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广州白云哪家治疗不孕不育的医院广州市去那间医院解扎英语会话800句 31 /200608/9139广州检查B超哪里好 突破口语之情景对话(18):I'm a fanatical fan我是一个大球迷18. I’m a fanatical fan.我是一个大球迷A: Say, what's your favorite sport?B: Hmmm … it's hard to say. I like golf a lot-but I guess I like tennis better.A: Do you play much tennis?B: Yes, quite a bit. How about a game sometime?A: Sorry. I'm strictly a spectator-football, baseball, basketball, golf … I watch them all.译文:A: 嘿,你最喜欢哪项运动?B: 嗯……很难说。我很喜欢玩高尔夫球,但我想我更喜欢网球。A: 你经常打网球吧?B: 是,经常打。找时间赛一场怎么样?A: 抱歉,我是个十足的观众。足球,棒球,篮球,高尔夫球……我都看。 注解 :1) favorite (adj) : most like 最喜爱的例: Pepsi is my favorite drink. 百事可乐是我最喜欢的饮料。2) It's hard to say. It's difficult to say.3) golf (n) : 高尔夫球4) tennis (n): 网球5) How about a game sometime? =Would you like to play a game sometime. how about是征求意见时的常用语。 6) Spectator (n) : audience观众 /200708/16439President Hennessy, members of the Board of Trustees, distinguished faculty and staff, proud and relieved parents, calm and serene grandparents, distracted but secretly pleased siblings, ladies and gentlemen, graduating students of the Class of 2016, good morning.I am deeply honored and privileged that you have asked me here to say a few words at so momentous an occasion, that you might find what I have to say worthy of your attention on so important a day, especially one with such historical significance. One hundred and twenty-five years. Wow!Thank you, too, for that generous introduction, President Hennessy. I always feel compelled, though, to inoculate myself against such praise by remembering that I have on my refrigerator door at home an old and now faded cartoon that shows two men standing in hell, the flames licking up around them. One guy says to the other, ;Apparently, my over 200 screen credits didnt mean a damn thing.; They dont, of course; there is much more meaning in your accomplishments, which we memorialize today.I am in the business of memorializing – of history. It is not always a popular subject on college campuses today, particularly when, at times, it may seem to some an anachronistic and irrelevant pursuit, particularly with the ferocious urgency this moment seems to exert on us. It is my job, however, to remind people – with story, memory, anecdote and feeling – of the power our past also exerts, to help us better understand whats going on now. It is my job to try to discern patterns and themes from history to enable us to interpret our dizzying, and sometimes dismaying, present. For nearly forty years now, I have diligently practiced and rigorously maintained a conscious neutrality in my work, avoiding the advocacy of many of my colleagues, trying to speak to all of my fellow citizens.Over those decades of historical documentary filmmaking, I have also come to the realization that history is not a fixed thing, a collection of precise dates, facts and events that add up to a quantifiable, certain, confidently-known truth. History is a mysterious and malleable thing, constantly changing, not just as new information emerges, but as our own interests, emotions and inclinations change. Each generation rediscovers and reexamines that part of its past that gives its present new meaning, new possibility and new power. The question becomes for us now – for you especially – what will we choose as our inspiration? Which distant events and long dead figures will provide us with the greatest help, the most coherent context, and the wisdom to go forward?This is in part an existential question. None of us get out of here alive. An exception will not be made in your case and youll live forever. You cant actually design your life. (If you want to make God laugh, the saying goes, tell her your plans.) The hard times and vicissitudes of life will ultimately visit everyone. You will come to realize that you are less defined by the good things that happen to you, your moments of happiness and apparent control, than you are by those misfortunes and unexpected challenges that, in fact, shape you more definitively, and help to solidify your true character – the measure of any human value. You, especially, know that the conversation that comes out of tragedy and injustice needs to be encouraged, emphasis on courage. It is through those conversations that we make progress.A mentor of mine, the journalist Tom Brokaw, recently said to me, ;What we learn is more important than what we set out to do.; Its tough out there, but so beautiful, too. And history – memory – can prepare you.I have a searing memory of the summer of 1962, when I was almost nine, joining our family dinner on a hot, sweltering day in a tract house in a development in Newark, Delaware, and seeing my mother crying. She had just learned, and my brother and I had just been told, that she would be dead of cancer within six months. But thats not what was causing her tears. Our inadequate health insurance had practically bankrupted us, and our neighbors – equally struggling working people – had taken up a collection and presented my parents with six crisp twenty dollar bills – 0 in total – enough to keep us solvent for more than a month. In that moment, I understood something about community and courage, about constant struggle and little victories. That hot June evening was a victory. And I have spent my entire professional life trying to resurrect small moments within the larger sweep of American history, trying to find our better angels in the most difficult of circumstances, trying to wake the dead, to hear their stories.But how do we keep that realization of our own inevitable mortality from paralyzing us with fear? And how do we also keep our usual denial of this fact from depriving our lives and our actions of real meaning, of real purpose? This is our great human challenge, your challenge. This is where history can help. The past often offers an illuminating and clear-headed perspective from which to observe and reconcile the passions of the present moment, just when they threaten to overwhelm us. The history we know, the stories we tell ourselves, relieve that existential anxiety, allow us to live beyond our fleeting lifespans, and permit us to value and love and distinguish what is important. And the practice of history, both personal and professional, becomes a kind of conscience for us.As a filmmaker, as a historian, as an American, I have been drawn continually to the life and example and words of Abraham Lincoln. He seems to get us better than we get ourselves. One hundred and fifty-eight years ago, in mid-June of 1858, Abraham Lincoln, running in what would be a failed bid for the ed States Senate, at a time of bitter partisanship in our national politics, almost entirely over the issue of slavery, spoke to the Republican State Convention in the Illinois Statehouse in Springfield. His political party, the Republican Party, was brand new, born barely four years before with one single purpose in mind: to end the intolerable hypocrisy of chattel slavery that still existed in a country promoting certain unalienable rights to itself and the world.He said, ;A house divided against itself cannot stand.; ;A house divided against itself cannot stand.;201607/453081广州市长安医院试管选择男女

广州市长安治疗子宫肌瘤好吗增城不孕去哪好 Do you know that feeling you get when you know its going to storm before it storms?你们了解那种感觉吗?那种在暴风雨来临前的感觉?Do you also feel that now, fellow citizen?你们现在有这种感觉吗,我的公民朋友们?That malaise and worry that some who know feel reminds them of the 1930s?那种心神不安又焦虑的感觉,会让你们当中的一些人想起上世纪30年代?Perhaps you dont, because our fears of each other are not in sync.也许你没有这种感觉,因为我们对彼此的恐惧不是同步的。In this round, I sense that your fears of me,在这一轮中,我感觉到了你们对我的恐惧,of the world that I have insisted is right for us both, has gathered over a generation.对这个我所坚持的世界的恐惧,这些恐惧积累了超过一个时代。It took time for your fears to trigger my fears,你们的恐惧需要时间来激发我的恐惧,not least because at first, I never thought I needed to fear you.因为至少在一开始,我从未想过我需要惧怕你。I heard you but did not listen,我听见了你的声音,但是我没有仔细聆听。all these years when you said that this amazing new world wasnt amazing for you,这些年里每当你们说起这个令人震惊的新世界,对于你们来说并不震惊,for many of you, across the industrialized world;对于你们中很多人来说,对于这个工业化的世界;that the open, liquid world I relished, of people and goods and technologies flowing freely,这个我享受的开放的、流动的世界,这个人力物力和科技都自由流通,going where they pleased, globally, was not, for you, an emancipation.在世界范围内去心之所向之地的时代,对于你来说并非是一种解放。201703/494908天河医院做子宫肌瘤手术多少钱

广州妇科医院无痛人流费用Im Senator Lamar Alexander, from Tennessee. When Tennesseans woke up on Wednesday morning and opened up our states largest paper, the front page headline ;Very Near Collapse.; The story wasnt about a bridge or a foreign dictatorship. ;Very Near Collapse; was our state insurance commissioners description of the Obamacare exchange in Tennessee, which more than 230,000 Tennesseans used to buy health plans last year. What does ;Very Near Collapse; mean in the real world? This November, when Tennesseans are signing up for 2017 Obamacare plans, there will be fewer plans to choose from – and theyll be much more expensive. That picture will be the same for many Americans across the country. Next year, Tennesseans will be paying an intolerable increase – on average between 44 and 62 percent more for their Obamacare plans than they paid last year. Even for a healthy, 40-year-old, non-smoking Tennessean with the lowest-price silver plan on Tennessees exchange, premiums increased last year to 2 a month. Next year, its 3 a month. And if you, the policyholder, dont pay all of it, then you, the taxpayer, will, because a large portion of Obamacare premiums are subsidized with tax dollars. Tennessee had to take extreme measures to allow these increases because insurance companies told the state ;if you dont let us file for rate increases, we will have to leave;. If that happened, Tennesseans might have had only one insurer to choose from. Thats whats happening in states all over the country, as Obamacare plans and rates get locked in for next year. According to consulting firm Avalere Health, Americans buying insurance in one-third of Obamacare exchange regions next year may have only one insurer to choose from. People buying on Obamacare exchanges will have only one insurer to choose from in five states next year: Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wyoming, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. And Politico reports that one Arizona county is ;poised to become an Obamacare ghost town; because no insurer can afford to sell health plans on the regions Obamacare exchange. This leaves 9,700 people in Pinal, Arizona, with no Obamacare plan options in 2017. Before Obamacare ever became law, Republicans warned President Obama and Democrats in Congress that this would happen. In February of 2010, I spoke for Republicans at a White House summit on health care and warned President Obama that premiums for millions of Americans with individual insurance would rise under his proposal. But warnings are not much use now. Americans need action. As Tennessees governor said last week: ;The federal government needs to come in and address the situation. They created the program and so theyre going to have to address that.; In other words, the next Congress – no matter who is President – will have to deal with the mess that Obamacare is causing in our states and the pain it is causing the American people. Americans have a choice this election. You know exactly what Democrats will do if they are in charge. Democrats will increase Washingtons control of your private health insurance choices. Democrats will spend more of your taxpayer dollars to prop up the collapsing Obamacare exchanges. Republicans have offered a better idea. We want to help Americans struggling with the cost of health insurance immediately. We would do that by giving states more flexibility to give individuals and their families options to purchase lower-cost private health insurance plans outside of Obamacare. The problem of solving Obamacare takes more than a five-minute radio address. But helping Americans struggling to buy private health insurance plans is something we ought to do immediately. In order to avoid a near collapse of our nations health insurance market, we need a Republican Congress next year.201609/464108 And Portland is not alone here.波特兰市在这件事上并不孤独。Forty percent of municipalities self-report dumping raw or partially treated sewage into our waterways.40%的市政当局在自述汇报中指出曾倾倒未处理或仅部分处理的污水进入水网。The other bummer going on here with our status quo is that half of all of your poop and pee is going to fertilize farmland.另一件当下令人不悦的事是我们的排泄物们一半跑去灌溉农场了,The other half is being incinerated or land-filled.另一半则被火化或是填埋了。And thats a bummer to me, because there are amazing nutrients in your daily doody.我对此很失望,因为我们每天的便便当中其实含有惊人的养分。It is comparable to pig manure; were omnivores, theyre omnivores.与猪的粪便是类同的。我们是杂食动物,它们也是。Think of your poo and pee as a health smoothie for a tree.想像一下你的排泄物对于一棵树来说就是一杯奶昔The other bummer going on here is that were quickly moving all the drugs we take into our waterways.其实还有一件令人不悦的事,那就是我们正在迅速地把我们摄入体内的药物转入水网当中。The average wastewater treatment plant can remove maybe half of the drugs that come in.中等水平的废水处理池只有能力移除废水中的一半药物。The other half goes right out the other side.另一半就心安理得的从另一侧出去了。Consider what a cocktail of pharmaceuticals -- hormones, steroids, Vicodin -- does to a fish, to a dog, to a child.想一想由各种药物成分,性激素、类固醇、维柯丁(一种止痛药)构成的鸡尾酒,会对一条鱼,对一只,一个孩子造成怎样的影响?But this isnt just some problem that we need to contain.但这个问题不单单只是它本身。If we flip this around, we can create a resource that can solve so many of our other problems.如果能够翻过这一页,我们就能找到一条途径,它能帮我们解决许多别的问题。And I want to get you comfortable with this idea,我希望你们能够接受这个想法。so imagine the things Im going to show you, these technologies, and this attitude that says,设想一下我将要展示给你的东西,这些科技,还有这样的态度:;Were going to reuse this. Lets design to make it beautiful; -- as advanced potty training.“我们将要拯救这一切。让我们把它设计的更美吧”,致先进的如厕技术。I think youre y for it. I think we as a culture are y for advanced potty training.我以为你们已经做好心理准备了。我认为我们的文化已经为先进如厕技术做好准备。And there are three great reasons to enroll today.这其中有三个重要的理由。201612/485748广州东圃红十字医院正规吗怎么样广州长安医院查白带怎么样好不好




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