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长春人流那家医院好四平保胎多少钱Plants vs. Zombies 2: It#39;s About Time will be released July 18 exclusively on iOS as a free-to-play title, developer PopCap Games announced today alongside the release of the CG launch trailer for the tower defense title.《植物大战僵尸2:惊喜时刻》将于7月18日免费上架,暂时为iOS平台独占。开发商PopCap游戏公司今日也推出了这款塔防游戏的官方预告片。Optional upgrades and in-game items can be purchased at the returning neighborly shopkeeper, Crazy Dave, but according to PopCap, the ;vast majority; of the game will be free: Players will be able to access every level and kill every zombie without spending a dime.根据PopCap游戏公司,在游戏中,玩家可以选择去“邻居”疯狂的戴夫那儿购买升级,以及一些游戏中的小玩意儿。但是“绝大多数”还是免费的:玩家不花一分钱也可以通关,大战僵尸。The trailer features the botanist who saves the world from the zombie onslaught, as well as the man#39;s ramshackle time machine, and Plants vs. Zombies 2 will take players through levels in past and future eras. Touchscreen power-ups will let players interact with zombies directly, instead of just fending them off by setting up defenses like pea shooters.本次的预告片中,新出现了一位保护世界防止僵尸攻击的植物学家,还有他那破旧不堪的时光机器。《植物大战僵尸2》的玩家可以在游戏中“穿越时空”。“触屏充能”的功能让玩家能够更直接地与僵尸接触,而不是不停地放置像豌豆射手这样的植物来进行防御。;We#39;re confident that players will see the love and attention we#39;ve put into this game,; said senior producer Allen Murray in a press release announcing the release date.“我们确信,玩家在体验过程中一定会发现我们对这个游戏感情和重视,” 在公布游戏发布时间的记者会上,资深制作人Allen Murray这样说道。;We#39;ve created wild new ways to experience the plants and zombies you know and love as well as packing the game with tons of completely new content, and we#39;re still hard at work coming up with even more cool stuff that will keep Plants vs. Zombies 2 fresh and evolving in the months and years following launch.;“我们开发出很多新的方式让玩家体验他们喜爱的植物和僵尸,而且在游戏中注入了很多新元素,同时,我们仍致力于开发一些新的有趣的东西,让《植物大战僵尸2》在上市之后的日子里保持新鲜感,不断升级。”PopCap originally announced Plants vs. Zombies 2 last August and said it planned to launch the game in the ;late spring; of 2013. Last month, the studio shifted the release date to July.PopCap公司原本在去年八月宣布《植物大战僵尸2》将在2013春末发布。上个月,公司将发布日期改为七月。 /201306/244614长春市那家医院做人流好 Youku Tudou, China’s largest hosting website, announced the creation of its own film studio Thursday in a move to capture a larger slice of the film industry.中国最大的视频网站优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)周四宣布将设立自己的电影工作室,以便从中国电影市场分得更大份额。Victor Koo, chairman and chief executive of the company, said the film division, Heyi Film, would produce eight films per year destined for the big screen and a further nine aimed to premiere on the internet. The group, which last week announced a loss of m for the second quarter despite increased revenues, has not revealed how much it plans to spend on the project.优酷土豆首席执行官古永锵(Victor Koo)表示,这个名为合一影业(Heyi Film)的新电影公司将每年制作八部大屏幕电影,还会制作九部首发于互联网的影片。就在上周,优酷土豆曾宣布,尽管第二季度营收出现增长,该季度合计却亏损了2600万美元。目前,该集团并未披露打算往合一影业投入多少资金。Mr Koo said Youku had .6bn in cash to spend after a .2bn investment by ecommerce group Alibaba in April. “We’re very strong,” he said.古永铿表示,在今年4月获得电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的12亿美元投资后,优酷土豆目前可配的现金高达16亿美元。他说:“我们的现金非常充裕。”Youku Tudou, formed by the merger of China’s two largest sites in 2012, claims 500m users.优酷土豆由中国两家最大的视频网站在2012年合并而成,声称拥有5亿用户。Youku had been making its own content since 2009, starting with “microfilms” lasting a few minutes, and last year helped produce eight feature films that had a combined box office of 2bn, Mr Koo said. It planned a number of new releases in the coming months such as Golden Era, a film about China writers in the 1920s scheduled for release in October, and The Taking of Tiger Mountain, a 3D epic.古永铿表示,优酷自2009年开始就一直在制作自己的视频,起初是长度只有几分钟的“微电影”。去年该集团帮助制作了八部电影,票房总收入达20亿元。在今后几个月,它计划出品多部新影片,包括定于今年10月发行的《黄金时代》(Golden Era)(该片讲述了上世纪20年代中国作家的故事),以及3D史诗巨作《智取威虎山》(The Taking of Tiger Mountain)。The Continent, another big budget film partly financed by Youku, has made Rmb627m this year and is still in cinemas.今年,优酷参与投资的另一部大预算电影是《后会无期》(The Continent),该片的票房已达6.27亿人民币,目前仍在上映。Virtually all of China’s hosting sites make their own content, and this year has seen a trend to build separate studios or to acquire content producers. In July Iqiyi, which counts Baidu, China’s largest search engine, as an investor, launched an in-house studio with eight films in the works. In June Alibaba completed the acquisition of a majority stake in ChinaVision , a content maker.中国几乎所有视频网站都在制作自己的视频内容,今年甚至出现了一个新潮流,即这些网站成立独立的电影工作室或收购内容制作商。今年7月,依靠中国最大搜索引擎百度的投资,爱奇艺(Iqiyi)启动了一个内部工作室,正在制作八部影片。今年6月,阿里巴巴收购了视频内容制作商——文化中国传播(ChinaVision Media Group)的多数股权。The bid to move from small smartphone screens to big screens, and the reverse, is driven partly by strong growth over the past three years in films. China’s industry is the second largest after the ed States, expected to gross between Rmb28bn to Rmb30bn this year.过去三年,中国电影业强劲增长,推动业界从智能手机屏幕向大屏幕——或者相反——的迁徙。目前,中国是仅次于美国的第二大电影市场,预计今年票房总额将在280亿人民币到300亿人民币之间。Cinemas are multiplying, at an average rate of 18 screens a day. Last year China added more screens that the total in France.中国的电影院数量也在成倍增长,平均每天增加18块银幕。中国去年一年增加的银幕数就超过了法国的电影银幕总数。Allen Zhu, Heyi Film chief executive, said the studio planned five films based on hit internet series such as Yes Boss, Surprise and Miss Puff.合一影业首席执行官朱辉龙(Allen Zhu)表示,该公司还根据红极一时的网络剧制作了五部电影,其中包括《报告老板》(Yes Boss)、《万万没想到》(Surprise)和《泡芙》(Miss Puff)。Producing films for smartphone screens required a different approach, with smartphones running s getting very hot after 20 mins, said Mr Zhu. Surprise, broken into six-minute episodes, had gained 700m views.朱辉龙表示,为智能手机制作电影不同于制作大银幕电影,因为智能手机在观看视频20分钟后就会非常烫手。为此,吸引了7亿观众的《万万没想到》就分成了长度为6分钟的小段视频。 /201409/325356长春做药流得多少钱

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长春什么时候适合做人工流产 More than a few skeptical voices were raised in 1994 when BMW bought the failed assets of British Motor Corporation. BMW left the Brits mostly alone until 2000, disposing of Rover and Land Rover when that strategy failed.1994年,当宝马(BMW)从英国汽车公司(British Motor Corporation)买下罗孚集团(Rover)这块烫手山芋的时候,对这笔交易的质疑声此起彼伏。此后6年,宝马基本上任由罗孚自行发展,直到2000年这个战略被明是失败的,宝马才将罗孚集团拆分,将罗孚和路虎(Land Rover)两个品牌转手卖出。BMW decided to hang on to MINI and fix it.但是,宝马选择继续保有MINI这个品牌,并且让它重获生机。Since 2000, BMW has infused a healthy dose of engineering and manufacturing in the brand, creating vehicles with the taut feel and performance that made Bimmers famous. The trick was doing so while preserving MINI’s distinctive English personality – no mean feat given the car’s deep connection to BMW labs and studios in Germany.自从2000年以来,宝马向MINI注入了大量工艺和生产技术,生产了一批格调与性能兼备的精品小车,使MINI品牌名声大噪。要保留MINI独特的英伦范儿可绝不是一件容易的事,毕竟MINI与宝马在德国的实验室和设计室有着极深的联系。In early September, BMW celebrated its three-millionth MINI at the main factory in Oxford, U.K., and introduced its latest variant, a four-door hardtop (which it calls a “five door”) with a roomier rear seat. Given the sales numbers so far, BMW has increased its recognition for the ability to manage multiple brands efficiently and profitably.今年9月初,宝马隆重庆祝第300万辆MINI车在英国牛津工厂下线,并且推出了一款最新版的四门硬顶车型(宝马自家称其为“五门”),这款车型有着比较宽敞的后排空间。从目前的销量数字来看,宝马已经愈发认识到有效管理多个品牌并且多点盈利的重要性。Of the three million, two million have been exported from England. Many Britons view with relief the decision finally to sell to BMW, following years of bailouts and subsidies for British automakers that weren’t competitive. MINI exports have been a major boost to the economy and a source of pride for the country.这300万辆车中有200万辆是从英国出口的。由于当年英国政府连年对没有竞争力的本国汽车厂商进行救助和补贴,给经济带来了不小的压力,因而许多英国人对MINI最终卖给宝马都感到很欣慰。MINI的出口给英国经济带来了强劲的推动力,同时也成了英国的骄傲。“The MINI is a British icon and is a major part of a thriving automotive industry spearheading the growing British economy,” said Baroness Susan Kramer, Minister of Transport. “This government is working to create the right environment for car manufacturers like BMW to continue innovating and developing British-made cars with worldwide appeal.”英国运输大臣苏珊o克雷默指出:“MINI是英国的一个符号,蒸蒸日上的汽车产业已经成为推动英国经济不断增长的排头兵,而MINI正是其中一个非常重要的部分。本届政府正在努力为宝马等汽车厂商创建理想的环境,鼓励它们继续创新,开发具有全球吸引力的英国国产汽车。”Harald Kruger, board member for manufacturing, said BMW has invested ?1.75 billion pounds (.9 billion) in its British operations since 2000 and another ?750 million from 2012 through 2015. The German automaker also owns Rolls-Royce and assembles the luxury automobile in a plant located in Goodwood, England, most of the heavy and mechanical parts shipped there from the continent.宝马集团负责生产的董事哈拉德o克鲁格表示,自从2000年以来,宝马已经在英国投资了17.5亿英镑(折合29亿美金),并计划在2012到2015年间追加投资7.5亿英镑。另外宝马旗下豪车品牌劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的主要组装地正是在英国的古德伍德工厂,劳斯莱斯的大多数机械部件都是从欧洲大陆运到那里进行组装的。With worldwide MINI sales running at about 300,000 annually, the 175,000-unit capacity at Oxford has been supplemented by contract manufacturing in Austria by MSF Graz and in the Netherlands by VDL Nedcar.随着MINI的全球销量达到每年30万辆,牛津工厂每年17.5万辆的产量已经不能满足市场需求,其余部分只能承包给奥地利MSF Graz公司和荷兰VDL Nedcar公司的工厂生产。Reviewers have been positive on the newest variant, giving the car credit for peppy acceleration and taut handling from its front-wheel-drive configuration. The back seat, while not overly spacious, is a vast improvement over the much smaller space in previous, two-door models.评测人士对这款最新的MINI车型的评价普遍比较正面,认为它的加速能力不错,作为一款前驱轿车,操控性也令人满意。后排空间虽然不是特别大,但是比起之前的两门版车型已经有了很大的改观。Reviewers also noted that MINI costs considerably more than like-size competitors from Honda and Ford, starting at ,300 for the basic version and rising in price to nearly ,000 with all possible options and enhancements.评测人士还指出,MINI的售价要显著高于本田(Honda)和福特(Ford)等竞争对手的同级车型。它的最低配起价就达到22,300美元,顶配售价甚至高达近4万美元。Writing for Car and Driver, Csaba Csere gave the new model high marks for “visual creativity,” noting that “this MINI is essentially a BMW under its skin.”《人车志》杂志(Car and Driver)撰稿人恰巴o西尔给这款新车型打了很高的“视觉创意”分数,指出“这款MINI骨子里是一台宝马。”In other words, a MINI buyer gets a lot of BMW technology and engineering without paying as much as a BMW costs. This multi-pronged approach to the automotive market has paid off handsomely, helping to deliver superior financial results. BMW’s shares have outpaced major industrial averages, not to mention competitive automakers.换句话说,MINI的车主获得了很多宝马的技术和工艺,但其售价不像宝马那样高。这种多管齐下的战略取得了很好的效果,也为宝马公司带来了丰厚的财务业绩。宝马股价增幅超过了工业平均水平,更不用提其它的汽车业竞争对手了。MINI may seem like a quirky little automotive fashion statement that makes people smile. It makes investors, not to mention BMW’s founding Quandt family, smile even more.MINI可能看起来是个令人忍俊不禁的英伦时尚小憨豆,但它令宝马的投资者们笑得更开心,更不用说宝马的创始人匡特家族了。 /201409/331987公主岭妇幼保健妇保医院评论怎么样长春医大二院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗



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