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Aries: head, brain, eyes, bones of face白羊座:头部、脑部、眼部、脸部骨骼Taurus: neck, throat, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal cords金牛座:颈部、咽部、喉部、下巴、下颌、耳朵、舌头、声带Gemini: shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, upper ribs双子座:肩部、臂部、手、手指、上部肋骨Cancer: alimentary canal, ribs, sternum, womb, digestive organs巨蟹座:消化道、肋骨、胸骨、子宫、消化器官Leo: heart, upper back, spleen狮子座:心脏、后背上部、脾Virgo: intestines, abdomen处女座:肠、腹部Libra: kidneys, lumber region, haunches to buttocks天秤座:肾、腰椎区、腰部到臀部Scorpio: bladder, sex organs, coccyx, cervix, anus天蝎座:膀胱、性器官、尾骨、子宫颈、Sagittarius: hips, thighs, pelvis, sacrum, liver射手座:臀部、大腿、骨盆、骶骨、肝脏Capricorn: bones, knees羯座:骨骼、膝盖Aquarius: ankles, calves, shins水瓶座:脚踝、腓、胫骨Pisces: feet and toes双鱼座:脚部、脚趾 /201208/193713How much does a polar bear weigh?-你知道北极熊有多重吗?How much?-多重呢?Enough to break the ice! Hi, my name is John.足够破冰(双关:打破沉默)!你好,我叫约翰~!I lost my number, can I have yours?我把我的电话号码弄丢了,你可以把你的告诉我吗?You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life.你就像一本字典,为我的生活增添意义。You look like someone I know. Haven’t we met before?你跟我一个朋友长得好象。我们之前见过吧?That’s a great haircut.你的发型很不错。(To the bartender) I’ll have what the handsome gentlman (beautiful lady) is having.(对调酒师说)我和这位帅哥(美女)点一样的饮料。Can I buy you a drink?我可以请你喝一杯吗?You have a great smile.你笑起来好美。Are you here alone?一个人吗?What do you say we go somewhere quiet?我们找个安静的地方如何…… /201211/208256Sore heads the morning after the night before could become a thing of the past thanks to a #39;revolutionary#39; new drink - designed to prevent HANGOVERS.一种专为防止宿醉设计的“革命性”新饮品有望令宿醉第二天早上醒来后的头痛成为过去时。The #163;3.60 drink, designed to be downed before going to bed after a night on the tiles, is packed full of vitamins and minerals aimed at reducing the after-effects of drinking.这种饮品售价3.6英镑,富含维他命和矿物质,可以减轻酒后不适。花天酒地一晚后,只需在睡前下即可。OHAYO, which means #39;good morning#39; in Japanese, contains B vitamins to fight fatigue and headaches, and potassium to maintain a normal blood pressure.这种饮品名为OHAYO,在日语中的意思是“早上好”,其中包含的维他命B可以抗疲劳、抑制头痛,钾则可以维持正常血压。It also contains milk thistle, to boost liver functions, and magnesium to support electrolyte balance.OHAYO还含有可促进肝功能的奶蓟以及有助维持电解质平衡的镁。Fortunately for those who find their memory lacking during a night on the tiles, the 150ml drink comes with a fluorescent sticker to be used as a reminder.对于那些醉酒之后会“失忆”的人来说,所幸这个150毫升的饮品还附有一个荧光色贴纸提醒你前天晚上发生了什么。Speaking to student newspaper The Tab, tester Ben Foreman said: ;To the surprise of all involved, everyone who tried it with me woke up feeling great.试喝该饮品的本·福尔曼(Ben Foreman)在接受剑桥学生刊物《The Tab》的采访时说:“令我们吃惊的是,我们所有试喝了OHAYO的人醒来都感觉很不错。”;A dry throat was all that separated the morning from any other, and a quick pint of water sorted that out a matter of moments later.“除了喉咙很干之外,跟平日没什么分别。只要赶紧喝上一品托水,一会儿便什么事都没有了。”;We were back to our normal morning activities without any of the horrible experiences of the hangover we deserved.;“我们和往常的早晨一样活动,完全没有以往宿醉之后的可怕感觉。” /201507/389715

These days, nearly every movie that hits the multiplex is a modernized version of some previously existing feature film. (Hollywood may not call it a straight up remake, but that#39;s not really their style.) But is the trend to rehash old films all that new? A closer look at history reveals... not really.这些天,几乎每一部轰动影院的电影都是一些先前已有的故事片的现代化版本。(好莱坞可能不会称之为重拍,但这不是他们的风格。)但是这一趋势势必将所有的老电影都翻新?仔细看看历史所揭示的…不一定的。Since the drawn of cinema, producers have been going back to old ideas for inspiration, twisting the plots of movies into brand new ones. With major brands being repurposed time and time again (a move that#39;s kept the horror genre alive for the past decade) and the window of time necessary to let the original stew dwindling (we#39;re looking at you Spider-Man!), the remakes that flood theaters are obvious callbacks. The ;remake; aspect is can even be part of the appeal — ;See BLANK, now new and improved with 21st century technology!;自从电影院产生,制片人一直在回到旧片寻找灵感,改编情节使其成为全新的电影。随着主要名片一次又一次地翻拍(在过去十年里此举一直使得恐怖题材鲜活如初)和所需的时间空隙让原版的担忧减少(我们在期盼着你,蜘蛛侠!),那些涌入影院的翻拍是明显的召唤。“翻拍”部分甚至可以成为部分的吸引力——“看看空白,现在21世纪的技术都是全新和改进的!”That said, there are plenty of remakes that don#39;t wear their source material on their sleeves. The reasons are a plenty: maybe their roots are half a century old, from overseas, or weren#39;t terribly good to begin with. Knowing that it#39;s time to embrace the ;remake; in a positive light, Hollywood.com took a look back at some of the lesser known redos in a gallery we like to call...那就是说,很多翻拍作品都不会全部遵循原来的剧本。原因很多:也许他们根植于半个世纪之前的历史,来自海外,或不太好的开始。知道现在是时候以积极之态拥抱“翻拍之作”了,好莱坞网站在一个我们喜欢回忆的图库中回顾了一些不太知名的重拍作品…… /201211/207141

Pisces 双鱼座 (2月20日~3月20日)Pisces is a Water element. Ruled by mystical Neptune, This sign is extremely receptive, compassionate, and other-directed.双鱼座是水相星座。受神秘的海王星所控制。双鱼非常善于接纳,富有同情心,并且很为别人着想。TIPS: Lack of ego-strength can make you feel helpless.学习相 缺乏自我力量会使你觉得无助。 /201210/204559

Tenants living in east London are facing eviction from their homes with hardly any notice by landlords wanting to cash in on the Olympics.住在伦敦东部的租客们正面临被房东赶走的难题,而且并没有得到提前通知,因为房东们想在奥运会期间把房子租给短期游客,大捞一笔。Housing and homelessness charity Shelter has seen numerous cases of families being forced to seek last minute accommodation after being evicted by their landlords.住房慈善机构“庇护所”表示,已经有为数众多的租客家庭在被房东赶走后,被迫紧急寻找住处。In some cases, the tenants are even being evicted illegally by rogue landlords who instead want to use their properties for short-terms lets at inflated rental prices during the London games.在一些案例中,租客被粗暴的房东非法赶走,因为房东想借伦敦奥运之机把房子短期出租,租金飙涨。Many homes near the Olympic grounds are being let for 20 times the usual rental price during the games.伦敦奥运会期间,奥运场馆周围的住宅租金甚至达到了平时的20倍。Campbell Robb, Chief Executive at Shelter, said: #39;Londoners living in the Olympic boroughs are aly suffering from increasingly unaffordable rents, a lack of stability and a minority of rogue landlords who exploit the high demand for homes in the capital.“庇护所”的执行长坎贝尔-罗伯说:“居住在奥运场馆附近的伦敦人已经承受了飞涨的房租,生活缺乏稳定,还有少数粗暴的房东利用伦敦的住房高需求谋利。”;Increasingly we are seeing signs that the Olympics are exacerbating these problems, with some landlords looking to evict tenants and re-let their homes to Olympic visitors, without any guarantee that they will be filled.;“如今我们越来越多地看到,奥运会正在加剧这些问题。虽然无法保客源,但一些房东还是想赶走租客,把房子租给奥运游客。”;But the reality is that we are caught in the grip of a housing crisis that#39;s been decades in the making. Unless the Government starts to prioritise housing and invest in the decent, secure and affordable homes that London and the rest of the country desperately needs, these problems are not going to go away.;“但现实情况是我们正身处持续了几十年的住房危机中。除非政府开始重点解决住房问题,投资兴建体面、安全、人们负担得起的住房,这些住房也是伦敦民众和英国其它地区的民众急需的,否则这些问题无法解决。”One tenant Ninna Thorhuge told the B she had been given just two weeks notice by her landlord that she had to move out.租客尼娜-托尔哈格告诉英国广播公司(B)的记者,房东已经告诉她,在两个星期内搬离。She told the TV station: #39;Everything is done in the name of the Olympics. In my mind it#39;s overrated.她说:“任何事情都在拿奥运说事,我认为这有点过头了。”;I know it may be good for London but a lot of Londoners who live here get hurt by it.;“我知道承办奥运对伦敦可能有好处,但很多住在这里的伦敦人却受到了伤害。”Housing Minister Grant Shapps told the B: ;Landlords should be under no doubt that it is a criminal offence for them to evict a tenant without giving proper notice, and that anyone found guilty of doing this - or of harassing a tenant - could lead to a custodial sentence of up to two years.;英国住房事务大臣格兰特#8226;沙普斯告诉B:“房东们必须清楚,在没有提前通知租户的情况下就将其赶走,这是违法的,任何这样做的人,或者骚扰租客的人都将面临最长两年的监禁。”The National Landlords Association also condemned the practice - warning landlords it is often more beneficial to have good, long-term tenants in their property.英国国家房东协会也对此表示谴责,提醒房东有个长期的好租客其实更有利。 /201205/181604

There are many approaches to educating children but there are commonalities among these approaches that can maximize the educational opportunities that your child receives. Books are the pathway to new worlds, and new ideas. Reading to children is one of the most important ways to build literacy skills and expose them to new things. Hands-on learning is one of the most important ways to encourage retention and build interest and curiosity. Engaging in experiments teaches your child to be observant and to learn more. Regular assessments ensure that your child is making adequate academic progress. Assessing your child’s school work to make sure he is able to show what he has learned in the classroom.教育孩子有很多方法,但是这些方法有一些共性,能增大孩子接受教育的机会。书本是接触新世界、新思想的途径。阅读对于孩子来说是建立读写技能、接触新事物的一个重要途径。学习实践是增强和培养兴趣及好奇心的一个重要途径。实践教导能让孩子有洞察力、学到更多东西。定期评估确保孩子在学习上有一定的进步。评估孩子的学习,能确保他知道自己在学校学到什么。 /201211/210980

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