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A fast-moving fire in Southern California has killed at least two people and scorched more than 35,000 acres, officials said Saturday. 周六官员称,南加利福尼亚迅速扩散的大火已造成至少两人死亡,烧毁面积超过35,000亩。California governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Friday in Kern County,加利福尼亚州长杰瑞·布朗周五在克恩县宣布进入紧急状态,where firefighters worked in hot, windy conditions to battle the fire, which has burned the Lake Isabella area over the past two days. 在那里,消防队员冒着炎热、有风的条件灭火,大火在过去两天烧毁了伊莎贝拉湖地区。Hundreds of residents have been evacuated, but there are concerns that some people may not have been able to escape. 数百名居民已被疏散,但有人担心,一些人可能无法逃脱。Nearly 100 structures have been burned to ashes, while 1,500 more are under imminent threat from the roaring flames, firefighters said.消防队员称,近100栋建筑已烧成灰烬,另有1,500多栋正受大火逼近的威胁。译文属。201606/451336;When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass;When grass is dry at morning light, look for rain before thenight.”“如果早晨青草上有露珠,当天就不会下雨;如果青草上没有露珠,傍晚前就会下雨。”Whats the science behind this old aphorism?这句古老的格言背后有什么样的科学依据呢?Is the amount ofdew in the morning a good way of predicting the weather forthe rest of the day?朝露的数量是一种很好的方式来预测当天天气情况吗?As a matter of fact, this saying is roughly accurate, at least in the spring and fall, but the reason itworks is more complicated than we might initially think.事实上,这句话大致是准确的。至少在春季和秋季是准确的。但是这句话成立的原因要比我们想象的复杂得多。We might imagine that the saying works because on a dewy morning, much of the atmospheresmoisture has aly condensed out as dew, so there isnt a lot left over for a rain storm.我们也许会这样想,早晨的露珠已经把空气中大量的水分凝结成露水,所以没有足够的水分产生暴雨。This isnt the case.然而情况并非如此。The amount of water in dew is usually much less than what would fall in a storm, and besides, that dew is likely to evaporate back into the atmosphere as the morning progresses.露水中含的水分量远少于暴雨所降的雨量。另外,在早晨这段时间里,露水可能会蒸发回到大气中去。As it turns out, the formation of dew is linked to the amount of cloudiness in the sky at night.事实明,露水的形成是与晚上天空中云的数量有联系的。On a clear night the ground cools, radiating its heat away into space.在晴朗的夜晚地面冷却后,将热量散发到空气中。When the ground gets cool enough, dew forms, like beads of condensation on a can of cold soda.当地面冷却充分后露水就形成了,就像装着冰苏打水瓶罐表面形成的水珠一样。If the sky is cloudy at night, however, the Earths surface doesnt cool as much.如果夜晚天空多云,可是,地球表面冷却不充分。Some of the heatradiates into space, but much of it bounces off the cloud layer and goes back into the ground.一些热量就会散发到空气中,但大部分的热量会弹出云层,回到地面。If there are lots of clouds, the ground wont get cool enough to form dew.如果有大量云层,地面冷却不充分,就不会形成露水。The saying worksbecause, chances are, all those nighttime clouds might also cause a rainstorm during the comingday.这句格言成立是因为可能所有这些夜间的云也许会在即将到来的一天制造一场暴雨。201409/332029

  Its so..you know there are so many bullies,and it goes on so much现在有很多恃强凌弱者 这种事情经常发生and you know I think that, you should,especially if you are like a bystander.我觉得,有些人应该, 特别是如果你就在旁边看着这件事发生you know you definately should you know, helped out,cuz you know, it could be you next.你真的应该去帮助那些正在被欺负的人们, 因为你知道,下一个受害者就有可能是你。So I think that,yeah,and I just think, you know everybody goes to bullying,所以我才这么认为。 我就是觉得 每个人会去欺负别人everybody has it So uhh you know. Even me, like I said.每个人都被欺负过 就像我说的,我也会被别人欺负。On my youtube page,there are so many like haters that just say crazy stuff like.在我的Youtube个人主页上,有很多不喜欢我的人就会对我说一些很疯狂的话Im not mad Im 16,I dont have chest hair and I am not like我倒是不生气,我只有十六岁, 我没有胸毛 不是这样子的Im not angry about that at the moment,you know that will come.在当时我并没有很生气 你知道这是成名要付出的代价But people are like, yo,Look at him he puts helium in his voice before he sings, like但是有些人就说,哟, 你看看 他唱歌前 会在他的声音里加入氦you just have to laugh at yourself you know.你只需要一笑而过 你懂的Yeah.Its funny.Yeah, but we have to do a 2 for 2.I dont know what that is..恩。挺可笑的。 但是我们可以做个“2对2” 我不明白那是什么意思..I just made it up, cause you had a ;A do A;So I made up a 2 for 2.Were back with Justin Bieber.我随便编的,你有个“A do A”, 所以我就编了一个“2对2” 回到现场我们正在对话贾斯丁比伯。 /201604/435392

  German politics德国政治Gone boy on the right消失的极右领袖How an anti-foreigner, anti-establishment group is changing German politics一个反移民、反伊斯兰化组织如何改变德国政治Bachmann: only joking, honest巴赫曼:真的只是玩笑罢了THE march on January 19th in Dresden by Pegida, or “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident”, would have been its 13th. But it was cancelled because the police had “concrete” information of plans to assassinate its organiser, Lutz Bachmann. On January 21st Mr Bachmann was exposed in German tabloids for posing as Hitler on his Facebook page. He called it a joke, but later resigned his position. Pegida plans to resume its marches next week.1月19日,在德累斯顿爆发了一场由Pegida(或者称作“爱国欧洲人反对西方的伊斯兰化”)发起的游行。本来这次游行应该在13号举行,但是由于警方获知了刺杀该运动领袖卢茨巴赫曼行动的“详细”信息而被取消。1月21日,巴赫曼因为在“脸书”(Facebook)上传其模仿希特勒的照片而被德国小报争相报道。他声称这只是一个玩笑,但是随后他宣布辞职。Pegida计划下周恢复游行。Among its followers, despite Mr Bachmanns antics, neo-Nazis are a small minority. The typical marcher is a middle-aged, middle-class Saxon man who, says Hans Vorl?nder at the Technical University of Dresden, is alienated from politics and the liberal media, and yearns for a homogenous fatherland. The marches may have “passed the peak”, adds Dieter Rucht at the Berlin Social Science Centre. Yet there will be political fallout. Nine-tenths of Pegida supporters back the Alternative for Germany (AfD), founded only in 2013 and represented in three eastern state parliaments.在该运动众多的追随者中,除了巴赫曼这种滑稽行为的人,新纳粹仍是少数。据来自德尔德累斯顿技术大学的汉斯?福尔兰德尔讲,其中有一位的游行示威者是较为典型,他是一个来自于萨克森州的中年中产阶级男性,他对政治和自由媒体漠不关心,却呼唤一个同文同种的父国。柏林社会科学研究中心的Dieter Rucht说到,这游行队伍可能已经“越过底线”。也许会带来某些政治后果。 Pegida运动中有十分之九的持者拥护德国新选项党(AfD),该党于2013年刚刚成立,享有东部三个州的议会席位。The AfD began with an anti-euro message. Some leaders, such as Hans- Olaf Henkel, from Hamburg, want to keep it that way. But, especially in the east, the party has used populist innuendo against asylum-seekers, immigrants and homosexuals. Party elders like Alexander Gauland, in Brandenburg, openly flirt with Pegida. This is straining the AfD, which has three leaders. Bernd Lucke, an economics professor, favours an anti-euro message; Frauke Petry, a businesswoman from Saxony, and Konrad Adam, a former journalist, sympathise with Pegida. Mr Lucke wants to lead alone, but Ms Petry and Mr Adam have resisted him. In a compromise, Mr Lucke will take over as boss only next December.德国新选项党的兴起缘于对欧元的反对。一些领导人,包括来自汉堡的汉斯奥拉夫汉高希望继续使用欧元。但是,尤其在德国东部地区,该党利用民粹主义影射政治避难者、移民以及同性恋群体。该党的前辈——勃兰登堡的Alexander Gauland公然和Pegida“秀恩爱”。这使得新选项党内部更加紧张。该党有三个领导,经济学教授Bernd Lucke反对使用欧元,来自萨克森州的商人Frauke Petry以及之前是记者同样持Pegida的Konrad Adam。Lucke希望能够独自领导新选项党,但是一直受到Petry和Adam的牵制。折中之后,Bernd Lucke只能于明年12月份接任领袖一职。German democracy is responding without hysteria. Marchers against Pegida have recently far outnumbered those for it. The centre-left Social Democrats and Greens refuse to debate with Pegida, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, leader of the centre-right Christian Democrats, has condemned it. Others are open to dialogue. One Christian Democrat, Jens Spahn, even joined a televised debate with Kathrin Oertel, one of Pegidas organisers.德国的民主制度对于这件事情的回应十分克制。如今反对Pegida的游行数量已经远远超出持者的游行。中左的社会民主党和绿党拒绝与Pegida对话,而中右派基督教民主党领袖——总理默克尔却谴责该运动。其他人则保持开放的态度。Jens Spahn,这位基督教民主党人士甚至参加了一个与Pegida组织者之一—Kathrin Oertel对话的电视栏目。That was a big step for a group that had previously refused to talk to the media. Its marchers chant “Lügenpresse” (“lying press”), a term once used by the Nazis. Yet on the very day of the cancelled march, Pegida held its first-ever press conference. In the public glare, its leaders tone down their language. When confronted, their counter-arguments seem weak. Asked why Saxons should worry about Islam when only 1% of Saxonys population is Muslim, Ms Oertel said some Germans march for the rainforest though Germany has none.这个举动为那些拒绝在媒体上发表观点的党派迈出了一大步。其游行者高呼曾经为纳粹使用过的“Lügenpresse”(“大话新闻”)。然而,就在取消游行的那一天,Pegida举行了首次新闻发布会。万众瞩目下,他们的领导人故意让自己的语气缓和。但在面对质疑时,他们的反驳又显得无力。当被问及他们为什么要在萨克森州仅有1%的人口是穆斯林的情况要担心伊斯兰教时,Oertel说尽管德国没有热带雨林,但仍有德国人为保护热带雨林而游行。The gradual conflation of the AfD and Pegida is a new and worrying phenomenon. There must never be a legitimate party to the right of the CSU, the Christian Democrats Bavarian sister party, said Franz Josef Strauss, a longtime leader of Bavaria, with Germanys Nazi past in mind. Such a party has now arrived, and could enter the Bundestag in 2017.德国新选项党和Pegida日益要好着实是一个令人担忧的新问题。巴伐利亚州的长期领导者Franz Josef Strauss对纳粹始终耿耿于怀,他认为,基社盟作为巴伐利亚的执政党,绝不会再有第二个政党取得像基社盟党—基督教民主党的地位,尤其该党还有纳粹倾向。但是他担心的事情似乎已经到来,新选项党有可能在2017年进入联邦议院。译者:胡雅琳 校对:唐宇译文属译生译世 /201505/377581。

  It finds its prey by detecting the minute electric fields produced by muscles when they contract, including the hard muscles, something no animal can ever switch off.它通过探测包括心肌在内的肌肉收缩所产生的微电场来寻找猎物,心肌收缩是任何生物都不能停止的。But they do have to swim directly over a beating heart to know that its there.但它们需要游到这颗心脏的上方才能感知位置。By sucking and blowing, the sting-ray escavates its target deep under the soft sand.通过吸和吹,这只刺鳐将细沙下的猎物挖了出来。Many rays feeding together reduces series of florals on the seafloor, but all that puffing and blowing can attract unwelcome attention.许多一起觅食的鳐在海床上制造了一连串的沙沟,而吞云吐雾会招来不怀好意的关注。The hunter can just easily become the hunted.猎手很容易变成猎物。This is the sting-rays worst nightmare,a great hammer-head shark.这是刺鳐最大的噩梦,一条无沟双髻鲨。It has electric receptors,too.它也有电感受器。They sp across the underside of its very broad head, which sweeps back and forth, searching for prey.它们分布在双髻鲨宽脑袋的下底面,脑袋来回摇动寻找猎物。The sting-ray has a formidable weapon, a venomous barb, but one hammer-head was found with 96 barbs in its body, and see none the worth.刺鳐有一种强大的武器毒刺,但是曾在一条双髻鲨身上发现过96根这样的毒刺。 201501/353821

  Cubas Communist government said it would legalize small and medium-sized enterprises. That builds on earlier reforms, which allow “self-employed” Cubans to own restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts and other small businesses.古巴共和党宣布,承认本国中小型企业经营合法化,该计划是在早前改革的基础上提出来的,准许古巴人在餐厅、旅馆和其他小型企业方面实现“个体经营”。Coca-Cola stopped producing sugary drinks in Venezuela because it cannot obtain sugar. Price controls have made growing sugar cane unprofitable and the country suffers from a shortage of foreign exchange.由于食糖供应缺乏,委内瑞拉可口可乐已停止在该地生产含糖饮料。物价问题使得委内瑞拉的甘蔗种植毫无利润可言,同时该国的外汇也严重不足。Iraqs government announced the start of an operation to retake Fallujah, a city just a 30-minute drive from Baghdad that has been held by Islamic State for the past two years.伊拉克政府宣布采取行动收复费卢杰(Fallujah)。费卢杰距巴格达(Baghdad)仅30分钟车程,在过去两年里一直为“伊斯兰国”组织(Islamic State)所占领。Avigdor Lieberman, who leads Israels nationalist Yisrael Beiteinu party, joined Binyamin Netanyahus coalition government, and became defense minister. Mr. Lieberman, who lives in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, has repeatedly derided efforts to secure peace with the Palestinians.以色列“我们的家园以色列”党(Yisrael Beiteinu)领导人阿维格多·利伯曼(Avigdor Lieberman)加入本雅明·内塔尼亚胡(Binyamin Netanyahu)联合政府,担任国防部长。利伯曼生活在约旦河西岸的犹太人居民区,他对以巴和谈始终保持嘲讽的态度。A series of bombings hit two government strongholds on Syrias coast, killing as many as100 people.叙利亚沿海地区两大政府要地遭遇多起爆炸袭击,造成100多人死亡。The government and opposition leaders in Burundi started talks to resolve a crisis in which more than 1,000 people are thought to have been killed. But the government excluded key opposition figures from the talks, reducing the chances of a successful outcome.布鲁迪(Burundi)政府与反对党领袖就该国危机举行谈判。布隆迪危机已使超过1000人丧生。但是由于政府将反对党核心人士排除在对话之外,此次对话圆满成功的可能性不大。The monetary-policy committee of Nigerias central bank voted to allow the currency, the naira, to float against the dollar. The country has previously maintained an overinflated peg against the dollar that is 40% higher than the black-market rate, leading to a shortage of hard currency.尼日利亚(Nigeria)中央货币政策委员会投票允许奈拉(naira,尼日利亚货币)随美元汇率浮动。尼日利亚此前一直采用固定汇率政策,但是其官方的兑美元汇率要比黑市提供的汇率高40%,导致其硬通货短缺。In a report to Congress Hillary Clinton was criticized by the State Departments inspector general for using a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton should have discussed the security risks with officials, the report said, though it recognized that the department had a history of dealing inadequately with electronic messages. The issue continues to dog Mrs. Clintons campaign.美国国务院监察长曾向美国国会递交了一份报告,指出希拉里担任奥巴马政府国务卿期间使用私人邮箱处理国家机密事务。报告也表示,尽管国会也曾出过电子邮件使用不当的事件,但是希拉里应该向相关官员咨询有关使用私人邮箱存在的安全隐患问题,但她并没有这么做。“邮件门”事件成为希拉里总统竞选中挥之不去的阴影。译文属译生译世201606/448157Until now it has not been known whether children who snore, but who do not have obstructive sleep apnea, are at risk, too, for these cognitive and behavioral problems.目前,还不得而知的是,打呼但是未患有阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停综合中的儿童是否在认知和行为方面问题也存在风险。However, recent research shows that many children without this particular condition, but who nonetheless snore, do test significantly lower than do non-snorers in these same areas of cognition and behavior.但最近有调查发现很多未患有上述疾病但打呼的儿童在关于认知能力和行为的智力测验中,得分明显低于那些不打呼的儿童。Which children who snore are at risk and which are not is not clear yet and will require further research.打呼的儿童中,哪些是有风险遇到认知和行为方面的问题,哪些是没有的,还需要进一步的调查研究。In the meantime, if your child snores frequently and he or she seems to experience learning and behavioral problems, you might consult a sleepspecialist to find out whether or not your child has obstructive sleep apnea.如果你的孩子经常打呼,并且有学习和/或行为方面的问题,你可以去咨询睡眠专家,看看你的孩子是否患有阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停综合征。There are various causes of frequent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, but the most common causes are enlarged tonsils and an enlarged adenoids.有很多原因可以造成打呼和阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停,但是最常见的是扁桃体肥大, 淋巴腺肿大。In these cases the removal of the tonsils and adenoids can be an effective treatment.在这种情况下,有效的治疗手段就是进行扁桃体和淋巴腺的切除。201503/362458

  The U.S. Air Force deployed B-52 bombers to Qatar on Saturday to join the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. It is the first time they have been based in the Middle East since the end of the Gulf War in 1991.周六,美国空军在卡塔尔部署B-52轰炸机,在伊拉克和叙利亚加入打击伊斯兰国。这是自1991年海湾战争结束以来首次在中东地区部署B-52轰炸机。U.S. Air Forces Central Command said it last flew the long-range bombers operationally in the region in May 2006. 美国空军中央司令部表示,上次在该地区飞行远程轰炸机是在2006年5月。They were used then as part of the war in Afghanistan, and during a U.S.-led military exercise in Jordan in May 2015.它们被用于阿富汗战争,以及2015年5月在约旦美国领导的军事演习。Air Force Lieutenant General Charles Brown, commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command, ;The B-52 demonstrates our continued resolve to apply persistent pressure on Daesh and defend the region in any future contingency.;美国空军中央司令部司令,空军中将查尔斯·布朗“B-52轰炸机表明了我们继续致力于向Daesh组织持续施压,在任何未来意外事件中保卫该区域。”Daesh is the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State militant movement.Daesh是伊斯兰国激进运动的阿拉伯语首字母缩写。译文属。201604/436569


  We will not head to the polls to choose our next President for another 15 months.Yet, candidate announcements have been raining down on us since March 23, when Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to jump into the race. With 17 Republicans showing up in major polls and five Democrats, its proving to be a crowded field.Is it all too much, too soon? And what of the tone of these campaigns?;Well, this far out I dont think its terribly unusual to have a lot of people show interest. I think because of the media cycles were into now people feel the need to declare and raise that money early,; says historian Gleaves Whitney, Director of the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University.But Whitney does say he was amazed by record number of people watching last Thursdays debate.;I thought that that was a good sign that people are tuned in.;And he hopes voters will begin to be serious about Donald Trump.;Trump is somebody whose bubble is going to burst here before too long. He cannot sustain this faux campaign. It really isnt even a campaign. Go to his website ... there is not a position paper on the website,; Whitney says.;Neither party can have a serious discussion with Donald Trump because we dont know how he would really do the things that he talks about doing.;Whitney says Republicans seem to be tiring of Trumps antics. He hopes other contenders will begin to stand up to him ;and, frankly, force him to be serious or get out of the race;But Trump isnt the only one to compete for air time with attention-grabbing antics. Ted Cruz can be seen in a recently released cooking bacon on a gun, and Senator Lindsey Graham destroyed phones with a variety of tactics as a response to Trump giving away his phone number.Whitney says these stunts may be heightened to attract coverage by cable television, but theyre not unique to our contemporary politics. ;I have no doubt that there were a lot of shenanigans in the past, some of our past campaigns were outrageous, much more outrageous than today,; he says.According to Whitney, Debates between Lincoln and Douglas could last for hours, being viewed as a source of high entertainment. And Whitney says the campaign between Jefferson and Adams included its own mudslinging.;Lets not fool ourselves. Lets not act too sanctimonious. Americans love a clown show.;But Whitney suggests there may be some upside to Americans viewing politics for amusement.;The fact that we can take it so for granted and be so lighthearted about it and buffoonish about it indicates maybe, in some sense, a relative strength of our democracy.;201508/392510。

  We are back with Jennifer Aniston.我们继续 这位是詹妮弗安妮斯顿and not only is your movie called Cake,but our birthdays are coming up really soon.不仅仅因为你的电影叫“蛋糕” 还因为我们生日快到了So we thought wed play a little game we are calling it ;Let Them eat cake;所以我们决定玩一个小游戏 叫做 ;让她们吃蛋糕;So, we have two volunteers from the audience, you are-我们请上了两位现场观众参与游戏 你是Merisa Merino And where do you live and what do you do?梅丽莎·梅兰诺 你住哪 你的职业是什么I live in Covina California and I am a pharmacy assistant.我住在加州柯文纳 我是一名药剂师助手Wonderful.I am Ashley Loeb,I am from Thousand Oaks and I will get a retail store.很好 我是阿什莉·勒布 我来自千橡市 我在零售店工作Wonderful.Thats very vague about what you do, but I believe you.很好 你们说得很模糊 但我相信你们Alright right.She said pharmacy.好的 她说了是药剂师I know,she says pharmacy assistant and retail which could be any real.我知道 她们说的药剂师和零售商范围太广Alright, alright One of you is gonna get a chance to come back to my birthday show,好吧 你们当中一人可以有机会 参加我的生日秀and sometimes we get a waste up on my birthday show I dont know.生日秀上可能会分发礼物 我也不清楚到底会发什么So heres what you have to do.接下来就是你们要做的You gonna both go back there and put your heads through those holes,你们去那后面 把头从那个洞里伸出来Go back there, alright.Do they, do you know whats happening? - They kinda do.去吧 你们知道会发生什么吗 -她们貌似知道一点You are gonna go the other side Jenn,Right, and you have to stay behind this line你去另一边 珍妮 站在线后面So, first one of us, to get a cake in your face.I am gonna, I am gonna throw to you.我们两谁先把蛋糕砸到你们脸上 对 我向你投You are the one to the pharmacy assistant over there,;A pharmacy assistant;你向药剂师助手投 ;药剂师助手; /201512/418259


  A pair of noddy terns fly close together over the island on the reef.一对白顶玄燕鸥在礁石岛上空比翼而飞。They are two mates, reaffirming their bond.它们是在重复确认伴侣关系。Noddies signal to each other continually during courtship,both in the air and after landing.求偶期的白顶玄燕鸥会不停地表演,无论是在空中还是地上。Once in the trees,the performance changes.到了树上的燕鸥的表演方式也随之改变。They bow their heads repeatedly.它们不停地相互点头。Its pretty clear how they got their name.这也是人们又叫它点头燕鸥的原因。To enforce their relationship,the male has to collect nesting materials,and the females are famously fussy,so he chooses his present carefully.求偶关系成功后,关系还需要经营。雄燕鸥的任务是收集筑窝的材料。而雌燕鸥在这方面极为挑剔,礼物得精挑细选。 201412/350498

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