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长春中日联谊医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗长春五棵树经济开发区治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱考研英语 常见缩写词 -01- :50:3 来源: AD,A.DAnno Domini(in the year of the)  Lord;since Christ wasborn 公元  A.M.,a.m.ante meridiem(bee noon)上午,午前  Apr. April 四月  Aug.August八月  Ave.avenue林荫道,大街  BABachelor of Arts文科学士  ,B.C.bee Christ公元前  BS,BScBachelor of Science理科学士  C°,Centigrade摄氏度  cccubic centimeter立方厘米  CDcompact disk光盘,激光唱片  cf.confer(compare)试比较;参看  cmcentimeter厘米  Co.company公司  cocare of由…转交  cp.compare比较  Dec.December十二月  dept.,Dept.department部,司,局,系  Dr.doctor士;医生  e.g.exempli gratia( example)例如  esp.especially尤其是  et al.et alia(and others)其他的  etc.et cetera(and the rest)等等  FFahrenheit华氏的  Feb.February二月  ftfoot,feet英尺  g,gm.gram克  GMTGreenwich Mean Time格林威治时间  hr.hour小时  IDidentification card身份  i.e.id est(that is)那就是,即  in.inch英寸  Inc.incorporated股份有限的  Jan.January一月  Jr.junior小(用于姓名后)  Jul.July七月  Jun.June六月  kg.kilogram千克,公斤  km.kilometer千米,公里  l. liter升  lb.libra(pound)磅  Ltd.limited有限的,股份有限  m.meter米  MAMaster of Arts文科硕士  Mar.March三月  min.minute分钟  ml.millimeter毫升  Mon.Monday星期一  Mr.Mister…先生  MrsMistress…夫人,…太太  Ms.Mrs or Miss…女士  MS,MScMaster of Science理科硕士  Mtmount,mountain峰,山  No.number号码  Nov.November十一月  Oct.October十月  Ppage;parking页,停车处  par,paraparagraph(文章的)段  Ph.D,PhDphilosophiae Doctor士  pl.plural复数  PM,P.M.post meridiem(afternoon)下午  PRCPeople’s Republic of China中华人民共和国  Prof.professor教授  PSpostscript附言  Rd.,rdroad路  Sat.Saturday星期六  sec.second秒  Sep., Sept.September九月  sing.singular单数  sqaquare平方;广场  st.street街道  sthsomething某物,某事  Sun.Sunday星期日  t.ton吨  tel.telephone电话  ThursThursday星期四  TuesTuesday星期二  UKed Kingdom(大不列颠及北爱尔兰)联合王国,英国  UNed Nations联合国  US,U.S.ed States( America)美利坚合众国,美国  usu.usually通常  v,vsversus…对…  VIPvery important person重要人物,大人物  vol.Volume卷,册  W,wwatt瓦特  WCwater closet厕所  Wed,WedsWednesday星期三长春市哪家医院做流产好   *** 单元 ***Safety footwear required. 请穿安全靴通辽第一人民中医院做无痛人流要证明吗

长春吉大医院好么英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 高考英语作文祝贺信模板 --3 ::37 来源: 高考英语作文祝贺信模板假如你是李华,你的朋友在英语演讲比赛中获得了一等奖,请写封祝贺信表达自己的祝贺之情以下是小编收集整理的祝贺信模板,供大家参考学习Dear ______ ,①I have learned with delight that you ______(祝贺事由). ②I would like to extend to you my utmost congratulations on ______. ③You must be ______. ④And I feel very happy you.⑤ ______(所取得的成绩)is quite exciting news! ⑥I know this is surely owing to ______(被祝贺人过去的努力).⑦It is a reward you richly deserve your ______(被祝贺人的优点).⑧Kindly let me know when you ______(咨询对方何时有空).⑨I hope ______(表达自己的愿望). ⑩My best wishes your further success.Yours sincerely,Li Hua 高考英语作文模板长春引产手术总费用   . She was arrested shoplifting but was released on bail.长春孕前检查全多少钱

长春处女膜修复哪最好考研英语 考研英语:词汇题详解 -- 1:51:7 来源: 一、顺承的逻辑关系一般来说,如果两句话之间的意思大体一致,或是下一句是对上一句的近一步阐释,那么两句话之间是顺承关系,陌生词汇在所在句子的附近句子中可以找到相应的替换词顺承关系的逻辑连接词有以下几种:1.表示递进的连词,如:what is more(更甚的是), in addition(此外), and(再说), besides(也), also(此外), furthermore(另外), too(也).表示比较的连词,如: similarly(同样地), likewise(同样地),in the same way (以同样的方式),in the same manner(以相同的方式),equally(也是一样地)3.表示强调的连词,如:indeed(实际上), in fact(事实上), in any event case(在任何情况下), at no time(决不), to tell the truth(事实上)二、转折的逻辑关系同理,如果两句话之间的意思走势相反,或是下一句是对上一句的评判性的否定,那么两句话之间是转折关系,陌生词汇在所在句子的附近句子中可以找到与之相反的表述,将这一表述进行否定即是陌生词汇的含义转折关系的逻辑连接词有以下几种:1.表示转折的连词,如:however (然而)、neverthelessnonetheless(尽管如此), yet(然而),rather than(而不是), instead of(而不是).表示对比的连词,如:by contrast(相比之下), on the contrary(恰恰相反),while(然而), whereas(然而), on the other hand(另一方面), unlike(不像), instead (相反),but(但是)3.表示让步的连词,如:although(虽然), after all(毕竟), in spite of...( 尽管……), despite(尽管), even if(即使这样), even though(即使), though(虽然)三、同位语同义替换同位语是对其前先行词的解释说明,可以帮助我们更好地理解先行词的意思,同位语出现时通常伴随有某些特殊标点,如分号、冒号、破折号、小括号等,时常也会以同位语从句的形式出现 大学佳句模板系列() --19 :6: 来源: 面对英语四级,很多同学都会抱着一种“及格万岁”的态度迎接考试但英语四级真的这么难吗?英语四级写作部分真的如传闻一样深不可测吗?下面,小编精选了一些英语四级写作满分句型, 供大家参考与学习看完之后,也许你会发现,原来它离你并不遥远只要足够努力,你也可以成为满分的典范呢!1. There is no denying the fact that air pollution is an extremely serious problem: the city authorities should take strong measures to deal with it. 无可否认,空气污染是一个极其严重的问题:城市当局应该采取有力措施来解决它. An investigation shows that female workers tend to have a favorable attitude toward retirement. 一项调查显示妇女欢迎退休3. A proper part-time job does not occupy students too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy them to spend all of time on their study. As an old saying goes: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 一份适当的业余工作并不会占用学生太多的时间,事实上,把全部的时间都用到学习上并不健康,正如那句老话:只工作,不玩耍,聪明的孩子会变傻. Any government, which is blind to this point, may pay a heavy price. 任何政府忽视这一点都将付出巨大的代价5. Nowadays, many students always go into raptures at the mere mention of the coming life of high school or college they will begin. Untunately, most young people, it is not pleasant experience on their first day on campus. 当前,一提到即将开始的学校生活,许多学生都会兴高采烈然而,对多数年轻人来说,校园刚开始的日子并不是什么愉快的经历6. In view of the seriousness of this problem, effective measures should be taken bee things get worse. 考虑到问题的严重性,在事态进一步恶化之前,必须采取有效的措施7. The majority of students believe that part-time job will provide them with more opporties to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets. 大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会发展人际交往能力,而这对他们未来找工作是非常有好处的8. It is indisputable that there are millions of people who still have a miserable life and have to face the dangers of starvation and exposure. 无可争辩,现在有成千上万的人仍过着挨饿受冻的痛苦生活9. Although this view is wildly held, this is little evidence that education can be obtained at any age and at any place. 尽管这一观点被广泛接受,很少有据表明教育能够在任何地点、任何年龄进行. No one can deny the fact that a person education is the most important aspect of his life. 没有人能否认:教育是人生最重要的一方面长春女子医院哪家最好长春医院人流手术检查费用表



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