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井冈山市治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱吉安哪家美容医院最好吉安市人民医院去痣多少钱 SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A man set off a home-made explosive at a terminal in Shanghai#39;s Pudong International Airport on Sunday, the city#39;s government said, injuring five people, including himself.上海(路透社)-周日,一男子在上海浦东机场候机楼引发自制爆炸物,导致包括其在内的五人受伤,上海政府说。The explosion occurred near the airport#39;s Terminal Two ticketing area at about 2:20 p.m. and the people who were injured were taken away for medical treatment, the Shanghai government said in a short statement on its official microblog。爆炸发生于机场二号候机楼检票口处,大约凌晨2点20分,受伤人员已被带去治疗,上海市政府在官方微中说到。;According to an initial police investigation, a man took self-made explosive materials in a beer bottle out of his backpack and threw it at ticketing counter,; the government said.“根据最初警方调查,一男子从背包中拿出自制酒瓶爆炸物,投向检票柜台处。”政府说道。After the bottle exploded, he took out a knife and slashed his own neck, it said, adding that efforts to treat his ;serious; injuries were underway.在酒瓶爆炸后,他拿出刀子滑向自己的脖子,公告中说道,对该男子的抢救也在进行中。Another four people were lightly injured by exploding glass, it said. The incident was under investigation and only the three flights in that ticketing area had been affected.另外四人也被爆炸玻璃轻微划伤。这起事件正在被调查中,只有三个位于该航站楼的航班受到影响。Unverified pictures on China#39;s Weibo microblog showed a person on a gurney being wheeled away by medical attendants and a pool of blood on the floor.微上未经实的图片显示一人被轮床推走,地上有一滩血。Individual Chinese unable to win redress in disputes have in the past resorted to extreme measures, including bombings, but such incidents are rare amid the tight security at the country#39;s airports.在过去,不能再纠纷中获得主张的个人在中国常常采取极端措施,包括爆炸,但是在安保严格的机场此类事件是很少的。 /201606/448730吉安祛痘医院

吉安假体隆鼻手术多少钱吉安青原区人民中医院祛疤痕多少钱 Mobile phone users in China expected a pleasant surprise this month. Starting from October 1, a new policy adopted by the three giant cellphone operators - China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom - has allowed unused data from individual data packages to be carried over to the next month for use.中国手机用户在本月迎来了惊喜。从11月1号起,三大通信运营商——中国移动,中国电信和中国联通,采取了一项新的政策:当月个人数据包中未使用完的流量可以延长到下月使用。At the beginning, users of the three telecommunication companies hailed this policy, since they would have more free data to use in the next month and Chinese phone users#39; zealousness for mobile Internet is unrelenting.一开始,三大运营商的用户们对该政策的出台都很开心,因为他们从下月起就有更多的免费流量可以使用了,而现在的中国手机用户对于手机上网的需求是非常热忱的。However, even before Chinese users could enjoy the free extra package, inquisitive users found that since the adoption of the policy, the original data limits seem to be far more easily swallowed up, which means there wouldn#39;t be any unused data left for the next month. One user of China Unicom claimed that it took him only nine days to use up the data package of a month.然而,在用户们还未能享受到延长使用期限的流量包时,好奇的用户们就发现该政策公布后,原有的流量限额很容易就达到了,这意味着到了月底根本不会有剩余流量。一位中国联通用户宣称,他9天内就用完了一个月的流量包。Telecoms have become as essential a utility in modern life as water or power, and raising or lowering costs significantly affects people#39;s lives and finances. But disputes between consumers and service providers dominate discussion.移动通信已经成为现代生活中的重要物品,就像水和电一样不可或缺,通信成本的高低极大地影响了人们的生活和财政状况。但是消费者和务商之间的争执久居不下。Not long after mobile phones became popular in China about a decade ago, the country#39;s mobile operators were blamed for their tight grip over telecoms fees. Regulators allowed cellular operators to charge both callers and receivers, and it took years for them to switch to a one-way charging scheme, among a slew of initiatives. During the process, public complaints played a major role.十年前,手机在中国普及后不久,我国的移动运营商就因对通信费的严格控制而饱受诟病。过去,监管机构允许蜂窝运营商同时向来电者和接听者收费,采取一系列举措切换到单向收费机制则花了数年时间。在这一过程中,公众的抗议声起到了重要作用。It is too early to judge how long the disputes between telecommunication companies and consumers over data packages will last, since, according to media reports, the measurement of data usage is difficult to track. Companies are using ;user privacy; to avoid giving out any information.消费者和运营商之间关于数据包的战争还将持续多久还不可得知,据媒体报道,跟踪数据的使用情况是非常困难的。运营商以“用户隐私”为由拒绝给出任何信息。But ing through the complaints posted online by picky cellphone users, we can sense the public#39;s distrust of State-owned enterprises (SOEs).但通过阅读网络上讲究的手机用户的意见,我们能感受到公众对于国营企业的不信任。A survey done by the People#39;s Tribune Research Center in 2012 found that the public#39;s negative impression of SOEs came from the belief that they only rely on government support and their employees usually do easy jobs but get higher pay, yet their efficiency and sense of service lag far behind private and foreign enterprises.人民论坛研究中心在2012年做过一份调查,公众对于国营企业的负面印象来自于他们认为,这些企业仅仅只依靠政府的持经营,员工大多数做着简单的工作却拿高工资,但他们的务意识和工作效率却远远落后于私营企业和外企。Besides, they feel that the costs of daily life such as water, electricity and petrol are always on the rise and attribute this to the monopoly of SOEs. Even if SOEs do something positive, it doesn#39;t help much win back public#39;s trust.另外,他们把生活必需品的成本,诸如水,电和汽油的持续上涨,都归咎于国企的垄断。即使是国企做了一些有积极意义的事,也不能重赢民心。The current spat over the data package of the three State-owned telecommunication giants reflects the extent of public dissatisfaction. Amid the country#39;s thriving anti-corruption campaign and reforms, it shows the public#39;s enthusiasms for deepening reforms and making SOEs benefit domestic consumers.目前对三大运营商的数据包之争反映了公众不满的程度,在国家反腐倡廉的蓬勃发展和改革的环境下,它显示了公众对于深化改革,使国有企业有利于国内消费者的热情。 /201511/407545永新县治疗粉刺多少钱

井岗山市妇幼保健院去眼袋多少钱Central bank insider Liu Shuyu is renowned for his communication skills — a useful attribute at a time financial regulators have been broadly slammed for inept messaging.身为央行局内人的刘士余以其沟通技巧而闻名——在中国金融监管者普遍因不擅对外沟通而受到批评的时代,这是个很有用的特长。He is a regular face on the conference circuit, defending and clarifying policies at the central bank, where he cut his regulatory teeth. The revolving door between regulators and banks is a common path among top financial officials, and one trodden by his four predecessors at the China Securities Regulatory Commission — who, like Mr Liu, looped from central bank to commercial back and then to the securities regulator.他的面孔在中国的会议上时常能够见到,他在那些场合捍卫和澄清央行的政策,央行是他获得监管经验的地方。在顶级金融高官中,监管机构和间的旋转门是一条常见的通道,他在中国监会(CSRC)的四位前任就曾走过这条通道。这四人和刘士余类似,先在中国央行和商业之间交替任职,再到这家券监管机构任职。After 18 years at the People’s Bank of China, latterly serving as a deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, he went on to chair Agricultural Bank of China, one of the “Big Four” state-owned banks, before being called back to fill Xiao Gang’s abruptly vacated post of chief securities regulator.在中国央行工作了18年之后(他在那里的最后职位是中国央行副行长),他接着担任了中国“四大”国有之一中国农业(Agricultural Bank of China)的董事长。接着,他又被调回来,填补肖钢突然空出来的监会主席一职。According to state news agency Xinhua, he was about to open a conference on the outskirts of Beijing when he received an urgent summons to the State Council. He made a short speech, throwing in a light-hearted Spring Festival remark, before leaving.据官方的新华社报道,他正要在北京郊区开会时突然接到了国务院的紧急通知。他在离开前发表了简短的讲话,以轻松的语气向人们拜了个年。“Since we’ve not yet reached the end of the festival period, I wish you all a happy new year. It used to be that we’d get to the ninth day of festivities and run out of steamed buns and wine to greet people with. Now our quality of life is much improved, and we’ve got enough to last us through the festival season!”“正月十五没过,过去拜年拜到初八,就一无馒头二无酒,现在生活水平好了,拜年可以拜到十五!”In other words his message was focus on the long term, and you will see that we have never had it so good.换句话说,他这句话传递的信号是:关注长期,你就会认识到我们的情况好得前所未有。Former colleagues at the People’s Bank of China applaud his “high emotional intelligence”, according to multiple Chinese media reports. He will need to call on this and his much-touted level-headed charm to communicate China’s financial policies to investors, whose confidence in the stock market has been shaken by the turbulence of the past year.根据多个中国媒体的报道,他在中国央行的前同事对他的“高情商”表示赞赏。他将需要动用这一特长,加上他备受好评的冷静魅力,向投资者沟通中国的金融政策——去年市场的动荡已大大动摇了投资者对股市的信心。Since graduating from university in 1981, Mr Liu has always been a civil servant. He began in the Shanghai Economic System Reform Office and the National Development and Reform Commission.自1981年大学毕业以来,刘士余一直在担任公务员。最开始,他是在上海市经济体制改革办公室(Shanghai Economic System Reform Office)和国家经济体制改革委员会(该机构2003年被并入发改委——译者注)任职。His career has not been all plain sailing: last month, during his leadership of the Agricultural Bank of China, two employees carried out a Rmb3.9bn scam, allegedly using the money to invest in the domestic stock market. “Perhaps Mr Liu can better hunt down the stolen funds in his new role,” one blogger joked.他的职业生涯也不是一帆风顺:上个月,就在他担任中国农业领导期间,两名该行员工实施了规模为39亿元人民币的欺诈行为,涉嫌用这笔资金投资于中国国内股市。对此,一名客主人在网上调侃道:“也许刘士余在新的岗位上能更快追回这笔失窃的资金。”Nor does his new job promise an easy ride. The role is widely referred to in the Chinese media as “the volcano seat” and his first test will be to introduce the new — and controversial — market-based IPO system.此外,他的新职位也无法保是一次轻松的旅程。在中国媒体中,监会主席一职被广泛称作“火山口”。他面临的第一个考验将是如何引入新的、有争议的基于市场的首次公开招股(IPO)体系。 /201602/427533 Chinese airlines#39; on-time performance remained poor last year, a recent government report said, despite repeated pledges by civil aviation authorities to solve the problem.一份近日发布的政府报告指出,尽管我国民航部门一再承诺解决航班晚点问题,去年国内航班的正点率依然不高。Only about 68 percent of the 3.37 million flights by domestic carriers in 2015 were on time, meaning nearly one-third of Chinese flights were late last year, according to the 2015 Annual Report on Civil Aviation Industry Development released by the Civil Aviation Administration.民航局发布的《2015年民航行业发展统计公报》显示,去年,全国客运航空公司共执行航班337.3万班次,航班正点率仅为68%左右,这意味着有近1/3的国内航班遭遇延误。The late flights had an average delay of 21 minutes - 2 minutes more than in 2014, the report said.该公报称,2015年,全国客运航班平均延误时间为21分钟,同比增加2分钟。The biggest drag on flights was air traffic control measures, which accounted for 30.7 percent of flight delays last year, followed by bad weather, which caused 29.5 percent of postponements, it said.此外,该公报还指出,去年,造成航班延误的最主要原因是空中交通管制措施,占比30.68%;其次是恶劣天气,占比29.53%。Airlines were responsible for 19.1 percent of the delays, and the remaining 20.7 percent were for ;other reasons;. The administration didn#39;t elaborate on those.航空公司对19.1%的延迟负有责任,而剩余20.7%的延迟要归因于“其他原因”。政府方面并没有针对这些进行详细说明。The on-time rate for Chinese airlines in 2014 was also about 68 percent, but carriers themselves were the biggest contributor to delays that year, followed by air traffic control measures and bad weather.中国航空公司2014年的航班正点率也在68%左右,但是当年运营商自身是航班延误的最主要原因,其次是空中交通管制措施及恶劣天气。 /201606/449856吉安市中医院祛痣多少钱吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院黄褐斑怎么样



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