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天河检查妇科病多少钱番禺计划生育医院不孕不育怎么样好不好经典句型:I want to buy a ticket to Shanghai. 我要买一张到上海的票。A:I want to buy a ticket to Shanghai.甲:我要买一张到上海的票。B:Do you want a sleeper?乙:要卧铺吗?A:How much does a sleeper cost?甲:卧铺多少钱?A:The lower berth costs 285 yuan,the middle 279 yuan and the upper berth costs 273 yuan.甲:下铺285元,中铺279元,上铺273元。B:Id like a lower one.乙:我要一张下铺。经典句型:Id like an upper berth. 我要上铺。A:Do you have a lower one?甲:有下铺吗?B:No,therere only middle ones and upper ones left.乙:没有了,只剩中铺和上铺了。A:Id like an upper one.甲:我要一张上铺。句型讲解:火车上的sleeper是“卧铺”的意思,也可以用berth来表示。上中下铺分别是upper berth,middle berth和lower berth。 /201404/291458广州天河无痛人流费用 邀请1. 词组句型拜访come over, visit, drop in on somebody, call at, call onsentence patterns:Why dont you come to Australia for a holiday?Most tourists in London visit the London Bridge.I thought I should drop in on you.We droped into a pub on the way.Two days later I will call at Beijing.Will you call on you teacher this week?忙碌be tied up, be busysentence patterns:We tied the boat up alongside the quay.I am tied up in a meeting until tomorrow.I am busy doing my homework.Yesterday evening I was busy doing my washing.2. 多种表达Are you free next weekend?Will you have free time next weekend?Will you be occupied next weekend?Could I see you again?May I see you again?Will it be all right to visit you tomorrow evening?Can I go to see you tomorrow evening?Would it be convenient to visit you tomorrow evening?Do you mind if we drop in on you tomorrow evening?Do you mind if we pay a visit to you tomorrow evening?Are you doing anything tomorrow?Will you have plans for tomorrow?Are you busy tomorrow?Could you give me your telephone number?May I have your phone number?Where will they meet?How about going to the cinema with me?How about cinema?Lets see a film together.Id love to, but I dont think I can.Id love to, but I am fraid I cant.Id love to, but I am not sure whether I can.I truely would like to come, but I will not be able to.I wish I could, but I am fraid I cant.Im tied up.I have something else on.I have got a previous engagement.I wouldnt be able to make it.I am busy.Thanks for asking.Thanks for the invitation.Its very kind of you to invite me.Lets do it another time.Could we plan it for another day?Could you make it another time?Would you prefer some other time?Some other time.I hope you can come.Id like to have you over.Id like you to come.Id like you to be my guest.Id like you to join us. /201208/193876广东计划生育医院看男科

广州番禺妇科医院费用佛山人民医院做孕检多少钱 A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么?A: 没问题! 今天,我们要聊聊怎么及时行乐,看看在美国打官司的繁琐流程,还要告诉你怎么说自以为是!B: Eat, drink and be merry! Thats my motto in life!A: Exactly. Thats why I end up doing all the work for you!B: Yeah, as if thats true....A: 哈哈,不过确实,我觉得好多中国人活得太累了,看欧洲小镇的人民,多潇洒! 好了,我们现在先言归正传,来进入第一个单元,Learn a word!Learn A Word 1615 much-needed今天我们要学的词是 much-needed. much is spelled m-u-c-h, much, needed is spelled n-e-e-d-e-d, needed, much-needed. much-needed 急需的。The school received a much-need grant to keep its band. 学校得到了一笔急需的补助金,保住了学校的乐队。It was a much-needed win for our team. 我们球队太需要这场胜利了。The students can finally get some much-needed sleep after the final exams. 期终考试结束后,学生们终于可以补补觉了。The first presidential debate delivered a much-needed boost for Romney. 总统候选人之间的第一场辩论,对罗姆尼的选战是一次非常及时的推动。好的,今天我们学习的词是 much-needed, much-needed, much-needed....A: 说起much-needed, 我也来造个句。After this long thanksgiving road trip, I definitely will enjoy a much-needed break.B: I agree. Well I mean, on top of that, I plan to start a much-needed diet so I can get rid of these love handles.A: You look ok! Just keep going to the gym; Im sure these holiday weight will be gone in a jiffy.B: I dont know 杨琳. I think my body has this magic power to hold on to fat. And I have really low self-control over gourmet food, especially with all the Christmas and new year family get-together coming up!A: 哎呀,节日期间,别这么悲观嘛! In my opinion, all the holiday calories will convert into happy mood! Eat, drink and be merry! 及时行乐,回头的事儿回头再说嘛!B: Haha, I like your attitude!A: 刚才我说到了及时行乐,在今天的美语怎么说里,咱们就来听听看这个词儿要怎么用!How to say it in American EnglishJessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是方方要问的:及时行乐Jessica: Fangfang, how was your date last night? I heard he was quite a looker!FF: 唉,怎么说呢...这男生长得是不错,可是话不投机! 我说我爱游泳,他说小心被淹,我说我爱旅游,他说旅游就是花钱买罪受!Jessica: Really? Hes a Debbie downer!FF: Debbie? 他不叫Debbie.Jessica: No, Debbie downer refers to those who are so negative and always bring down the mood of other people.FF: 我明白了,说一个人特消极,老说丧气话打击别人,就可以用Debbie downer. My date from last night was such a Debbie downer that I went home with a heavy heart!Jessica: That was no fun! We shouldnt let a Debbie downer ruin our high spirits.FF: 就是的! 我还是喜欢积极向上,阳光型的! 这种人用美语又怎么说呢?Jessica: You can say he has a sunny personality.FF: 嗯! I want to go out with a man who has a sunny personality. He can cheer me up when Im moody.Jessica: I used to date a guy like that! He is the most positive person Ive ever known and he always seems so contend.FF: 可以想像。对人生要求不多,只要及时行乐,这就是我的理想男友的标准! 那及时行乐又怎么说呢?Jessica: We say ;eat, drink and be merry.;FF: Eat, drink and be merry. 吃,喝,快快乐乐。Gosh! This is my motto in life!Jessica: It is mine, too!FF:今天我们学了:阴沉丧气的人是Debbie downer, 阳光向上的性格是sunny personality, 及时行乐则是to eat, drink and be merry.A: 嗯,这里说的真对! 我就特别喜欢有sunny personality 的人,跟这种人在一起,整个人也会变得阳光起来!B: Oh, I get it now! It is my sunny personality that attracts all the people around me! No wonder Im so popular!A: OMG....自以为是大王! 您的自信都流出来了吧....B: Haha, Im kidding Im kidding. But seriously, laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone. (if you think this is too cheesy change it....)A: 没错! 刚才我说Mike自以为是,在今天的words and idioms里,咱们就来学学这个词儿用美语怎么说!Words and Idioms 993现在播送美国习惯用语第 993讲。我是杨琳。M: 我是Steve Baragona.最近我们这正在招聘新的制片人。来面试的人很多,其中有个女的,她的简历特别好,但是面试过程不太顺利。她不停吹嘘自己得了多少多少奖,做过多少独家访谈,有多少新奇的创意什么的。所有面试官都认为她的性格不合适这份工作,这也让我想到了一句习惯用语,那就是:M: Full of oneself. Full is spelled F-U-L-L.Full of oneself.如果我们说一个人full of oneself, 意思就是他特别自以为是。就像上面我提到的这个来面试的人: All the boasting she did led the interviewers to conclude that she was FULL OF HERSELF. 她不停吹嘘自己,让面试官都觉得她特别自大。太自以为是的人确实很难成为团队的一员。下面的例子里就要谈到这样一个人,我们来听听看:M: ;It cant be denied that Donald Trump is extremely successful in the business world. Through his many investments and ownership of luxurious properties, hes worth about .9 billion. Still, his critics think hes incredibly FULL OF HIMSELF. Maybe he wouldnt be so great if he werent conceited?!;[这段话是说: 无可否认的是,特朗普在商业界确实非常成功。通过各种投资和他所拥有的众多豪华地产,他的身价已经达到了近29亿美元。不过,批评人士仍然认为他过于高傲自大。或许如果不是这样的话,他也不会有今天的成功吧? ]对啊! 我想很多人都看过特朗普的真人电视秀;学徒;。在节目中,20名年轻男女争夺为他工作的机会。如果他们失败了,他就会告诉他们:;你被解雇了!; 在我看来,这并不是真正的节目。简直就是他自我炫耀的机器! 好了,让我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;It cant be denied that Donald Trump is extremely successful in the business world. Through his many investments and ownership of luxurious properties, hes worth about .9 billion. Still, his critics think hes incredibly FULL OF HIMSELF. Maybe he wouldnt be so great if he werent conceited?!;自大的人当然很让人讨厌,可是世界上也有很多与此相反的人,让我们来听听下面这个例子:M: ;Cheryl and I almost didnt go on a first date. Thats because my ex-girlfriend lied about me to her and said that I was FULL OF MYSELF. Luckily, Cheryl didnt listen to her. After meeting me, she decided that I was actually not self-important at all. So we started going out and now are thinking about getting married.;[这段话是说:谢丽儿和我几乎没见面,就错过了彼此。这是因为我的前女友告诉她说我特别自大。幸好谢丽儿没有听她的话。与我见面之后,她觉得我其实并不是那种自我膨胀的人,然后我们开始约会,现在已经开始考虑结婚了。]幸好这个谢丽儿是个思想开放的人。有些人人云亦云,听到别人怎么说就会怎么做,也就导致了无法改变的刻板印象。幸好上面这对情侣没有就此错过! 好的,我们再来听听刚才那段话:M: ;Cheryl and I almost didnt go on a first date. Thats because my ex-girlfriend lied about me to her and said that I was FULL OF MYSELF. Luckily, Cheryl didnt listen to her. After meeting me, she decided that I was actually not self-important at all. So we started going out and now are thinking about getting married.;今天我们学习的习惯用语是full of oneself, 意思是自以为是。好的,这次[美国习惯用语]就到此结束,我是杨琳,我是Steve Baragona。谢谢各位的收听。A: I really dont want to deal with those people whore full of themselves. I remember I used to have a co-worker whos always bragging about how he is the best at doing everything, its so annoying!B: I know. Winston Churchill once said ;Attitude is little thing that makes a big difference.;A: Yeah, exactly. Now you know how hard my life is since I have to deal with you...maybe I can get some compensation out of this....B: 杨琳,seriously, Im so going to sue you based on these emotional damages!A: Dont you know its illegal to threat to sue someone if you dont mean to actually do it? 不过啊,在今天的business etiquette里,Barry的公司就真被人家起诉了! 咱们来听听他们要怎么应对吧!礼节美语A Lawsuit IBarry 召集公司同事开会,有个坏消息要宣布。Barry: Well, folks...Im afraid I have some bad news. Our lawyers told me this morning that we are being sued.Chris: Sued? Whos suing us?Susan: And on what grounds?B: An Australian man named John Smith alleged that his microwave exploded while he was using it last year. Mr. Smith suffered injuries and he wants compensation.C: How much compensation does he want?B: His lawyers are asking for two million dollars.S: Two million! Thats insane!Barry 说,公司被告了,We are being sued. sued is spelled s-u-e-d, sued, 是控告、起诉的意思。Susan问,起诉罪名是什么,on what grounds? grounds 在这里是理由、根据的意思。Barry说,原告是一个澳大利亚人,被微波炉炸伤,索赔两百万美元,Susan觉得 Thats insane! 这简直是疯了!C: This is how the game is played. They ask for millions but its usually a negotiating tactic.B: Yeah, Chris is probably right. The figure of two million dollars is a place to begin bargaining from. They are probably hoping to settle the case quickly.S: But Barry, we dont manufacture microwave ovens! How in the world are we responsible for an accident like this?B: We might not manufacture microwaves, but our company does make a heat-sensing component that is part of many microwaves. Maybe Chris can shed some light on this, Chris?Chris说,对方要价两百万只是一种谈判策略, a negotiating tactic。Barry也觉得对方希望 settle the case quickly,尽快了结案子。可是,公司不生产微波炉,为什么要为微波炉爆炸赔钱呢?Barry 请 Chris 给大家解释一下,shed some light on this. Chris 说,C: If Im not mistaken, youre referring to our companys sensor chips. They are small chips that help control how heat is regulated.S: So our chip made the microwave blow up?C: Not exactly. The chip might have malfunctioned, but I doubt it. We test those products very rigorously and our quality control is strong. I dont think we are responsible for the explosion.S: I dont believe the sensor could cause an explosion. We are innocent! This lawsuit is totally without merit!原来,他们公司生产的 sensor chip 感应芯片是微波炉的感热部件。不过Chris说,公司质检很严格,所以芯片应该和微波炉爆炸无关。这么说,This lawsuit is totally without merit, 这桩诉讼完全就是无理取闹。那么,公司要如何应对这桩官司呢?我们下次继续听。A: 公司被别人告了,要求赔偿200万美金,Barry说,这只是 a negotiating tactic 谈判策略,肯定不用陪这么多钱,但是他希望能settle the case quickly 尽快了结案子。 Chris说,This lawsuit is totally without merit 这桩诉讼完全就是无理取闹。无端端被人告,真是太郁闷了!B: Yeah, its never pleasant to get involve in a lawsuit. Not only you have to prepare tons of paperwork, the lawyer fee is also astronomical....plus, I always feel like lawyers are more interested in winning an argument then actually finding out the truth, so you never know whats going to happen.A: 可不是嘛! 不过说起来,上次我停车拿到了罚单,还去法庭上诉了呢! 结果钱就拿回来啦! 还不错!B: Yeah, but those cases are totally different. Lets continue to listen and find out how the company is going to deal with this lawsuit!礼节美语A Lawsuit II公司被人状告索赔,同事们在讨论如何应对。S: So how does this work? What will we have to do?B: A lawyer will stop by next week and take statements from each of us.S: What kind of statement are they looking for?B: It will probably be just a basic statement about what you know about our companys heat sensors. They will want to know if you had any knowledge of a cover-up of defective products.Barry说,下周律师会来提取词,看看 if you had any knowledge of a cover-up of defective products. 员工是否知道公司有掩盖问题产品的行为。cover-up 意思是掩盖。defective 意思是有缺陷。S: I dont know anything about sensors! Im an accountant!B: Then thats exactly what you tell them. Just stick to the truth.C: Ill start preparing our test records and compiling data about our products.S: Why do you need to do that?B: We need to prove that we are not liable. Lets give Mr. Smiths lawyers access to our internal memos and quality control data. We have nothing to hide.跟律师谈话,要据实以告, stick to the truth, 因为 we have nothing to hide. 我们没什么好隐瞒的。 Barry还说,公司会允许原告律师查看公司内部备忘录和质检数据。To give someone access to something 意思是允许某人接触某物。S: Does this mean I will have to testify in court?B: Thats very possible. We might all be called as witnesses.S: What should I tell them?B: Just answer all the questions truthfully. We stand by our products and were proud of our company.C: They will probably question me more because Im the engineer. Im going to have to do some homework and brush up on my knowledge.Barry 说,大家都有可能要出庭作。 Chris 是工程师,说自己要 do some homework, 准备一下,and brush up on my knowledge,温习一下相关的业务知识。S: But what if we lose? If we have to make such a big payout, we might go bankrupt!B: Hold your horses! First, we wont lose...but if we do, our lawyers will appeal the verdict.S: But the other side can appeal too!B: Yes, thats true. But eventually this case will come to a conclusion and no more appeals are allowed. Who knows? We might even counter-sue them for making false allegations.C: Sounds like a plan.Susan 担心,如果官司打输,就要make a big payout,赔很多钱,导致公司破产。Barry劝她说: Hold your horses! 别着急! 就算输了也可以appeal the verdict, 上诉。公司甚至可以counter-sue, 反诉原告,罪名是making false allegations 诬告。A: 律师下周会来取,Barry说,我们要stick to the truth, 据实相告,因为we have nothing to hide, 没什么可隐瞒的。Chris是公司的工程师,他准备brush up on his knowledge, 温习一下相关的业务知识。Barry说,即使第一次打输了,也可以appeal the verdict上诉。看来,身正不怕影子歪! 公司没做什么错事,所以也不怕来个诉讼!aLarryB: Yeah, normally big companies will have lawyers to deal with such things. It happens on a daily basis. Maybe I can ask my friend to represent me when I decide to sue you....A: Well...yeah...as if you have such a friend...好了,节目快结束了,我们最后再来学个词儿!Learn A Word 1619 disposable今天我们要学的词是disposable. Disposable is spelled d-i-s-p-o-s-a-b-l-e, disposable. Disposable意思是可以任意处理的。The Boulder City Council approved a proposal that would charge a 20-cent fee on all disposable grocery bags. 德尔市政委员会批准了一项对所有一次性购物袋收缴20美分的提案。日本一家化学场发生爆炸停产,这家工厂的产品是一次性尿布的重要元素。The shutdown of production triggered widesp fear about a global disposable diapers shortage. 工厂停产让外界担心,一次性尿布可能会出现全球范围内的短缺。最新报告说,A double-income family has to save all its disposable income for about 29 years to buy a new home in Taipei. 一个有两份收入的家庭,要把可配收入全部攒下来,29年后才能在台北买一栋新房子。今天我们学习的词是disposable, disposable, disposable....A: I know exactly the word that I can use to describe you: disposable, very disposable.B: (say something....)A: 哈哈, 好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。 如果你有什么建议,或者想提什么问题,请发电子邮件到meiyu@voanews.com.B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201412/349201广州人流哪做的好

广州天河人工引产Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习“不愉快”的场景表达。Review:stand upstand somebody upWhy did you stand me up last night?cancel onShe canceled on me.bailI m gonna have to bail on you guys.Tom bailed on us.ditchWhy would you ditch me like that?I cant believe you ditched me.Lets ditch him.talk about someone behind ones backsDonts talk about people behind their backs.talk shit about someoneset somebody upShe set me up.I cant believe you set me up with her.set somebody up with somebody /201402/274853 今天我们还是继续讲在大选年中时常用到的习惯用语。多数参选的侯选人在选战刚拉开序幕时常常会作承诺。例如,他们会信誓旦旦地保绝不向竞争对手进行人身攻击,也决不信口诋毁对手所鼓吹的方针政策。然而在选战进行到如火如荼的阶段,他们却往往会忘记自己的保。这时他们的所作所为就是我们今天要说的头两个习惯用语了。第一个是: low blow。 我们听个例子来体会low blow指什么样的手段。这是一名参议员在辩论中指责他的对手歪曲他对全国保健计划的持。例句-1:Sir, that is a real low blow. Its either a deliberate lie or shows you simply dont know much about the whole issue of national health care plan for all Americans.这位参议员声称,对手的指控不是存心撒谎,就是对为所有美国人提供全国保健计划这问题缺乏全面的了解。可见他说对手的批评是a real low blow,是信口雌黄的指控。 Low blow的出典是拳击比赛中打击对方腰部以下的部位。这是违反拳击赛规则的动作。其实还有一个说法意思雷同: hitting below the belt。 Hitting below the belt要是直译就是击打裤腰带以下的部位。换句话说就是low blow,所以刚才那位参议员还可以这样说,意思不变:例句-2:Sir, this is hitting below the belt. Its either a deliberate lie or shows you simply dont know much about the whole issue of national health care plan for all Americans.******还有一个习惯用语也跟low blow有同样的意思: cheap shot。 Cheap shot来自另一种运动: 美式足球,或者美式橄榄球。这是动作相当粗放猛烈的运动,在秋天的橄榄球赛季,观看比赛的球迷们几乎每个周末都会听到球赛员在说某某球员如何挨了a cheap shot,可能造成腿骨骨折之类的严重伤势。球员们大约在五十年前创造了cheap shot这个短语,来指比赛中暗算其他球员的粗野犯规行为。 Cheap shot随即被政界借用,来说阴险毒辣的诽谤。其实cheap shot还被美国人应用到许多其它方面。例如商界的勾心斗角、人与人的纠纷、甚至夫妇间的争执。然而在政界,尤其在正当大选的政坛上, cheap shot往往是指把对手往日的丑闻秘史发掘出来,并有意向新闻界泄漏。我们要听的例子说的就是一名正在竞选高级公职的侯选人,一天早上意外地看到报纸报道说: 查有实据他在大学里经常吸毒。于是他愤然向记者澄清事实。例句-3:This is just another cheap shot from my opponent. In college I tried marijuana twice at parties. I didnt like the stuff and it happened 40 years ago.他说:这只是我对手的又一次恶意中伤。我在大学里的聚会上确实有两次试抽过大麻,然而我并不好抽那玩意儿,而且这都是四十年前的事了。这段话里的cheap shot意思是恶意诽谤。******刚学的两个习惯用语都是上不了台面的卑鄙手段,然而在选战中更常用的是在场面上取悦大众的做法。比方说侯选人在大庭广众间常会这样做: glad-hand。 Glad-hand是当动词用的,它的意思是跟人热情友好地握手。我们听个例子。这是个老经验的记者在描述一位擅长取悦民众的政界人士。例句-4:Hes the best! Hell go into a crowd to glad-hand anyone he can reach. They all break into delighted smiles, glad that a famous man actually shook hands with them.他说:他最行!他会走到人群中去热情友好地跟任何够得着的人握手。这一来人人脸上都展开了笑容。大家都为自己果真能跟这样一位名人握手而满心欢喜。这里的glad-hand含义是热情友好地跟人握手。 /201408/320129广州番禺哪个医院妇科看得好广州白云最好的做人流手术医院



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