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上饶市激光祛痘印多少钱横峰县去痘医院哪家好When the executioner, by now probably wanting to die himself,held up the head to the spectators,这个刽子手 那时应该是魂飞魄散了 向围观群众举起头颅he made the mistake of grasping it by the mass of auburn curls,but that was a wig.但是他犯了一个错误 抓起了褐色的头发 那只是一顶假发To general horror, Mary#39;s skull,the hair cropped into short grey stubble,看到玛丽的头颅 人们大惊失色 那是一头剪得很短的灰白头发fell from his grip and rolled along the floor.她的头颅从刽子手中滚落到地上At that moment a terrible howling came from the crimson, blood-soaked petticoat.这时 从血染的衣中 传来一声悲恸的嚎叫Mary#39;s lap dog had to be taken away from the wreckage of her mistress.玛丽的小 必须要与它的女主人分离They tried and tried to scrub it clean of the clotted blood.他们试着清洗干净小身上那凝固的血迹They did so, but it wouldn#39;t eat, it languished, it died.尽管如此 它还是拒绝进食 最终活活饿死It was just another martyr to Mary#39;s pathetic, tragic life.对于玛丽悲情的一生 它又是一名殉道者Perhaps that little dog was the first mourner,it certainly was not going to be the last.也许那只小是玛丽第一个默哀者 但是它肯定不是最后一个Among the mourners, astoundingly,was Queen Elizabeth, in deep denial of what she had done.令人惊讶的是 在默哀的人们中 还有伊丽莎白女王 非常后悔她的决定 When she heard, her countenance changed, her words faltered当得知消息后 她表情僵硬 言语哽咽and with excessive sorrow she was in a manner astonished,她沉浸在巨大的震惊和悲伤中in so much as she gave herself over to grief,在悲痛中 她不能自已putting herself into mourning weeds and shedding abundance of tears.她穿起了黑纱丧 泪流不止 /201606/449198广丰区假体植入丰胸多少钱 Quite a rush to get to this point我们很匆忙地赶到这里and so many things could have gone wrong,很多事情都有可能出错they don#39;t seem to have done so so far,还好现在一切都还正常so I#39;m really pleased, really excited所以我真的非常高兴和期待about what we#39;re going to see over the next week下周我们会看到什么and what data we#39;ll get.会得到什么数据It#39;ll be nice to see as we go over the whole week我很期待一周之后的结果whether we see any usage in areas那就能发现一些we#39;re not seeing just after one day, won#39;t it?一天的数据里所没有东西 不是吗So what are the cats actually getting up to那么猫猫们在外巡视时when they#39;re out on patrol?他们都会做些什么呢In order to find out,为了找到the B#39;s research and development departmentB的研发部门has created a new type of camera创造了一种新的that will capture a cat#39;s eye view of our world.可以通过猫的视角来看世界的摄像机Today, Dr Sarah Ellis and Alia Sheikh, who developed the camera,今天 改进相机的萨拉·艾利斯士与艾丽雅·谢赫士are out to test a prototype.来测试样机的性能I wonder if that#39;s recording.我想知道它是否在录像- Oh, I see, that#39;s clever. - Is it recording?-我明白 很好 -在录吗- It#39;s recording now. - Is it?-现在在录了 -是吗重点解释:1.so far 迄今为止;到某个程度例句:I have had no reply from her so far.我至今没有得到她的答复。2.go over 检查;重做例句:Let#39;s just go over these figures again.我们再检查一下这些数字吧。3.in order to 为了例句:We started early in order to arrive before dark.为了在天黑前到达,我们很早就动身了。 Article/201607/456833英语口语1+1:Come hell or high water【1+1英文】Angela: "Will you be at the family reunion next year?" Andy: "Yes- we'll be there, come hell or high water!"【1+1中文】安吉拉:明年全家团聚,你们会来吗?安 迪:会,我们会来—不管任何情况发生!【1+1】"Come hell or high water" makes clear that some future event will happen and no other event will stop it from happening. 中文意思:无论如何;不管什么事情发生。 /200605/7028上饶婺源县自体脂肪移植隆胸价格

玉山县祛痘要多少钱上饶余干县鼻部修复多少钱 原味人文风情:Hi, everyone! Everything around us has a certain shape, a certain color, certain details for some particular reason, obviously because everything has a reason. That#39;s why we have prepared for you a selection of objects you probably didn#39;t know what are for. Get y to drop your jaw, and let#39;s get it on.嗨,大家!我们身边的每样物品都有特定形状、特定颜色、特定细节,因为某种特别原因,因为每样东西很显然都有存在的理由。那就是为什么我们替你准备一系列你可能不知道有什么作用的物品。准备好惊讶到下巴掉下来,我们开始吧。Bobble on the hat: In winter, you and many other people probably wear bobble hats, but we bet you didn#39;t know what the bobble is for.Well, apart from being fancy, the first bobble appeared in the 18th century. French Marines wore them. Back then, ship cabins had low ceilings, so bobbles were very important. They prevented sailors from hurting their heads. Then, other countries began using this element in army uniforms. By looking at its shape and its color, you could know which branch of the military a soldier belonged to.Nowadays, it is pure decoration—although it might come in handy in a small room or if you#39;re really freaking tall.帽子上的毛绒球:冬天时,你和其他许多人可能都会戴毛球帽,不过我们敢打赌你不知道那颗毛绒球是要做什么用的。这个嘛,除了好看以外,第一个毛绒球出现在十八世纪。法国海军会戴它们。当时,船舱的天花板低矮,所以毛绒球就很重要了。它们让水手不会伤到头。后来,其他国家开始在军中使用这个元素。藉由看它的形状和颜色,你就可以知道一名士兵属于哪个军种。如今,这纯粹只是种装饰--虽然在小房间里可能还有用处,或如果你真的高得吓人时。The hole in the Chupa Chups stick: Many people are in the wrong thinking that the hole in the stick prevents suffocation in case you swallow the stick. It#39;s not true, though. For this purpose, the whole stick is hollow. Other people believe that it#39;s for you to whistle after you#39;ve finished your candy, but they#39;re wrong, too. Don#39;t believe us? Then try it out! So?加倍佳棒棒糖棒子上的孔:很多人都有错误观念,以为棒子上的孔是万一你吞下棒子时防止窒息用的。不过那不是真的。因为这个原因,整根棒子都已经是中空的。其他人相信那是在你吃完糖果时吹口哨用的,不过他们也错了。不相信我们吗?那就试吹看看!怎样?Actually, this hole is designed especially for the candy not to fall. During production, when the stick is sunk in the still-liquid candy,the substance fills this hole first. Once it#39;s cooled down, this part fixes the whole candy. Also, thanks to this invention, Chupa Chups are harder to swallow compared to other candies—one of the reasons why it#39;s so popular.事实上,这个孔是特别设计来让糖果不要掉落。在制作过程中,当棒子沉入仍是液态的糖果时,糖果会先填满这个孔。一旦冷却后,这个部份就会固定住整糖果。此外,因为这个发明,加倍佳相较其它糖果来得难吞下--这是其中一个它为什么这么受欢迎的原因。Creases on trousers, one of the integral parts of the business suit:But how did people come up with them, and why? Almost nobody knows. It happened in the end of the 19th century. Clothes made at European factories were sent to other countries. In order to fit as many clothes as possible into the ship#39;s holds, it was folded and tamped. And after long travels through oceans and seas, the trousers had severe creases. It was almost impossible to get rid of them, so people had no other choice but to accept this fact. So the trouser creases became fashionable.裤子上的摺痕,西装不可或缺的一部分:不过人们怎么想出摺痕这点子,原因又是什么?几乎没人知道。这发生在十九世纪末。在欧洲工厂内制造的衣被送往其他国家。为了在船舱内装进尽量多件衣,衣被摺叠然后压实。经过海上长途运输后,裤子都有严重摺痕。要把那些摺痕去除几乎不可能,因此人们别无选择,只能接受这件事。所以裤子上的摺痕就成为流行时尚。Lines on toothpaste tubes: There#39;s a legend that the black line is for chemicals, and the green one is for organic components in the toothpaste. Don#39;t believe it. This is bullshit. Actually, these are barcodes. They have nothing to do with the composition of the product or its potential health effects. The color codes are supposed to be by light beam sensors in order to be typically identified so the high-speed machinery knows where the packaging needs to be folded or cut. The mark has to contrast with the color of the tube, so for a white tube, the mark#39;s gonna be black; for a green tube, white or beige.牙膏管上的线条:传说黑线代表化学制品,绿线代表牙膏内的有机成分。别相信这种说法。这是一派胡言。实际上,这些是条形码。它们和产品成分或可能的健康效果完全无关。这些色代码应该是要被光束传感器读取以做一般辨识,好让高速运转的机器知道包装要折起或裁切的位置。那记号必须和牙膏管的颜色有区别,所以白色的牙膏管,记号就会是黑色的;绿色的牙膏管,白色或米色。The little pockets in ladies#39; panties: Not many women know about the purpose of this weirdly placed pocket, not to mention men. The thing is, according to health standards, the inner layer has to be made from a special soft tissue. By the way, it applies both to women#39;s and men#39;s underwear. But the ladies#39; panties are made in such a way that it#39;s impossible to attach this extra bit of fabric with two inner seams. In that case, one of them will make you uncomfortable. So, on one side, they leave it unsewn. As a result, there#39;s a little pouch in there. Oddly enough, many people do think that it#39;s a special secret pocket for something really valuable.女性内裤上的小口袋:不是很多女性知道这个位置怪异的口袋的作用,更别提男性了。事情是这样的,根据健康标准,内层必须以特殊柔软薄织物制成。顺带一提,这对女性和男性的内着都适用。不过女性内裤是以这样的方式制成,要把这额外的布料用两条里面的缝线固定住是不可能的。那样的话,其中一条缝线会让你感到不舒。所以,在一边,布料就没被缝住了。因此,内裤里才有个小袋子。奇怪的是,很多人还真以为那是用来放极为值钱物品的特殊暗袋。Diamond-shaped square on your backpack: This strange pig nose thingy appears on almost every backpack, but do you know what it means? Originally, it was quite useful for camping. You could th ropes or carabiners through the lash tab, or mount equipment to free your arms. And today, you can hang something on it too—but it would be more of a decoration.后背包上的菱形方块:这个奇怪的猪鼻子玩意出现在几乎每个后背包上,不过你知道它有什么意义吗?原先,这对露营来说还满实用的。你可以将绳子或登山锁扣穿过饰片,或固定装备好空出双手。而现在,你也可以挂东西在那上面--不过那会比较算个装饰品而已。Amazing gadgets, upcoming technologies, incredible inventions, and other cool stuff related to high tech on TechZone. Subscribe—you won#39;t regret it. The link is on the screen and in the description.神奇装置、即将到来的科技、不可思议的发明,还有其它和高科技有关的超酷玩意,全在 TechZone。订阅--你不会后悔的。连结就在荧幕上和下方信息栏中。Thanks for watching. Please like and share the in social networks, and we#39;ll be right back to you, as fast as we can.谢谢收看。请在社群网络按赞和分享这部影片,我们会尽快和你再见面。 Article/201705/507530横峰县去蝴蝶斑多少钱

信州区妇幼保健人民中医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱He refused to compromise his principles.他拒绝放弃原则。compromise表示放弃(原则等 compromise也可做一个不及物动词,表示妥协,让步。要说明在哪个方面妥协或让步就用介词on。He refused to compromise on quality in order to make a larger profit.他拒绝为了有更大的利润而在质量上妥协。 /200803/29236 It takes some time to cultivate a new friendship.建立新的友谊需要些时间的。cultivate,用在农业上表示栽培,`耕种,上句中的cultivate表示建立或加强友谊,也有结交朋友的意思。He always tries to cultivate famous people.他总是结交名人。 /200803/29364上饶开眼角需要多少钱上饶中医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱




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