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2019年11月15日 22:01:43 | 作者:求医咨询 | 来源:新华社
China abroad 中国的海外投资Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen欢迎,欢迎,热烈欢迎America needs to worry about the contrast between its attitude to China and Europe’s美国需要考虑下他自己和欧洲对待中国的态度有何不同Jun 30th 2011 | from the print editionIN EUROPE, the red carpet. In America, a red mist. This week’s tour of European capitals by Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, underlined the stark transatlantic difference in responses to China’s economic clout. European leaders, caught up in the euro area’s crisis, want China to buy more of their debt; American politicians worry that it owns too much of theirs. For European politicians the value of the yuan is one worry among many; it sometimes feels like Americans can think of little else. In Europe, Chinese firms are broadly welcome; in America, they are often viewed with suspicion.在欧洲,是红地毯,在美国,是蒙蒙的红雾。中国国务院总理温家宝在这周的欧洲首都之行上,凸显了大西洋彼岸的国家对中国经济实力增强的不同反应。欧洲各国的领导人,被欧元区危机弄得焦头烂额,迫切希望中国购买他们的债券,美国的政客则担心中国蚕食他们的利益;对于欧洲的政客,人民币的价值只是他们担心的一个方面,而在美国却盯着此不放;在欧洲,中国的公司受到广泛的欢迎,在美国,他们却经常被视作动机不纯。Europe’s receptiveness to China is born partly of weakness. Delegations from peripheral euro-zone countries have been flying into Beijing to seek buyers of their debt. Fixers working for Chinese companies report a steady stream of inquiries from cash-strapped European firms. But even among Europe’s stronger economies, the political bias is to promote investment from China, not deter it.欧洲对中国的接纳部分是因为欧洲经济的疲软。欧元区的小国代表团已经飞往北京去寻找债券购买人了,为中国公司工作的调停者已经从那些现金流不足的欧洲公司那里整理出一份详细的咨询报告。甚至是那些强大的经济体,政治的偏见都没能够抑制从中国来的投资。201107/143055Last post for disabled people? A disabled woman from Hastings says she's being discriminated against because her local post office is earmarked for closure.The Channel 4 News has learned that the government amended legislation which would have forced it to take account the needs of disabled people just weeks before announcing that thousands of post offices were closed. The department of work and pensions haven't offered an explanation for this change. But campaigners say it is illegal, and they are taking the government to court. Katie Razzall has the exclusive report from the battlefield in Hastings.107.8 Arrow FM, news for Hastings and 1066 Country.A Hastings' couple will learn next week if their legal challenge against post office closures could lead to a U-turn.Jonathan Coe's wife is disabled. She is too distressed about her condition to appear on television. But on Monday London's High Court will hear her lawyer's argue that closing her local post office is against the law."I thought it was an absolutely incomprehensible decision and that made me quite cross on behalf of my wife and indeed my mother-in-law."The Disability Discrimination Act includes a list of organizations that have a duty to promote quality for the disabled. Just a month before the Royal Mail announced it planned to shut 2500 branches, it was removed from that list--the only organization ever to be taken off."It's very difficult for groups of disabled people to bring this kind of legislation to the Statute book. But then to suddenly discover that on a whim, a minister has decided that no longer will this particular law apply to the Royal Mail is, frankly, an outrage."Mr. Coe's wife can't walk or stand for long periods, having a post office close by ensures she doesn't have to. Her lawyer argues that the then-secretary of state for Work and Pensions John Harten was wrong to exempt the Royal Mail."And it's outside of his powers given to him by Parliament. He was allowed to pass regulations to promote disability quality. He was not allowed to pass regulations to relax the obligations on public authorities, to do just that.""And there's no seats, you have to stand."Royal Mail is more than halfway through its national closure program. It loses four million pounds a week and says many of the services it used to provide are now offered online in three banks. 49 branches have aly shut in Sussex in the attempt to make Royal Mail more sustainable, including this former sub post office on the seafront. There're many locals still don't realize it.These pensioners combined age of 1023 rely on that branch for paying bills, getting money and benefits, more than just a place to buy stamps. For them, the post office is a public service. Their new branch is too far for many of them to attempt."Because I can't cope with it anymore, and I get a bit frightened when you carry money, you know, too far.""It's taken away independence from a large number of elderly and disabled people in this area, and it seems to me that the government is always wanting elderly people to remain independent, to stay in their own homes, and that's what's happened, it's taken away the independence of people.""Well I thought I'll test how long it takes me to get to the new post office, 9 minutes past 4......Hastings' post office, I've made at it, in 7 minutes, and I was walking pretty fast."Royal Mail says it may provide a reduced service nearby when Mr. Coe's post office shuts. If the couple win their case, its plan to close more branches across the country will be in doubt. The government told Channel 4 News it doesn't believe it.200811/55308Obama Prepares for European Trip奥巴马总统为欧洲之行作准备  U.S. President Barack Obama will leave Washington early Tuesday morning on his first overseas trip since taking office. He will attend a global economic summit in London and a meeting of NATO leaders on the French-German border. 美国总统奥巴马星期二早上将离开华盛顿,开始他就任后的第一次海外之行。奥巴马将参加在伦敦举行的全球经济首脑会议以及在法国和德国边境举行的北约领导人会议。For the first time, Barack Obama will officially represent the ed States on the world stage. 奥巴马将第一次正式在世界舞台上代表美国。He will visit five countries in eight days, take part in three summits, hold numerous bilateral meetings, deliver a major speech on arms proliferation and open a dialogue with young people on the Internet. 在八天的行程中,他将访问五个国家,参加三个首脑会议,举行多个双边会谈。他将发表有关武器扩散问题的重要讲话,还将在互联网上与年轻人进行交流。His first stop is London for a summit on the international economic crisis held under the auspices of the G20 - a grouping of 20 of the biggest leading and emerging economies. 伦敦将是他出访的第一站。在那里,他将参加由20国集团主办的有关国际金融危机的首脑会议。20国集团由世界几个最大经济体和一些新兴经济体组成。All agree that action must be taken. But there are differences over the right mix of government stimulus spending and financial system reforms. 与会各国都同意必须采取行动,但是,各国在有关如何正确协调政府刺激开计划以及改革金融体系的关系上仍然存在分歧。President Obama was expected to push for more spending, similar to action he has aly taken to try to boost the U.S. economy. But White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says the president will not dictate specific spending targets. 预计,奥巴马总统会强调增加政府开,与他在美国采取的刺激经济的措施类似。但是,白宫发言人吉布斯说,总统不会强求各方提出具体的开数目。"The president and America are going to listen in London, as well as to lead," Gibbs said. “总统和美国在伦敦会议上担负领导责任的同时,也会倾听各方意见。”Reginald Dale is an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. 华盛顿战略与国际问题研究中心的分析人士戴尔说,奥巴马曾承诺美国将采取全新的领导方法,伦敦是他展示新领导能力的好机会。He says the president, who has promised new U.S. leadership, will have an opportunity to deliver in London."This is the chance - if Obama wants to restore world leadership - here is the opportunity being handed to him on a silver plate," Dale said. "And if he wants to show he is a world leader, he has to grasp that opportunity and do so." “这是一次机会,如果奥巴马想恢复世界领导地位,这是一个绝好的机会。如果他希望展示他是世界领导人,他就得抓住这个机会,表现出来。”Mr. Obama will also meet privately in London with the leaders of Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. 奥巴马在伦敦时,还将私下会晤来自俄罗斯、中国、印度、沙特阿拉伯以及韩国的领导人。The president has talked about his desire to ease tensions between the ed States and Russia. And his initial one-on-one session with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev -- coming just days before the NATO summit -- will be watched closely. 奥巴马曾经表示,他希望缓解美国和俄罗斯之间的紧张关系。他提议与俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫面对面的会谈。这发生在北约峰会几天前,因此双方的会晤将受到密切关注。NATO talks will focus on the war in Afghanistan. And at this summit, President Obama's public popularity in Europe could collide with the reality that few support sending more troops into combat. 北约峰会的主要议题是阿富汗战争。尽管奥巴马总统在欧洲民众中很受欢迎,但是,在峰会期间,他可能会碰到这样的现实,那就是,很少有人持派出更多的部队投入战争。John Glenn, Foreign Policy Director for the German Marshall Fund of the ed States, says the Obama administration will likely ask the Europeans for more military trainers and civilian personnel. 设在美国的德国马歇尔基金会外交政策主任格伦说,奥巴马政府很有可能要求欧洲提供更多的军事训练人员以及非军方人员。"They are reluctant to send more troops and put them in harms' way. However, there are signs they are willing to do those other non-combat missions. I think that is going to have to be the way forward for the Obama administration," Glenn said. “他们不太愿意派遣更多的部队,让部队身处险境。不过,有迹象显示,他们愿意承担一些非战斗的任务。我认为奥巴马政府可以就此迈进一步。”Mr. Obama will not make his speech on weapons proliferation at the NATO summit. Instead, he will deliver it the next day in the Czech Republic - a relatively new NATO ally and the nation that holds the rotating presidency of the European Union. 奥巴马不会在北约峰会上发表有关武器扩散的演讲,这个话题将留到第二天访问捷克共和国时进行。捷克是北约新成员,目前是欧盟轮值主席国。The president is invited to Prague for an EU summit with Czech leaders and European Union officials. While there, he is also expected to discuss American plans for a missile defense system in Europe. The Czech Republic and Poland would host components of the system, which is now under review by the Obama administration. 奥巴马受邀访问布拉格,出席在那里举行的一个欧盟首脑会议,他将与捷克和欧盟官员举行会谈。预计,他会谈到美国在欧洲部署导弹防御系统的问题。这一系统将分别部署在捷克共和国和波兰。目前,这个系统正在接受奥巴马政府的审议。Mr. Obama will end his trip on a symbolic note in Turkey - the first predominantly Muslim country to host the new U.S. president. While there, he will seek to open a dialogue with young people in the region. Aides say Mr. Obama will host a question and answer session that will be conducted, in part, on the Internet. 奥巴马访问的最后一站是土耳其,这是具有象征意义的一个举措。这是一个穆斯林人口占主导地位的国家第一次接待美国新总统。在那里,奥巴马将与该地区的年轻人展开对话。助手们说,这些对话一部分会通过互联网问答活动来进行。03/65909New York's old people rebel纽约老人起来反抗To the barricades for Medicare老年保健医疗制度的障碍卡A by-election may be a referendum on the Republicans’ health plans或许递补选举是对共和党保健方案的一次公民选票May 12th 2011 | DEPEW, NEW YORK | from the print editionNEW YORK is a blue state. Its governor, Andrew Cuomo, is a Democrat, as are its two senators. But chunks of it are very conservative, such as the reliably Republican 26th congressional district in western New York. It spans the suburbs of Buffalo, across hundreds of acres of farmland, to the suburbs of Rochester. Registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats there by around 30,000. George Bush handily won the district in 2004, though he lost the state by 19 points. In 2008 it was one of only four New York districts that voted for John McCain over Barack Obama. Chris Lee, the Republican who had represented the district since 2008, won a whopping 74% of the vote at the 2010 mid-term election. He stepped down in February after a gossip website posted shirtless pictures he had sent to a woman he had met on Craigslist.纽约州在图中为蓝色区域。纽约州总检查长安德鲁科莫和纽约州两名参议院是民主党员。不过大部分纽约人都很保守,如位于纽约西部的共和党的第26个国会区。它跨越了水牛城的郊区,横跨大片农田,一直延伸直到罗切斯特市。已注册的共和党人要比民主党人多上30,000人左右。2004年,尽管乔治布什在纽约州的选票输给对手19个百分点,但他轻易地赢得了这个地区的选票。2008年,它是纽约州四个投给约翰麦凯恩的选票多于投给奥巴马的选票的地区之一。自2008年来,克里斯李成为这个地区的代表,以遥遥领先的74%的选票赢得了2010年中期选举。他之所以于二月下台,是因为一个绯闻网站张贴出了他的赤膊照片,他曾经将这些照片发给在“克雷格清单”(一个网上免费分类广告网站)上认识的一个女人。The special election (as Americans call a by-election) to fill the Craigslist congressman’s empty seat will take place on May 24th. Jane Corwin, a wealthy conservative member of the state Assembly, should on past form be a shoo-in, but recent polls indicate she has an unexpected battle on her hands. According to one recent poll Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, is just a few points behind Ms Corwin, and another shows her in the lead. Jack Davis, the self-financed independent “tea-party” candidate, is also performing solidly in the polls. At first glance it appears that Mr Davis, a former Republican who also ran (unsuccessfully) for office as a Democrat, may be siphoning support away from Ms Corwin.“克雷格清单”事件导致国会议员职位空缺,这次特别选举(美国人称之为递补选举)将在5月24日举行。简科温是纽约州参议院的一名富有的保守派成员,之前她很被看好,不过最近选票对她不利,这意味着她要投身到意料之外的选票交战中。据最近的一次选票显示,民主党人凯西胡赫尔选票仅次于科温一些,另一次选票中显示胡赫尔居于领先地位。自行筹资的独立党派——茶会选手杰克戴维斯在近日的投票中的成绩也表现出强劲之势。戴维斯此前是一名共和党员,同时也作为民主党的候选人参加竞选,结果当然失败了,乍看之下,他似乎是通过虹吸原理,从科温那里赢来选票。201105/136855

It’s time for these men to get y for work, and work means hanging off a cliff at 10,000 feet. High in the Austrian Alps, these men are trying to rescue a historic weather station from the weather itself. “It was a couple of years ago, we saw this crack and this whole supporting structure is based on 5 pillars. This one lowered itself about 4 or 5 millimeters. This meant to us the mountain is moving.” For more than a hundred years, Sonnblick Observatory has taken the Alps temperature. “So the whole climate change which it could observe in the twentieth century was observed here. ” And in the past few decades it’s measured a slow but steady increase. Lue Rasser has been watching the weather data at Sonnblick for more than 20 years. “A lot of facts show the climate is changing dramatically and it is a tragic change. A good example is average temperature. It’s moved up by more than 1 degree centigrade.” And from here Lue can watch it all in real time. “This is the meteor data system and you can all the weather measurements right here. For example we can show precipitation, snow levels on glaciers, wind temperature, global and sky radiation and a whole lot more.” But now the warmer weather is melting glaciers and hitting meteorologists right where they live. Sonnblick’s peak used to be held together by mountain permafrost, but with rising temperatures the permafrost was melting and the rock under the station was crumbling away. “When I started here in 1980 precipitation was snow or sleet, but for the last 15 years the temperature is so high that at least for a month each year we only have rain.” “And this rain caused freezing and refreezing and melting within the cracks and this of course splits up the cracks, you know.” So the workers drilled holes deep into the mountain top, searching for rock that wasn’t cracked. They built a web of steel and concrete to hold the mountain together, and maybe, just maybe, keep the station standing. Up here the weather can change in an instant and that’s why Sonnblick really does tower above most other observatories because it’s seen it all. It is the oldest mountain observatory in 3000 meters in the whole world, and it collected data since 1886. And the data show the warmer weather is giving no signs of slowing down, not just at Sonnblick but all through the Alps. Even mighty mountains are no match for a little rising thermometer. So for now, for the people at Sonnblick, fighting the effects of climate change is an uphill battle.参考中文翻译:这些人工作的时间到了,工作意味着悬挂在10,000英尺高的悬崖上。在奥地利境内高高的阿尔卑斯山上,这些人试图拯救一个历史性的气象站免于天气破坏。“大约两年前,我们看到了这个裂缝,整个持结构由5根柱子撑。而这一根下降了四五毫米。这说明山体移动了。”100多年来,Sonnblick气象台一直记录阿尔卑斯山的气温。“所以20世纪所有能够观察到的气候变化都是在这里观测到的。”在过去的几十年里,气温缓慢但是稳步上升。Lue Rasser在Sonnblick观测气象数据已经有20多年的历史。“多项事实表明,气候确实在急剧变化,而且是灾难性的变化。其中一个例子就是平均气温上升了1摄氏度以上。”在这里Lue可以进行实时观测。“这是流星数据系统,你可以在这里读取到所有的测量结果。例如,我们可以进行预测,冰川雪线,风温,全球和前空辐射,所有的预测都可以进行。”但是现在气候变暖,冰川融化,直接威胁到气象学家居住的地方。 由于永久冰冻,Sonnblick顶峰一向是聚集成一个整体,但是由于气温升高,永久冰冻融化,气象站的岩石逐渐分裂。“从1980年我到这里开始,预报结果一般是降雪或者冰雹,但是从15年前开始,由于气温升高,每年至少有一个月能够预测到降雨。”“雨水引起裂缝中产生冰冻,重复冰冻和融化,你知道,这样会加大裂缝。”所以工人们们在山顶向山体钻孔,希望寻找到没有开裂的岩石。他们建造了一个钢筋混凝土网络,希望重新把山体连接在一起,或许,只是有可能,保持气象站稳定。“在这里气候瞬息万变,这就是Sonnblick气象站能够比其他观测站观测更好的原因。”这是全世界最古老的高山气象站,位于海拔3000米的高山上,从1886年开始收集数据。数据表明,气候变暖没有任何变缓的迹象,并不只是在Sonnblick,而是整个阿尔卑斯山。即使是强有力的高山也承受不了一点点升温。所以,现在,对Sonnblick的人们来说,抵抗气候变暖的影响的战争悦来越艰巨。200812/58075

U.S. President Barack Obama's top counter-terrorism advisor says a threat from an al-Qaida affiliate led to the closure of the American embassy in Yemen. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports this same group has been linked to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner. 美国总统奥巴马的高级反恐顾问说,来自基地组织附属团体的威胁导致美国关闭在也门的使馆。正是这个团体和圣诞日炸美国航班的未遂阴谋有关。John Brennan says the embassy was closed to protect the lives of its staff. 奥巴马总统的国土安全顾问约翰.布伦南说,为了保护也门使馆工作人员的生命安全,这个使馆被关闭了。"There are indications that al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is targeting our embassy and targeting our personnel and we are not going to take any chances with the lives of our diplomats and others who are at that embassy," he said.布伦南说:“有迹象显示,在阿拉伯半岛上的基地组织正把矛头指向我们的使馆和我们的工作人员,我们决不拿在这个使馆内的我国外交人员和其他工作人员的生命来冒险。”The president's homeland security advisor told the FOX News Sunday television program the ed States is working with the Yemeni government to deal with the terrorist threat.这位总统国土安全顾问在“福克斯周日新闻”电视节目上说,美国正与也门政府合作应对这种恐怖威胁。On N's Meet the Press, he was asked if that means Yemen is a major new front in the war on terrorism.在全国广播公司的“面对媒体”节目上,布伦南被问及:这是否意味也门是反恐战争的主要新战线。Brennan said it has long been an area of concern.布伦南说,也门早已成为引人关注的地区。201001/93979

Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty IndustryLead in lipstick? Harsh chemicals in baby shampoo? How is this possible? Simple, says Stacy Malkan, a self-described former makeup addict. "The billion cosmetics industry is so powerful they've kept themselves unregulated for decades." says the author of a new book, Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.It is estimated that on any given morning, the average person uses up to 20 cosmetic products before they leave the home. But is it possible that we are exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals that can affect our health? Author and self-proclaimed make-up addict Stacy Malkan is challenging the cosmetics industry by releasing her book, Not Just a Pretty Face, the ugly side of the beauty industry. And she joins us in our studio with more. Welcome! (Hello, thank you.) This is alarming Because everybody, men and women, we use all kind of products. Let's take a look at this list that we put together from your book, some of the problems that we will find. We're talking lead in lipstick, some of the other things you have as phthalates in lotions, neurotoxins in the mascara we use and coal tar in shampoo. First of all, why is this in there and how bad is this?Well, many products, unfortunately, and we are talking about shampoos, deodorants, lotion, make-up, even baby shampoos, contain carcinogens, hormone-disrupting chemicals, chemicals that have never been tested for health effects. And we're putting these chemicals on our bodies, in our hair, on our babies, day after day, and the toxic exposures are adding up. Ok, and what it will do in to us?Well, we see, unfortunately as we know, many increases in er, certain types of cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, there's a lot of evidence showing that chemical pollutants are contributing to those increases in chronic diseases. So we think that it's a good idea to reduce toxic exposures wherever we can, you know, starting with the products we are putting on our bodies. OK, now let's talk about some of the things that you brought. (Yeah.) Because, you know, here's the, that shampoo there (Yes.) that we probably all used at one time or another. Yes, we analyzed a dozen popular baby shampoos and children's bubble baths and found that found all of them contained one,four-dioxin which is a probable human carcinogen according to the EPA, was not listed on the labels. Companies don't have to tell us about contaminants or fragrance chemicals. So often toxins that aren't on the label are in the products. This is a very cute product, you know, obviously meant to appeal to children, (bubble bath, ah-ha. ) has a warning label right on it that says prolonged exposure may cause urinary tract irritation. (Let me turn this around, yeah, I haven't seen that before.) and actually many children's products have that. (Really?) You dont really want kids sitting in the tub for a long period of time with these chemicals. OK, you know, I'm looking at this choking hazard warning sign, I don't think I would even notice there's the other one. OK.And I found this, you know, at ground level, where a child will find it and grab it not let go of it.Ok, lipstick, we wear it every day!Well, lipstick, yes, we found 61% of lipsticks contain lead, including some high-end brands, this is a .2 tube of lipstick that definitely does not need to contain lead, (Ok, and finally these products) er, some of the more toxic products, very disturbingly, are targeted at women of color. We see skin whitening creams, this has hydroquinone, highly toxic, banned in Europe, legal, er, in the US. And then, here's another example of a product hair relaxer, targeting children. You know, that's a five-year-old on the cover. Now I have to ask you have there been scientific studies to prove to us that these are harmful to us because, we are, were just going to take your word for this, but I'm sure there are some people who would say this is not true. Yeah, well, what we know is that some of these chemicals are unknown to cause cancer, health effects. You know, the companies will say it's just a little bit of toxin (Right.) in the baby shampoo. Yes, it's true but we're using these products everyday and then the exposures are adding up. Well, what about the FDA, what about the EPA? Isn't somebody regulating this industry?Well, most people are surprised to find out NO. Companies can put any chemical nearly into personal care products, no safety testing, without telling us everything that's on the label. So, this industry needs to be regulated. And that's what we're working toward. All right, raising awareness. OK, what can we do if we don't want to use any of these. I mean if you want to use the right stuff? What do you do?Ok, simplify. Looking for, er, look at product labels, look for fewer chemicals, try to avoid synthetic fragrance, we also have a database where you can look up products called "Skin-deep free database" at safecosmetics.org. So, you know, there are tocsin resources for us to do our own research and until the industry is regulated, that's what we have to do. Ok, I know you're wearing a little foundation, I don't see your lipstick on it. Is that on purpose? Well, I do wear makeup, I love makeup. I believe all makeup can and should be safe. OK, Malkan, and you, we have some help now. So, if you'd like to know more about all of this, you can go to our website abc7chicago.com, click on "see it on TV" and the website you mentioned will be there too? Thank you very much. Yes, safecosmetics.org.And you were speaking of the Sunday event, which is also on our site.Yes, Sunday at the Green Festival, check out the Green Festival Sunday at noon. OK, thank you so much for joining us today.Thank you. phthalate:【化】邻苯二甲酸盐neurotoxin:【化】 神经毒素deodorant:【化】 除臭剂; 芳香剂carcinogen:n. 致癌物质urinary tract:【医】 泌尿道 hydroquinone:【化】 氢醌; 对苯二酚200812/59585

Culture: Professional Witch 文化: 职业巫婆New Witch of Wookey Hole: Wookey 洞里的新巫婆Do you ever fancy a career change?Well if you can cast spells, fly on a broomstick and have a good cackle, then you might be interested in becoming a professional witch. And if you become the Witch of Wookey Hole you could even earn a good salary.Legend has it that the haunted caves of Wookey Hole in the south of England were home to a witch who laid a curse on the local villagers, until she was turned to stone by a monk.These days the caves are a tourist attraction which bring in thousands of visitors a year. And they have just appointed a new witch.On Tuesday, Carole Bonahan beat over 300 applicants with pointy hats, capes and hooked noses to win the £50,000-a-year (around 500,000 RMB) post as Wookey Holes resident witch.Carole, who will now be known by her witchs name Carla Calamity, will give up her job as an estate agent in order to become a full-time witch. Her main duty will be welcoming visitors to the caves.Miss Calamity wears stilettos and describes herself as a ;glamorous witch;. She said that her old job wasnt perhaps as different to being a witch as you might imagine:;I am going to be a great witch. All it takes is a little bit of magic and a little pizzazz. Its a natural progression from my old job as an estate agent. I have been using my witching skills to sell houses for a long time.;Handing over the broomstick was Jane Brenner who has been Wookeys witch for the past six years. She said:;We didnt want anyone who would scare the children. We wanted a good witch to meet and greet people and to act as an ambassador for the attraction. This isnt a cushy job.;Indeed, Carla Calamity had to overcome a wide range of people from all walks of life in order to get the job. Teachers, a photographer, and even an accountant all threw their hats in the ring.So next time you feel like introducing a little magic into your life, you might want to think about a career in witching.词汇表:cast spells 用符咒镇住(某人或某物)broomstick 扫把cackle 邪恶的笑声earn a good salary 挣一份好的年薪legend has it 传说中讲tourist attraction 旅游景点appointed 被任命capes 披风,斗篷hooked noses 鹰钩鼻calamity 大灾难estate agent 房产销售员stilettos 细高跟鞋glamorous 富有魅力的pizzazz 活力natural progression 自然发展meet and greet 欢迎a cushy job 一个容易做的工作all walks of life 各行各业threw their hats in the ring (比喻)参加竞争08/81972

Africa Stays Up All Night to Hear US Election Results非洲人对奥巴马当选总统欢欣鼓舞 Millions of Africans are exhausted after staying up all night watching expectantly to see whether a man of African descent will elected to the America's highest office. An all-night party of journalists and political enthusiasts in Addis Ababa where everybody was talking about being American for a day to share in this historic election. 数百万非洲人充满期待地熬夜观看一名非洲后裔是否能够当选美国总统。在亚地斯亚贝巴举办了一场由记者与政治人物参加的彻夜派对,每个人都在设想自己是美国人,藉此来分享这场历史性的选举。It's a long night here in front of the television at this upscale Ethiopian home. Half a dozen anxious viewers drift in and out, trying to control the nervous energy. It's well after midnight, but the TV screen shows long lines of voters standing in the rain waiting for their turn in the voting booth. TV commentators kill time until the first polls close. 在埃塞俄比亚的这个高级住家当中,6个焦急的观众感觉长夜漫漫,在电视前面来回踱步,试图平息心中的紧张。此时刚过半夜,但电视萤幕上显示的是大排长龙的选民站在雨中,等候进入投票亭。电视员闲谈著直到第一个投票所关闭为止。"There is a good deal of confidence in the Obama campaign that he's going to win this evening," they said. "So far, there's also the unknown. As one strategist put it, 'I'm a nervous wreck."  “大家对于奥巴马在今晚获胜都有很大的信心。到目前为止,还是胜负未定。就如某位策略家说的,我是个紧张大师。”That comment sends a thrill through this audience. This is Africa and there are no McCain supporters in the room.  以上的让观众们心惊胆跳。这里是非洲,而且现场没有一位麦凯恩的持者。Deresse Kassa, a professor at Addis Ababa University, says he has never stayed up late for any elections results. But this is a moment he says he doesn't want to miss. 德瑞斯.卡萨是亚地斯亚贝巴大学的教授,说他从来没有为了等选举结果而熬夜这么晚。但他说,这是一个他不想错过的时刻。"America has history whereby the African-American community has to struggle to be considered citizens themselves and be a franchise in order to cast their votes," said Kassa. "Coming from this segregation and inequality, to be able to see Democratic candidates running for the presidency, the highest office, by itself is big achievement."The televisions are on as the first results come in during the wee hours of the morning. The news is encouraging for viewers here. 当第一个选举结果在凌晨时分播报出来时,电视一直开着。新闻激励着观众。Journalist Lulit Amdamariam says she is energized by the possibility of witnessing, what she calls, a great moment. "We're going to be here all night," she said. "Thirty-two hours, if we have to." 记者卢利特.安达马李安说,她因为有可能目睹那“伟大的一刻”,而感到十分激奋:“我们今晚都会在这。就算要待上32个小时都可以。”Lulit is not an American, but she lived in the States for several years and attended Howard University in Washington. 卢利特并不是美国人,但是她曾在美国住过几年,并且在华盛顿的霍华德大学学习。"I attended a black college, so I understand what this means to the black community in the ed States," said Lulit. "This is a candidate the entire world can relate to." 她说:“我上的是一所黑人学校,所以我了解这对于美国黑人社区的意义。奥巴马是一名全世界都能够感同身受的候选人。”Lulit's colleague Tamrat Negera, editor of at the Amharic-language newspaper Addis Neger, has not been to the ed States, but he says he can understand what this election must mean to African-Americans. 卢利特的同事坦若.娜洁拉是当地一家报纸的编辑,他从没有到过美国。但他说,他能了解这场选举对非洲裔美国人的意义。"Africa shared the pain of being black, or the pain of status, or colonization, which you understand there was a limitation for a black in this world," he said. "But Obama is breaking that through." “非洲也有身为黑人的痛苦,或阶级的痛苦,或受殖民的痛苦。你感觉在这个世界上,身为一名黑人,是受到限制的。但奥巴马打破了这个界限。”Journalist Lulit Amdamariam calls it an American moment.  记者卢利特.安达马李安说这是美国的时刻。"I think this is the only time the entire world wishes they were American," she said. "So they could vote. Seriously, I think the entire world would go out and vote if they had the opportunity tonight." “我想这是唯一一次,全世界的人都希望他们是美国人,能够投下那一票。真的,我想如果他们今晚有那个机会的话,全世界都会出门投票。”This is a moment to remember. Although some Africans may have a hangover on Wednesday, the prospect of the first black U.S. president has enthralled a continent. 这是值得记忆的一刻。纵使有些非洲人可能在星期三会有宿醉,但第一位非洲裔美国总统的现实让整个非洲如痴如醉。200811/55343

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