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在厦门地区市中医院整形科厦门整形医院排行And the ship is 27 metres long, so its longer than the biggest of the ocean-going yachts. Its a really massive ship, its the biggest, most complete Anglo-Saxon ship ever found.;船体长达27米,是已知最大最完整的盎格鲁-撒克逊时期的船只。Were inland. Why would anybody here want to be buried in a ship?我们身处的是内陆,那为何有人会希望被葬在船上?;Ships were very important to these people. The rivers and the sea were their means of communication. It was much easier to go by water than it was by land at this time, so that people, say, in modern Swindon, would have been on the edge of the world to these people. Whereas people in Denmark and Holland would be close neighbours.;对当时的盎格魯撒克逊人来说,船只极为重要。河流与海洋是他们主要的交通路径。在那时,水路交通比陆路方便得多。因此,当时居住在现代斯温顿的人对他们来说无异于居住在世界尽头,而丹麦和荷兰则是他们的近邻。And the big question of course - for anybody looking at the grave and what was found in the grave - is that theres no body.当然最大的谜团—对任何人看着坟墓,坟墓中斯所发现的是没有尸体。Where do you think the body is?你觉得身体在哪里?;Well, the absence of the body was a bit of a mystery when the excavation happened, and people wondered whether this could be a cenotaph - i.e. a burial where the body had been lost - so its a sort of symbolic burial if you like. But nowadays we think a body was buried in the grave, but because of these special acidic conditions of this soil it just dissolved away. What you have to remember is that a ship is a water-tight vessel, and when you put it in the ground the water percolating through the soil builds up in it and it basically forms an acid bath in which all these organic things like the body and the leatherwork and the wood dissolve away, leaving nothing.;人们曾认为这可能是个衣冠冢,是无法得到逝者尸体时的一种象征性墓葬。但我们现在认为,它的确曾埋葬过逝者,只是当地特殊的酸性土壤分解了所有尸骸。你知道,船是不透水的,因而埋入地下之后,泥土中析出的水分逐渐汇聚其中,基本上形成了一个注 满酸性液体的浴缸。一切有机物如尸体、皮革、木头等都被溶解, 因而消失了。We still dont know who that owner was, but the Sutton Hoo helmet put a face on an elusive past, a face that has ever since gazed sternly out from books, magazines and newspapers. Its become one of the iconic objects of Britains history.我们至今仍未了解这艘船的主人是谁。但萨顿胡头盔给了这段难以捉摸的历史一张面孔,一张自发现以后便不断出现在书籍、报纸和杂志上, 庄重地凝视着人们的面孔。它已成为英国史的代表性物品之一。201509/400136在厦门润白颜注射哪家医院好 栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201508/391058Abes website hacked in protest安倍网站遭黑客攻击A hacking group has claimed responsibility for crashing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abes official website to protest against the countrys plans to hunt whales.日本首相安倍晋三的个人网站当天遭黑客攻击,据信是为抗议日本近期强行恢复南极海域捕鲸活动。Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that one of Abes websites has been inaccessible since early Thursday and police were investigating.菅义伟在当天例行记者会上通报说,安倍个人网站遭黑客袭击后无法登录,技术人员随后展开修复,目前已经恢复安倍个人网站的部分功能,并着手评估相关损失。He acknowledged the Anonymous hacker group has posted a Twitter message claiming responsibility, but added authorities had not singled out the group as a prime suspect.国际黑客组织“匿名者”10日认领这起袭击,声称其目的在于抗议日本捕鲸活动。该黑客组织在“推特”微客网站上发布多条消息,反对日本捕鲸并呼吁安倍勿食鲸肉、改为吃素。Despite protests from anti-whaling groups, Japan resumed its annual Antarctic whale hunt last week under a revised plan after the International Court of Justice found its earlier programme unscientific.不顾国际法院的禁令和动物保护组织的抗议,一由4艘船组成的日本捕鲸船队12月1日在政府巡逻船护航下启程前往南极海域,恢复“科研捕鲸”。 译文属201512/415244福建厦门市第三医院到底好不好

海沧区激光点痣多少钱一颗《砰!科学与性的离奇结合》作者玛丽·罗切通过钻研晦涩的科学研究,有些是几百年前的,得出十项鲜为人知,令人拍案叫绝的性高潮结论,从希奇古怪到滑稽搞笑都有。(该演讲仅面向成年人,请观众从慎)201502/359642厦门袪疤 Beijing beats Almaty by 4 votes中国北京4票优势击败哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图获得冬奥会举办权Beijing has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, beating the other candidate city Almaty in Kazakhstan.中国北京击败哈萨克斯坦阿拉木图成为2022年冬季奥运会的主办城市。The announcement was made earlier by IOC President Thomas Bach.国际奥委会主席托马斯·巴赫今早宣布了这一消息。The Chinese capital beat Almaty by just 44 votes to 40, with one abstention, to become the first city to have been awarded both the summer and winter Games.在一票弃权的情况下,中国北京以44比40的票数击败阿拉木图成为第一个授权举办夏季及冬季奥运会的城市。The ballot was conducted twice, first electronically and then by papers, after the electronic system had malfunctioned.投票进行了2次,第一次通过电子方式,而后在电子系统出现故障后又采用了纸制形式。The Games will be held in March 2022 during the Lunar New Year, with many outdoor events scheduled to take place on the Great Wall of China.这届奥运会将于2022年3月农历新年时举行,中国的长城会举办多项户外活动。 译文属201508/389894宁德激光祛痣哪家医院好

厦门抗衰老针So now is a good time to be alive, I think.我认为,现在是个适合生存的好阶段We may only be an advanced breed of monkey我们或许不过是这颗小小行星上living on a small planet,较为高等的猿类but we are able to contemplate the universe as a whole但能够对宇宙整体的思索 which makes us very special.让我们变得与众不同My goal has always been simple.我的目标总是很简单To work out how the universe works and how it exists at all.探索宇宙如何运行,以及它究竟是如何产生的Luckily there are clues everywhere幸运的是,指向的线索众多and the most important one is right above our heads.其中最重要的一个线索就我们的头顶上方Examine any patch of the night sky.仔细观察每一片夜空Even one as small as the head of a pin and this is what you will find.即便是看似针尖大小,你也会有所收获A tiny part of the vast web of galaxies.这只是星系巨网中的一小部分Its less than a millionth of what we can see of the cosmos from our little planet.还不到能从地球上看到的宇宙的百万分之一But even this tiny sample is enough to find a clue,即便如此微小的样本也足以找出一条线索the key to the past, the present, and perhaps the future too.一个了解过去,现在,甚至是未来的关键The clue is that seen from earth,即从地球望向太空all these distant galaxies are slightly red in color.所有遥远的星系都微泛红光They appear almost as if它们的样子与我们透过玫瑰色镜片we were looking through rose-tinted glasses.看物体时非常相似Its this very redness that reveals就是这样的红色向我们揭示了how the universe was born.宇宙是如何诞生的And to show you why,为究其原理I need a straight road and a noisy car.我需要笔直的公路和噪音很大的汽车Listen to the sound as it passes by.请听汽车经过时的声音As the car approaches, the pitch of its engine rises.随着汽车的接近,引擎音调升高As it goes away, the pitch of its engine falls.随着汽车的离开,引擎音调则降低This phenomenon is called a Doppler Shift.这种现象叫做多普勒频移And the exact same thing happens with light.这也同样适用于光If our eyes were most sensitive to color如果肉眼对颜色非常敏感we could see that the car人们便可以看到is actually very slightly blue as it approaches,汽车接近时,实际呈微蓝色and very slightly red as it goes away.而离开时,则呈微红色The same rules apply in space.太空中的一切也同样遵循此规则All distant galaxies are slightly red in color所有遥远的星系,看上去都是红色的So by the exact same piece of basic physics根据这一基本物理规则they must all be moving away too.它们肯定也都在渐行渐远In fact, the whole universe is expanding事实上,整个宇宙都在膨胀in all directions, getting bigger and bigger向着四面八方,越来越大like a balloon inflating.就像一个充气气球201508/393701 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/423751漳州耳部做双眼皮多少钱翔安区瘦脸针哪家好



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