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佛山医院男科咨询佛山慢性前列腺炎治疗价格Matching Tempos模仿语速Research shows that people change the speed at which they speak to more closely match speech they have just heard. They don’t imitate each other exactly, but they get sort of pulled in one direction or another, depending on whether a person speaks slowly or quickly.研究表明,人会变化语速,接近所听到的语速。这并非刻意地模仿,但是,受说话者或快或慢语速的影响。Scientists say that while it makes sense that musicians adapt their tempos, being that they are trained to do so, it’s not clear why speakers do it. After all, we don’t have to speak at the same tempo in order to understand each other.科学家说,音乐人的语速会调节得和训练时一样,虽然原因尚不清楚。事实上,我们说话时,并不需要一样的语速来听懂谈话。What’s more is that when asked to repeat a sentence they heard from a recording, the subjects in this research inserted pauses in the same places where the recording they heard inserted pauses. They did this without being directed to mimictempo or pauses.另外,受测者在听过一段录音,再重复录音时,会在和录音相同的地方停顿。虽然,研究人员并未要求受测者刻意模仿语速和停顿。In order to better understand these findings and to test them out in real interactions, scientists intend to study unscripted, casual conversation.科学家还会研究日常生活对话,实现实对话是否也存在模仿语速,加深对调查结果的理解。 /201301/219185高明区割包皮多少钱 How Rocks Appear In Your GardenI wonder how many of us went out this past spring to get our gardens y for planting, smug in the thought that last year we got rid of all the rocks.There’s that nice big mound of them in the corner of the garden where we piled them. Surely by now they are all cleaned out.“Wait! What is this?!” A big stone, and another one, and another one! Where did they come from?Did some mischievous kid bury a bunch of them for me to find this spring? Well, that could be,But maybe this time the kids were actually innocent.Any place that has winters cold enough to freeze the ground might experience the magical appearance of rocks welling up from beneath the surface.This is so common in the eastern U.S. that the rocks are called “New England potatoes.”Here’s what makes these stones mysteriously appear. Stones are better conductors of heat than soil, so the stone conducts heat away from the warmer soil beneath it.That colder soil under the rock then freezes before other dirt at the same depth.Remember that when water freezes it expands. So, when the water in the soil under the rock freezes, it expands and pushes the rock up a little.When the ground thaws a space is left under the stone which fills with dirt, so the stone rests a little higher.Over a period of time this repeated freezing, expanding, upward push, and filling underneath eventually shoves the rock to the surface. /201205/184265佛山医保卡不能报销包皮手术吗

顺德新世纪男科医院男科大夫佛山中医院治疗阳痿多少钱 高明人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

暨南大学附属顺德医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Books and Arts; Book Review;文艺;书评;Revolution in Egypt;Tahrir Square, one year on;埃及革命;回顾一年前的胜利广场;Cairo: My City, Our Revolution. By Ahdaf Soueif.《开罗:我的城市,我们的革命》,著者:阿达芙·索伊夫。The big themes of history may be written by the victors, but it is the observant bystanders who fill in the details. When Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in Cairo a year ago, among those watching was Ahdaf Soueif, a novelist born in Egypt and mostly resident in London. She missed the first three days as well as some of the postnatal struggles of the new era. As a liberal leftist she is at best a partial victor, given that Islamists took control of the streets after the big battles were won.历史的大文章可能是由胜利者来撰写的,但是它的细节却是那些近距离的旁观者所提供的。当胡斯尼·穆巴拉克在一年前被推翻时,阿达芙·索伊夫就是这样的一个旁观者。她是一个出生于埃及、但大部分时间住在伦敦的小说家。她没有目睹头三天的情景,也没有看到新时代开始后的各种争斗。作为一个左翼自由派人士,她顶多算一个半胜利者,因为在埃及人民获得推翻穆巴拉克的斗争的胜利后,伊斯兰教主义者控制了街头。So her view of the revolution may never dominate the new textbooks now being prepared in Egypt. The bearded men who will most likely dictate what is in them, however, cannot entirely ignore what she recorded during the initial 18 days that felled the tyrant and his cronies. Well- observed details have an unmistakable ring of truth and revisionist historians ignore them at their peril.因此,索伊夫关于埃及革命的观点可能永远不会成为正在埃及重写的教科书的配观点。然而,那些最有可能决定教科书写些什么的人,难以罔顾她所纪录的埃及革命头十八天中发生的那些事情。认真观察到的细节具有无可争辩的真实性,如果历史的修正者罔顾这些事实,他们自己会承担很大的风险。Ms Soueif has collected her notes in a book that above all conveys what it felt like to be in Tahrir Square, to face the police on the Nile bridges, to stumble into makeshift hospitals filled with bloodied youths. She has an eye for ephemera at the edge of a vast stage: that tear-gas canisters become more not less potent when they pass their expiry date, that in July last year a Saudi flag appeared in Tahrir Square, that the soldiers took possession of any US dollar bills they came across as evidence of demonstrators being foreign agents.索伊夫把她的笔记整理成为一本书,在这本书中,她使人身临其境般地感受到开罗胜利广场的氛围、在尼罗桥上与警察的对持、闯进满是受伤的年轻人的临时医院。她很善于捕捉在大场景中那些转瞬即逝的细小情节:过了期的催泪罐功效反而更大;去年七月一面沙特国旗出现在胜利广场上;士兵们没收他们看到的任何美元钞票,以作为据指控抗议者是外国间细。She captures the deep contempt of the youths for the old rulers, ing a teenage acquaintance as saying of the Mubarak men: “Before they open their mouths they’re liars; they breathe lies.”And she records imaginative chants of revolutionaries marching through hard-up districts of the city trying to win allies by warning the residents: “Prices up and no one cares / Next you’ll sell your bed and chairs.”她纪录了年轻人对前统治者们的极度蔑视,如一个十几岁的熟人在谈到穆巴拉克的人时说:“他们没张嘴也在说谎,他们呼吸的就是谎言。”她还纪录了,革命者们在戒备森严的地区一边游行一边唱着歌以争取居民持:“价格飞涨无人管/你马上会变成穷光蛋。”The lifeblood of Cairo visibly quickens during the days and months she chronicles. Her tone can be bombastic, breathless and laden with pathos, just as it was on the city streets. The narrative has a rushed, unfinished quality, much like the revolution itself. She inserts a flash-forward halfway through the account of the 18 days of revolution, in which she picks at what followed, especially the rise of the Islamists. All of it adds to the sense of drama.开罗的生命之血在她所纪录的的那些日子里显而易见地加快了流动。她的语调是爆炸性的、令人难以喘气的、充满痛苦的,正像开罗街道上所发生的事情一样。她的叙述带着一种急迫的、未尽的感觉,正像埃及革命本身。在她对十八天革命的纪录中间,她了一段快进式的片段来讲述在革命之后发生的事,特别是伊斯兰教旨主义的崛起。所有这一切都加强了事件的戏剧性。The most successful passages juxtapose the personal and the political. The narrative of street fighting is interleaved with personal memories of a previous age: here the house of a beloved aunt, there the studio where she acted in a television drama. The er gets a visceral sense of the dislocation the revolutionaries felt in their own city.把个人经历和政治现实对照着来写,是她的书最成功的地方。对街头斗争的叙述与自己对过去的回忆交织在一起:这里是一个可爱的姑母的房子;那里是她曾经参演电视剧的摄影室。读者从中感受到那些革命者们在自己的城市中发自内心的一种失落感。There is little clever analysis in the book, but that hardly matters. In years to come it will be a reminder to liberals—now once again in the opposition following the recent election victory of Egypt’s Islamists—of their most glorious hour. It should serve as a heartening reminder of what they are capable of achieving when united and courageous.书中没有什么精辟的分析,但这并不重要。在今后多年中,它将提醒那些自由主义者们(他们又成了在新近的选举中获胜的埃及伊斯兰教主义者的对立面),他们曾经有过多么辉煌的时刻。这应当是一种振奋人心的提醒:当他们团结起来,鼓足勇气的时候,可以成就什么样的事业。 /201209/198016佛山少精症的治疗费用佛山市三水区人民医院男科专家挂号



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