockbuster movies, has she? J: No, she’s had a lot of consistent work and she’s had films just about every year. And "Marley amp; Me" has made million at the box office so far.Sit! Sit!J: She was in “He’s Just Not That Into You”, which did really well.B: “He’s Just Not That…” See that’s kind of movie, she liked these like comedies with Vince Vaughn and other guys. Nothing wrong with that.Well, I’m actually a wiccan.Wiccan?Male witch.Right. Yeah. That’s fantastic.J: She hasn’t got a lot of recognition from critics although she did win an Emmy Friends along the way. What is that noise?You! J: Fans love her and she continues to be, much to her chagrin, a tabloid staple, which means people are still intrigued by her life. They follow what she does. B: Do you believe that her marriage with Brad Pitt catapulted her? J: Certainly. It got her more headlines, drew more attention to her and when people are intrigued by someone’s personal life, they tend to go and see their movies as well.Like if I want something from Joey, I would strike up a conversation about, say, uh… sandwiches, or uh… my underwear. I’m listening.B: Jill Dobson, everyone thanks you.J: Thank you.Vocabulary:1.spin-off: a television programme involving characters that were previously in another programme or film.go down the drain: 前功尽弃,付诸流水3.parsley: An individual who adds to the overall appearance or dynamics of a group but has no interesting qualities on their own. Similar to the herb parsley, which is used in many dishes as a garnish..intrude on: to come into a place or situation, and have an unwanted effect5.blockbuster: a book or film that is very good or successful6.Wiccan: 巫师7.chagrin: annoyance and disappointment because something has not happened the way you hoped 819

有人说生活是一杯酒,猛一喝辣得有些呛人,但细细品尝,却又是绵香宜人,醇香持久 有人说生活是一杯咖啡,初啜饮时,异常苦涩,耐住性子,继续品尝,却有是苦中透香,香气绕人 有人说生活是一杯清茶,需要好好酝酿,然后慢慢品尝,感受到的是清香冽口,甜美醉人 生活是有味道的,究竟有哪些味道呢?应该说甜、酸、苦、辣样样俱全也许还有更多的味道,或甜中有酸,或苦中有辣,或苦中有甜,或…… I believe in pastrami — well-marbled pastrami. Hot, thinly sliced, piled on fresh rye b with dark mustard and a crisp dill pickle.I believe that pastrami is a metaphor a well-lived life, a well-designed institution, and even healthy relationships. Pastrami is marbled rather than layered. Its parts, the lean and the fat, are mixed together rather than neatly separated. Too much of life is lived by adding layers that don’t really connect with one another.When I was about , my parents bought a small Jewish delicatessen on the northwest side of Chicago. And that’s where I learned about pastrami. I worked at the counter and I learned the differences between well-marbled and merely layered meats. My Dad would explain to me that some customers wanted him to slice away all of the fat on a brisket and then they’d come back to complain that the meat wasn’t juicy. He’d sigh and explain that without marbling, they’d never get what they wanted.I’ve seen the wisdom of my Dad’s insight over time. When I started teaching college, my mentors warned me against having any interest in my students’ lives outside the classroom. In my first month on the job, I taught a 500-student class. One day a young woman came to my office to tell me she wouldn’t be able to complete all the course requirements. It turned out her husband had been killed in a car accident the month bee. She was a 19-year-old widow.I then began to wonder about the other 99 students. Their stories may not have been as extreme, but I would have been a fool to think their lives wouldn’t have an impact on the classroom. Learning and living were marbled in my students’ lives, not layered. To teach, advise, and mentor them, I needed to be sensitive and aware of their tragedies and celebrations, their ambitions, and their anxieties.Separate layers are much easier to trim from the brisket. Separate layers are much easier to build, to schedule, and to design. But I believe that marbling demands that we work with the messy world of people, relationships, and obligations in their full, rich complexity. The diet mavens inm us that marbling can be dangerous our health, but as an educator I’m willing — even obligated — to take the risk. I want to marble habits of mind, habits of practice, and habits of the heart with my students — just like pastrami. 75

Paul Bunyan; American Songs-“Youre the Top”; big versus huge versus massive; at all and show off; to be beside (oneself)Words:legendaxelumberjackcanyonheromainstreamchopping blockduetbonnetto outdocollarcatchybighugemassiveat allshow-offto be beside (oneself) 369

  Boring lecturesOne of my favorite teachers at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau is known his droll sense of humor. Explaining his ground rules to one freshman class, he said, "Now I know my lectures can often be dry and boring, so I don't mind if you look at your watches during class. I do, however, object to your pounding them on the desk to make sure they're running!" 06


  Voice 1: Thank you joining us today Spotlight. Im Joshua Leo.声音1:谢谢大家收听今天的重点报道节目我是乔舒亚·里奥Voice : And Im Rebekah Schipper. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是瑞贝卡·席佩尔重点报道节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: In 1977 people began using a new, popular invention — the plastic bag. Clothes stores and food markets all over the world began giving plastic bags to people. Plastic bags were an easy way people to carry their purchases.声音1:1977年,人们开始使用一项新的且备受欢迎的发明——塑料袋全世界的装店和食品市场都开始为人们提供塑料袋塑料袋是人们携带所购买物品的简单方法Voice : But over the years the number of plastic bags has grown. And they have become a large waste problem. Plastic bags collect in the streets. The wind blows them through cities. Plastic bags are in the oceans. They can kill fish and birds. And plastic bags fill waste areas. Some waste materials can quickly decompose back to natural soil. But plastic bags do not turn into soil as easily as other waste materials. Are plastic bags a waste problem in your area?声音:但是,多年以来塑料袋的数量一直在持续增长塑料袋已经成为主要的废物问题塑料袋被丢弃在街上风把它们吹去各个城市塑料袋也会被扔在海中这会杀死鱼类和鸟类人们也把塑料袋扔在废弃地区一些废料可以快速分解,然后转化成自然土壤但是塑料袋不会像其他废料那样简单地转化成土壤在你所在的地区塑料袋是废物问题吗?译文属 69

  B. Keywords. monorail, mass transit, Maglev, light rail.Vocabulary. guideway, propel, pick up, pylon, prefabricate, levitation, repulsion, rumble, standee.Youre going to hear several descriptions of some of the modern means of transportation. Fill in the blanks according to what you hear.1. Monorail.Monorail systems relay on a very simple technology, rubber-tired cars riding on a narrow concrete guideway.The cars are self propelled by electric motors with power pickup via distribution bars mounted on the side of the guideway.Monorail systems are capable of speeds of 65 miles per hour and offer ride quality comparable to conventional rail transit technologies.Monorail systems are safe because the design and nature of monorail systems make it very difficult trespassers to access the guideway and power rails.Monorail systems are more environmentally sensitive than any other elevated transit technology due to the monorail narrow guideway structure and quiet rubber tires.Also, since many of the pylon and rail components can be prefabricated elsewhere and then assembled along the routes, the noises and disruption of construction will be kept to a minimum.Thus, noise and neighborhood disruption caused by monorail construction are dramatically lower than other ms of mass transit.. Maglev.One of the most exciting recent innovations in railroad technology is Maglev levitation, or Maglev, which relies on the principle of magnetism, attraction and repulsion.This new techonology, still under development, will result in trains that are faster, smoother, more efficient, more comtable and more environmentally sound.No longer will trains rumble heavily along steel rails, rather, they will float along a magnetic cushion, without any direct contact with the ground.3. Light rail.Light rail transit is an electric railway system, constructed in the 1970s or later, characterized by its ability to operate single cars and multi-car trains along shared or exclusive rights-of-way at ground level, on aerial structures, in subways, or occasionally in streets.It is able to board and discharge passengers at station platms or at street, track or car floor level, and is normally powered by overhead electrical wires.In most current settings, light rail is anything but light, and is built to exacting standards.The maximum speed of light rail trains is normally 60 miles per hour (0 kilometers per hour), while heavy rail trains normally operate at higher speeds.Depending upon the specific system, the distance between light rail stations is shorter than within heavy rail systems, which lends some major advantages to urban settings.Light rail trains operate as either single or multiple car consists.Passenger capacity of each car in a multiple car consist can be up to as many as 50 passengers, standees included. 887  Are You a Cosplayer?  -- What is a Cosplay?  ;Cosplay; is an event which people dress up as their favorite character from cartoons, animations and games and can take photos with them. The word is a compound word made up of ;costume; and ;play;.  -- History of cosplay  Cosplay history can be traced back to the 1970s, when merchants selling Star Trek comic books dressed up as Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock as a marketing ploy at the ComicMarket convention held in Tokyo each year.  The idea slowly caught on with customers, and now thousands of costume players crowd into ComicMarket every year.  Throughout the country there are believed to be around 50,000 costume players.  -- What are players reasons cosplaying?  ;Cosplay to me is a way me to make great new friends with the same interests as I have, improve my sewing skills, creativity, and let me use my imagination to help bring an amazing characters to life. I also really enjoy the challenge of making a good costume. I know a lot of people ask me why I cosplay, so these are a few reasons on why I spend so much time and money cosplaying.;-- Angela  ;Have a few reasons why I currently cosplay. I enjoy the challenge of creating something with my bare hands, discovering new ways to design and duplicate complicated outfits and accessories, and finally putting on the final product. While I enjoy wearing the costumes, I enjoy making them even more. Secondly, I typically cosplay characters that I myself care about. Ive grown to love these characters different reasons, but nevertheless, I care them like you care a character in a novel you love, or a movie you enjoy. I want to kind of pay homage to these characters by re-creating them in the best way I can. As an actor, I enjoy the element of occasionally being in character as well. Finally, I enjoy the people. Ive made a lot of friends through this hobby, and every few ms of social gathering can compare with the true Cos experience! As it is, I can say that my reasons cosplaying havent really changed all that much since I began... and I like it that way. Im here to have fun, and I hope that never changes.;-- Matt  The reason I started doing this was, well, Ive been looking an ;analog; hobby a while now. I mean I do a lot of things with computers and electronics. I work at a computer company and I am on the computer most of the time in my off hours.  I got bored one day so me and a friend went to Fanime, an anime convention in San Jose. There we saw a lot of great costumes from anime that I recognized and from games too. I sort of wanted to tackle a costume, and that where it all started. -- Dennis  I first heard of this phenomenon when I moved to the USA three years ago (from Germany). I joined an anime club and we planned a group trip to the biggest anime convention here, Anime Expo. The idea of dressing up as a drawn character fascinated me and I started planning a costume. After wearing it to the convention I was completely addicted.-- Christina 18687

  Learn English while learning about daily life in Australia, with Rob McCormack和罗布·麦考马克一起学习英语,并了解澳大利亚的日常生活Podcast Number — A Hobby in Melbourne — Motorcycling播客第期:墨尔本之托车骑行Hi, Melbourne is one of those cities where you can do a large number of hobbies or pastimes. One popular pastime in Melbourne is motorcycling.大家好,墨尔本是适合开展兴趣爱好和消遣活动的城市墨尔本最受欢迎的一个活动就是托车运动It is also growing in popularity. In the countryside around Melbourne there are many fantastic places to go motorcycling. The major highways out of Melbourne are wide and generally mostly straight. But if you turn off the major highways onto the minor roads, you will find the roads are still bitumised, adequately maintained and there are plenty of curves and wonderful scenery to enjoy on a motorcycle.现在托车运动日益普及墨尔本附近的乡村有许多适合开展托车运动的好去处墨尔本郊区的主要公路非常宽阔,而且大部分道路是笔直的如果你离开主要公路,进入小路,你会发现那依然是经过妥善维护的沥青路,而且路上有许多转弯,还有美丽的风景,很适合骑托车欣赏In particular, the area to the north east of Melbourne, within say 300 kilometres, is a great place to go motorcycling on a day ride. The hills close to Melbourne are called The Dandenong Ranges, or as most Melbourne people say, The Dandenongs. Another name this region is the Yarra Valley, as the river Yarra runs through it. This region has a lot of agriculture and also is strong on tourism. example, there are about 80 wine growers in this region.尤其是,墨尔本东北方向300公里以内的地区是骑托车兜风的好去处临近墨尔本的山名为丹顿农山脉,大部分墨尔本人称之为“丹顿农地区”这个地区的另一个名字是亚拉河谷,因为亚拉河流经这一地区该地区农业和旅游业发达举个例子,这一地区有约80名葡萄酒种植者 译文属 8Making Accusations提出指控Pierre: What happened here?!皮埃尔:这里发生什么事情了?!Marie: It looks like somebody trashed your experiment.玛丽:好像有人破坏了你的实验Pierre: It’s ruined, completely ruined.皮埃尔:实验被毁了,完全被毁了Marie: Who could have done this? Why are you looking at me like that?玛丽:这会是谁做的?你为什么这么看着我?Pierre: Very few people have access to this lab and even fewer know which of these experiments is mine. Whoever did this knew how to do maximum damage.皮埃尔:能够接近实验室的人非常少,知道我所做的实验的人就更少了做这件事情的人知道如何才能造成最大的破坏Marie: And you’re accusing me? I helped you with that experiment. I’d sooner ruin my own work than intentionally damage someone else’s, much less yours. What would be my motive?玛丽:你在怀疑我吗?我帮你做了这项实验我宁愿毁了自己的成果也不会破坏别人的实验,更别说你的了我这样做的动机是什么?Pierre: Maybe you gave me a little too much help and now my work is outshining yours.皮埃尔:也许你给了我太多帮助,如今我的试验成果超过了你的Marie: Your suspicions are completely unfounded. I’ve never been jealous of any attention you’ve received. You’re totally off base.玛丽:你的质疑毫无理论依据我从未对你受到的关注产生过半分嫉妒之心你完全错怪我了Pierre: Maybe you’re right. I’m sorry. I just can’t believe what’s happened.皮埃尔:也许你说的对很抱歉我只是不敢想象眼前的一切Marie: I’d be upset, too, but let’s not do any more finger-pointing. We need more inmation bee we accuse or exonerate anyone. Let’s try to stay calm.玛丽:我也很沮丧,但是咱们不要再相互指责了我们在指责或赦免别人之前还需要更多的信息咱们都冷静一下吧Pierre: Yes, of course, you’re right. Hey, what happened to your workspace? It looks like it’s been tampered with.皮埃尔:是的,当然,你说的很对嘿,你的工作台上怎么了?看起来好像被人捣鼓了一番Marie: What?! I’ll kill whoever did this! I’ll kill them!玛丽:什么?!我会杀了那个人的!我会杀了他们的!译文属 67773

  Native rate of speech, to preach to the choir, common sense, “though” at the end of a sentence, possess vs. own, allow you to vs. allows you to, pronouncing “twenty” and “ninety,” picking a suitor, a make-out sceneWords:nativerateto preach to the choirsermonchoir loftpulpitcommon sensethoughto possessto ownto allow someone tosuitorto make-outto watch the ball drop 38

  How did you start the flood? 你是怎么引起洪水的?A doctor vacationing on the Riviera met a lawyer friend and asked him what he was doing there. The lawyer replied, " I'm here because my house burned down, and the insurance company paid everything. What are you doing here?" "That's quite a coincidence," said the doctor "I'm here because my house were destroyed by a flood, and my insurance company also paid everything." The lawyer looked puzzled. "Gee," he asked, "how did you start the flood?"医生在里维埃拉度假时遇到他的一位律师朋友,医生问他怎么会到这里来律师回答:“我到这里是因为我的房子被火烧了,保险公司赔偿了我所有的损失” “真巧,”医生说,“我是因为房子被洪水冲垮了,保险公司也赔偿了我所有的损失”律师看起来有些困惑,他问“哎呀!你是怎么引起洪水的?” 9。

  Insects in the Rice大米中的虫子;Look at this,; she said. He looked. He looked inside a plastic bag. There was rice inside the bag. But something else was inside the bag. ;What are these things?; he asked. They were insects. The insects were crawling around. A lot of insects were crawling around. ;That disgusting,; he said. ;Where did they come from?; She said, ;They came from you!; He denied it. He didnt have insects. Not even one. ;You bought the wrong bag of rice,; she said. ;I told you which bag of rice to buy. But you wanted to save money. And I agreed to it. Never again. From now on, we buy the same brand Ive always bought.; He agreed. She tied up the bag. She put the bag inside a fresh plastic bag. She tied up the second plastic bag. ;This is you,; she said. ;Gee, thanks,; he said.她说:“看这个”他看了看他向塑料袋中看袋子中有大米袋子里还有其它东西他问道:“这些是什么?”他说:“这些是虫子虫子在里面爬行里面有许多虫子太恶心了”她说:“它们是哪来的?”它们是你带来的!他否认到他没有昆虫一只都没有她说:“你的大米买错了我已经告诉你要买哪个但是你想省钱我同意了别再有下一次从此,我们一直买同一个牌子的大米他同意了他把袋子系好她将袋子放进了一个新的塑料袋子中她将第二个袋子系好她说:“这是给你的”他说:“啊,谢谢你”译文属原创,,不得转载 76

  1. What is the girl shopping ?A. a present her motherB. a present a friendC. a present her father. How much is the black wallet?A. .95B. .95C. $.953. Why doesnt the girl like the brown wallet?A. There isnt a place to put pictures.B. It too big and heavy.C. She doesnt like the color.. About how much does the girl have to spend?A. .00B. $.00C. $.0. What does the girl decide to buy?A. a black walletB. a brown beltC. a tie 3735


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