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November#39;s wonderful Leonid meteor shower happens every year at this time, as our world moves through space. It occurs when Earth crosses the orbital path of Comet Tempel-Tuttle, which, like all comets, litters its orbit with bits of debris. It#39;s when this comet debris enters Earth#39;s atmosphere, and vaporizes, that we see the Leonid meteor shower. In 2015, the peak night of the shower is expected from midnight to dawn on Wednesday morning (November 18). The waxing moon will set in the evening hours, so moonlight will not obstruct this year#39;s Leonid shower. Also, it#39;ll be fun to look for the planet Jupiter, which shines in front of the constellation Leo this year. Watch for the Leonids on the mornings of November 17 and 18!根据地球运动的位置,每年十一月份的时候,我们就会迎来狮子座流星雨。此时地球与坦普尔塔特尔彗星轨道相交,该彗星轨道的碎片进入地球的轨道,与大气层擦,最后燃烧蒸发,这样我们就看到了狮子座的流星雨。2015观赏该流星雨的最佳时机是周三(11月18日)的半夜到黎明。那天只是前半晚月光皎洁,所以不会影响对狮子座流星雨的观赏。并且,在狮子座流星雨前,还可以观赏木星。11月17日和18日的清晨,请尽情观赏狮子座流星雨吧!How many Leonid meteors will you see in 2015? The answer of course depends on when you watch, the clarity and darkness of your night sky. The Leonids are usually a modest shower, with typical rates of about 10 to 15 meteors per hour at the peak, in the darkness before dawn.2015年我们能看到几场狮子座流星雨呢?这取决于你什么时候看,你所在地区夜空的清晰度和暗度。狮子座的流星雨通常都是中等规模的流星雨,在黎明前流量每小时最多可达10到15颗。When should you watch for Leonid meteors in 2015? Knowing what time to watch is easy. As with most meteor showers, the best time to watch the Leonids is usually between the hours of midnight and dawn. The expected peak mornings are November 17 and 18. That#39;s the morning (not the evening) of the 17th and 18th. Fortunately, the waxing moon won#39;t jeopardize the view of this year#39;s Leonid meteor shower.2015年,我们应该什么时候看狮子座流星雨呢?很简单。和其他大多数流星雨一样,狮子座流星雨的最佳观赏时间在半夜和黎明期间。而今年11月17日和18日的早晨就是最佳时期。我们很幸运,朗月并没有影响今年狮子座流星雨的观赏。Where should you watch the meteor shower? We hear lots of reports from people who see meteors from yards, decks, streets and especially highways in and around cities. But the best place to watch a meteor shower is always in the country. Just go far enough from town that glittering stars, the same stars drowned by city lights, begin to pop into view.我们应该在哪看流星雨呢?很多人说,他们在院子里、舱板上、街道上、城市及周边的高速上看,但观赏流星雨的最佳地点是在乡村。在市内,星光会被城市的灯光冲淡,而在距离城市很远的乡村,我们可以清晰地看到星群。Which direction should I look to see the Leonids? Meteors in annual showers are named for the point in our sky from which they appear to radiate. This shower is named for the constellation Leo the Lion, because these meteors radiate outward from the vicinity of stars representing the Lion#39;s mane.我们应该看狮子的哪里呢?每年流星雨的星星根据它们在天空发光的位置命名。狮子座流星雨正是因为星星在狮子鬃毛的位置。In recent years, people have gotten the mistaken idea that you must know the whereabouts of a meteor shower#39;s radiant point in order to watch the meteor shower. You don#39;t need to. The meteors often don#39;t become visible until they are 30 degrees or so from their radiant point. They are streaking out from the radiant in all directions.近些年来,人们错误地认为要看场流星雨,必须知道它发光后的最后行踪。其实没必要。这些星星通常从大概离其发光点30度后就看不到了,它们向各个方向发光陨灭。 /201511/4106345.Set Goals5.设目标We all work hard, but sometimes we forget about our end goals. So you have a decent job with decent pay and a daily routine… for what? It#39;s important to set long-term goals for yourself (and it#39;s ok if they change). Working toward something helps keep you from going crazy at your 9-5, knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Think: a big trip, nicer car, promotion, whatever would make you happy! We work to live, not live to work.我们总是兢兢业业,有时却忘了我们的终极目标。你有一份体面的工作、可观的收入和一成不变的日程等等。但是,你做这些都是为了什么?因此,为自己设立一个远期目标是很有必要的(即使它改变了也无所谓)。为一个既定的目标奋斗可以让你不被朝九晚五的无聊工作逼疯,因为你能看到终点绽放着胜利的曙光。试想一下:旅行、名车、升职加薪,不管是什么,只要能让你欢天喜地的都可以是你的目标,因为我们是为生活而工作,不是为工作而生活。4.Make To-Do Lists4.制计划表This is a big one. The way the work force is nowadays, it#39;s no wonder why we#39;re all going insane! One of the best ways to deal with this is keeping a serious to-do list. Prioritize what#39;s important, cross off what gets done and circle what doesn#39;t. Be strategic and smart with your time, it can be your saving grace when you start to become overwhelmed.当今社会工作压力巨大,也难怪我们都快要崩溃了。对此,其中一个有效的解决方法就是严格执行计划表的事项。优先去做重要的事情,删掉已经做过的,圈出还没做的。充分合理地利用你的时间,这也许会在你不知所措时成为你的强心剂。3.Keep Positive Relationships Close3.保持积极而亲密的人际关系It#39;s important to keep your [positive] relationships with your family and friends close. As much meditation and exercise you do, you#39;re still going to need to vent about your problems. We all do, and it#39;s nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we just need to burst into tears and start screaming, embrace your shadow. But, do this with someone who won#39;t judge or criticize you, just simply be there.和家人、朋友保持积极密切的关系也是非常重要的。即使你做再多的冥想和运动,你仍然需要发泄内心的情感。当然,我们都需要,这并不是什么羞耻的事情。有时候,我们仅仅想要大哭一场、放声尖叫或是静静地在角落里舔舐伤口。也许,找个人陪你一起做这些事情会更好,因为他们不会随意你、批判你,而且,只要他们在你身边,你便会觉得安心。2.Take Vacation2.休假Everyone knows that proverb, ;All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.; It#39;s thought that a 10-day vacation can help you come back a better spouse, parent, employee and person in general. It#39;s important to go somewhere and clear your head from all of the insanity, then start fresh, new and motivated. Working everyday for months on end can really dull you down and frankly, you become uninspired. Inspiration and motivation are what keeps us going; sometimes you just need to hit the refresh button with your toes in the sand on a tropical island, am I right?有句家喻户晓的俗语说得好,;只会学习不会玩,聪明的小孩也变傻。;人们认为,休10天假就能让你变回一位好伴侣、好家长、好员工。你可以到处走走,从狂乱的思绪中抽离出来,然后积极开启新生活。坦白说,灵感是我们前进的动力,而长年累月的工作真的会让你钝化,丧失灵感。有时候,你需要做的只是按下刷新按钮,去热带岛屿的沙滩上印下你的足迹,我说的对吗?1.Make Time For Yourself1.为自己腾出时间YOU time is the BEST time. Yes, exercise and meditation is you time, but I#39;m talking more… at-home spa, ing, getting a massage, taking a walk. Feel pampered! Feel good! Do something that will make you happy and relaxed, practice self-love.专属自己的时间才是最美好的时光。没错,无论是运动还是冥想,都是你的时间。但是,我想介绍的不只是这些,还有:泡家庭式温泉、阅读、、散步等。做些让自己开心的事,学会爱自己,这种感觉真的很满足、很美好!翻译:Humen 审校:阿饭 来源:前十网 /201601/420848

So you’re coming to New York City around the holidays, and you’d like to see some art?预计在假期到纽约,来一趟艺术之旅吗?No problem. We’ve got plenty.没问题,我们有很多选择。But whether you’re heading for a big show at the Met or somewhere further afield, there are a few things to keep in mind.但是不管你是要到大都会艺术物馆(Met)或者是到没有那么热门的地方,请务必记得几件事。— This is the busiest time of the year for many museums, with attendance rising steadily between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.那段时间是许多物馆一年之中最忙碌的时刻,从感恩节到新年期间,参观人数渐渐上升。“From now until the end of the year over all we’d expect to see about 40 percent more visitors” than in a normal week, said Tina Vaz, a spokeswoman for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In the week between Christmas and New Year’s, she added, average daily attendance is 60 percent higher than usual.跟平常时间相比,“从现在一直到年底,我们预估参观人数会增加40%,”所罗门删古根汉美术馆(Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)的发言人蒂娜瓦兹(Tina Vaz)说。她补充,在圣诞节到过年之间,每日参观人数比平常多了六成。— Saturdays see the biggest crowds, year-round.周六人最多,全年的周六都这样。— Try going on Wednesdays, or after 3:00 p.m., when crowds begin to thin.可以在周三去,或下午三点后,那时候人会渐渐变少。— New Year’s Eve afternoon is usually the least bustling during the busy holiday week.在最忙那周的跨年当天下午,人最少。— You will have an extra day at the Whitney Museum of American Art, which has seen a soaring number of visitors since opening in its downtown location in the spring. The museum is usually closed on Tuesdays, but it will be open on Tuesday, Dec. 29.惠特尼美术馆(Whitney Museum of American Art)会多开一天,自从这间美术馆在市中心的新馆春天开始营运以来,参观人数一直在上升。原本惠特尼美术馆周二休馆,但在12月29日的那个周二会开放。— The big museums are closed on different days: The Guggenheim is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Met is closed on Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. MoMA closes at 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve and is closed on Christmas Day. And the Whitney is closed only on Christmas Day.很多大物馆闭馆时间不一样。古根汉物馆(Guggenheim)在圣诞节前夕和圣诞节当天闭馆,大都会艺术物馆在圣诞节和元旦闭馆;现代艺术物馆(MoMA)在圣诞节前夕开到下午3点,在圣诞节闭馆。惠特尼美术馆只有圣诞节闭馆。Now, what kind of art do you want to see? Here are some suggestions from The New York Times’s critics.所以,你想要找的是那一种艺术呢?以下是《纽约时报》的建议:Go Big大展览MoMA’s “Picasso Sculpture” has proved so popular that you need a timed admission ticket to get in. (Museum members can get in an hour early.) The Times’s Roberta Smith wrote, “Large, ambitious and unavoidably, dizzyingly peripatetic, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.”现代艺术物馆的《毕加索雕塑展》(Picasso Sculpture)大受欢迎,所以进去是有一定时段(物馆会员可以提早一小时入场)《纽约时报》的罗伯塔史密斯(Roberta Smith)写道:“宽广、具野心、不可避免的,多得让人头晕的参观者,这是场一生一次的展览。”Downtown, at the Whitney’s new home, there’s “Frank Stella: A Retrospective.” Ms. Smith wrote that “the show provides an overdue update on the mythic, maligned artist who has adamantly done it his way.”在惠特尼市中心的新馆,展着《弗兰克·斯特拉:回顾展》(Frank Stella: A Retrospective)。罗伯塔史密斯写道:“这个展览提供了这位神话般、邪恶面的艺术家固执呈现的作品。”Both exhibitions run through Feb. 7.这两场展览都将展到2月7日。Go Smaller (in Manhattan)小展览(在曼哈顿内)— “Francis Bacon: Late Paintings” at Gagosian’s Madison Avenue gallery through Dec. 12《弗朗西斯培根:晚年画作》(Francis Bacon: Late Paintings),高古轩画廊(Gagosian),展至12月12日。— “Fields of Dream: The Surrealist Landscape” at Di Donna through Dec. 18《梦之地:超现实主义者的风景》(Fields of Dream: The Surrealist Landscape),迪·唐纳画廊(Di Donna),展至12月18日。— “Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity” at Helly Nahmad through Dec. 23《涅莫辛涅:德·契里柯和古代》(Mnemosyne: de Chirico and Antiquity)海利·纳哈迈德画廊(Helly Nahmad),展至12月23日。— “Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms” at Asia Society through Jan. 3《菲律宾黄金:被遗忘的王国之宝藏》(Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms),亚洲协会物馆(Asia Society),展至1月3日。— “Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960-1980” at MoMA through Jan. 3《传播:东欧和拉丁美洲的艺术,1960到1980年》(Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960-1980),现代艺术物馆,展至1月3日。— “Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions” at the Morgan Library through Jan. 10《马丁 普里尔:多重面向》(Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions),根图书馆(Morgan Library),展至1月10日。— “Jim Shaw: The End Is Near” at the New Museum of Contemporary Art through Jan. 10《吉姆阠:末日将近》(Jim Shaw: The End Is Near),新当代艺术物馆(New Museum of Contemporary Art),展至1月10日。— “The Eye of the Shah: Qajar Court Photography and the Persian Past” at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World through Jan. 17《国王之眼:卡扎尔宫廷摄影和波斯的过去》(The Eye of the Shah: Qajar Court Photography and the Persian Past),古代世界研究所(Study of the Ancient World),展至1月17日。— “Superheroes in Gotham” at the New-York Historical Society through Feb. 21《高谭市的超级英雄》(Superheroes in Gotham),纽约历史协会(New-York Historical Society),展至2月21日。— “Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez” at Museum of Arts and Design through April 3《埃妮G帕德森:Dead Treez》(Ebony G. Patterson: Dead Treez),艺术和设计物馆(Museum of Arts and Design),展至4月3日。Go Elsewhere其他— “What Border Have You Crossed?” at the Queens Museum through Dec. 31《你越过了什么的边界?》(What Border Have You Crossed?),皇后区艺术物馆(Queens Museum),展至12月31日。— “Martin Wong: Human Instamatic” at the Bronx Museum of the Arts through Feb. 14《黄马鼎:人类快照》(Martin Wong: Human Instamatic) ,布朗士美术馆(the Bronx Museum of the Arts),展至2月14日。— “Coney Island: Vision of an American Dreamland, 1861-2008” at the Brooklyn Museum through March 13《科尼岛:美国梦之岛的视角,1861-2008》(Coney Island: Vision of an American Dreamland),布鲁克林物馆(Brooklyn Museum through),展至3月13日。Go Outside户外走走Most everything is closed on Christmas Day. But there is more than enough art in public (authorized and otherwise) to fill a day’s wandering. Dozens of official installations and permanent works are on view. If you’re looking for street art and you need a guide, you can try the Geo Street Art app, which is regularly updated, but includes at least a few works that are now gone.圣诞节那天,几乎所有店都关门,但是在户外也有许多艺术品(授权的或不定),能够度过这一天。你可以看到许多官方装置艺术或者永久装置,如果你想要找街头艺术,需要导览的话,可以使用Geo Street Art这个应用装置,它经常更新,但上面也会有一些现在不复存在的作品。 /201512/414136

Lao She(1899~1966) was the pen name of Shu Qingchun, also known as Sheyu, who was born into a poor family of Manchu nationality in Beijing. 老舍(1899 ~1966 ),原名舒庆春,字舍予,满族人。He was familiar with the life of the underprivileged townsfolk. His experience exerted a deep and lasting influence on his choice of literary themes. He perceived the townspeople society of Beijing from the point of view of the city paupers, thus endowing his works with affinity to the people and humanitarian feelings.他出生在北京城一个贫民家庭,熟悉下层市民的生活,能从城市贫民的视角来透视市民社会,因而作品具有人民性和人道主义情怀。With modern rationality, Lao She always consciously dedicated himself to the criticism of traditional cultural dross and the reform of the inherent weakness of the nation. 老舍始终以现代理性自觉致力于对传统文化糟粕的批判和对国民劣根性的改造。The Philosophy of Old Zhang,Thus Spoke Master Zhao and Mr. Ma and Son made anatomy of the ingrained bad habits and pointed out the weakness in the national character and abuses of traditional culture.《老张的析学》、《赵子曰》 ,《二马》等剖析国民的劣根性,揭示民族性格扫的弱点和传统文化的弊病。A Tale of the Cat Country probed into the remolding of ancient national character and the resuscitation of national spirit.《猫城记》探讨了古老民族性格的再塑和民族精神的复苏;Divorce exposed the increasing corruption and decadence of national character under the negative influence of traditional culture.《离婚》剖析了国民性格在传统文化负面影响下的日益蜕变衰微;Camel Xiangzi showed how the deformed urban civilization corroded people#39;s healthy spirit and criticized the benighted and fogyish rural culture.《骆驼祥子》批判城市畸形文明病对健康人性的侵蚀,也批判了愚昧守旧的农村文化;The saga novel Four Generations under One Roof depicted the perplexed and alarmed Chinese during the war to reflect on and denounce the traditional feudal culture.长篇小说《四世同堂》描写了战争中中华儿女的惶惑与抗争,对整个封建传统文化进行了反省和批判。With his encyclopedia--like comprehension of townspeople society, Lao She unfolded a panorama of the ancient capital for modern Chinese literature.凭着对市民社会百科全书般的生活知识,老舍为中国现代文学描绘了一幅包罗万象的北平市民社会全景图。All sorts of people, human relations and customs were thoroughly revealed. His works overflowed with special Beijing flavor.三教九流,世态风俗,展露无遗,使作品充溢着浓郁的北京味儿。Lao She was fond of humor, and was skillful in appreciating comic overtones in the mediocre and unambitious conflicts of human natures, making humor tender criticism, restrained while satirical, teasing without embarrassing. With concise and simple Beijing dialect, Lao She narrated the scenes full of local color and portrayed all his characters with distinct individual personalities.老舍的小说追求幽默,善于在庸常的人性矛盾中领略喜剧意味,使幽默成为含有温情的批判,婉而多讽,谑而不虐。His language was plain without being vulgar, exquisite without being ornate, permeated with the mien and flavor of Beijing culture.他的语言创造性地运用了北京市民俗白浅易的口语,平易却不粗俗,精致而不雕琢,处处渗透着北京文化的神态气韵。Lao She#39;s development and creation of the language of modern vernacular literature earned him the reputation of “master of language;.老舍对现代白话文学语言的发展创造使他获得了“语言大师”的美誉。Lao She supplied the headstream of ;Beijing flavor novels; which were written in Beijing vernacular about Beijing people and their ways and customs. 老舍是“京味小说”的源头。Lao She#39;s works, together with the long literary pieces created by Mao Dun and Ba Jin, compose the three pinnacles in the art of modern full-length novel.他的作品与茅盾、巴金的长篇创作一起,构成现代长篇小说艺术的三大高峰。 /201603/428931

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